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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Blackberry Application Development – PDF Reading

Need a Blackberry application creating for our company. We want to add PDFs to a web service (already built) that the app can then pick up via xml.

The user can then view the PDF within the Blackberry app.

Only bid with examples of your work, anybody with an existing PDF reading app solution will be preferred bidder.

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Writers To Write About Mobile Application Development

I am looking for some talented technical writers to write about mobile app development, monetization, marketing etc. I will be paying $1 to $3 per article that gets approved by our team. Payment will be made everyday. Interested Writers PM me giving reference to some of your recent articles on this topic.


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Voive & IM Using Open Source For Android, IOS And RIM

Project Description:
Development of a mobile client which provides Voice and IM simultaneously. It requires a skilled developer who can port existing open-source software, modify it and enhance it.
The client is required to be ported and operational on Android, Blackberry and iOS3 and iOS4 and should comply with Apples Apps Store requirements. Desirable but not required to function on iPad & iPad2 and Honeycomb also.
It is highly desired that a Cross-Platform Mobile (such as:, be used for development, making porting easier to other mobile phones.
Time is of the essence so only developers capable of committing the time to deliver the project on a timely bases should respond. We are looking for a firm/people, who can successfully deliver this client and are also available to develop other related projects as well as provide ongoing support as part of the project.

See attachment for additional details. Complete information (SOW) will be provided to the selected party under a NDA.

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Mobile Thin Client

I want to develop a fancy graphical mobile thin client on mobile handsets mainly starting with J2ME and Symbian, lately with Android, iphone and blackberry.
The client is just to have a secured access as an ODP, that connects to a back end suite of applications, the client should be able to have a dynamic menu that are sent from the server side, in order to be order to change the data and service centrally on the server, which will automatically be reflected on the client dynamically without programming.
We need a proof on the code quality, which should be transfered to us after completion and delivery.

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Mobile Appliction Needed

This must be one of the easiest task for someone with mobile phone app experience. All we need is the app to open the mobile browser on the phone pointed to our site which is already mobile browser ready. Ill provide all of the graphics all I need you to do is to be able to publish the associated app to point to my web site. We have 3 sites that need to be published in the markets in the same manner.

1. itunes app
2. palm pre
3. android

If you can not provide a published version of all stated formats, please do not bid.


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Smartphone App Programmer


1. Develop mobile application for Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, Andriod, Palm, etc using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, .Net mobile, Eclipse and other emerging

2. Design GUI for mobile application

3. Support and enhance applications to ensure maturity in the markets for products on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PSP, Palm and other emerging mobile platforms.

4. Create application prototypes with new features or entirely new applications on current and future mobile platforms.

5. Prepare all developed programs are properly documented.

6. Perform tests across multiple devices using prescribed testing applications.


1. Graduation in Com Sci, Multimedia, IT, Com Eng or related course in computers and management sciences is basic

2. A 3-5 year experience as a an application programmer in .Net mobile, J2ME or any of the languages currently used for mobile web development ie Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, etc is an advantage


1. Logical and arithmetic skills required.
2. Ability to investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions.
3. Ability to learn and support new hardware, software and operating systems => active, enthusiastic and openmind
4. Have interpersonal skills
5. have 3-5 experience in mobile programming
6. Independent

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Blackberry Application

Looking for Blackberry Application Developer, to develop a simple budgeting application.

This is a project to build a BlackBerry App

Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
Supported Devices: non-touch – 8500, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700, 9800

Please get back to me discuss further. submit your profile and few of sample works done with similar projects. will select a developer who will able to complete within short time and best project cost.
DESIGN points

Splash screen will be used with our logo on the black background
After splash screen will be a registration screen: name/tel/postcode/country(drop box) where email is automatically set by Blackberry. The submit button sends these registration details to our support.

2 parts – A and B

Part A is simple: do a user-created input for MyBudget use spreadsheet:

Here is online version:

Here is spreadhseet: :

see attached this must be a DEFAULT setting for Family category in part B below.

part B – Features

1. Keep record of your Expenses on the go. Following information can be stored for each expense item: Account, Date, Description, Payment Currency, Amount Paid, Exchange Rate, Amount, Payment Method and Category.

2. Create and track expenses for an unlimited number accounts (they can be set under each category) that are set up in 3 categories: Business, Personal, Family.

3. Generate customized expense reports in CSV format and transfer them by email or save to memory card for integration with Excel or other spreadsheets.

4. Export records in HTML format for printing or as a CSV file for integration with Excel. Export records either to your device memory card or send them by email.

5. Record expenses under different categories. Comes with 20 built-in categories and allows you to create an unlimited number of categories as per your requirements.

6. ExpenseManager allows you to enter Amount Paid in any one of the 28 supported currencies and automatically calculates the Amount in the home currency based on the exchange rates entered by the user.

7. Assign a Payment Method to each expense item. Comes with 9 built-in payment methods and allows you to create an unlimited number of payment methods as per your needs (Visa, Amex, Diners, Paypal, Cash, Cheque, mastercard, etc).

8. Set a Monthly Budget for each Account, Category and Payment Method thus besides tracking your expenses it also works as a budgeting tool.

9. Compare actual amount spent with the allotted budget for each Account, Category or Payment Method.

10. draw piechart diagram

11. Compare amount spent in each account with other accounts as %age of total expenses.

12. Compare amount spent in each category with other categories as %age total expenses.

13. Quick view of how you have been paying for your expenses.
See here

14. Integrate with 13 social networks:
5 Global – Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Hi5, Orkut
3 Russian –,,

INVITE FRIEND by EMAIL and social networks – Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

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Blackberry App (next Will Be Android, Nokia, IPad, Etc)

This is a project to build a BlackBerry App

Next after that we will do same for Android, Nokia and iPad
Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
Supported Devices: non-touch – 8500, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700

Please get back to me discuss further. submit your profile and few of sample works done with similar projects. will select a developer who will able to complete within short time and best project cost.
DESIGN points

Splash screen will be used with our logo on the black background
After splash screen will be a registration screen: name/tel/postcode/country(drop box) where email is automatically set by Blackberry. The submit button sends these registration details to our support.

1) I like the functionality of this app:
Here is a poor version:
Use free data feed, not paid data (you can use free Yahoo feed
this is a font and colours for the index charts/details
Include markets and indexes
And Commodities

2) Integrate with 10 social networks: 3 Global – Twitter, FB, Linkedin,
2 Russian –,
INVITE FRIEND by EMAIL and social networks – Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

3) Data free, not paid data feed

4)Content as must: stock quotes, (default preset is ASX australian market) and add indexes (default preset is major indexes, commodities, charts, news,


MARKET OVERVIEW – Monitor market trend with latest information on equity indices, commodity, and currency.

MARKET MOVERS – Get market data of most active stocks, gainers, and losers

WATCHLIST/PORTFOLIO – Customize your watchlist (like here CAN ADD PORTFOLIO )

CHARTS – View market trend from a variety of equity index and stock charts.

NEWS SEARCH – Read news that is moving the markets. Find the latest news on any listed stock using free internet data feed.

STOCK SEARCH – Search by stock symbol or stock name.

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Require Application Software For Blackberry & I-Phone

Require a Basic Application —

1) User will register first and info passed on to the server

2) 2 Main Features here — Blogging & Chatting

User can get into a particular category & sub category (eg. sports –> cricket and then there will be 5 options :: News, Events, Websites and 2 others)

so what happens here is :: eg. i click on sports –> cricket & then news

i can post news or view the news

users can post & view & comment

if i want to post : i add a topic, detail, date posted, image if required etc

so what happens is this will be available to all others who come to the same channel (sports –> cricket)

there will also be a filter option available

for eg. if i go to : sports –> cricket (all the news will show here) (so here i can filter by most popular, recently added, country & city) (country & city will come based on the what the user inserted as country of residence while registering)

all the channels or categories & sub categories will be provided by us

second this was : chatting

about the same thing

here :: users can create their own chat groups or sessions within a particular category / sub category

for eg. — i click on chatting –> night owns –> create my chat session here

any one can join and chat and socialize

same thing here also

filter by country option

if i want to see only those chat sessions which belong to a particular country :: can do that also

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Blackberry Application For RSS Feeds

Looking for Blackberry Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for the application: (UI should be as attached file = Blackberry-demo.jpg and blackberry-Arabic-.jpg).

1)13+ Categories which include image in jpg format and video in mp4 format to listed in application as attached design. Only one video listing page will be to each language.
2)Generic search (searching from 150 entries of XML/RSS feed then show result)
3)Send news article to friends and colleagues by e-mail or SMS. (Email: title to subject and news details with url to email body. SMS: few characters from title and tiny url to access full news.
4)Share via twitter, facebook. (in menu of news item detail page)check 7Days apps menu list
5)Send Feedback. (in menu)
6)Auto Update option in Option page.
7)Adjust the font size to customize reading experience! (in menu) check Menus detail in below
8)Arabic and English UI with separate contents in the same application. While start the app, option to select language either arabic or english. language selection option in Option page.
9)Analytics (to identify how many users downloaded app, how many pages are viewed etc)(using free services or
10)Advert banner (with enable and disable) with advert management (usinjg free service AdWhirl or Blackberry SDK)
11)Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
12)Tagging for news item to select and save locally in device (only text)
13)About us in menu
14)Below functionalities as in MENU and OPTION for application.
in Listing pages menu:
Refresh news
email app to friend
send feedback
Option (check below details for Option page)
About us
Switch application

in news item pages menu:
increase font size
decrees font size
Next article
Previous article
email to me
share via email
share via SMS
share via facebook
share via twitter
About us
Switch application

in detail for Option page:-
Auto update (ON/OFF) default is ON
Receive news updates in Inbox (ON/OFF) default is OFF
Display notification in home page (ON/OFF) default is ON
Save (button to save changes)

contact me for more details with your suggetions to complete the application as soon as possible.


04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

04/03/2011 at 4:38 EDT:

Please provide files to the winning freelancer. Files removed by Administrators.

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BB Phone Application

I am looking for a BB developer who can develop a travel application with search on flights according to the users criteria
which is defined by us.

Please bid reasonably and send us your portfolio for review.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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IPhone Application

Hi there,

I was seeking to get a quote for the build of the following iPhone applications:

Happy Hours:
Cocktail Compass:

If you are also able to provide a quote for both Blackberry and Android applications it would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Mobile Backup App With Web Backend Needed For Client

Client looking for a mobile phone backup app and USER & ADMIN backend web managemant.
Inexpensive with all or most of the options in the product:

D A S H W I R E (dot) com

all functionality on the above needed. look at the site and mid way on page there is a PDF describing all functionality.

Please post if you have the expertise AND/OR you have built similar systems.

thanks.. Please send private PMs

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Iphone Application

Handheld, Mobile, iPhone, iPhone App, GPS, BlackBerry, Android, Mobile Application


Android phone / i-phone application / Blackberry application.

Application requires several screens of basic data input – either in the form of selection boxes or basic data entry fields. The app relies on GPS technology to source potential matches based on location. There will be no website backup and the application should be functional without human intervention. Simple entry and toggle options to return resuts based on GPS location of handset or set perameters by the user – basic data entry fields.

The app also need branding with logo (design brief assistance provided) and introducing to the global market-place for commercial purposes.

All intellectual property is under copyright and must not be re-sold to 3rd parties or used in conjunction with any other application platform.

This is a great opportunity to showcase skills and flair for design and ingenuity.
Repeat work under negotiation and based on performance.

The application premise is one of internet dating. there is no website and the application will be completely stand alone and free from human intervention once complete. the user will be able to download the application from reputable i-app dealers and register details in the initial log-in screen used for the database which returns the matches – this will also need constructing.

From there several multiple choice question screens using multiple choice tick boxes; or drop down list options; will help define the characteristics of the user. it has been anticipated that no more than 8 screens will be needed.

Following on from this the user will again go through a similar 8 screens to set the parameters for their date.

The GPS function will then be used to source potential matches to those field entries based on set parameters in the GPS screen. Most likely based on �miles from current location� and �miles from registered zip code� which the user entered at the registration screen.

At present I am not authorised to release the specific details of the fields but when it comes to building the applications this information is secondary anyway.

To clarify:

Create an i-phone and android app (themed)

App will be able to grab GSP data and search matches from application users; most likely from a database

Database will also need constructing; it should automatically populate from the multiple choice questions the user inputs from the application. this will store user data and how the application pairs potential matches

The app will use Google maps for easy of use and GPS location fields

App will grab geo-location data based on your phones location or address you enter upon application download and registration.

There should also be a method for member to member secure communications within the application

There is no website for this application and the application should be stand alone without human maintenance.

Good luck coders and please place your best bid and best timeframe

The brief contains all the key aspects required for the application development. A document containing screen wording and options; including app pathway; will be delivered to the successful coder once the project has been appointed. This document contains only the wording requirement for the screen questions. The project brief states the key aspects and what is expected of the final functional application across iphone / android and blackberry user channels.

The final application should be launched for commercial retail across iphone / android and blackberry user channels. If you are unfamiliar with a particular coding language for either iphone / blackberry / or android handsets please state this alongside your bid and timeframe.

A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) will be a requirement alongside the development of this application.

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Order 2 Che Style

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