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Change (5) Mt-4 Indcators To Multicharts Powerlanguage

I need (5) metatrader-4 indicators converted to Multicharts PowerLanguage Editor with precision accuracy!

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Rootkit Hide Process

I neeed a program that willl hide a process from task mamager. A dll must be provided with the source code for the program. The DLL must have one method:

1. HideProcess

Lowest bid wins

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Keylogger Software Needed

I need a keyloger very fast, for more info please contact me!

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I Need Script To Run On Hp Unix OS

I need script to run on hp unix OS. The get daily report in text file which I want to show in graph. I have attached text file. Please PM if you have any query. Thanks

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Window Driver For USB Device

We are looking for people to write a window driver for our USB device.

For this driver,
1. You should detect when our device is connected through USB port.
2. You should get the information from ATI or Nividia graphic card and send the data through USB to our USB device.
3. The driver should support window XP and window 7.

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Virtual Audio Driver For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) (repost)

Write a Virtual Audio Driver for Windows (addressed as VAD below). Must work under:

o Windows XP
o Windows Vista x32 AND x64
o Windows 7 x32 AND x64

The driver must appear as a normal Audio Output Device to Windows and any application. The
device must appear in Windows control panel – sound management and we should have the possibility to set it as default audio device. For Windows and any other application VAD should look like a real hardware driver and act like one.

Upon installation it should remember the previous default audio output device, and as its default behaviour should route all its input sound to the previous default audio device. It should notice if this device disappears or is replaced (for instance the computer gets a new audio card) and remember this incident(always just the last incident, not a history).

Basically VAD should get the input from an application and pass it directly to the former primary audio driver. This should happen with a minimum of strain on the CPU. VAD should be aware of what process is sending witch stream.

The VAD should have some API calls that can be addressed from other programs. The main call should be the possibility of hooking into the audio stream of a another program. Api calls should be protected by some sort of password mechanism, meaning that only applications that know that password or protection should be able to hook on the audio stream. Hooking on the audio stream means that the program gets to listen on the output of any given process but the stream flows further to the former primary audio driver too.

Source Code must be documented and Api calls will be documented by us upon accepting your bid.
Please do not bid for a DIRECT SHOW filter or similar solutions. We need this to be a proper System driver working in all those environments (keep in mind also 64 bit!)


Project will be executed as an Audio Filter Driver.
This Driver will be installable on Win XP32, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.

It will have the functionality described in the initial project, without the Hardware device tracking described.

It will allow to identify the stream source process.

It will implement the following API calls that can be called from a third party application (this is a part where we can be flexible, your input or suggestions are welcomed) :

int VAD_HookStream(*char passcode,int processid, *streamReaderFunc callback_func)

Hooks all streams from the process processid and feeds the data to the callback function callback_func
If processid is 0 then ALL the audio data is feeded to the callback function

Returns a handler

int VAD_UnHookStream (handler int)

Unhooks a previous callback related to that handle.
retuns -1 if handle was not found, 1 if successfull, 0 if error

int VAD_InfoStreams (*char passcode, stream_info* streamStruct)

Gets the information about current streams that flow through the VAD at that point.
stream_info is a dynamic array of structures in form of a pointer list; Return value is the number of stream_info structures;

struct stream_info
int processid; //process id
int starttime; // time stamp when the stream started
int bytecount; //how many bytes were streamed until now
[here we could add 2-3 other info variables. ]
*stream_info next_info; //pointer to the next infomation block. null pointer if its the //last

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Urgent Pascal Assignment Need To Be Done
need only project 2…..nothing should be copied from internet…all work should be unique
project 1 with solution is given as a sample……need very urgently within a few hrs time
can pay 40$

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Simple C++ Including Arrays And Programing Notation


for directions.

Needs notation on what is being done with the program to be included.

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Graphics Programing, House Roofs

Hi freelancers,

I am looking for someone who has experience in graphics programming and the api

what my company needs is to have "solar panels" images automaticly inserted onto roofs of houses

user needs to be able to input an address and it will take a snapshot of the roof on, google map is not an option as the images are not updated.

each panel are sized 1m x 2m and can only be put on roofs that are facing NW,NNW,N,NNE,NE

you will have 2 weeks to complete this project.

happy bidding

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Auto-Voting Bot

I need someone to set up automatic voting bot for a simple voting system. You are able to vote as many times as you want from your computer, I dont think the voting system tracks IP address. Let me know as soon as possible or if you need more details. I have attached the web address so you can see what I am working with…we are voting for Pete Trocano.

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RFID Interface With SAP

Assign unique RFID to in coming vehicles in a plant. Some data fields will be attached to the Unique RFID. Need to develop a application which can call entered data from SAP server and update it at different points. At the point of exit a receipt should be printed giving details of attached data to RFID. We prefer to use intermac hardware but open for other suggestions.
Frelancers with similar project experience should response giving solution out line.

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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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Screenshot Taker

Looking for someone who can make a windows application that basically takes a screenshot every minute of our employees desktops and sends it to an FTP folder.

This application will be installed by us. You can use VB, C++, C# to make the app. Make sure the app will not be based on a keylogger type of system where it will be triggered by antivirus programs. This will be for personal company use only. Upon acceptance you will be provided with the FTP details and the testing process can begin. You will also be required to provide the full source code of the app and we will compile the app our self for security purposes.

An escrow will be created once you are accepted and will not be released for 14 days so you can fix any bugs or errors with the app.

We know this is not a large project and we expect it you to finish it fast.

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MT$ EA Using 2 Indicators

Simple MT4 EA using 2 indicators

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Customized Testing Site

The website that Im looking for would be a testing center. The center would consist of myself creating test and my clients or employers in ministering those test to job candidates. The test will be for pre-employment basis. The test would be skills test behavioral test and general knowledge test. The way the process would go is as follows. I would create test and allow my clients to use the test to evaluate their job candidates. The job candidates who answer the questions correctly would be submitted to the employers the job candidates who answer the questions incorrectly would automatically be deleted. Employers would log in to my job board and post job ads and through an API the employer would be able to attach text from the testing center. When a job candidate wants to apply for the job they would have to take the test in order to have their resume submitted to the employer. So, the job candidate would log on to the website see a job that they would like to apply for click the apply button it would ask them to fill out basic information and upload the resume once they hit the submit button and it would ask them to take the test from the testing center. The test would be pre-determined by the employer. Once they take test, it would recognize the candidates who qualified for the position and those who have not. The qualified candidates information will be sent to the employer. The non-qualified candidates information will be recorded and the candidate will receive an e-mail saying that they did not qualify for the position. All qualified candidates will be ranked based on their qualifying score highest score will be placed at the top lowest qualifying score would be placed at the bottom. All of the results would be available at the testing center for the employer to review.

Roles and responsibilities
My role as the administrator is to update the test and input test.

Employers roles
Would have access to the test as well as request changes to the test and input their own proprietary information. Each employer would have their own unique ID and password allowing them access to their account only.

Job candidates would log in to the testing center with a unique ID provided by the employer or through a link specific for the test and take the test.

Quiz type would be written and optional. Typing test as well.
Similar URL;

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Finish Module For Whmcs

the project as described with nbgun .

Please not bid more than 50 $

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Simple Java Program

You will modify the SpeedDating class, but only by completing the method bodies of the three methods already declared. Do not add any other methods or instance variables to the SpeedDating class, do not modify the constructor, and do not modify the method declarations (headings) provided! (Not necessary!)

Complete the SpeedDating Class

Write the method bodies for each of the 3 methods declared in SpeedDating. Study the method declarations and documentation so that you understand what each method does.

it must use one of the Java loops. Nested loops are not necessary.

Do not modify the method declarations (headings) in any way!

Note that, by law, Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday of November

Write a Test Class for Your SpeedDating Class

Your test class will have a main method that does the following:

Create a SpeedDating object

Have the user enter a year, and call the beMyValentine method to print the day of the week on which Valentines Day will occur for the next 10 years, starting with the input year. Valentines Day (Formerly, Saint Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14th.

Have the user enter another year, call the discoverColumbusDay method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

Have the user enter the data (month, day, and year) for two Date objects – an earlier date and a later one. Create the two Date objects, call the getHalfWayDate method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

(Make sure your implementations of the SpeedDating methods have sufficient internal documentation)

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FTP Client For Automated Secure Backups, Window XP Onwards

We have a clear understanding of what we would like this software to look and feel like. We do not have time to develop it in-house hence we are outsourcing.

Our company offers remote off site backup. The aim is to have a lightweight software package installed onto a customers PC or server which once setup the customer will not need to look at again. all the files and directories that they choose will be automatically backed up as and when changes are made to them.

everything uploaded will be encrypted and password protected meaning they and only they will be able to access them. file name and file type will be visable but everything else will require thier password to be inputted.

the customer will also be able to restore/download using this new software and, if they choose, they can just enter thier password once to unprotect all the files they are downloading.

the list below is not exhusted and we will be looking for the developer we hire to make suggestions and come up with new feature ideas.

we understand that there are several opensource projects available for customising plus there are .net FTP classes available to buy. We hope to make use of these and save development time

please make sensible bids and leave your comments and suggestions.


Either or C++ to be used
Windows XP onwards & Windows 2003 onwards compatible. Possibly MAC compatible.
Long term relationship required to supply updates, fixes, new features etc etc, client side of this project if phase 1. Phase 2 will be server side.
Regular communication!


Automated upload of selected files/folder and or scheduled uploads.
Detection of file changes which activates upload.
Automated password protection encrypted for all files/folders, maybe some sort of zip?
Multiple ports used
Proxy server settings.
Directory browsing on client machine and remote machine.
Usage counters, total sizes etc
Ability to right click any file on the client machine and add it to the upload list which means that file will be constantly checked for changes.
Auto resume function for dropped connections
Multiple revisions stored on server
Auto creation of correct file structure on server.
Detection of client machine name
Optimized for speed and security
the ability to ignore certain types of files extentions for example .dlls

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Java Assigmnent

Implement data structure (Hashmap and Binary Search Tree, in context of JDBC data retrieval ,
Basic Java level
More details will be availed if you are interested
Needed ASAP

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Experienced Programmer Needed!Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 5-6functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1-1.5weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $500-$600 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..
Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced Programmer Needed! Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 10functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1.5-2weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $800-$1000 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..

Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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DLL Header Translation C To Delphi

I need translation from a C++ DLL calling header to delphi pas file to call the same DLL.
A simple example of DLL calling should be provided.
Please see attached files.

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Software Developer Needed !!!


I need a software developer urgently.
Details on demand.

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Simple Program And Operator Overloading

[A] Define a class Car to represent an automobile in a driving simulation program.

You are required to include the following components: integer ID number,
2.the odometer reading,
3.the name of the manufacturer
4.the purchase dates (define another class called Date),
5.the fuel economy rating in kilometres per litre,
6.and the petrol tank (define a class Tank)

The class tank includes the following components:
1.the tanks capacity and
2.the current fuel level, giving both in litres,

Include default constructors and constructors for all classes.
Overload << and >> for all three new classes, ensuring that the definitions of
<< and >> for Car use the definitions of << and >> for Date and Tank.

Define a member function called fillUp for class Tank

Define a member function called drive for class Car.

Function fillUp should copy the tank capacity value into the current fuel level
component and return a type double value indicating the number of litres required
to fill the tank.

Function drive should take the number of kilometres driven as an input
argument and should adjust the odometer reading and the tanks current fuel
level component.

[B] Write a driver function that fills several Car-class variables in ways designed
to test the three classes various constructor functions and the overloaded >>
and << operators. Also include calls to fillUp and drive.

[C] Store class interface and implementation in separate files.

I need this is Visual Studio 2008 and with in By [Tomorrow Morning]

Have a budget maximum of £30

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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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