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Change (5) Mt-4 Indcators To Multicharts Powerlanguage

I need (5) metatrader-4 indicators converted to Multicharts PowerLanguage Editor with precision accuracy!

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Soundclick Play Increaser

I need a play increaser made that works perfectly on soundclick dot com. It must increase plays and avoid their detection system therefore boosting me up the charts. Please only post if you have done something like this in the past.

Each MP3 play needs to be from a unique IP.
Each IP is only counted towards 1 play. (Duplicate plays are discounted)
Charts are calculated at midnight (GMT -5).
Downloads per unique IP are also counted towards the charts.
Plays from "External-outside of the site" users have less weight then users who play within the site.

They may be using REFERRER or FLASH COOKIES and/or the amount of time the MP3 is played

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Inno Installer To Modify Existing To Work With And SDK

I have an existing inno installer that I need modified to work with a new SDK.
The current installer works with an outdated version of the SDK, I need someone to update the installer to work with the changes they made to the new SDK that makes an external DLL call.

For the right person this is a quick fix and should only cost $30

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Virtual Audio Driver For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) (repost)

Write a Virtual Audio Driver for Windows (addressed as VAD below). Must work under:

o Windows XP
o Windows Vista x32 AND x64
o Windows 7 x32 AND x64

The driver must appear as a normal Audio Output Device to Windows and any application. The
device must appear in Windows control panel – sound management and we should have the possibility to set it as default audio device. For Windows and any other application VAD should look like a real hardware driver and act like one.

Upon installation it should remember the previous default audio output device, and as its default behaviour should route all its input sound to the previous default audio device. It should notice if this device disappears or is replaced (for instance the computer gets a new audio card) and remember this incident(always just the last incident, not a history).

Basically VAD should get the input from an application and pass it directly to the former primary audio driver. This should happen with a minimum of strain on the CPU. VAD should be aware of what process is sending witch stream.

The VAD should have some API calls that can be addressed from other programs. The main call should be the possibility of hooking into the audio stream of a another program. Api calls should be protected by some sort of password mechanism, meaning that only applications that know that password or protection should be able to hook on the audio stream. Hooking on the audio stream means that the program gets to listen on the output of any given process but the stream flows further to the former primary audio driver too.

Source Code must be documented and Api calls will be documented by us upon accepting your bid.
Please do not bid for a DIRECT SHOW filter or similar solutions. We need this to be a proper System driver working in all those environments (keep in mind also 64 bit!)


Project will be executed as an Audio Filter Driver.
This Driver will be installable on Win XP32, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.

It will have the functionality described in the initial project, without the Hardware device tracking described.

It will allow to identify the stream source process.

It will implement the following API calls that can be called from a third party application (this is a part where we can be flexible, your input or suggestions are welcomed) :

int VAD_HookStream(*char passcode,int processid, *streamReaderFunc callback_func)

Hooks all streams from the process processid and feeds the data to the callback function callback_func
If processid is 0 then ALL the audio data is feeded to the callback function

Returns a handler

int VAD_UnHookStream (handler int)

Unhooks a previous callback related to that handle.
retuns -1 if handle was not found, 1 if successfull, 0 if error

int VAD_InfoStreams (*char passcode, stream_info* streamStruct)

Gets the information about current streams that flow through the VAD at that point.
stream_info is a dynamic array of structures in form of a pointer list; Return value is the number of stream_info structures;

struct stream_info
int processid; //process id
int starttime; // time stamp when the stream started
int bytecount; //how many bytes were streamed until now
[here we could add 2-3 other info variables. ]
*stream_info next_info; //pointer to the next infomation block. null pointer if its the //last

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C Program Calculations

Write C program to perform simple C arithmetic calculations. The user is to enter a simple expression (integer operator integer) such as: 15 + 30

The program is to extract the 2 operands and the operator, perform the indicated calculation and display the result. For example: 15 + 30 = 45

Operators should include +, -, *, /, and %
Operands are positive integers, no sign
*Use getchar to input the expression
Allow for variable spacing before the first operand and between operators and operands (zero, one or more spaces)

Allow the user the option of entering another expression
Code a function for each operator to do the appropriate arithmetic operation (5 functions)
No global variables. No string handling functions. No arrays

Input: Interactive. Allow the user to enter multiple expressions.

Output: Echo the input (both user prompts and user entered data).
Print the whole expression with the result or an appropriate error message
Be sure output data shows all valid and invalid test data and how the program handled it.

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Urgent Pascal Assignment Need To Be Done
need only project 2…..nothing should be copied from internet…all work should be unique
project 1 with solution is given as a sample……need very urgently within a few hrs time
can pay 40$

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Web Page Project

Dear programmers!
I have idea and need to finish it but no skills and knowledge in programming task what so ever.
So far I have this:

Its suppose to be writing community page like those:

This sites are complicated, have lots of features, paid membership and loads of options members can be amused and interested in. My page is made on free platform, as example what I am going for. It doesnt necessary mean that it will stay on the It is up to you. You can both offer me upgrades only or entire design from scratch including domain.

From you I want detailed plan and program how to improve its features to resemble more to site I mentioned above, the one with paid features and etc.

I would like you to made list of necessary changes and your ideas about my page, include price you will charge me for every step, both graphic and programming changes; you are free to offer me lots of things considering your programming services which could help my site in any way so I can choose what to pick and which programmer have the best point in what I want to achieve.


I am not likely to pick you in day one, because I am very creative and demand the same from my designer.

Do NOT bid if you dont have elaborated steps and plan for this project.
Do NOT bid if you dont have samples of previous work.
Do NOT bid if you dont have outstanding feedback from your previous employers.

All considering payment, communication and deal will be done trough freelancer and only trough escrow service, no other way of payment or no other way of communication will be possible before and during work.
Payment description: 1 ( one!) milestone, payment release after testing you product.

I will modify my budget to suite your offer price and changes you will made on page and changes and prices stated in your project plan. Till the I am in seek mod, please bid on amount 100$ in 33 days and key word cash only in your PM, all other plan proposals will not be taken in notice.

No frauds, no fakes, no lousy done job, no pushing the toll with prices.
If I dont find satisfactory party to make this project I will simply open another one and start my search again.
I am not in the time run, and I have all the time on the world so I will choose wisely.

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Response Program

This is my assignment i need done by Sunday the 10th of April 2011. The rar file got all you need and one pdf file that explains what to do. Hope someone can do it in that time. Thanks

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Graphics Programing, House Roofs

Hi freelancers,

I am looking for someone who has experience in graphics programming and the api

what my company needs is to have "solar panels" images automaticly inserted onto roofs of houses

user needs to be able to input an address and it will take a snapshot of the roof on, google map is not an option as the images are not updated.

each panel are sized 1m x 2m and can only be put on roofs that are facing NW,NNW,N,NNE,NE

you will have 2 weeks to complete this project.

happy bidding

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Create Script To Place Google Alerts On Web Page Automatic

Want Google alerts placed onto web site automatically. Will also need for you to install onto server and upload necessary files. Will provide a template page. For now, only state of California, will want to expand and pay for other states in the future. This task is budgeted for $60 USD.

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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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Screenshot Taker

Looking for someone who can make a windows application that basically takes a screenshot every minute of our employees desktops and sends it to an FTP folder.

This application will be installed by us. You can use VB, C++, C# to make the app. Make sure the app will not be based on a keylogger type of system where it will be triggered by antivirus programs. This will be for personal company use only. Upon acceptance you will be provided with the FTP details and the testing process can begin. You will also be required to provide the full source code of the app and we will compile the app our self for security purposes.

An escrow will be created once you are accepted and will not be released for 14 days so you can fix any bugs or errors with the app.

We know this is not a large project and we expect it you to finish it fast.

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Windows: Create A COM Wrapper Using UDP, TCP/IP, Bonjour

This project involves creating a wrapper for a COM library to enable calls to be made over a network (there should be a flag to be able to choose between TCP/IP, UDP and Bonjour).

The COM library is basic, and only a handful of calls are to be implemented (< 10). Full documentation for the COM library will be provided.

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VB Application To Edit Data From Excel File

Project Description

Bring data from Input file, edit information in fields and save back to Output file.

Have search option to call data from input file. Search value will be only use for to find from "ProductNo" column. So we will call the data using ProductNo.
Once we hit the search, system will bring all the information for that line, column headers are as field name and editable text boxes where the data from input brought. We will edit the information in text fields and then click on save and system will save the new information to next available row in "output" file in the same column header order in input file.

Why we need this?

We often change the information about products and we have to do it on this input excel file. It is very confusing and tiring to do it with scrolling up and down , right and left through rows. So we need this application where it will show all the information orginized in 1 page where we can edit the data from cells.

There are 90 column headers for each product, so for this application it will be hard for to make all column headers visible in 1 page. So lets make most important column headers data at the top side of the page.

Most common used fields / column headers data from input file;


All the rest of column headers data less used so they can be bottom of the page.

Please remember, application will not make any changes on input file. It will only read data from input file. Adjusted data will be saved to next available row in output file.

Input file is CSV ( comma separated ) output file must be also same CSV format.

Sorry for my poor english. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Attachments are sample files. In real input file there are much more products but all column headers are always same.

**When you bid please explain how you want to do the application otherwise your bid will be disregarded.
**Full payment will be done only after final delivery.

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Porting Gtopia In Mini2440

Im looking for someone to guide me on how to port qtopia in the mini2440 I already know how to upload the image but I need help in customising the kernel and cross-compiling. and also installing drivers.
please no bids over $100

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Forex Trade Manager

What I am looking for is the following:

A Forex Trade Manager which does the following:

A stand-alone interface, similar to which places an expert advisor in clients metatrader accounts and thus sends the clients trading position (P&L, trades etc) to a stand-alone software in real-time where I can monitor multiple accounts, see their current P&L, trades etc.


If you have any previously developed software which has these capabilities please let me know.

This is an urgent project so please bid fast, and tell how long it would take to complete the project?

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Explain How An EA Works

Ive an Ea with source code but I dont know how and when and why it opens the positions. I need a programmer to read the code and explain how the EA works. Which are the strategies behind it? The results will be a detailed word document with the explanation.
No custom indicators are integrated in the code.
The EA has 676 code lines.

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Experienced Programmer Needed!Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 5-6functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1-1.5weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $500-$600 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..
Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced Programmer Needed! Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 10functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1.5-2weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $800-$1000 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..

Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Simple Program And Operator Overloading

[A] Define a class Car to represent an automobile in a driving simulation program.

You are required to include the following components: integer ID number,
2.the odometer reading,
3.the name of the manufacturer
4.the purchase dates (define another class called Date),
5.the fuel economy rating in kilometres per litre,
6.and the petrol tank (define a class Tank)

The class tank includes the following components:
1.the tanks capacity and
2.the current fuel level, giving both in litres,

Include default constructors and constructors for all classes.
Overload << and >> for all three new classes, ensuring that the definitions of
<< and >> for Car use the definitions of << and >> for Date and Tank.

Define a member function called fillUp for class Tank

Define a member function called drive for class Car.

Function fillUp should copy the tank capacity value into the current fuel level
component and return a type double value indicating the number of litres required
to fill the tank.

Function drive should take the number of kilometres driven as an input
argument and should adjust the odometer reading and the tanks current fuel
level component.

[B] Write a driver function that fills several Car-class variables in ways designed
to test the three classes various constructor functions and the overloaded >>
and << operators. Also include calls to fillUp and drive.

[C] Store class interface and implementation in separate files.

I need this is Visual Studio 2008 and with in By [Tomorrow Morning]

Have a budget maximum of £30

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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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Excel Programing,purchasing Price Comparison Spreadsheet

I have a restaurant I need a spreadsheet that will allow me me to do my purchases according to the
lowest price bid comparison ,this is how it would work.
1- create purchase order from database
2- import multiple vendor bid prices in excel format for the coming week
3- automatic find cheapest price for items according to purchase order
4-automatic create purchase order per vendor according to cheapest price
5- e-mail automated to winning bid vendors
6-receiving goods, to be able to check mark items when they arrive and make sure the prices
charges on invoice are same as bid.
7-receiving invoice to download on Quickbooks
7- all compatible with pc and ipad

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Computer And Programming Task
i want this task to be done in the best way………please bid for less

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Networking Task( $15)
i want to do this small task in networking asap

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Mobile Application To Run Internet Radio

I need you to write an application for the cheap phones, I mean the cheapest phone around the market ie China phone, Nokia C1 to support internet radio. I do not require for andriod, Iphone and other more sophiscated platform because it is alreacy available in the market.
Examples of internet radio

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Need Someone To Quickly Write Me 3 Assembly Functions

I need someone to write me 3 assembly functions in MARS (must be done quickly, within 1-2 hours of me accepting your bid)

Very simple, please look at the attached file. I will paypal you $15 as soon you deliver the project.

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Complete Database Development For A Tutoring Database

I had a previous freelancer who started this project and did not finish it.

I need this project completed ASAP.

It is for the completion of the development of a database application which acts as a management tool for a Home Tutoring business. The purpose of the database was to manage clients, tutors and track payments across the students clients and tutors.

The current database has been developed in : .net 4.0, MSSQL express, Linq, c#.

I have all of the current source code.

This project is about 80% of the way through and there are only minor tweaks and fixes that need to be applied to get this completed.

1 of the more important items was that currently the database only functions from 1 computer. I need it to be able to be hosted on a machine and then simultaneously accessed by multiple computers to read write data.

This is a relatively small project which had an initial budget of $440.00. Given that this is 80% completed i expect to only be paying somewhere near the remaining 20% of $440.00.

I have all of the changes fixes and requests for this and the source code all ready to go for whoever takes the job.

Again – i need this completed ASAP.

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