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Hotmail Captcha OCR / Audio Captcha Recognize

Hello, I need a software that can recognize Hotmail Audio Captcha.

When you go to site and press SignUp, you are able to create new account only if you will recognize Image or Audio captcha.
I need system that will recognize this Audio and return its value.
For example I will transfer to your program Wav file from hotmail and it should return me its value.
Speech will be on english language.

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Create a web application to connect multiple handheld devices into multiple databases. Incorporate to ou existing entreprise software and make flexible to work with up to 10 varied accounting packages.

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Software Development Needed For A Software Product

Software developers needed.

PM me for more info.


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Configure SOCKS5 Proxy Server To Accept Username/passwords


We have a SOCKS5 proxy server (Dante) installed on CentOS 5 that we need to be able to accept a specific username/password across all 254 IP addresses. It is just 1 username/password that needs to be configured, so this should be fairly simple as the proxy server is already installed, the username/password just needs to be setup.

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The game is called silkroad online. The info and download can be found @ I need a working private server emulator of the game. I dont need working shops in town, or even all the towns , I only need one good spot out of town for hosted pvps. i also need the ability to toggle weapons, gears, stats, and skills. I need to be able to decide SP amounts so the users will have the abilities to build the characters any way they want, and I need this for a recent version of the game, that includes both Chinese and Euro chars, lvl 1 – 100.

Several companies have working private servers, and there are some source out there to help get you started. I need GM capabilities when it comes to stat building, administration, etc. The pvp is the only focus of my project. This is NOT an easy job and I will only be hiring actual companies from English speaking regions of the world. I will be able to pay in Febuary. I am getting a check for a substantial amount from student loans, and I am ready to invest. You can google silkroad emulators to find the other sources, or silkroad private servers to see who is running them and to get their clients, (this is the most help I can give you, one time I had a MySQL database driven VB emulator that allowed me to log in and run around but i couldnt attack anything without it crashing I found through google, so if you look I am sure you can find something)

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Website Music Library List & Search

Recently Ive noticed that one of my websites has dropped drastically in the search results. After doing a bit a research on the business that have moved ahead of me I noticed that its due to those websites listing their available music libraries online (Thousands of songs) which has added 100s of pages to their websites (50 songs per page) which in turn google has indexed and has resulted in a higher PR level which means I cant compete on the same playing field.

What I need is this.

1-Complete instructions on how to duplicate what this website has done along with all necessary files to make it happen.

Website I want to copy music listing format from:

Would also like to be more advanced then this website by adding drop down to choose how many results per page and maybe even a search feature for the music and a list by artist or title option.

Another website ahead of mine and using the music listing trick:

Im also interested on what this company is using to display their image galleries and would like to know how to duplicate that as well

The big thing here is making sure that Google indexes my music library like it does for good vibrations but I would also like to be able to update that library as I add new content to it (songs) in an easy manor if possible (From Excel, CVS…).

My hosting package includes myphpadmin and lots of website features and space. (NT server PHP 4.3.10 and MySQL 4.0.24)

Hopefully Ive posted this job in the right sections and this is a cut and paste solution that can be done with my limited budget.

Please contact me with any questions.


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Need File Sharing / Hosting /sending Web App.

Hello Bidders,

I need a web application that will allow multiple people to upload files and then send the links for download to the file recipient. There are a ton of sites that offer similar services out there like yousendit dot com megaupload dot com etc. plus many inexpensive scripts/freerware.

However, I would like an app that provides the same functionality as for exampel yousendit where there are multiple levels of services that can be provided to users. Do check it out.

Whats required:

– The front end where users can setup login id
– Login id would be authenticated
– Based on privileges given to them via admin they would have quota
– they would enter the email of the person to whom they would like to send the file
– They would upload the file
– the recipient would get a link via email to download the file
– the file would be there for either 1 day, 7 day, 15 days or 1 month and later expire if selected
– A log file would let the user know if the files was downloaded and how many times etc.

– An admin panel for setting various parameters and audit logs etc.

You get the idea….Detailed spec will be given to the selected bidder.

I am quite ok with PHP, Javascript, on a CENTOS environment. As part of the bid, you will help in installation.

Not looking for a fancy interface, but it should be customizable with logo and some background colors to match company branding.

This should be a rather simple project for the right programmer. If you want to take an existing script and modify it to fit my requirements, I am ok with that.

Please contact me for more information via PM. Serious bids only.


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IPhone/iPad: Make Feature Catalog / User Interface Prototype

2 simple things as preliminary steps for a Time Billing iPhone/iPad app:

1) Make a categorized feature list of the
– time management
– project management
– time billing
applications in the app store. Make research to the user forums of the apps and integrate the "feature requests" of the users.

Afterwards make a user interface prototype of the needed screens for the time billing application

2) Make a user interface prototype with interface Builder.

Design with Interface Builder objects. Nothing fancy.

Source code has to be heavily commented that it can be used for instructional purposes.
As a follow up project I want you to write a tutorial for absolute beginners in iPhone development (please note as private message how much you charge for the tutorial)

Additional details by private message.


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AutoLancer Windows Application

I need someone to create an application for me called AutoLancer. This application NEEDS to be written as a Windows application.

AutoLancer features:

* Freelancers on can fill out there username and password. It logs in automaticly on
* The freelancer can select in which categories he wants automatic placements.
* The freelancer can select which are the bids he chooses. For example a project has a budget of $250-$750. The freelancer can scroll between bidding a minimum or maximum bid, f.e. choosing medium would make the bid $500, choosing a bit under medium $450 etc.
* The freelancer can change the message and PM posted at any time.
* The application runs as a service.
* The application runs under any version of windows (windows vista and 7 included).

If you read the above add *read* to your post, posts without this wont be accepted.

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Symbian Nokia App. – Additional Shortcut Menu On Homescreen


we are looking for a developer/group of developers who can develop simple Symbian application with the following functionality:
– shows one line of shortcuts on the smartphone home screen (shortcut bar);
– shortcut bar consists of 5 icons/shortcuts to applications/webpages and icon/shortcut to modify this shortcut list;
– this shortcut list is pre-programmed, user will not be able to add new links to websites or applications, but should be able to check/uncheck up to 5 predefined links when they press shortcut "modify" (visible in new screen, ~10-15 pre-programmed links);
– application periodically connects to our server and updates the shortcut information/icons;
– application language will be Lithuanian, we can provide you all needed translations.

Application is specifically targeted for Nokia 5230 and 6730, so two versions (for different screen sizes) will be required with exactly the same functionality.

Bidders should provide:
– expected delivery time;
– if possible – references to already developed applications;
– information about possibility and costs to support this application later-on and implement minor changes if this will be necessary;
– and bid 🙂

We are planning to spend from 300 to 600 euro (if we will get speed and quality) – something like up to 700 USD – for the project. We can promise fast responses and fast payment (our last partner from rated our partnership "10").

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Data Structures With C

Ordered tree serialization,deserialization and evaluation using
linked structures.

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Youtube Video Uploader

Need a youtube video uploader that supports multi video upload at once. More info will be provided in PM.

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Captcha Hack

I need to hack a captcha. Dont apply if you dont have proof you have cracked. Show proof in pmb.
Then you use integrate your code in my VC++ 2005 screenscraping script.

Done by Tuesday 9AM pacific (california time)

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Desktop Application For My URL Shortner

I would like a nice simple desktop application for my URL shortner at Users should be able to login create short urls and have custom urls. Also I would like it to have a screenshot app built in where you can use keyboard shortcuts to automatically take a full screen or selection screenshot. Much like tinygrab (

It would be nice, if possiable, if users could also upload photos from the desktop app.

I have a back end php API if that helps.

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Software Decompiled And Turned To PHP Program

Hey Everyone,

We need a software decompiled and turned into a php program.

It is a smaller application and should not take very long.

If you are able to do the job please send us a PM.


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This software has to come with a limited demo where users can only enter 3 websites.

SiteSaver is a screensaver which displays someones favorite websites as a screensaver. When the screensaver is active people can use the websites or quit the screensaver by pressing a quit button.

Please send me a PM with all the ideas you have for this software, be creative.

I will suply the skin for the screensaver.

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ProxyList Pro Software

First of all this software should come with a demo version which is limited by finding only 10 proxies.

Description of ProxyList Pro:

Automatically search and extract free proxy server addresses from various web sites, that provides new fresh proxy list updated daily. Users should be able to let this software run as a service.
Automatically remove duplicate proxy, government, military & planet lab IP.

It should be an improved version of this software:

I will provide a skin for the software.

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Software LinkBuilder

I need the following to be made.

LinkBuilder Pro
The application has a wizard with the following screens.

Screen 1)

Option related sites: user can input as many URLs that are related to his site as he wants.
or Option keywords: user can input unlimited number of keywords.

Screen 2)

User can select which popular search engines he wants to use to search for related websites or sites containing the keywords. Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo etc.

Screen 3)

User can choose if the spidering for email addresses on found sites will be very strict or loose (this has to be a scroll bar, f.e. users can choose medium or a bit more etc.); Also the user can input a text with dynamic text in it. F.e. "Hi, my name is John. Today I found your website (%URL%) through Google and since its related I was wondering if you could link back to my website.". The dynamic text in this is %URL%, maybe some other dynamic texts should also be included, not sure yet.
Further, in this screen the user can enter their emailaddress which will be the reply address and SMTP/POP3 which will be used to send out emails (the software should also include an emailsender).

Screen 4) Searches for related websites or websites found by keyword, here a user can also increase or decrease the amount of multiple threads. User will be able to save the results to a text or csv file if they would like that.

Screen 5) Sending out the emails.

If you really read the above add *read* to your post, if not, I will discard your reply.

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Create Keygen

Need keygen created for the following package
package includes 15 day trial serial number

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Appraisal Order Capture Program

Hi I need a software that will automate the appraisal order capture process, the software needs to log in to a web site ( and log in, go to new orders, input a alphanumeric character generated by the site, go to the available orders and accept any available orders, if there are no available orders, the software needs to refresh the available orders page, enter a new alphanumeric character generated by the site and accept any available order. it needs to do this multiple times per minute. We need to be able to control how many times per minute it refreshes the page and it needs to have a counter of how times it has refreshed the page, how many orders it has capture. We need to be able to set the maximum order to capture per session, for example if we want the program to stop capturing order after it has captured 3 or 4 order on that session.

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Formating Capture

I want software application which possible convert capture screens to html files.
If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please PM me…

good luck!

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I need someone to create an application for me called AutoLancer.

AutoLancer features:

* Freelancers on can fill out there username and password. It logs in automaticly on
* The freelancer can select in which categories he wants automatic placements.
* The freelancer can select which are the bids he chooses. For example a project has a budget of $250-$750. The freelancer can scroll between bidding a minimum or maximum bid, f.e. choosing medium would make the bid $500, choosing a bit under medium $450 etc.
* The freelancer can change the message and PM posted at any time.
* The application runs as a service.
* The application runs under any version of windows (windows vista and 7 included).

If you read the above add *read* to your post, posts without this wont be accepted.

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Job Scheduling Problem..

A C++ Developer who have at least 5 year of experience in C++.
Strong knowledge of data structures, link list.
Its a One Day Project with good amount.
only Experienced people are requested for bid…

Problem is very much like "N Queen Problem"..

In 2D array data is stored and results in Excel sheet are coming different then required.
you have to understand to concept and then meet the objective.

I will be online here . All the time to assist you the best way that i can…

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Software Developer Need Very Simple Work

Software capability:

We need the email id extraction program where we have to give a captcha.
1. Need to open
2. Then as input we will provide the city (it will be in a list box, we can choose multiple city). Another will be a category (one time one category we can select). Another field with the date (date need to be match as per the craiglist. Suppose we provide

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Are You Familiar With Winlicense,themida,xbundler?

I got my software ready here. I also got license to winlicense and xbundler.

I want to encrypt my software using winlicense. If you know how winlicense work it should be 10 minute job. Than, i want reg keys which expire after 30 days. Cansi generator is already working on server, but now i have encrypted software with new hash code.

So, job is

1) encrypt software using winlicense

2) cansi generator on server should create reg key which automatically expire after 30 days.

thanks in advance

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Ubot Script For A Captcha/Photo Contest Bot


I need a script on how to build or create a Bot for a Photo Contest
It Has to have a New Ip Address or Proxy Change and Clear cookies.
Captcha etc.etc..

p.m. for more details.

Plus I have a UBOT – if you guys can show me or build a script for it. or just create a bot for it.

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Create A VOIP App

I need someone to create a VOIP app for me that calls a number (multiple at the same time, like 50 calls at the same time) through Skype Out on Linux (or if you have a better idea let me know) and speaks a text and hangs up afterwards. You need to get the phonenumbers from a mysql database.

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MeetYourStreet PHP Project

MeetYourStreet project

1) You have to be able to retrieve all streets the USA. The database should look like this:


ID, state

ID, stateID, city

ID, stateID, cityID, street, zipcode

Other tables are according to step 2.

2) Next you have to build the site. Visitors can select on the USA map a state, next a city, next a street. People can do all kind of things at their street. Perhaps something like a facebook clone could be used here, I have a phpFox license which we could use. People should be able to connect with their street members in many ways. Through a street forum, organize a street party, send a PM to someone in their street, posting a street message (f.e. Please drive slower for the sake of our children) etc. People should be able to look up their street through browsing to it or searching for it (through streetname or zipcode).

Please send me a PM with where you can get street name info of the USA (perhaps through or, but let me know). You also need to grab the city, state and zipcode of the street. Please let me know how you would do step 2, I think phpFox integration would be a good thing.

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IPod CANbus Integration System

I currently have a program I need fixed. Knowledge of CANBus, Ipod Accessory protocol, micro-controllers, and C++ is REQUIRED. The program will need to be edited and built in Microchip MPLAB IDE or other C++ IDE. This is an ipod integration system for a vehicle, using the CANbus and Apple Ipod Accessory Protocol. The program is in C++. The micro-controller is a PIC18F2585. The issue(s) are as follows.

1) Ipod randomly pauses for 1 to 3 seconds every 2-10 minutes.
2) No timer text on LCD. I would like this added.
3) Song/Artist text does not scroll constantly during song play black. I would like this fixed.

After successful completion of this job, programmer will be asked to work on the next line of product immediately. Consider this an audition to a much bigger paying job.

Id like this completely finished within 14 days. I will pay in full only AFTER successful code is returned to me. Constant communication will likely be required, so having a chat screen name or email address you check frequently is desired.

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