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Amend Templates For Seo

In order to improve search engine ranking on the Owen Shipp website, I would like to tweak the way works. At present, I believe Google is lowering its rank as it sees the different property types as too similar. I would like to change <Title> and the URL of the pages to rectify this.

1. Page Titles
The page title needs to reflect the properties listed on the page. This works fine when a full listing is shown, as it is as follows:
To let or buy – listings of commercial property in Guildford, Woking, Godalming, West Surrey

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ColdFusion + ICal Needed

I need a UDF or cfc that works something like this HOWEVER I need this to be a full feed whereas the calendar will contain any number of events. So the page would query the events, then using cfcontent, call the cfc and output all the events that were returned by the originating query.

Not sure how to best word it for you – I need my outlook or google calendar etc. to use the page as its live calendar feed.

So when I enter in the feed address it would read something like this –

I really dont know any better way to explain it to you so please ask questions before posting your desire to do this.

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Data Query And Reporting Module For Existing Application

Module Development needed to work with existing Application which currently collects and stores data in Microsoft SQL Server.

Existing application is written in, Cold Fusion and uses MSSQL Database back end

Modules Needed:
Data Query
A query module to allow compound searches of the stored data. Allowing searches and result sets to be stored, retrieved, saved, sorted, emailed and printed. Structures should include all modern page and form user corrections for proper data input.
Result set should also allow charting function so that they can be displayed in graphical layouts when possible.

User Administration Module
This module should allow the administration of users who has access to the application. and The creation of User credentials (user-name and password) and well as all related permissions. All such data is stored in one user table

Reporting Module:
This reporting module will allow users to generate predefined reports as well as custom reports and have them ready for printing and exporting in PDF and other portable document formats. Reports will be a a statistical or of a Detailed nature.

Further and more detailed information will be forthcoming after Developer have been selected.

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ColdFusion MS SQL Expert Needed To Assist Documenting Of Com

I have an immediate need for an IT consultant with MS SQL and ColdFusion experience, as well as good verbal and written communication skills.

My situation is that Im buying out a business partner who has been in charge of all the IT and programming for our ecommerce company. Hes a talented programmer, and he coded our website/ business system from scratch almost single-handedly. While the system is running behind the times, and will likely be replaced in mid-future, it is currently doing a good job running our business. I also have one other IT employee that is a junior coder, who is also a talented team member, but not as experienced, who will continue to remain employed by the company.

The business and personal nature of the events surrounding the buyout of this partner makes his relationship with me and the company tenuous at best. He is a disgruntled employee who will be exiting the business in about a month, and I need to get as much information from him regarding an inventory of the intangible intellectual property he manages before he exits. The terms of the buyout are such that once he is paid in-full at the closing, he will walk away with no obligation to assist in the transfer of information or to train others on his responsibilities.

While hes now still employed with the company, as President of the company I have the right to take inventory of the companys intellectual assets, and he has the obligation to comply in providing that which he manages (I have legal counsel assisting with this matter). Since my skills in business are not in the areas of IT, Im seeking an expert with similar skills as those of my exiting partner who can assist me now in creating a list of information that I should obtain from my partner before he leaves, that would be needed by a future replacement and by the remaining junior IT employee.

I am seeking a senior ColdFusion, MS SQL IT expert to work with me on this hopefully as soon as tomorrow. The work will consist of phone conversations with me, as well as my junior IT employee, and creating the lists of what is needed such as passwords, source code, offsite storage, onsite files, and the like. Depending on how my partner does or does not comply, additional phone conferences may also include the exiting partner and my legal counsel where you would represent the opinion of the IT expert. Once the partner responds to our requests, you would be needed to review his deliverables, assess their sufficiency, and articulate further requests if needed, and continue this process until satisfied that we have documented what is needed to facilitate a reasonably smooth transition of his job position to someone else when such an individual is hired.

Provided this project goes well, I will also be in need of someone of your skills on an ongoing basis for part-time programming and consulting work which perhaps you could provide.

If you are interested in this work and available immediately, please contact me a.s.a.p. Please start your email with the exact phrase &quot;Im a Coldfusion and MS SQL expert&quot; so I know youve read this job posting in its entirety.

Thank you,


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Website And Possible Application

We need a website kind of fancy yet basic to offer information and kind of market a mobile kitchen/concession trailer. We have nothing to go off of. I am also thinking I would like an online backend where maybe they can manage inventory and finances and such. Let me know youre ideas. Its called Barbedwire Concession, they will eventually have a restaurant too. We dont need hosting as we already have a server and an admin.

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Coldfusion Developer

We have an existing group of sites built in coldfusion – we require a developer who can work at an ad hoc rate per task.

We are looking for a developer who can work 10 hour blocks ad hoc for $100 on coldfusion code and also database programming.

Budget = $100

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Coldfusion Site Not Authorising


I have a coldfusion site that was recently moved to a new server, it appears to be working fine, however i cannot login to the admin area, need an expert to fix.


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Classified Posting Software

We operate an automotive classified website. One of the tools we are developing is a manual posting tool. Our users have the ability to take an ad generated on our site and automatically pre-fill that same ad into other classified sites within seconds. How it works is, after a vehicle is listed on our site the user has the ability to post that ad to other sites with all the photos and html included without having to copy and paste anything. Here

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Website CMS

We are wanting our company website to moved to a Content Management System such as wordpress to enable us to update its content.

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Craigslist Ad Flagging Software. Need To Become Flag Proof

Im looking for assistance on making my craigslist ads flag proof. I am a legit business and not a spammer. I have used Craig

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Medical Tourism Portal

Need a reputed IT Company to develop a Portal on medical tourism.basically, this will have a medical cost comparision tool built into the website as well other CMS feature when the patient can upload files and information.
I would like the fuctionality to have a patient/customer/doctor log-in and updating info on their profile as well as uploading files of various format as well as writting in the free text files which will capture the data and time the editing is done.

Also, would like to add video streaming facility so that the patient can talk to doctor on remote appointment.

I need three types of log-ins : patient/customer, doctor, business co-ordinator other then the website admin.

Please bid if you have worked previuosly in medical tourism site and you are rated as 8/10 at least.

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Move Coldfusion Site


I have a coldfusion site that i need to have transferred to a new host. All files and databases are in place but i have no idea how to connect the site to the DB.

I will need this done today.


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Website Migration Plesk To CPanel (CentOS)

I have a website hosted on Plesk (Linux, apache, php, mySQL) on a Parallels virtual private host. I have domain controller access and ftp, no root access. The hosting provider also supports Cold Fusion.

My Cpanel server is a dedicated box, full root access. Also running
Apache, mySQL, php on CentOSx64. Cold Fusion is not installed.

Looking for bids to perform the migration to the Cpanel box:

1) not using the script in WHM/Cpanel, its too error-prone.

2) A simple uploading of the Plesk content to the Cpanel server does not work, there are database issues and path issues. A critical part of the job is to fully document the steps taken so I could re-do this in the future.

3) I will provide user access to the new server to you, the account is set up but the DNS points to the IP on the Plesk server. So you will access by IP. After the work is completed on the migration, we will edit the DNS records with the domain registrar to point to the account on the new server.

4) Your work will be considered completed when the DNS transfer is made and the website is functioning OK on the new server.

5) Optional: Install Cold Fusion on my Cpanel server. Please indicate if you are familiar with Cold Fusion. Please specify if your bid includes the work to install Cold Fusion. I understand Cold fusion is not open-source and if this task is undertaken I will be responsible for the purchase price for Cold Fusion. If you are bid does not include the Cold Fusion install, and you are hired to complete this project, you will not be held responsible for any parts of the website which require Cold Fusion however we will ask you to estimate the charges to modify the scripting so the website is functional without it.

6) The url of the website I am looking to transfer is: There are extensive php scripts involved, I also believe there was a lot of cut-and-paste performed by the previous developer and the coding is bloated. Please have a look before you consider work on this project. I can provide the sources once we reach a working agreement.

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MarketplaceForumTheme Design

MarketPlace forum , is a forum for everyone looking to advertise their services, looking for jobs or looking for free downloads .

We are looking for someone who works on mybb , to create a web 2.0 theme.

Designer or developer should show previous mybb work.

Thank you

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Real Estate Design Pages 20 Pages

Need to create a Similar site to for a current ColdFusion Site

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Barcode Scanning IPhone App

Our company is looking for a mobile app development team who can develop and integrate mobile(iphone) barcode scanning function to our current online business.

Brief Description:
1. The app must connect to our remote SQL Server datasbase via entered username/password
2. User asked to contunue previous session or create new session
3. If new session: app will connect to database and user will select one or more eventIDs via available eventNames based on timeframe
4. Based on those selections, pull all barcodes from those one or more eventIDs
5. If previous session: return to scanning functionality
6. Once barcodes are pulled from remote database, scanner functionality appears
7. Each scan will read and compare barcode to database. If not scanned prior, app will indicate Good. If already scanned, app will indicate Bad.
8. Meanwhile, the app will send the date/time of successful scan back to our database
9. The screen will also tabulate and display number of successful scans

Above described the basic functionality of the app and we would like interested developers to propose detailed technical solution, both frontend and backend. (Only developers with proposed solution will be considered) There are bigger plans which we want to carry out using mobile technology hence we are looking for long term working relationship.

Please attached your portfolio as only experienced developers will be considered.

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Code A CSS Drop Down Menu

I have a site that has existing CSS used throughout. The site used to have a flash navigation bar. This has been replaced by a regular HTML navbar with CSS mouseovers. I now need to add drop down menus to this. I could do it, but Im feeling lazy.

Please no canned CCS auto generated menus. You must be able to actually code it, please dont waste either of our time if you cant actually code.

please provide several examples of work youve done as well as a portfolio. Need this done ASAP, tonight if possible.

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Coldfusion Programmer Required To Work On Large Auction Site

Looking for a reliable and hard working coldfusion developer to work on a very large scale auction website.

ONLY Coldfusion programmers to bid please as this is the programming language I know and I want to be able to work on the site also.

Must have very good experience of the following:

Coldfusion advanced programming skills (tags / scripts etc)
Integrating payment systems (allowing users to pay using Paypal / Google / Sagepay) and splitting incoming payments for commisions to be paid
Affiliate system, so users can let others also sell their product and they get a percentage cut
Ebay-type auctions with offers counting down
Search deals facility
Set up new user accounts / registration
Add new offers (full admin area for users and also administator)
Standalone system whereby the users can integrate their offers from the site within their own website (either in iframe or java applet or other ideas)
AJAX for search modifications so they update straight away without the page reloading
Javascript MS SQL server
Accounts so users can view sales / invoices / commissions etc

Programmer MUST speak good English and be able to have phone conferences. Must have common sense.

I need someone who is also able to advise on the best way to achieve my goals programming wise and process wise for the best user friendly site.

Must be confidential and not put the developing site on the internet without password protection until finished.

The job will be done in stages, starting with adding in offers in the admin area and registering new users as well as outputting these offers on the home page and search results page.

This project is for your best hourly rate, so please email me with your hourly rate. Please also email me examples of complex applications you have developed, together with how long it look, so I can work out how quickly you work. I am not interested in employng someone who offers a low hourly rate but then takes twice as long to do everything. I need a fast worker. If I select someone who proves to be dragging it out to get more money, I will cease employment. I am happy to pay on a weekly basis.

I look forward to receiving your bids,



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Freelance Posting Website

I want a free lance hiring website similar to it will have only the basic modules of

Main menu: Post a project, bid a project, browse jobs
Other Menu: my profile, my projects, Disputes, invite a friend , payments.

my profile, my projects, Disputes, invite a friend and payments should have all the sub menu items.

It should also have a homepage, email feature with inbox.

Fund topups will be made by moneybookers, scratch cards and physical entry by an administrator.

I will give you the basic design template to work with.

Questions are welcome

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Speed Dating Site

Hello All,

I would like to have a Speed Dating Site created. I need features such as Profile Customization, Match making search engine, Event Management, Dating Website Administration, User Registration, etc…

Please reference for sample….

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Convert Flash Data Access From Coldfusion To ASP.NET

We have are converting a ColdFusion based site to a ASP.NET (C#) site and there is a Flash file that is loading data from the old database (SQL Server) using a .cfc file.

I have setup the table in the new Database and will setup any stored procedures if necessary.

We need the necessary changes to be made to the files so that the data will be accessible by the Flash file.

Any further questions will be answered.

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Travel And Booking Platform

I need a platform that does all the functionalities of this website: (romanian site)
Need to use also most of the functionalities of
The websites engine should be created in the latest tehnologies and please specify them.
I need a price and time estimation. Starting as soon as possible

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Upgrades Needed For Ecommerce (cold Fusion) Site

Upgrades needed for e commerce site ( Our site is made using my sql-5, coldfusion 8 and CF wheels) :

1. Maintain inventory data sheet automatically.

2. Content management System (half done)

3. Add a new sales page , button and sale price.

4. Fix default India error in paypal

5. Currently customers have to actually type an address twice (for shipping and billing), even when he or she might have this as the same. Is there a way whereby a customer has to punch in his or her address only once, and there is an option where the same address could be copied (if same) .

6. View shopping carts of visitors

7. Little on site SEO work.(CMS)(half done)

8. Website compatibility with Iphone and browsers(Iphone and mobile application) and browser compatibility for safari, chrome, internet and mozilla.

9. Geolocation currency converter. (need to discuss)

10. Check complete site for code errors

11.. Bimonthly QA.

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Simple CF Script

Project: Simple COld Fusion Script


We need CF script which basically check username age(username is given in script environment)
and your script needs to go to 1 table Active users and check usertype field
If usertype field is not an adult/Parent
you go to check if username exsist in Subcustomer1(kids table) and Subcustomer2(kids table) and Subcustomer3(kids table)
and match username and based on date of birth of user you bring and call 3 pages or PHP scripts
I will give you those.

The age groups are:
Kids Ages up to 10 – You bring Elementry Script
Kids Age 11 tp 13 – middle school Script
14 + your bring – High school scripts

now if user is parent – usertype is 0 u bring high school script by deafult withoit checking age.

Could be in oru DB that usertype 1 is parent – so we wll make sure correct parameter check


we will give you FTP to test and the 3 scripts to call


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Cold Fusion Updates To An Employee Application Page

We have an employee application written in cold fusion — we need some corrections made for the field validation and problem troubleshooting an intermittent submission problem

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Medical Tourism Portal

Need a reputed IT Company to develop a Portal on medical tourism.basically, this will have a medical cost comparision tool built into the website as well other CMS feature when the patient can upload files and information.
I would like the fuctionality to have a patient/customer/doctor log-in and updating info on their profile as well as uploading files of various format as well as writting in the free text files which will capture the data and time the editing is done.

Also, would like to add video streaming facility so that the patient can talk to doctor on remote appointment.

I need three types of log-ins : patient/customer, doctor, business co-ordinator other then the website admin.

Please bid if you have worked previuosly in medical tourism site and you are rated as 8/10 at least.

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Convert PHP/static Folder Tree To Coldfusion/Ajax

Im creating a simple Document Management app for my client. My background is web design, databases and ColdFusion.

I wish to display a Folder Tree of documents and allow the client to add, delete and/or edit nodes on the Tree, with the results being updated back to the database immediately using Ajax.

I have found an app which seems to be able to &quot;almost&quot; do what I want. See:

I need:

(1) The PHP page rewritten/reshaped in Coldfusion. As I mentioned above, I know Coldfusion and this shouldnt be too difficult.

(2) The Ajax update process working on my clients server and interfaced to the client-based Folder Tree

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Coldfusion Programmer


I am looking for a Coldfusion Programmer to help me add certain features to an existing website.

Features include: geolocation, Google Maps, website redesign, database migration, certain AJAX features.

If you have relevant experience please send me a note.

Please be sure to include Coldfusion websites you have done before.

Thank you!

12/28/2010 at 23:23 EST:

PS. I am located in California USA and would prefer if you could be available online between 9AM-1PM PST.

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Few Alterations – Cold Fusion… URGENT

Please kindly send me PM for all details. Small project needs completion ASAP.

Thank You.

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Urgent Few Alterations – Cold Fusion

Please kindly send me PM for all details. Small project needs completion ASAP.

Thank You.

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Coldfusion Fusebox WSDL Integration Project

CFML / Fusebox programmer needed

Must have experience with fusebox, XML, WSDL, web services/APIs, MYSQL.
Please reply with experience, examples of work, and pay requirements.

Job requires programmer to write code that will access a remote api via WSDL web services programmer will also re responsible for testing preexisting code and creation of new code to complete the functionality portion of this project. Additionally nice all functionality is complete and tested the programmer will format the proof of concept code in line with the design that will be provided by a design team.

Work is to be performed remotely. However if the programmer is local to NYC there may be some on site workmif interested.

Compensation: Please provide hourly rate requirements.

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Completion Of The Project

Please send PM, include portfolio, if You dont have reviews.

Waiting for bids, preferably gold members.

Thank You.

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