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Website Rebuild

I need one of my websites rebuilt, and am looking for a detailed quote.

It is a online printing store, where a customer selects a print they want enlarged. There is only one product, with about 500 different size combinations [i.e. 25x25cm, 25x30cm, 30x40cm…]. Each product costs a different amount. I have had this done cheaply before, and am now looking to upgrade it to a powerful system.

The steps to order would be;

– Select Size(s)
– Upload picture(s)
– PREVIEW PICTURE [automatically shows rough preview of how it will looked cropped. I.e. if someone uploads a picture at a ratio of 1:1.33, but selects a size of 50x50cm, I want a box over the photo to show that it will be cropped].
– Enter shipping details
– Select Payment method
– Checkout

The site needs to be able to handle coupon codes [thousands of them], which when entered, will revert a product to $0, or take a fixed price off the item. The coupon capabilities must be easy to upload in bulk, and be flexible [i.e. it only makes one size $0, it only takes off say $60 on any product over $100] and so on.

I need to be able to seamlessly download the orders. Preferabley with a click of a button, that brings up a zip file called the persons name + the order reference, and inside it contains the image(s) + shipping address in a text file.

I want the image name to contain the image size the person wants printed.

The cms must be very strong, so texts in the pages can be edited easily. I can provide my current site link to give you an example of how it currently is.

I need a company with a strong portfolio, please do not big if you do not have much feedback or can not handle the project. I need it done in a fair amount of time, preferably this would be your sole project. Please provide an eta.


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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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URGENT! CMS Issues And CSS Fixes Needed On Existing Site

We have an existing site that has a CMS. It has issues with layout and style, and also doesnt look the same in all browsers. Currently the shopping cart layout is not correct so customers cannot place orders, therefore the need for urgent fix! I have been told that it could be an issue with the CMS changing the html code but not sure.

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WordPress Project

I need some help with a small task in wordpress.

We need to integrate an existing site (site is coded with HTML, CSS and flash and is about 5-6 pages) with wordpress. Provider should integrate the site with wordpress so that the content(image/text) of any page of the site is editable.

Should be a simple project for someone who has done this before.

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Data Find&Process&Entry (1000 CMS Forms To Be Completed)

We are student portal focused at exchange students (basically European exchange students).

We need to have almost all European universities and European cities where those universities are located in our database (Universities as first database and Cities as second database).

We use CMS to fulfill the content.

On average, to complete all three steps (see below) for a single city or university it takes 20 min for experienced worker.

We have about 1000 cities and universities combined to be done at the moment! If we are satisfied with your job we can assign you almost 1000 more.

To complete a city you need to find a content for about 12 text blocks, 2-4 photos and one video link.

To complete an university you need to find a content 11 text blocks and 2 photos.

The task is to:

1) Find and extract desired text, photos from websites or open web encyclopedia (or to find a hyperlink to video)
2) Remove formatting (pasting text to MS Windows Notepad)
3) Entry text data to a specific entries (upload photo as well) using CMS.

You need to follow our detailed instructions describing how to use our CMS properly (it is strictly required).

Once we start talks about contract, we would like you to put 2 cities and 2 universities in our database (soon after we would deliver you our detailed CMS instructions) to be sure if you understand the idea and how to use our CMS formular properly.

Once it is done, we would be ready to set up serious cooperation. We expect well-organized and hard-working teams, reliable and responsible.

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DJango Functionality

i am looking for some ready made apps or custom made apps / online shopping management tools be developed for us.

Following are few examples of what i am looking for.

1. – Provides price comparison services which plugin only in Mozilla firefox.
2. – Provides price comparison services, Deal alerts and Tracks the product wishlist, which supports all sort of browsers.
3. – Provides price comparison services and has different versions to support all type of browsers
4. – a Mozilla firefox plugin provides price comparison services.
5. – Provides price comparison services.
6. Shopping assistant – Price comparison and deal alert service provider, this plugin is provided by, supports all sort of browsers.
price comparison link –
Deal alert plugin link –
7. Myshopping genie browser app – – provides price comparison, better deals etc – supports all sort of search engines


All above are in US, but i need it for UK. Let me know if you provide such service. We are looking for an experienced partner for us who will develop this for now and for all future development requirements.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks & Regards

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Simple Pet Insurance Price Comparison Website

Require an insurance comparision website very similar in features to:

This would need to be a very slick and professional site, ideally SEO optimised and come with instructions on how to add new companies and change affiliate links.

Enable registration and emailing of quotes

Please PM with any questions.

Note: Not sure what coding languages required so those put down on job type are samples only.

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Online Interactive Training

HR Online Interactive Training

HR provide training to staff on web, staff can access on web and take course.

A. Back End
HR Officer can provide the interactive training on web. They can schedule the course and provide the course online.

B. Front End
staff can enrol the course online. And they can ask question directly to trainer.
staff can do exercise after finish the course

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CMS For Flash Website

I have an existing website is built in flash. I have all the necessary source files. What I need to do is to modify design in order to add functionality.but mainly you will be required to deploy a constant management system to allow end-user to modify content with ease. They should be able to add pictures modify text etc.
I hear that DRUPAL is great solution for this, but there may be others that you will suggest. Im open to suggestions.

here is the scope of everything that needs to be done:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Drupal/Jumla for the site text images and video

HOMEPAGE revise layout to future images with links

GBGB FINALISTS: list students and photos


CALENDAR : ability to submit new events and add this module to homepage


THANK YOU NOTES PAGE and Home page module for it



CLASSROOM: social interaction, Ustream


PRESS PAGE: addition of categories, and Images. Potential redesign

I estimate this project at $1000 and I expected to be completed by the end of the month. If you think my estimate is too high or too low please let me know.

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Ecommerce Website

I need a ecommerce website with joomla,cms and shopping cart.
please apply with similar work done before.

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Photo Marketing Website

Photo marketing website required with online image hosting.
Preferably CMS based
Site needs to be clean and contemporary in look.
Images from events and promotions will be uploaded to the site. People can then view the pictures and add them to their Facebook page/profile. Also need are;
Password protection of galleries option.
Photo search function.
Facebook and twitter integration.
Google/Facebook analytics.

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Website Design: Apartment & Room Rentals

I need a complete redesign of this temporary website:
This job is a fairly basic, simple design requirement but I realize that price may go higher than the simple project ($30-250)
No super hurry on design.

Temporary site is a few hour effort by me using jalbum and Dreamweaver editing the jalbum HTML & skin but I need a real design.
Two language site – Home page click for either English or Spanish – I will supply English to Spanish translations for identical Spanish site so only knowledge of English required for site design.

HTML and is fine but CMS is OK if I can edit (Maybe I can learn sufficient CMS Made Simple to edit????)
I am too lazy to learn Joomla! but maybe that is best?????
Mostly one time design but maybe small maintenance required later.

I have 3 sites registered at GoDaddy but redirects to above temporary site right now.
Or maybe use these but too long of a name so probably redirects only:

Paid for about $150 for 3 years cheapest premium site at but no site design done yet. They seem to have auto installers for most scripts including popular CMS progs and were recommended by several designers I know so hope they are OK.

Job Details – Do not want a super elaborate or fancy site since local prospective clients here in Nicaragua are simple. But site should look "nice" and modern and not real cheap whatever that means:
1) Home page similar to existing but maybe Photo at top and links at left instead of bottom.
Same links on every page. Prominent English/Spanish buttons on home page.
2) Add 1 text page for pricing details. No Shopping cart or vacancy info – Customer response only by email or phone.
3) Add 1 page for location in city map of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I can supply map based upon modified Google maps or modified Google Earth.
4) Will eventually need Photo albums for about 10-15 total Apartments or Rooms similar to the 4 photo album pages now.
I could copy and modify a basic design to add photo album pages myself later but maybe CMS is easier.

I am open to advice and recommendations since it has been 10-15 years since I did a lot of HTML site design and I am lost and out of touch with modern site design.

Thanks for reading all of this ;-))

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CMS Website Directory Joomla

Create travel related website with menu system and various pages to be discussed in PM.
Php, mysql.
There is a mysql db with lot of content to use to insert content in site automatically and also create the directory structure.
Preferably using using joomla+rockettheme+k2 template or joomla+yootheme+zoo (have sites with these already installed)
Can suggest another CMS if better, easier, faster.
Professional look (top menu like in rockettheme or yootheme).
Skills wanted: PHP, Mysql, CMS, Html, Ajax, javascript, joomla, rockettheme, yootheme, ZOO.
Timeframe: 7 days
Budget: 200$

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Script To Insert Data In Joomla

I have a mysql database with titles, article content and category structure information (few levels).
I need a script to insert it automatically into my joomla website using either an existing extension script or to modify an existing script or to write a script yourself.
End result should be the joomla site with content listed like in a directory with all the menus and articles inserted.
Need coder with the following skills:
Would need a coder with the following skills PHP, Mysql, CMS, Joomla, K2, and template, Rockettheme, Yootheme.

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Drupal And Ubercart Very Simple Modification

this needs to be within a couple of hours.
it is very simple please read the description
if you know ubercart and drupal it will take 30minutes.
if you dont then it will take you more time
on the ubercart product page there are attributes. I want the attribute image to show instead of the attribute text.

if you can start now and have it finished in a short time please bid and I will accept you right now

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Mass Video Add To Controll Panel

hello guys
i had private cms that some Arabs [programmer wrote for me
and the programmer is gone now ..
on my cms i add videos – series of non- copyrighted videos ..
the problem is there is a series that count 30 episodes and its very frustrating that i had to add 30 time a single ( name – url – picture and choose the category ) ..
i want programing of stand alone page that add the movies to the database – and importantly to the cmd edit video page( that i can edit it after that ) … so its look like similar the way i entered each episodes ..
i dont want the programmer find that somebody mess with his script if he find out he will not give me any support ..
so i want stand alone page that i need to put one picture and mass of urls pick category and just press add ..

ill take the cheapest best good php programmer ..

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***Adult Web Site Needed***

I need a similar site with all features has to offer. However my site will only be aimed at UK users. -Home -Escorts -Availability diary -Webcam bookings -Phone chat bookings -SMS Chat (linked in to -Credits, virtual wallet system. -Multi topic forums or bulletin board system -Members movie gallery (updateble, custom prices etc) -Members pic gallery (free access to all) -Members private gallery (timed access at a set fee) -Other services (allows signups to offer services such as security, management, photography etc) -Members items for sale -Members raffles & competitions (new feature not on adultwork site) -Members can communicate via internal email -Statement of credits -Transfer credits to bank account -Hotlist -Bookings page -Profile featuring interview of user, list of enjoys, prices, services offered etc -Reverse bookings . allows service seeker to post a message stating requirements, and have the service providers bid for the job -Members sign up as service seeker or service provider. -Affiliate / referal program. -banner management -Banner exchange section and affiliate section -Models & Escort photo rate and video rate contest area -int webshop Please have a very detailed look around the site, and send me a detailed message, specific to this project only. The whole thing needs to be running on a cms to make it simple to manage, and easy to add in new modules as new services, payment providers and functionality ideas become available This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the features. Have a good look through to see exactly what is involved in this project before bidding. I recommend signing up as a member and fully exploring the site. The layout must be different from adultwork. I am not looking for a copycat site, just the same features

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Simple Website Design/Build

Looking to build/design a simple website for my company. The site should be fresh, clean and simple. There will only be 2 or 3 pages to the site – A home page and contact us page that has a web submission form for emailing queries to us (possibly another page, but right now there isnt a need). If the contact us web submission form can be put into the home page, than it can be built as a simple 1 page site.

The home page will need to have the ability to show several pictures, am thinking some sort of program/script that goes through 5-10 pictures in a scrolling fashion or something similar.

The site will need to have a CMS built for it so we can edit content, and we need the ability to add different pictures over time. This project will be awarded by COB today, and will need to be completed within 5 days.

We are a new company that provides help to Ex-Pats who are looking for places to live in our area.

More details will be provided to the winning bidder.


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Social Networking Membership Site

This is a website directed at Nigeria University Students in various states in Nigeria. Interface is of the utmost priority! It has to be elegant in functions and form! I dont want a site that looks like a cheap template with basically functioning tools.
I am looking to create a membership site with social network functionality, as well as a series of online web apps.
I want no flash, and I want it to run smoothly on smart phones, blackberry browser.
The regular side of the page will allow you to sign up and create a profile and select a layout from a set of templates. On this profile, you can host your pictures, interests, links to friends, bio(all like any other social networking site) as well as host videos, pictures(sort of an online portfolio) as well as list projects you have worked on or about to. The projects will usually be materials or e-books and will be linkable to friends and/or friends of friends who also want to embark on a same……

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CKEditor Smiley Icon Small Change


Im looking for a coder to update a the Smileys in CKEditor to include a custom groups of smileys instead of the current ones.

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will look like.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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CKEditor QR-Codes Plug-in

Good night,

Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert QR-Codes in websites.

You need to get the QR-Code Plug-in and add the following features:

– Size
– Encoding
– QR-Code Size
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

Thank you

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Update Medical Website With CMS, With SEO Review

We have a medical website that needs updating
We need a CMS so we can manage it ourselves
We want SEO review to ensure we maintain and increase placement
Remove music currently on site

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Invoicing And CRM Solution

I am looking for a semi-automated CRM and invoicing solution for a destination wedding venue.

Providers are free to create a solution from scratch or customize an existing solution in accordance with the requirements detailed below.

It is essential that the solution is easy and pleasant to use and without bloated or useless features.

The solution must be web-based with the capacity to be used offline or sync with offline calendars/programs.

It must be compatible on a Motorola Xoom tablet.

The system must have:

1. A calendar and the ability to link appointments made with specific clients / invoices

2. The ability to separate contacts into prospective clients, clients, vendors, staff and "other"

3. The ability to capture prospective clients through a form embed on our website and notify us once a prospective client has completed the form.

4. The ability to automatically generate quotations on the basis of a client entering the number of persons who will attend the wedding and the date (we already have a spreadsheet/formula)

5. The ability for us – at the back-end – to manually generate quotations once we enter the necessary options (number of ppl, type of bar etc)

6. The ability to email a quotation to a prospective client along with a brochure and cover email. The cover email must be personalized with the clients name and wedding details.

7. The ability to convert a quotation into an invoice, and prospective client to a client

8. The ability for payment to be recorded in installments. [Please note: we do not require credit card processing or invoices to be actually paid through the system simply recorded]

9. The ability to send out payment reminders and thank you. These payment reminders should also automatically appear in the Calendar too.

10. The ability for clients to log into a client area to view their invoice

11.The ability to backup offline

12. The ability to auto create documents such as a contract by mail merging fields from the clients information (such as their name etc)

As a guide – we currently use studiocloud which does all of the above, though does not have the capability to be used on the go.

Please feel free to message me if you have additional questions.

Thank you.

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Website Optimization Using Joomla With JomSocial

We have a website that uses Joomla CMS and JomSocial with several plugins.
The performance of this website needs to be improved considerably.
We are looking for people with good experience configuring Joomla and optimizing it to improve the performance of the website.
Please provide examples of websites that you have worked on that use Joomla and Jomsocial with Add-ins for them.

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Fashion-loving Female Writer Needed For Product Descriptions

ng | Twitter

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Fashion-loving Female Writer Needed For Product Descriptions  

Fashion-loving Female Writer Needed For Product Descriptions is project number 1007191
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 04/01/2011 at 10:59 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

04/06/2011 at 10:59 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (5 reviews)



I am looking for a reliable female writer to write 50 short product descriptions per day, 5 days a week. These descriptions need to be no longer than 3 sentences long, and take about 3 to 5 minutes to write. The products are all gold jewelry items.

You will be working in an easy-to-use CMS, and I will show you exactly what I am looking for in the descriptions.

In order to be considered, you need to meet the following:

1. Must be a female
2. Must love fashion and jewelry
3. Must be fluent in English (writers from Thailand, Philipines, India, China, etc. are ok, provided you can demonstrate your fluency)
4. Must be able to work Monday through Friday — you can work whatever hours youd like during the day, as long as you get the work done.
5. Any missed days will have to be made up on weekends.
6. Must be on Skype and available to meet as necessary.

I will review all descriptions daily, and any poorly-written ones will have to be re-done. Missing daily quotas will result in termination of the contract, so if you cannot make the commitment, please do not bid.

As an added bonus, if you have an active Facebook page, Id like for you to post 2 products to your Facebook page each day. This is not a requirement, but will give you an advantage in your bidding.

Payment will be made promptly at the end of each month via PayPal. For the first month, I will put 50% of the retainer in escrow here on Freelancer. Please bid on a MONTHLY rate.

I will choose the winning bidder based on quality of writing, your bid, and if you have a social media channel like Facebook. This is a long term project (6+ months), so please give me the best price possible.

In addition to your bid, please refer to the product photo Ive attached in the project clarification section, write a short, 3 or 4 sentence description for it, and send it to me as a PM. Note: I will not use your description — it is just a test of your writing skills! Also, if you have a Facebook profile, please send that to me in a PM as well.

Good luck!

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Holiday Website

Need a holiday website with a booking calender (similar functionality as stayz website we are currently listed on)
have a look at to see our house and what info we want on our own website
We would like automated email responses to a booking enquiry
We want template letters to send out in response to various enquiries
we want guest comments to be able to be posted (after moderation)
set up paypal on site
We want to be able to manage our own site and add content and photos
We want website stats
We want a database list of clients who enquire and group email lists to advertise to
Get optimisation of the website
link to facebook and twitter
Would like sms contact capabilitity
Any other suggestions?

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SASOFT ONLY – Website Update


Update brochures and pictures as discussed.

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Similar To

We are looking to make a website similar to item engine. We are accepting bids and will require previous work experience in a similar area before selecting you as a provider. We would like to become long term partners with someone or a company. We are excited to meet you and work with you to complete this project and many more in the future. The requirements for this job will be to create a cms based web application similar to This project needs to be completed within 4 weeks and we need to begin as soon as possible.

Happy Bidding!

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Joomla Developer (product Feed)

Looking for a developer with a strong understanding about product feeds using (xml/csv) with a background of major affiliate networks functionality (affiliate window, commission junction, affiliate future etc..) as well as ability to work with API.

We are going to use the following Joomla extensions:
* Gantry Framework
* JoomD (some tweaks might required when displaying the products)
* Any other related extensions to fit the purpose of this project.

The end result needs to be as the following websites samples (concept & structure):

* Integration with social bookmarking/networks
* Link clocking
* Redirection page
* Product search/filtering
* Creating categories, menus, and tags.
* Fully SEO optimised
* Clean design/coding

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Video Game Styles Script Made

The custom made script will be a styled script, allowing users to submit content, news, videos, media and the latest gaming deals. Users will be rewarded by receiving points, and their rank will improve as they submit more news and gaming related content, which gets approved by mods, admins and high-level users. To prevent off topic content and spam, the script will use the same approach as Each user who signs up to my website will have a profile page, again the same as N4G. Users will be able to rate any content on the site HOT or COLD, or THUMBS UP or DOWN, giving the content a rating by the user as to whether or not they like it. Contents with the most THUMBS UP will appear on the front page at the top, again like The script must be in RTL (Right-to-Left) for Arabic support

The script should be easily added to if we require adding additions to the system in the near future and easily changed. The layout of the pages must also be simple to change.

We will go into more detail with you once we have chosen your bid, as there are quite a lot of aspects to talk over, however, you do understand the scale of the project and what is required.

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