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Cisco Expert Needed

cisco expert needed for small consulting project

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Software Liscence Protection

i need a program that protect my software. if i give the cd for a customer, it should work only for one server. he cant use reflectors to get the code in the dll and exe. now even if u dont have the program, i need to consult with the expert to get ideas and advise

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Changing Trusted Boot (tboot) To Work With Bitvisor

Trusted Boot (tboot: is an open source, pre-kernel/VMM module that uses Intel(R) Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) to perform a measured and verified launch of an OS kernel/VMM. Currently, Tboot only supports the Xen virtual machine monitor. In this project we want to change tboot in order to work with another hypervisor (i.e bitvisor: instead of Xen.

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Joomla Security Expert

We require an expert security technician to determine where and when a joomla site has been hacked. This is an immediate project.

The site in question has seen an 80% sales drop on increased traffic and no market changes. When the site was moved to a new server, sales jumped back up for two days before dropping again. Our server logs show daily hack attempts but do not seem to be successful. This project will be based on a project fee and an additional reward of $500 if the source / type of hack can be proven and stopped.

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Website Vulnerability & Penetration Testing For Social Site

We want penetration and vulnerability testing done a social networking website.

We will require a very detailed report and recommendations on how to solve some of the vulnerabilities that may be found. The test would include tests for cross site scripting, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL code injection and all the other standard tests and more because of the nature of the site (a social networking site).
It could also be helpful, but not necessary if service provider has expertise to help plug the holes or solve the problems that these test bring to the fore.

We would also be more favourably disposed to service provider who would be willing to sing Non-disclosure agreement. This is not a must, but if we receive bids from service providers who would be willing to do, well consider those bids first.

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Private Special Project

see your pm please

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Looking For Expert Of Network And Security Team Leader.

Hi all
I am looking for expert in network and security team leader for a long term realtion…
I need to improv emy environmnwt with new and advance ideas.


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Crack The Code For US$1000!

I will pay US$1000 for the first person who can crack this code. The US FBI is looking to solve a murder and all they have are these notes.

The first Freelancer to crack this code walks away with US$1000!

In your PM please have the answer. First person to get this right wins!!!

You must be able to demonstrate how you have broken the code!

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Fix Windows PC Software Problems

Toshiba Satellite Laptop PSAA8A with Windows XP service pack?
Symptom : If the laptop is started with an external screen plugged into the the VGA port the external screen (a Samsung LCD ) comes up in a low resolution mode and the only way to fix it is to restart it without the screen plugged in. On another laptop (Acer Aspire 5738PZG running Windows 7) a similar thing happens but the problem can be resolved if the external screen is switched to portrait and then back to landscape.

Solution required: A fix that allows the Satellite laptop to start up with the external monitor plugged in and still provides support for the maximum resolution supported by the external monitor.

Symptom: When starting Visio 2010 it appears to run all the install/setup/config programs that I have used over the last X months? I have to kill about 50 processes before it runs as it should. I have unistalled Visio and reinstalled it but to no effect.

Solution required: Make Visio 2010 start as normal.
LabView remote panels do not work with Trend micro running, provide a workaround to enable these to work compatibly.

Please specify your quote for each or all tasks.


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Unix And C( Computer Networks

show details 11:01 AM (8 minutes ago)
Introduction to Computer Networks

1. Goal (Measure ABET criteria (a) & (c))
Understand two data link error detection algorithms: 16-bits Internet Checksum, CRC.
2. Project Description: Data link error detection algorithms
In this lab assignment, you are going to implement two data link error detection algorithms which we studied. Two being implemented algorithms are 16-bit Internet Checksum (a.k.a UDP Checksum) and CRC (Cyclic Redundant Code). You can assume that the given size of data word is upto 256 bytes. Your program should be able to support following two services for each algorithms: UDP Checksum & CRC.
1) Generating a checksum for UDP Checksum and code word using given CRC code when a data word is entered
2) Performing error detection if the program receives a code word
2.1 16-bits Internet checksum (UDP Checksum)
1) 2)
Generating Checksum a. When your program receives a data word upto 256 bytes, it creates a
UDC checksum and displays the obtained checksum. Error Detection
a. When your program receives a code word and UDP Checksum, your program detects whether the entered code work contains (an) error(s) or not, and displays either

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IP/VPN And Security Using Casinos/bookmakers

This is a difficult question, I have searched long for answers.
The person who answers this should have real skill and know-how.

The problem is simple, and I say in advance, please do not get into my private life. What I do only concerns me. If you judge me wrong, that is your problem, not mine. I am an honest dedicated person and my problem is real and I need an answer. If you do not wish to help, pass on to the next project. If you do, make sure you know what you are talking about. I do not need to waste my time any further.
*** *** *** *** *** ***

*** The Project ***

I have many questions but I will some up the most important ones here. If you can answer those, then you will be able to help in the rest of project. This project is not big really, all I need is someones expertise to give me proper advice on what to do, proper software to download and/or procedures to follow.

I will present my problem as such:

My best-friend wishes to sign up to a few Online Casinos and take advantage of a few offers. We live in a quite poor neighborhood and so not everyone has internet. We try to help each other out.

I have made some money using online Casinos and also bookmakers.
I wish to help out my friend truely.

What I wish to do is the following:
I wish to help my friend, to show him how he can also sign up at these websites and make some reasonable amounts of money, legally because he is a real person and so I repeat, he is a REAL person such as I.

The problems which you need to help me with:
My friend has no internet at home but has a laptop. He will NOT get internet as that is simply not feasable. As I said previously, his $ is limited.
I wish to invite my friend to use my internet and teach him a little bit and he can connect to my router and use the Bookmakers where he can sign up, and have a good chance of getting some extra money, which will help him greatly.

the problem, if there is any, is that apparently those sites do not like multiple-people to take advantage of their offers from a same IP… this can probably be solved by using a VPN on his laptop even though he is connected to my router. Now, I know little about IP addresses, VPN services, but from what Ive read, it is possible. I need someone experienced to explain to me exactly what to do.
Of course, I understand the VPN for example , or any other possibility, must be using a new IP which corresponds to my country – are you following me so far?
Good, lets follow to other questions now.

Meanwhile, my friend will need to set up a moneybookers account. I need you as expert to confirm with me that there will be no problem whatsoever using VPN or maybe moneybookers is ok with using same IP on signing up? perhaps not. Please find out. I have a headache and I wish someone to really take care of this problem. I do not wish to contact moneybookers because I dont want any problems. But you may act on my behalf and verify with them. That would be what I would need.

Also I could easily give you a few bookmaker websites, and casino websites (more bookmakers than casinos most probably), and you could yourself check it out, and find out / test, what works what doesnt.

From what I understand – and you need to confirm this with me:
1- a bookmaker signup is only through website, and thus, they only can check your name/address/ip address/phone number/other details you enter in your registration
2-if you play a casino and download their software, Ive heard from several sources and Im quite convinced, that their software detects your Computer or/and your hard drives serial number, and therefore not allowing you to play on the same computer.
3-if that is the case, and my friend may have problems with his laptop sometimes and may need to play on my computer – the reasons are obvious, he is quite poor, his laptop is really a piece of garbage i would be surprised if it works the way it is supposed to.

I have no more space to write so this is enough for now.

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Secure & Optimize Server, And Limit Sending/receiving Junk

I would like to secure & optimize my server. The server has previously compromised. The OS was re-loaded. I will need to know what you will be performing prior to assigning you the job.

I also would like for you to limit receiving junk mails, and make sure that the server does not send out junk mails.

Job required:

– Secure & Optimize
– Update all server softwares (I have Cpanel)
– Scan all files, and make sure theyre all clean
– Install Firewall (It may be already installed)
– Make sure all required ports for Cpanel are open, and close all unneeded ports
– Junk mail
– Disable symlink

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Linux Server Maintenance And Management

I am looking for an excellent Linux server admin to work with on an ongoing basis.

Since we have multiple developers working on the same server, first project would be to help with short consulting for best practices of managing the server and setup of SVN "small plan" ( SVN by an outside provider-
We are hosting an ecommerce site + content sites on a cloud server, need your help to secure the following:
Security/server hardening
Performance optimization
Backups/Contingency plan.

This is part of hosting company recommendations:
"Best Practice Recommendation:

One of the most powerful features we provide at SoftLayer is a dedicated Private Network between your hosted servers. Under the Private Network tab of the portal, you will find a link labeled VPN. One of the first things we suggest is enabling your user account to access the private network via an SSL or PPTP VPN connection and accessing your server via remote desktop or SSH over the private network. We also suggest disabling remote desktop or SSH access over your public IP addresses on the server(s). Detailed instructions for your respective platform are outlined in the following SoftLayer "

Please respond only if you are an experienced Linux administrator, I would need to count on you for an ongoing support.

Thanks for your time.

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I need an experience expert to test the security of my website.

Please do not apply if:

1) You do not have any feedback
2) Can not provide references of clients that you have done similar work in the past.
3) Do not speak english.

At the end of the test I need you to give me a report and proof me that you were able to penetrate the site.

Thank you and looking forward to working with the right candidate.


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OpenSwan Installation On EC2

I need a Linux expert/SysAdmin to install and configure OpenSwan VPN server + xl2tpd on a Amazon EC2 ubuntu micro instance for me… L2TP/IPSec , UDP encapsulation and PSK key support is required so that I can connect to cloud from my roadwarrior Microsoft Windows and Mac OS VPN clients using preshared keys and UDP protocol… I will allocate the microinstance on EC2 and provide you the necessary user account so that you can setup it up for openswan.

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Configuration And Maintenance Of Fortigate FG60C

What I need or require:
– Initial configuration on Fortigate by replicating CISCO ASA device which will be replaced
– Assistence in puting device in production, testing and troubleshooting
– Long term maintenance of device

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
– CISCO ASA configuration file
– VPN IP SEC passwords

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
– Experience in Fortigate device configuration

Timeframe for delivery:
– One week

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Virtual Desktop

I am looking for an IT Professional to configure and setup an online computing solution using a virtual server or co-located server.

My preferred hosting service is Godaddy. Most applications are PC based and require IE 7 or better.

The solution should be cost effective and allow multiple users up to 20 connect to a Virtual Desktop to use applications such as web browsers, PDF editors, Image/picture managers, office productivity applications and email. Users should be able to connect to the desktop from MAC or PC using the most popular 3 web browsers. Users should be able to transfer files from there computer file system to the Virtual Desktop and vise versa.

Administration and redundancy:
The Virtual Server will have the ability to synchronize files back and forth between the corporate server and the hosed server in real time. Must be able to administer users and file systems for security. Printing to the users default printer from the Virtual Desktop is a must.

Use Case: 1
Normal use of the system would be
Agent in the field with a laptop requires access corporate files such as a blank contract. User connects to the Virtual Desktop browses to the directory opens the file with a PDF editor (CutePDF) makes the needed updates. Opens DocuSign and does an in-person signing. The signed file is the placed into a directory (dropbox) on the Virtual Desktop for an office assistant at corporate.

The file should be synchronized back to the corporate server automatically and persist on the Virtual Desktop Server.

The office assistant is then able to pick up the PDF file from the dropbox directory and process the file on the corporate server.

Another use case: 2
Would be a contractor that telecommutes. This user would not ever be working on the physical corporate LAN but may need access to files and directories on the corporate server. This user will need special user rights and permissions to work with files and applications as needed.

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Trixbox – Extra NIC With Public IP And IPtables Firewall

I have a Trixbox system already setup but need an extra NIC with a public IP setup the other NIC is configured using NAT. I also need you to configure an iptables firewall so that its locked down completely and given access to only 1 IP address that I will specify.

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Stealth Keylogger With Visual/Click Trigger Screen-capture

– Must not have any dependencies.
– Logs keystrokes using keyboard hook.
– Saves logs and sends via email/ftp.
– Automatically install itself and run on each reboot with no user interaction needed. It is also able to hide its own installation files. STEALTH.
– No EOF settings, compatible with crypters or other similar support tools.
– Keylogger operates hidden.
– Screen capture based on visual/click trigger with-in game. *VERY IMPORTANT*
– Logs encryption: data in logs file be encrypted with a key. Logs stored in the hard disk will be always encrypted, and when sending them to e-mail or FTP they will be decrypted on the fly.
– Logging filter: activate the keylogger only if user is writing in a window which title contains one or more specified words (for example

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Hacker Required

Need some assistance from an experienced hacker to test the security of our system.

Must be experienced, please give examples.

Kind Regards

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Checkpoint Expert


We are looking for Checkpoint engineer who is an expert in the field of Routing and Switching. Minimum experience required is 3 years. Please do not bid if you are not confident about the Checkpoint and the technology.

CCSE/CCSA certification required.


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Automatic Proxy Voting

I need to set up an automatic proxy voting for an online contest. A few of the competitors already have been voting through proxies but I want to be able to do it fast. Just until the end of the month of March.
I have a list of people who have provided authority to vate on their behalf. It is in Excel format and contains the fields to be filled on for the voting form.
Only one vote can be entered at a time on the online voting form.
Individuals are permitted to vote once a day for a 21 day period.
There are restrictions on the number of votes posted from an individual IP address.

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Stealth Keylogger

I am interested in having a keylogger type program designed. It must have similar features as the other keyloggers out there on the market, such as being able to take screenshots, record keystrokes, be completely invisible, have logs that are able to be read remotely (ftp and/or email), and any other features you can think of that would be good.

I would also like to have a trial version.

I do not really care which language this is coded in (PHP, Visual Basic, etc) as long as it has a windows installer and runs on windows XP, Vista, 7, etc.

Please show me screenshots!

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Proxy Ip Help

We need help with;

finding or creating a way to have our ip changed and it needs to be us based ips. we need asap.

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Key Management System For Web Service Provider

We need a key management system to meet PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) requirements. We would prefer leveraging an existing open source project that either meets or can be modified to meet our requirements (e.g. StrongKey –, keepassx –, others –,

We use symmetric keys and want key generation and machine-to-machine communication of keys so that personnel are not exposed to keys.

Development of the requirements from scratch is not encouraged.

The ideal system would run on a Linux server. We do not require a specific language but prefer JAVA first, then C++.

This system would need to do the following:
1) Generate secure keys on demand for AES (currently 256-bit) encryption that meet the standards of the PCI DSS
2) Store keys securely with encryption and password protection at least as strong as AES 256-bit encryption
3) Transmit those keys via a secure connection (ie. SSL or HTTPS) to specified servers that would actually do the encrypting of files. This transmission would be on-demand, although we would eventually create a scheduler to distribute keys on a periodic basis.
4) Transmit keys via a secure connection to specified servers used to decrypt files
5) Maintain a record of keys so that we can track keys by date and a 3-character code used to identify encryption algorithm or other data needed to decrypt files successfully. In our scheme, keys would be distributed throughout the company based on either periodic key retirement dates or whenever the key was suspected of being compromised. Each file would be tagged with the date of the key used for encryption (and a code for future use that would further identify the key and possibly algorithm or other encryption details.) Our decryption routine would choose which key to use based on the date and code associated with the key.
6) (this is possibly optional right now) Generate an encrypted XML file that serves as the configuration file for our server applications. The XML file would include the encryption key.
7) Maintain user profiles consistent with PCI standards.
8) Automatically create an encrypted backup file stored in a configurable location. The objective is to ensure that the keys are backed up easily and can be recovered by the application when needed.
Background: We create many files for our customers that are stored over long periods of time. These files are created on servers that are usually located at the customers

Deliverables must include source code, documentation and requirements for installation and configuration.

To bid, please list any experience you have with key management and a description of the existing libraries – if any – you will use.

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Winning A Facebook Contest

I need to win the contest. My entry is the link

deadline is in 3 days
I am on the 3rd page of 65 pages of entries, ranked by number of votes.

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Easy Peasy Ticketing & Events

I wish to emulate a website called please look at this website and it will give you an idea of what i am trying to do.

I need to be able to sell tickets, customers to purchase tickets, advertise events, take online payments both direct debit and credit card payments, I want a website which is creatively designed, easy to maneovoure and not a template website. I will supply all copy for website.

Home Page – Buy Tickets, Sell Tickets, Login, Contact Us, Browse Event tabs.

Buy Ticket Tab – Click on event, event listing e.g. date, time, organiser, ticket cost, Buy ticket, receive ticket via email.

Sell Ticket Tab – Login, List Event, Upload photo of event, blurb on event, ticket price

Login – this would be used by organiser of event to keep track of ticket sales, I would like them to have up to date info on purchasers name, address, phone number and email and be able to email this as a excel spreadsheet to their computer.

Contact us – email, phone details, submit an enquiry form

Browse Events Tab – photo, blurb on event and Buy now tab.

I would like to be able to generate tickets which would include event photo and blurb of the event, numbered with cost of ticket.

I would like organiser to get a spreadsheet of all ticket purchases with their name and contact details.

I need to be able to upload event photos and blurb and set pricing.

Each event organiser would need their own unique code generated to bring up their own event.

I would like links to twitter and facebook and a blog.

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Cisco Configuration

I need someone to make me some simple configurations on cisco router 1941 / 1900 series.
Nat ports redirection
VPN user acounts creation.

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Cisco Configuration

I need someone to make me some simple configurations on cisco router 1941 / 1900 series.
Nat ports redirection
VPN user acounts creation.

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50 High Quality One-way Backlink In Forum

I am running an antivirus software coupon site. I would like the following to be done:

Answer questions on good reputation forums sush as,, the home page of backlink should be at least PR4, when you answer the questions, you can refer to my perticular site URL or put my site url as the signature, I will provide you the anchor text and links.

Totoally 50 postings, budget $50. if your answer is so good that is picked as the best answer(in, not all the sites has this features) or it is set to sticky in forum, then I will count this as 2 postings, i.e, one posting counts as 2 postings.

1. Your answer should be meaningfully, relevant and answer the postings question, no spamming, just saying something like "this is a great posting, I really appreciate this or benifit from this" does not count.
2. Target US, english site.
3. Backlink pages must relate to computer area: hardware or software.
4. Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses, i.e. you should not post 2 links in the same forum. if you are doing good, we can do this project again after couple months.
5. No more than 7 posting per day.
6. Prefer authoritative domains (.com/.net/.biz/.org/.us/.gov/.edu/)
7. ALL links must be DO-follow.

I will setup 50% escrow when you accept the project, after you finish the work and I have verified it, I will release the 50% escrow, then setup another 50% escrow, I will release the escrow when the links show up using Yahoo Site Explorer,


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Fix Malicious Chinese Characters Being Injected Into Php Fil

As far as I can tell something has compromised our local machines – so it injects malicious chinese code into our php files. So I need two things. I need someone to clean the malicious code from about 21 php files and also help us solve the problem on our local machines.

Code is not visible in notepad etc but is visible in something like firebug. It is also findable by file bloat. Fairly urgent fix required i.e. today.


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