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Inno Installer To Modify Existing To Work With And SDK

I have an existing inno installer that I need modified to work with a new SDK.
The current installer works with an outdated version of the SDK, I need someone to update the installer to work with the changes they made to the new SDK that makes an external DLL call.

For the right person this is a quick fix and should only cost $30

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Virtual Audio Driver For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) (repost)

Write a Virtual Audio Driver for Windows (addressed as VAD below). Must work under:

o Windows XP
o Windows Vista x32 AND x64
o Windows 7 x32 AND x64

The driver must appear as a normal Audio Output Device to Windows and any application. The
device must appear in Windows control panel – sound management and we should have the possibility to set it as default audio device. For Windows and any other application VAD should look like a real hardware driver and act like one.

Upon installation it should remember the previous default audio output device, and as its default behaviour should route all its input sound to the previous default audio device. It should notice if this device disappears or is replaced (for instance the computer gets a new audio card) and remember this incident(always just the last incident, not a history).

Basically VAD should get the input from an application and pass it directly to the former primary audio driver. This should happen with a minimum of strain on the CPU. VAD should be aware of what process is sending witch stream.

The VAD should have some API calls that can be addressed from other programs. The main call should be the possibility of hooking into the audio stream of a another program. Api calls should be protected by some sort of password mechanism, meaning that only applications that know that password or protection should be able to hook on the audio stream. Hooking on the audio stream means that the program gets to listen on the output of any given process but the stream flows further to the former primary audio driver too.

Source Code must be documented and Api calls will be documented by us upon accepting your bid.
Please do not bid for a DIRECT SHOW filter or similar solutions. We need this to be a proper System driver working in all those environments (keep in mind also 64 bit!)


Project will be executed as an Audio Filter Driver.
This Driver will be installable on Win XP32, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.

It will have the functionality described in the initial project, without the Hardware device tracking described.

It will allow to identify the stream source process.

It will implement the following API calls that can be called from a third party application (this is a part where we can be flexible, your input or suggestions are welcomed) :

int VAD_HookStream(*char passcode,int processid, *streamReaderFunc callback_func)

Hooks all streams from the process processid and feeds the data to the callback function callback_func
If processid is 0 then ALL the audio data is feeded to the callback function

Returns a handler

int VAD_UnHookStream (handler int)

Unhooks a previous callback related to that handle.
retuns -1 if handle was not found, 1 if successfull, 0 if error

int VAD_InfoStreams (*char passcode, stream_info* streamStruct)

Gets the information about current streams that flow through the VAD at that point.
stream_info is a dynamic array of structures in form of a pointer list; Return value is the number of stream_info structures;

struct stream_info
int processid; //process id
int starttime; // time stamp when the stream started
int bytecount; //how many bytes were streamed until now
[here we could add 2-3 other info variables. ]
*stream_info next_info; //pointer to the next infomation block. null pointer if its the //last

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DLL Header Translation C To Delphi

I need translation from a C++ DLL calling header to delphi pas file to call the same DLL.
A simple example of DLL calling should be provided.
Please see attached files.

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I have a serial device that I communicate with using an activex component. I notice in th test program provided that RXCLEAR and TXCLEAR (buffer flush) are sent before every command but these are not included in the ACTIVEX component. I therefore need a way of flushing the buffers.

I have tried using a comport component but this obviously complains that the port is already open when i try to use the flush commands.

So i need a way to flush the RX and TX buffers – Simple as that. This is an urgent project.

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Delphi Setup Of 10-20 TIdhttp By Anonymys Proxy

We need to access internet anonymous with Indys TIdhttp client by Proxy. VPN is not an option, it must be a traditional proxy. We need someone to find a good and cheap supplier to this service and set up the purchase for us. A rotating service where the outbound IP changes as often ass possible is preferred, perfect if it changes everytime the client logs in. Traffic will be (total for all 10-20 clients) +- 500 gb month.

We have tried ourself to find a stable service with reasonable prices, but just got lost in the jungle that this is.

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Need A Scraper – 6


I need a software to scrape product names from

I want list of names of all the products in a text file, like this –

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology
OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White and Black, Fits AT&T iPhone)

1 product name per line.

There will be a browse buttong to select a text file with list of categories.


Software will scrape all product names till the last page.

Software must work fast.

Software will be multi-threaded.If I put 2 category and set 20 threads, software will browse 10 pages per category at a time.And collect names of 20 pages at a time.

Software will work for all categories.

There is 2-3 cateogy that list product in different format, eg: mp3 downloads category –

For mp3 downloads category, software will scrape song name and artist, like this –
Kiss Me Im Irish – Gaelic Storm


This is an easy project for the right person.

I want the software in 2-5 hours, I dont want to waste time.

I have alredy got the software but there is some problem, software copy duplicate names and its not multi-threaded.

Happy bidding.


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Need Youtube Uploader Software – 3


I need a youtube uploader software.

There will be a browse button to select a folder, a folder will have videos and software will upload all videos in the folder.

There will be a browse button to select a text file, text will contain list of youtube accounts in (username:password) format.

There will be a browse button to select a text file, text file will contain list of proxies.1 proxy will be use to login to
1 account.Software will contain both private proxies (ip:port:username:password) and public proxies (ip:port)

Software will be multi-threaded, I will be able to specify how many threaded to run, if I say 100 threaded, software will upload 100 videos at a time using 100 proxies and 100 youtube accounts.

There will be a field to specify how many videos I want/account.Software will upload x number of videos/account.

There will be a field to enter description, I will be able to put many description in this format {description 1|description 2|description 3} and software will randomly choose 1 description.

There will be a field to enter category

There will be a field to enter tags

Once the input is put for description, category and tags, software will use same description, category and tags for all the videos.

The reason of creating this software is to bypass 5 problems as to uploading manually,1. it cant upload too many videos at a time, 2.there is a need to click "save changes" for each video 3.I have to remove .mpg from the title manually, software must remove .mpg in the title of the video. 4.I have to change account maually after upload x number of videos which takes time 5.I have to change proxy manually which takes time.Software must solve these 5 problems.

After I input all the details, software will upload all the videos automatically and smoothly.

I have alredy created this software few months back but there is 3 problems that I want to fix otherwise its working fine and I dont have source code also, the freelancer is not active for many months alredy, I have message him but it seems like he is not on freelancer anymore.The 3 problems are – it cant spin the description, it cant use public proxies, it can only use private proxies and its not multi-threaded.

Happy bidding.

My budget is quite low, I will select someone who can do this for low price.

I want the software in 24 hours, please bid only if you can finish in 24 hours.I dont want to waste time.


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DB Creator

Hi there,

I need an application that allow me to put list of text and make columns with that lists. There is a very easy code. Please contact if you need more informations.

P.S. I need it urgently !!!


Caller ID Application

This is about a Caller ID application.

This is a really easy and quick project since most of the part will be done from the client since its need a lot of customisation that can

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**EASY Windows App EASY**

I need a VERY SIMPLE app for windows.

Just 1 box that will take 4 inputs and send them to a web script:

See mock up:

I need the full source code, instructions on modifying the text/URLs and compiling on my machine.


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Delphi – Collect EPG Data From Internet.


We need a program that will run in tray icon and collect EPG data every X hours. We need Date & Time, Name and Description.

Currently we need EPG data to be extracted from this site:

In next step with we will need EPG from more sites.

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Delphi 2010 – Integration With SMS Gateway API

Hi, I am working on a Delphi 2010 project and need a way to send SMS / receive SMS from the Delphi app via the sms gateway provider

They have a gateway API so it should be easy:


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Bot For Poker Application In Facebook

I need a bot for an application of poker in facebook

Ill give you the details of what i need in an attachment, just PM me
and we arrange the budget and timeframe

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Looking For Someone To Create A Stumbleupon Program

Hello, i am looking for someone that can create a program that can get me unique traffic from the stumbleupon website.

If you can just PM me and leave me your ideas you have on how you think you will approach it then that would be great.
Black hat activitys are welcome if its the best option.

People that have just obviously copied and pasted something to pm me and doesnt make no sence then your bid will not be looked at. I am only looking at people that are serious and have done this before.

Other updates may occur later on from this project as this is just a brief post and am looking for ideas and a price.

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Infomercial Script Generator Software

We have 3 infomercial script templates that need putting into a website page with a online teleprompter in as well this will be behind a password protected site. Also if able to put in an exe file generator with password generator for each file downloaded.

I will give you the templates and examples of the ones we want to use so you will understand how we want them to be formatted when the scripts are completed.

We need the infomercial scripts to be able to be added to the teleprompter in a formatted fashion, i can give examples of this.

We will also need to be able to update and make new scripts so we will need something of a template so we can use to do this.

Once we accept someone we can show in more detail of what it need to look like.

We will own sole rights to product and copyright

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Facebook Profile Scraper

Need a tool that will take in email:pass list, and another text file full of emails. It will then log into one of the accounts from the list, look up an email from the other list using facebook search, and find if there is an facebook account matching the email address. If there is an account, it will then visit the facebook profile and check to see if "Send message" button is visible. If it is, it will store that email address in another text file.

It will do this for all emails in the text file. It will alternate facebook accounts, every 200 emails. If it gets to the end of the email:pass list, it will loop back to the front.

If no profile exists for the email, or there is no button, it will discard it.

Single threaded. no proxy support needed.

Needs to be 100% accurate. If for some reason something goes wrong, i would rather have the app mark the email as invalid then mark it as valid.

If you are interested in this project, respond with "facebook program" in your message. Else I will NOT check your pm box.

Need it done in a couple hours.

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(Delphi + PHP + Mobiles Applications) Develpoers


Im looking for:

– PHP Programmer.

– Delphi Programmer.

– Mobile Phones (iPhone, Blackberr and Android) Applications Developers And Designer

WHO are located in Inida, Kochi or close to it.

Please, PM me if you meet any of the above requirements.


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Delphi CGI

The project is to write a series of discreet database updating processes using Delphi 7 cgi programming reading input from a web page.

Project 1

1. To build a web page to accept user personal details
2. To accept the submitted entries from the web page
3. To return the user to a menu screen.

The database is Firebird 1.5. the programming language is Delphi 7.

Full table specifications will be provided.

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Working With Sound At Delphi, Sound Editor

Requires source code bases of work with audio files mp3
Ability to insert, copy, cut the sound.
The possibility of using special effects
Mixer files.
the presence of the visual spectrum.
A microphone, online.

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New Project

This program should log in to an website, search for some posting and save some of them. If you are interested PM for details. There is no GUI or code available, it should be writed from the scratch.

Im looking for experienced coders only, so please dont bid if youre not proffesional.

Happy Bidding !

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Software Developer Inventory Management & Automated Shipping

Basically in short details we want to develop a software that manages all of our inventory, statistics of everything, rma, automatically prints all labels including different shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL Global Mail, USPS, and UPS.
DHL Global Mail currently is printed through DAZzle using Endicias server.
We need to implement this whole system using barcode scanning.

FedEx and UPS have many different shipping methods. Need someone experienced with this kind of project.

Shipping must be automated for eBay, Amazon, CS-Cart Shopping Cart and Cube Cart Shopping Carts and must be able to add on any different platforms if needed.

There are lots of requirements and web programming is involved as well to make accounts for different users.

This could end of being a long project.

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Link Checker / Scraper (windows App Delphi/c/vb)

I need a Windows program, similar to Scrapebox Link Checker but with a few advanced features.
Needs to be multi-threaded for speed and have a configurable number of threads (5-25)

This is what I need it to do:

Enter a list of URLs (usually between 500 and 1500)

Enter a list of anchors I want to check
Example: Example Anchor 1, Example Anchor 2, ExampleAnchor3

Program will check for a presence of any of these anchors texts
Example: <a href="/examplehref.html">Example Anchor 1</a>

If found, program will scrape "/examplehref.html"

I need to be able to specify if I want to search an exact match or broad match.
Exact match search: only "Example Anchor 1" will return true
Broad match search: "Exam", "Ancho" or "Example An" would all return true
Case SenSiTiVe or non-sensitive search too.

Output results in .csv in the following format:
"ID" ; "FOUND" ; "original url checked" ; "" ; "Anchor"
"ID" ; "NOTFOUND" ; "orignal url checked" ; "" ; ""

"NOTFOUND" can also be an error message if the website returned in, such as "404" or "403", etc.

Program would run in two passes, second pass would check NOTFOUND and ERROR urls again so we can be sure we didnt miss any links.

Theres a few additional website footprints wed need to put in where the scrape is slightly more complicated, we can discuss that privately.

Please check – I want it to look and behave like this, except with these added functionalities I described.

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Software Needs Mofiications – ASAP

I have a software I had developed previously.

it essentially searches Google, Yahoo and MSN for URLs.

The problem I have is that Google has changed the query string, so my software is NOT working properly.

I need someone to modify the code to get Google working again.

It should be a fairly simple and straight forward project.

The code is written in Delphi.

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SImple Script Needed To Convert Forum Profiles To Reg Page

I require a simple desktop script to convert profile URLS into the registration page:



This "app" or script should be able to to multiple platforms: at least
Expression Engine
SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
IPB (Invision Power Board)

The script should be able to output the "new" text file with all the registration pages and be able to "ignore the error inputs" such as the wrong sort of board and still spit out output.

Should be able to translate over 10,000 urls in text format.
should be able to "grab" multiple text files and spit out one output txt file

There is a website that does similar but I am looking for a desktop app. does not matter how its written but must work on win7 and XP.

As an alternative to a windows app this can also be web based.

Pm if you have questions etc

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Legit VB6 APP Detected As Virus/Trojan


We have developed a commercial monitoring software in VB6, however, some higlyh sensitive antivirus software keeps on thinking the software is a trojan/virus (ie. NOD32).

The software does monitor the computers keyboard/screen and app. However, it requires adminstrator privilege to install and there are clear warnings.

We need some way to modify the source or a packer so that its no longer detected.

Please let me know your solutions.

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3D Engine For Working With OpenGL2

You must write a simple engine for Delphi to work with OpenGL.
1. Compatible with all available maps generator.
2. Ability to embed itself textures
3. Motion Control Camera
4. You are required to source code
More details on request

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Delphi Pincode Generator

I require a funtion that creates a pseudo random 6 decimal digit pincode using the date as a seed. A maximum of 1000 codes should be valid for any one day meaning the chance of guessing the correct code is 1 in 1000. It should not be possible to generate the same code twice on the same day. The date seed should be the current date as the code should only be valid for the current day. When decoded and validated against the date, the code should contain information pertaining to a size (small, medium or large).

The code generator should be written in Delphi and the decoder to be written in C as it will be decoded on a microcontroller.

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Twitter URL Grabber

Thw application is quite simple;

It must take a string, and use that string to search for tweets LIVE based on the string.

The application will show these tweets in a LIVE window, and will extract any URLs which have been tweeted.

For example….if you input the string "fashion week", the application will stay running in the background monitoring for tweets containing the word "fashion week". If any of those tweets contain URLs, the URLs will be captured and saved to a text file.

The system which searches tweets would be something like this website;

the live display must include the Text "URLs Captured:#"

configuration Options
You must be able to set the following;

Change how many URLs the output file will hold (after which a new file is started)
Change the file location of the capture file

Future Version
I will require the winning bidder to upgrade the application in future as a seperate project(s);

Pass the URLs to a secondary application
Search only tweets within a certain radius

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