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Drupal CMS Community Genealogy Website

I have an exsiting genealogy website built as static pages in html with a little PHP. It has over 7000 pages, some related to service provisions but mostly free content.
I would like to migrate to a cms. I have looked at drupal but came across some issues and need some help.
I would like to add functionality to this free content allowing customers to add ancestors to a military unit such as an army regiment or royal navy ship. This would create a link through a page that would be created for their ancestor (automatically – similar to a wiki).
The customer should then be able to add new information to this page, creating more links back to the original page but also other pages that are selected (perhaps from a drop-down list). The pages would also have the new ancestor added to them and linked to the new page. Essentially it is internal reciprocal linking.
This should only be available on certain pages.
I do not want customers to have to do the work manually – they should be able to fill in a form (or something similar) and the links/pages created for them.
I would like to limit what customers can and cannot add (ideally specific fields) as I want my pages to remain of a certain quality and format.
It would need sign-ins for customer for security and something to detect undesirable text (swearing, etc) – I should be notified.
It also needs a comments or a place for customers to query content. This needs to come through to me for visibility but I should not be a bottle-neck for adding content.

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TAC Lite Help

I want to quick fix a bug in my site. Its related to TAC Lite module. Its very simple, so please bid at 30$. Thanks!

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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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Drupal Developer For A Small Project


I am looking for a drupal developer for one of my small project.

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Private Project For Jarcinfotech

As discussed.

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CMS And Ecommerce Website

Basic ecommerce website with CMS.

No design needed.

HTML/CSS/Javascript, CMS, eCommerce.

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Customise Drupal Module – TAC Lite

The winning bidder must be very familiar with the interface of TAC Lite, one of Drupals contributed module for access control based on taxonomy. This module allows per-user access control which can be configured through its own settings tab in the users profile. Users of my site need to access different nodes tagged with different terms. Currently, I have to select the taxonomy terms from the multi-select menu. The problem is, my site has a vocabulary with more than 85000 terms means loading the page results in frequent timeouts.

What I want to be done is to modify the interface from using the default multi-select menu to an auto-complete, comma-separated text field to select the terms, similar to the text field that can be found in the node editing form.

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CMS For Flash Website

I have an existing website is built in flash. I have all the necessary source files. What I need to do is to modify design in order to add functionality.but mainly you will be required to deploy a constant management system to allow end-user to modify content with ease. They should be able to add pictures modify text etc.
I hear that DRUPAL is great solution for this, but there may be others that you will suggest. Im open to suggestions.

here is the scope of everything that needs to be done:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Drupal/Jumla for the site text images and video

HOMEPAGE revise layout to future images with links

GBGB FINALISTS: list students and photos


CALENDAR : ability to submit new events and add this module to homepage


THANK YOU NOTES PAGE and Home page module for it



CLASSROOM: social interaction, Ustream


PRESS PAGE: addition of categories, and Images. Potential redesign

I estimate this project at $1000 and I expected to be completed by the end of the month. If you think my estimate is too high or too low please let me know.

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Clone Of Website

i like one similar to

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Expert On Ctools And Views

I want to write a module based on ctools and views. Details will be provided for winner.

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Write A Drupal Module

I want to write a module based on ctools and views. Details will be provided for winner.

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Drupal And Ubercart Very Simple Modification

this needs to be within a couple of hours.
it is very simple please read the description
if you know ubercart and drupal it will take 30minutes.
if you dont then it will take you more time
on the ubercart product page there are attributes. I want the attribute image to show instead of the attribute text.

if you can start now and have it finished in a short time please bid and I will accept you right now

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Product Import Into Drupal

I need to have 2000+ products imported into drupal from another shopping cart, including images, cross sells, and categories. We can provide CSV files or existing Sequel Server database tables. I need this done ASAP.
(1) Please provice time frame necessary to complete project.
(2) Please provide sample of sites that you have completed this type of project for.
(3) Please respond only if you can REALLY do the job – do not have time to waste.

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Need Experienced Drupal Developer

I need an experienced Drupal developer for quick fix a bug on my site, details in PM.

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**Custom Community Site For Aviation**

We are trying to develop a Web site for the entire aviation industry. Pilots, flight schools.

It will be a community site, with forums, private messaging, and more. There will be separate databases for users, aircraft/aircraft fields, etc.

We will be pulling data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admission):

Pilot Database loaded as master file
Airport Directory loaded as master file
Aircraft Type loaded as master file
Flight Schools: Loaded as master file
FAA repair stations by type: master file
CFI/CFII (certified flight instructors) loaded as master file


This community site, when someone logs in, will see their local airport conditions, weather, notifications for PMs, etc.

Custom modules/functionality needed:

1) Access NOAA API or FTP site to retrieve latest information. Parse and show in module airport Wx information
2) Access NOAA Weather charts (4 times/day) and update radar of regions they cover, and Weather depiction charts.
3) Need module for getting area Wx (4day forecast)
4) Need module for getting airport information.
5) Need module for message boards/forums: Ability have members only forums.
6) Need user to user messaging (PM)
7) Facebook logins/connect
8) Online chat room
9) Ability to post articles and material with profile properties that if matched can be use on page.
10) Need module for selling airplanes: Searching by aircraft properties (lots of properties, and must be standardized because this part can become confusing if you are not familiar with the aviation industry)
11) Need module for business account home page and information
12) Ability to search for services by describing properties, or distance (to rent planes)
13) Need module to post aviation job listing, search for job type based off key fields
14) Need module for member site, payola subscriptions


I will be working along with you throughout the entire project, explaining how things should work and how it should all come together. We wont be doing much in terms of design until everything is functional. Then we will provide you with custom design to implement.

As far as using CMSs and Frameworks. I will accept any of the following: CodeIgnitor, Yii, MVC, Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal or DotNetNuke. I am open to suggestions as far as you can explain WHY you want to use a particular framework or CMS.

I need well thought out responses in regards to what we will use to build this. Even if its Ruby on Rails.

I am open to bids now. We would like to Interview people through Skype – vinautomatic

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Plugin For Drupal And Ubercart (Adress Label And Delivery)

Im looking for a programmer for a plugin (Drupal 6.19 and 6.2.x + Ubercart Vers. 6.x-2.4 shopping platform) to handle following things:

1.Id like to generate and export pdf-files for a delivery receipt of selected customers (design is given)
2.+ Id like to generate and export pdf-files for address labels for selected customers (design is given)
3.The plugin should work for a given group of status options (i.e. prepared for delivery)

It should be a plug-in to implement into a given version of Drupal 6.19+ and Ubercart Vers. G.x-2.4+

If you have questions, dont hesitate in contacting me.

I would appreciate if you can give me similar project references.

This project is only for people with experiences in programming plugins for Drupal and Ubercarts (both opensource ).

Kind Regards

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Online Marketing Website – Where2spend

We need to design an online marketing website in drupal 6 that can display various offers/deals in various cities. It will be similar to www. saleanddiscount .com (6-7 categories fixed) + Facebook sharing feature(for each ad) + lighbox for each ad + Google map integration + user registration + Prize distribution (generated automatically with simple mechanism) to registered users. +++ Contact us(for clients) = on back-end we should have list of all customers who can be contacted us(search/delete and status (not contacted/contacted/followedup/lead) change functionality) + News letter sending to registered users based on selected categories.

I am not in hurry for this project. It can be completed in 30-40 days(including testing + SEO(keywords will be provided)). Please bid only if you have professional experience in drupal 6. Payment will be made on following iterations: (20% on theme finalizing + another 50% on delivery + remaining 30% on bug fixing & successful UAT) exact specifications(including functional and technical details) are ready and can be negotiated a little (1 week before starting the project)

Domain-name has been already purchased and online space will be taken on request once the theme is finalized(we will pay for the domain space).

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Finish A Drupal Theme Right Now

I need to finish in couple days a Drupal theme of a project. This theme is almost done but the old themer forget between 20 pages and 10 blocks. All views and panes are ok.

The job is just to put the CSS and images on these pages/blocks running like the PSD files. Fast and simple.

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Drupal Site Fixes And Enhancements [for Drupaldelhi]

Need to fix some issues probably relating to JavaScript/Style Sheet and add/enhance page contents.

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Drupal Website Development Project

Hi All,

I posted a project last week, but due to change in client requirement, I need to repost it now. This is a DRUPAL project. I already have website template that client wants, and the color theme ready with me. The one to whom this project would be awarded needs to modify the template and make changes. Client wants to go with the sky blue and orange theme. I have web site name with me, which I would give on PM.

A click to call button is also needed. There would be a small phone with name, telephone number, and other details named "Debt Advice Call Button" at top right panel.

The freelancer needs to start immediately, so please bid only if you can start immediately and can complete it in maximum a weeks time.


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YellowPages Business Listings

I need batches of local business directory listings delivered in various formats according to a supplied schema. Business name, categories, address, phone and email.

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YellowPages Business Listings

I need batches of local business directory listings delivered in various formats according to a supplied schema. Business name, categories, address, phone and email.

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Apache Shockwave Problems

apache shockwave problems

need help fixing a problem

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Project For Ambar (part 7)

Project as described and discussed by pm for Ambar

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