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Radio Engineer

We are young Russian firm engaged in quantitative measurements of timber. The measurements based on laser scanning techniques. The powerful lasers and high speed cameras is used there. The modern algorithms of computer vision perform into our measurement systems.
We are looking for radio engineer who can operate with complicated tasks, concerned of microelectronics development.

At least 5 years of microelectronics development experience.
High education (master degree desirable).
Experience in video processing.
FPGA skills, microcontroller skills.
Good knowledge of C++.
Deep knowledge of physics.
Deep knowledge of mathematics, numerical methods, signals processing, well algorithmic grounding.
Skills in modeling environments: Matlab – necessary, LabView desirable.

Also, it necessary that candidate has possibility to long business trips to Syktyvkar or leaving for Russia. Contract payments will determine after candidate interviewed.

Other requirements:
It desirable that candidate should be Pakistani or Indian.

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DSD Assignment

i would like a tutor to work on my Digital logic Desgin using b2 Logic Software,
any expert with the software and expert at desgining
can pay 40$

B2 LOGIC software …………………this is very important

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Control Of Harmonics In Marine Electrical Power Systems

Dissertation Topic:

The extensive use of power electronics on vessels and offshore installation, especially on electric propulsion ships, has an impact on the voltage quality of the power distribution system. This effect is called harmonic distortion. High-harmonic distortion levels are appearing as a result of the increased use of power-electronic drive converters for electric propulsion, drilling and pumping applications, and many other uses of variable speed-drive (VSD) systems. The source of harmonic distortion is the interaction of non-linear loads with the impedance of the supply network. A bad quality voltage distribution system, due to harmonic distortion, has effects like heating of the induction motors, transformers and capacitors, overloading the neutral and generally creates malfunction or damage in the electrical equipment that is installed on board. Power electronics technology creates non linear loads and is used in applications such as variable frequency drives for motor power/speed control. Its increasingly find its way to shipboard or offshore applications.

This dissertation will encompass in the topic of fundamental physics of harmonics, the specific power quality issues related to the harmonic distortion of voltage supplies caused by the operation of electronic devices which draw non-linear currents from the voltage supplies will be addressed. Harmonics filters enable the reduction of harmonic distortion on electrical power systems. In order to find an effective, efficient and low cost way to control the voltage distortion, different kind of harmonics filters must be analyzed in technical and economic point of view. In order to achieve these goals different types of harmonic filters will be connected to variable-speed drives systems.

The matlab/simulink software will be used in order to investigate the technical characteristics of different typed of harmonics filters and then, from those simulations will be find which kind of harmonic filter is the best solution.

I would like to ask you if somebody has better ideas on this topic, please advise me, I will wait for new proposals.

The project must be 80 pages
Deadline: 1 month

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Physics Questions Solution

Hello All

I have uploaded a set of Physics questions needing solutions. Some of the questions might be repeated , so you can avoid doing them twice. All I need is for someone to provide basic and straightforward solutions to the questions within the shortest possible time. Preference should be for short explanations to the theory questions and calculations should be as short as possible.

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Coding Is Assembly Languange (elec. Engineering Project)

This is a project for a micro-controllers unit. The project involves the design of a temperature measurement system using a digital temperature sensor via a four wire serial protocol. You are to interface to this sensor by means of general I/O lines (GPIOs) under appropriate software control.

project reference will be sent via email due to large file size (scanned doc.)

Work involved is estimated around 5 hours for a person proficient in coding (assembly for arm7)

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Design a constant current LED driver using linear technology IC , LT3799. Block diagrams and specifications of IC available at manufacturers website. Need to develop production ready pcb and working prototypes for different wattages and that meets all specs of the IC manufacturer. Required wattages are 5 to 7 watts (16v to 22v @ 330ma), 9 to 12 (28v to 39v @350 ma)

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Small Assignment Of Infrared Music Transmission System

This assignment is based on student budget.

The circuits are consist of Transmitter and Receiver, those two circuits are transmitted by Infrared LED (Tx & Rx).
It would be a simulation of the circuits, and the components hardware in the breadboard.

Mono or Stereo jack is connected from the transmitter, and we must have a tuner (variable resistor in transmitter) to tuning the volume, then we can hear the sound from the transmitter respectively.

The Objectives:
*Able to hear the sound at the transmitter as well as the input music (with any modulation technique, AM is preferable)
*Adjust the tuner, as to be the volume control of the sound

We can use any types of components. Simple basic Amplifier is recommended.
No need Programmable IC or microcontroller Unit. Just use an IC or OP-AMP chips.

The components that available at the moment right now,
*Transistor NPN BC548 and PNP 558,
*Mono Speaker 8 Ohms,
*UM66 and LM 386 for music,
*OP-AMP 741,
*Diode Zener 3.2 V,
*3 pairs of LEDs Transmitter and Receiver,
*Male jack 3.5mm (due to connection cable from computer to hardware),
*Female stereo and mono for jack 3.5mm cable,
*Voltage regulator,
*Some Capacitors and Resistors,
*Battery 9V 2pcs,
*Variable Resistors 10k Ohm, 100k Ohm


Budget is not more than $40. And the complete period would be just 3 days, from the day it posted.
Submission Maximum at Monday April 4th.

Description of Works:

1) Simulation of schematic the current circuits for both transmitter and receiver, by using Multisim or Proteus.
This simulation may be successful in the process, but it must applied to the actual components until the project works.

2) Full explanations of the simulation part. (Ms. Word files and component datasheets)

For instance;
* What modulation technique do we use.
* Basic calculations or any equations that require in the simulations
* Why we use this type of amplifiers? (i.e. OP-AMP 741)
* What the purposes of these resistor of … Ohm, Capacitor or any IC in the circuit,
* If the transmitter use modulation, how the demodulation signal going through at receiver,
* If the sound it is not clear as the input, what happened to the signals?
* Why it come with noise at the receiver?
* And other explanations, regarding how the circuit works properly.

NOTE : The job is only the schematic simulations in the software ($25) and full explanations of why it works and operates, I would ask some questions if necessary ($15). Therefore I will construct the hardware in the breadboard myself.

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C++ Program Input 10 Positive Numbers In Array Find Average

The overall purpose of the program is to allow users to input a list of positive numbers into an array, find the average of the numbers in the array and output the result.

Specific requirements:

The application shall:

1. Allow users to enter 10 numbers (positive)

2. Store the numbers in an array

3. The data type used to store the numbers should be double or float.

4. Create and use a function to calculate the average of the numbers in the array

5. Output the average


1. Source code file for the project (dot-cpp).

2. Well-written word document describing:

a) Your overall design, including either a pseudocode or flow chart description.

b) Your test plan, including test data and results

c) Your approach, lessons learned, design strengths, limitations and suggestions for future improvement and

alternative approaches


Documentation format and length:

The word documentation describing and reflecting on your design and approach should be written using Microsoft Word and be no more than 5 pages in length and no less than 2 pages. The font size should be 12 point. The page margins should be 1 inch. The paragraphs should be with double line spacing. All figures, tables, equations and referenced should be properly labeled and formatted using APA style.

Code format:

Header comment block,
Appropriate comments within the code
Appropriate variable and function names, and
Correct indentation.

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Motor Controlled By Proximity Switch, Design & Program.

I have a simple project that I need help with. I have attached a photo showing the layout. I have a battery attached to a gear motor that moves a magnet up and down slide that is attached to a pole. The motor is setup in such a way that the motor only has to run in one direction to accomplish this up and down motion. I want to setup a magnetic proxitmity switch at the top of the pole that will tell the motor to start and stop when it either senses or does not sense the magnet. My thought is that the best way to accomplish this is with a simple microprocessor with simple code that controls the power coming from the battery. It will run a pattern, Here is a breakdown of what I want to happen in the pattern:

1. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 recognizing it – Motor stopped.
2. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 NOT recognizing it – Motor Running.
3. Magnet in position 1 with proximity 1 recognizing it – Motor stopped.

I will need to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the proximity sensor so that I can get the magnet to stop in the right place. I need the project completed ASAP.
I think its pretty easy just the correct way to wire it, the programming, and what chip to use are beyond me. I am hoping to find someone who can work on this easy part because our next step is to include a timer and a remote to the next model and would like to use the same person for the next job.

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