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20110405 Format & Design Layout Of Word Document Brochure

I require someone to format a 2 page word document. The person should be graphic design or marketing orientated.

The document is a sales brochure for my company. I need the document to be made to look professional and have some graphics added to it – maybe side bars and reformat the header and footers. Some graphics will be provided, I need you to source the other graphics. You will need to either find free graphics or you will need to recommend the graphics on istockphoto and we will purchase them

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Horizontal Scrolling Webpage Coding Javascript

I want a web developer skilled in javascript and css to work with me on completing a single webpage that has the following:

1. a UNIQUE Content slider that scrolls content horizontally using mousewheel and graphical left right buttons across all browsers and overflow is not hidden with html content inside, see examples.

Scrolling example – This works only on Firefox, mine must work on all browsers.

Overflow and Buttons example Example: – press ctrl+ minus button and see how when zoomed out you can see all the products.

2. Compare 3 slides on slider using checkbox – refer to website.jpg and PM me for more info. There will be around 50-60 images in the future so I want this feature so the user can compare 2-3 by selecting checkbox and clicking "view comparison"

I have a half made site already but its buggy and I dont want to use it but i can show it to the winner as example.

My budget is $60 because the need is small – but unique. This means if you have done this kind of content slider work before and, show me examples or make a demo of content sliding and compare 2 images out of 10. If you know your work then you realize this will hardly take more than 1-2 days max to do, if you dont then you shouldnt be bidding.

I am a communication designer so I work hard and know my way around code so shortcut techniques are not allowed.

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22,000 Word Book Typeesetting Project

This is a cancer survivor story with a workbook component. Approximately 22,00 words to bulk out to around 112 pages 5.5" x 8.5" provided in WORD format. Primarily text and some halftones that will require some adjusting for print.

I show a sample layout to the author for approval – before we typeset the entire book. This book may require two files – one for LSI, the other for an offset printer. The only difference generally is the spine width and occasionally the presentation of the print pdf.

This book will be used to launch a speaking career and the designer receives a copyright page credit as well.

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Layout Graphic Designer, Excellent And Fast!

Looking for an excellent Graphic designer to design layout for my Events and Daily Offers website, Coming soon/Sign up page, E-mail marketing template, Facebook and Twitter page layouts.

Designer should be professional with the graphic language.

I already have someone for the programming so this is for artwork and layout only.

Also, there will be a video illustrating the complete procedure of how we work (if you can do that I will have to find some other video creation team for that purpose).

I am quite new to this so I would need very good communication so I can be guided in the right way.

Find the reference template design in the below link: (I liked this design, but looking something equal or better than this)

In your bid please show links to your actual work being used.

Only competitive bids.

Must be available via Gmail daily.

Put Design Layout in your bid message. I will not respond to automated bids.

Thank you.

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Edgy Graphic Designer For Digital Magazine Needed ASAP!

We need a talented young, edgy graphic designer to help us out with our quarterly digital magazine. This only happens four times a year, but you could be hired on for a continuing basis based on your work! You can see a copy of the latest issue here: for an idea of the type of graphics we want.

Generally speaking, you will have to create the photos and titles for all articles and perhaps ad pages and other graphic content as well. The magazine is about 40 – 50 pages long. It is preferable if you can get the photos through Flickr Creative Commons or other public domain type of repositories.

Its a plus if you have designed Media Kits also.

We need this job filled, like yesterday!! So, please contact us right away with some samples of your work.

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