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Phone App For Android Phones

I am looking to make an app that allows me to scan a barcode and then will allow you to create an automatic listing for in ebay with the description already filled out from googling it on the internet. this way you can post itmes up and then edit it on ebays site, and lets you add products easily.

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Mobile MMS Service Through Webmail

ALL BIDS WITHOUT MOBILE WEBSITE REFERENCES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED. Please dont send me a list of sites, make sure it is relevant.


Site example is "text4free dot net" or clickatell. Project is not as complicated as it may seem it a simple send text to a mobile phone from a website and receiving a response back to the website email that it came from.

We will not be buying a mobile subscription service. There is no API to provide you, this is what we are hiring you to develop with opensource.

We are offering a free service to selected members that will allow them to receive text with attachments on their mobile phone. File size less than 1MB. Should they reply to the message, it returns to the Inbox of sending member. Website is done in CodeIgniter and provider needs to interface with and/or build on existing membership programming and Inbox or create an Inbox specifically for the mobile messaging – all text sent and replies received. Phone Type: Third Generation and Non-Third Generation.

1. From an email, send MMS with up to 5 attachments (.doc, jpgs, pdfs, etc.) to any mobile in any country
I have a list of provider send codes, over time members will supply provider send codes

2. Permission is needed from recipient prior to receiving text to mobile from any member.
If the mobile recipient accepts permission, the message goes to senders email addresses.

3. Recipient can report abuse on sender.

4. Admin can block sender from any future text to any mobile if a number of abuse report is received.

5. Admin can send mass text to mobile to all members or selected member groups or an individual.

6. If sender is from Admin, reply with attachment which most likely is a contract returns to admin inbox

7. Comprehensive Admin Control Panel to view members mobile details.

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Portable Mini Vibration Balancer Project.

I look for someone to design a mini portable single plane or two planes vibration balancer.

We will need hardware and software design for balancer.

We will need balancer to be power by USB port on a laptop or PC. which in turn powers its phase-reference laser tachometer and two ICP-compatible accelerometer.

The visual readout of laptop or PC shows signal level and phase tracking in analog waveform.

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Easy IPhone App For Tracking Route

I would like to create an iPhone App that tracks your route throughout the course of the day (or night), but not continuously like some of the Jogging route apps do, because 1)I want to track routes for the entire day, 2) I feel like having an app like that running would drain the battery too fast. Until 4.0 comes out and it would be able to run in the background, I was thinking that the app could use google maps and push notifications to update location every so often, and record these positions. Then I would like to have to user be able to store these route or upload them to their computer. There is a reason why I want this app, which I would explain in full detail later, but its part of a good idea. Please let me know if this would be possible and/or easy. Thanks.

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Real Estate Mobile App

We have a $25,000 budget and 5 months to complete our project.
We are looking to develope an application for the Black Berry and I phone that does the following:

Client types in current address
Application pulls up MLS house listings within 1/2 mile
(application needs to access MLS homes listing systems nationally)
Application shows:
Picture of home
Price of Homes
Sq feet of home
# bedrooms
# baths

Application is intended to be simple and help our agents identify comparable homes that are for sale in a given area.

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EMV Data Analysing

I need someone to analyse data captured thru an EMV log file provided by me. Youll have to identify and help me secure the transmission by suggesting the solution. PM me for more details.

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IPhone / ITouch App Development

I would like a nicely designed app that will broadcast my SHOUTcast server i have made. I want it to look nice with a simple design.

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Need A Basic IPhone/Blackbery App

I am looking for low cost application for android, iphone and other mobile systems (blackberry)

I would like to have my website/API turned into a mobile app then have ability to duplicate easily by our team.

Content will need to come directly and automatically from our main websites.

The app must be very user friendly and automatically detect the type of mobile device/network and dynamically optimizes the mobile content to enhance the mobile experience.

Please show me that you have done this type of project.

One click access to country News, Weather, Entertainment, Live Sports Scores and Schedules, Flight Schedules and Status, Twitter, Audio Podcasts, and more!

Delivered quickly and intuitively in a format designed for my smartphone.

Since the website is ready, the API is running on our server, the SMS gateway is working. The main job is to create the mobile software (to download)and map the functions. Something like envivo 3D or SportsTap.

No upfront no escrow before testing the delivery at our end.

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Printing App For Android

Design an Android OS application to allow printing to a remote printer via 3g or wireless. Also develop a java based application that is crossplatform and will accept print jobs from the mobile application and then print to the designated printer in the Java "connector" application. Allow the user to set a custom port for the mobile application to talk to the connector application. The application should run as a service on the phone and add options to the web browser, email and other menus to offer the option to print the current page. The connector application should minimize to the taskbar in Windows and also run as a service, with the ability to open to choose the printer.

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Iphone Tethering

I would like step by step instructions on how to tether my iphone (3Gs with 32GB) to be able to access the internet via my laptop. I dont want to do anything risky. I regularily go to the Apple itunes store and download applications and music. So in other words, I want all the advantages of tethering without any side effects. There are hundreds of articles online on how to do this but I want to work with a real techie that can do this with their eyes closed and have done this sucessfully multiple times. My carrier is ATT and I live in the United States. I will pay 50% upon completion of the work, 25% in 30 days, and the other 25% in 90 days to make sure that there are no negative side affects to the applied tethering. Thank you for reading my post. Copy paste responses will be ignored.

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Nokie Applicaiton To Send Sms From Data Entry Screen

I am looking for a developer who can help me develop a application for my Nokia 6760 slide or Nokia E72.
Here are the requirements:
1. the app has a simple data entry such as ID, item, Qty, price, entry id which has function add,edit,delete,cancel,send sms
2. the app contain mini database which from host server (prefer xml format or pls state yout prefer db format to stored data)
3. the app can receive and update the mini database from host server via internet http ot ftp download
4. the app data entry will do data entry validation before save by refering to mini database download.
5. send sms from app data entry screen in pre-defined sms template format upon 1 click button per single data entry record.
5. default sms recipient phone number and this fixed phone number is confugurable.
6. data entry records purging.

detail system design document will provide when project award to you.
I can make a paypal $150 payment to whoever can deliver this to me.
Feel free to put a time limit on your demo. Thanks.

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Heart Rate Monitor/GPS/Chrono Device Agent

Looking for linux programmer to develop a desktop program to transfer data from a Polar, Garmin, training device that records heart rate, route via GPS, time, pace, etc. I have access to original API.

Example: I have a Garmin 310XT. It records, my HR, pace, route, distance. I plug the device into my computer and use a device agent to transfer that data to a website where I can analyse the data.

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Mobile VOIP Client

Could someone provide or develop a mobile VOIP client?

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Improving Performance Of An Off-line Mobile GPS Navigation

Dear bidders,

We are looking for help to improve the performance of Java application (J2ME CLDC) accessing files system.

What we have:
Were implementing an off-line mobile GPS navigation system based on an existed system called GPSMID ( Our version is customized to work with off-line and large local zipped file on the mobile handset. The local file could extend to hundreds of MB to cover the whole country data.

What we need from the bidder:
Improving the speed of loading the vector data of the map from file system and showing the map on the handset screen so that the map could be seen immediately at a given coordinate or after zooming or panning the map. This should work fast like typical navigation applications do (i.e. without jamming and breaking up) in phones like Nokia E50.

We can accept two approaches:
1) improving the way of working with big file
2) configure application to work with higher number of smaller files (in this approach bidder must also propose and implement solution enabling configuring phone in such a way that it will not ask user every time when one of those smaller files is accessed. As well during development when new versions are released often as well for final version they should be runnable without asking user every time)

Please bid on this project ONLY if you have experience and can show previous similar projects in your portfolio. Please include your high level solution to this project and information about SIMILIAR AND RELEVANT projects you made providing demo of them.

Your Resume
Your 100 irrelelevant websites you worked on (I need only information about relevant projects you made which are similar to our case and proves you are able to deliver this project).
"I can do it" responses. If you bid like that I will flag you as SPAM and that my remove your account from GAF.

Sorry good programmers

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J2ME Game Wanted, With Source Code

Were looking to buy a simple J2ME fight game with source code.Our requirements are written below:

* Multiplayer mobile fighting game with bluetooth connection
* written only in java ME !!
* strong graphics is not required, only 2 player figures and health bars and a few ability of the characters will be needed.
* no need of animation and sound effects.
* scoreboard needed
* detailed documentation on the code is needed
* delivery time must be very short ( we need it in 1 week)

If you are interested, we can contact with PM.

Thanks for the attention

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Can You Load Android OS On NoN Android Phone ?

I was just curious if it was possible (or even legal) to load Googles Android OS on to another phone, and how much would it cost for someone to do so?

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2D Game Engine Developers From India/Ukraine/Russia/etc

We have some projects for Game development.

We need some 2D Game Engine Developers

We will provide Graphics/Artwork and etc

You will have to do the programming for Game Engine and etc..

We will provide more details through PMB.


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Ebay Sniper For Amdroidz

Android. EBay sniper. This program will use my affiliates code by default

Simple search click on Id sends to next page for price details and spipping info

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Blackberry "iPint" Type Of Game

Due to confidentiality cant go into too much detail.

Need an application to run on Blackberry devices (Bold, Storm, Curve etc)

The Graphics and animation same or better for example iPint for the iPhone.

There is some game logic, which is getting three variables for the correct outcome.

Experience with Blackberry Theme studio, Plazmic Content etc is important.

Supplier will be expected to demonstrate previous projects with animation, life like representation of physical objects and their movement on Blackberry devices

Apologies for selecting Andriod & iPhone skill set, no options for Blackberry skills.

More details forthcoming once interested parties have clearly demonstrated their ability to develop animated games for the BB device.

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Improving An Off-line Mobile GPS Navigation System

Dear bidders,

We are looking for help to adjust a program in Java (J2ME CLDC).
What we have:
Were implementing an off-line mobile GPS navigation system based on an existed system called GPSMID at
Our version is customized to work with off-line and large local file on the mobile handset due to the limitation of the execution file size. The local file could extend to hundreds of MB to cover the whole country data.

What we need help in this project:
Improving the speed of loading the vector data of the map from the large local file and showing the map on the handset screen so that the map could be seen immediately or so at a given coordinate or after zooming and panning the map. This should work fast in phones like E50.
All source code of the related modules will be hand over to the winning bidder.

Thanks and looking forward to your bidding.

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Required IPhone Developers

Hello Engineers,
We are looking for IPhone Developers to develop a variety of IPhone Applications. Candidates having good experience on IPhone Development both offline or web based can bid on the project.

Please send your company/career details along with the demo of previous IPhone developments. For the compensation the developers will be eligible for profit sharing after launching the application.

It will be a long term opportunity after successful release of first application.



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Need A Mobile SIP Dailer Software Similer Like Fring

Dear Programmers,
I Need a Mobile SIP dialer similar like FRING. It should contain same features like fring. Please check ( for details feature description.

This software should need following features-

1. User friendly interface
2. Easy installing procedure ( plug and play )
3. Instant Messaging (integration with msn contacts, yahoo contacts, skype. ) Chat and call: MSN, Skye Yahoo, Fring , ICQ, Gmail
4. Facebook and twitter functionality
5.Mobile SIP dialer for OS Mobile: Symbian (ALL), iPhone & iPod, Windows, Android OS, (communication via either GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi connection), Voice & Video
6. Dialer supports G729, G.711, G723.1, iLBC codec for sending audio & video data.
7. Dialer should be able to run behind NAT or on private IP
8. Full source code must be provided with proper comments on the code.

Please only take my bid if you have extensive experience with this kind of work. Highly recommend a group not only one perso

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Mobile Credit Card Processing App For IPhone , Blackberry

I need a website/Application similar to these: chargeberry .com/blog/ and paypodd .com
I would also like to integrate other gateways such as Google checkout and others based on your recommendation.

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Android And IPhone News Application

We are looking for someone with experience creating apps for iPhone and Android. Initially we would like an app created to share News posts from a web site. The apps would have a short description of the days articles that could be clicked on pull up the whole article. There should also be space at the bottom for a single line advertisement – with a hyperlink.

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Point Of Sale- Touch Screen -wireless Orderingfor Restaurant

We need an application to applied to Restaurant – a POS – Touch Screen with wireless ordering system (pda) for the waitors. The application should be develope on Visual Basic 2005 – Access or SQL – or to WinDev + WinDev Mobile

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Duplicate A Blackberry App But Add More Features


I am looking for an experience and seasoned Blackberry Developer with a good track record as I have further projects I need to finish if the winner of this bid can deliver in a timely fashion with clean codes.

Below is the link to the application I want to duplicate but obviously there are a few things I would like to improve on.

Changes as follows:

1. Currently their Icon is the Precision Icon – The change is to provide a User Definable Icon between Precision or iBerry – This should be user selectable by clicking on the Menu button which will bring up a Setting Menu.

2. Currently for devices with OS 4.7 and above, SmartBCalendar will replace the regular Calendar icon hence giving it support of "Hidden Today" themes. The change is to ensure that this is true for ALL devices and OS.. hence we can hide the Default Calendar fully and that icon will act as the Icon for the Default Calendar.

3. For Storm or OS 4.7 + Device, a Prevent Tilt Function is added.. to prevent the Device from Tilting.

4. For Storm or OS 4.7+ Device, a Slide to Unlock function be added along with the ability to Use a User Definable Wallpaper.

5. This App needs to be SMALL in file Size.. NO Memory HOG… also needs to run in the background.

6. Must be auto detectable on these screensizes to ensure the image isnt warped (160×160, 240×160, 240×240, 240×260, 240×320, 320×240, 360×480, 480×320, 480×360)

7. Implementation of other features can be easily Done! Features already included in BB APIs.

I can provide Signing certification when the app is done.

Please let me know if you have more questions.



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Blackberry IRadioSuite Application

I am looking for a qualified person to build our iRadioSuite application (currently available for iPhone)we would like to simulate as close as we can the iRadioSuite keeping things as close as we can to the iPhone app for Blackberry. We have all the graphics(art work)and would just need the backend work to make it work. Thanks for your prompt reply!

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Video Re-streaming – Video Dreambox To PDA WM6.1

I would like to be able to stream my dreambox channels on my HTC kaiser WM6.1 like shown on this video:
It looks like the video has to be restreamed to be able to be played on a PDA with the script on
I saw information there:

I got a linux server to set up the re-stream script and the VLC server if needed.

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Symbian Application(CellID,MCC,LAC)


I need a simple symbian application..That should retrive CellID,MCC,LAC information and have to make a call..please let me know your bid following platforms..

1. Symbian s60 2nd edition
2. Symbian s60 3rd edition
3. Symbian s60 5th edition

Thank you..

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Application Development

Current application in production needs more attention. You must know LAMP with very heavy emphasis on Database programming. You must have the time to dedicate 80 hours to the project right now.

Ideal candidate will be very knowledgeable in user account setups, competitive gaming, points systems, user friendly interfaces, table joins and queries..

You must speak proper and fluent English

Send references of other web application development you have done. I am not looking for web design. I am looking for application development specifically DB intensive apps with user interfaces into the DB. Experience with pervasive devices and facebook is also helpful.

best price gets my attention but best price with best references and a guarantee to deliver wins.

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Video Game App For CellPhone

This project is for the writing of the code and programming for a Cellular Phone Video Game Application which we have designed.

All details of the games functionality, actions, visual presentation, speed, vocabulary, graphics, etc, have been determined by our team and written out in explicit instructions for the programming team to follow in completing their work.

Bidders should have a knowledge of the U.S. Cellular Phone Application market, requirements for the various providers, and a strong understanding of how to write video game programs.

We desire to have the product to be able to be launched on the iPhone, as well as other popular highly visual mobile phones. We also need the application to be flexible enough to work on lower end cell phones which provide the user with a limited screen size, lower graphics abilities, etc.

If interested in the project, and wish to know more details, please open a discussion board and we can begin the process of working out the details.

Due to the copyright and trademark risk infringement issues, we cannot divulge the details of the game, its name, its functionality, etc, but we are willing to provide that information once we have an open relationship with the provider before awarding the project.

In addition, our team has 3 additional Cell Phone Video Game Applications which we have designed, and are ready to take to market. This project would hopefully lead to a lasting relationship between our company and yours, and the prospect of working with you in the future on our additional Apps.

We need details such as timeline, application use, formats and, of course, pricing i.e. your Bid

Thank you for your time and interest!

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