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Migration IPhone Apps

My company planned to migrate existing portal system to iPhone Apps. PM for more details.

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Google Map Integration

I need someone to migrate my google map api v2 into v3.

After that I need some more functionality added. i.e. Geolocation.

I built the v2 version but dont have time now to migrate it to v3.

Please come back to me with your initial approx quote, both time and money.

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Porting Flash Game To Ipad & Iphone

We would like to port an existing game client to the Ipad & Iphone.
You can see the game in Facebook:

The flash client is a dummy client, only receives and sends messages all the game logic is in the server.
We need a client running in the Ipad and Iphone.

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Mobile Version For My Website..

I have a website made in symfony PHP frame work..
and I have it installed in 2 directories..
one of them is for mobile version..

what i need is:

1- Someone who has a good experience in making websites for mobile phones ( all mobile phones! )
2- Someone good with CSS
3- Should be familiar with symfony
4- Good commuincation
5- Show example of previous work

the website is fully functional.. I only need someone to modify the CSS to make it suitable for mobile phones, so this is a low budget project + a good review and maybe some more projects in the future


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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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Mobile Application – Sencha Touch

Detail and quality developers!

We want to develop a web app for a business concept.

The graphics, design, and layout of the app are already created in detail (6-10 screens), so developing the web app should be straight forward.

The web app needs to be connected with a the database backend, THIS is ready to go from our side and we will work closely with you to get the web app fed accurately.

The application should be developed in SenchaTouch.

We are looking for a very quick turnover.

Contact us for any details, we would like to see your portfolio, learn about your team/company, and know about your previous experience. The potential for long-term collaboration and cooperation is a lot.

In order to send you the specifications we would need you to sign the attached NDA and message it.

We would like to contact you in skype to have a short conversation as well, so please leave your skype contact in the message.

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Copy Of The BBC Website Homepage

I require (for a non-commerical learning site) a webpage that looks and feels exactly feels like the home page.

I need it as a Classic ASP webpage and callable Ajax (javascript) to another Classic ASP script to save the drag movements – writing to a cookie for each portlet position is fine so that the initial page can build the portlets correctly for the next time it runs.

The initial script must specifically ;
1.have portlet sections that can be dragged and dropped as smoothly and slickly as the website page.
– that sections can be easily moved around and do not need an exact position for the drag facility to work – unlike other jquery examples that can be found around the web.

2.exactly the same CSS setup is needed; so that the mouse over of the dragable [top] part of each portlet is highlighted with the portlet border.

3.that portlets can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle at the top left of each portlet (next to the portlet title). The collapse and expand must be with the same slick (prototype) animation effect.

4.Where two types of portlets are provided in the final delivery one where there is an EDIT option and one without. The EDIT option (see BBC site for example) will animate a section opening up that will present check box options for that portlet.

5.For each section drag and drop it must save the portlet section position with a Classic ASP cookie (from an Ajax Call) so that on the next reload it will be positioned exactly how it was left.

6.Each portlet must have curved corners in the same way as the website – no curved graphics just javascript or CSS to curve them so that portlets can be created easily after the project without any need for anything outside of the project delivery.

Although the colours shown on the example attached document are green and magenta, the site must have CSSs in the same way as the BBC site so that they can be tailored using the Customise this Page ptions:

Drag and Drop operation
The drag is easy to use for non-technical users, it highlights the area that it is coming from with a subtle grey area with white dotted border

And the moving of portlets to the new position shows the same subtle highlighted area.
Where a Drag operation is not completed it must return to the original position in the same animated tween effect as the current BBC site.

Documentation needed:
I will need an overview document explaining how the elements of the site has been put together so that I can understand it and change it where needbe – specifically the jquery/prototype functionality and how to adjust it if needbe (e.g. size, speed of drag, speed of drop, CSS details etc). I am a proficient Classic ASP coder so I do not need much about that.

Other Notes
Deliverable files should be uncompressed ASP, html, CSS, Javascript etc so that I can work through things clearly and easily.

This is not to be sold on or used in any commercial way so I think that means that if you need to use the actual BBC website CSS, JQuery etc then this will not compromise any license issues that they have. This is for a learning exercise.

The pages must be able to work on [primarily] Microsoft IE (8 and above) but also Firefox.

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Simple Website Design

Were looking for someone to design a website for us that is VERY similar to a combination of the following urls

If youre able to do it, please note the following:

1) We want this programming done in HTML but obviously expect you to feel free to use javascript / css
2) You must have at least 3-4 positive feedbacks
3) You must be able to complete this project in 1 week.

In terms of the project, it will not require more than ~10 pages but will require a contact us form and the "feedback" bar on that looks identical to the one on inuvo but just allows them to send us some sort of contact message with a few choices in a dropdown menu.

ps we already have a company logo that you can edit so the majority of the work will be completely design related.

If you wish to apply, please private message us with TWO websites youve designed. DO NOT SEND US MORE THAN TWO EXAMPLES THAT YOU THINK ARE SIMILAR TO THIS THAT YOUVE DESIGNED!!! (or you will not be considered and your message will be marked as spam).

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EBay Template Fix

As you can see my reviews are GOOD. I respect your work! Another provider was not able to come up with a code to fulfill my needs. In the following link you will see the eBay template life. What I need is the ability to insert a table (in the attachment ) with information about my products on the white area (container)of the product description on ebay . The table looks like this on my website: is the one under "detail description" it has a flash and other information.

the same table needs to be inserted on the eBay template.

by the way this is just a test product on my website….

The problem is that when I insert the table(HTML code) on the product description (container) eBay template (white area) everything gets mess up, however the container accepts regular text as you can see on the eBay link.

Previous freelancer had all the src files (pictures) stored on his server, I downloaded them and are included in the Attached file along with the code for the product description table and the eBay template code.

This is a no brainer for someone with the HTML knowledge.

Send me questions if you have any before you bid

first milestone payment is $10, do not ask for more!

I need this done in 48 hrs

Just to let you know. the whole template looks good on any HTML editor (including the table with the product description) but when is uploaded on eBay is when it gets mess up! so I will provide an eBay account for the developer to test the code multiple times before I make the final payment.

Clear instructions about how to change links on the template must be given!

New freelancers with not feedback are welcome, payment will be released at the end of the project.

Bid if you are sure you can do this job "fast"

Max I am willing to pay is $40

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Idea Capture Project

I want help creating a website that lets people post their ideas and gives them the opportunity to share it with the world. The project using a MVC framework will entail the following:

1) a registration page (with facebook, google login options, linked in, and twitter)
2) a profile page for the user
3) an ideas page that relates to other ideas by keywords, and can be voted on
4) a ideas summary page which ranks ideas by three categories
5) and various form type pages to upload the users idea

What Im asking for is a relatively simple site that copies the economists ideas economy page, which can be found here:

The page will be due two weeks (14 days) from when the winning bid is choosen.
I will be designing the graphics for the site.

I also have the layout created so that you can immediately begin coding without having to design much. Ive tried to make this as straightforward as possible.

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QR Code Email Capture Website

Hi, I am looking for someone to help me build a site. Here is the concept – I want businesses or causes to be able to use QR codes for email capture. So the site would work like this: Business/cause comes to the site and enters their info (bus/cause name, add, phone, etc) The site creates a QR code for the business When a customer scans the QR code a prompt opens up with the business info and a place to enter an email address. Customer enters email address and presses send. Email address is sent to data base on the site Business/causes can log in to see email addresses captured and download them to excel. I want this to be a very simple site with only a few pages. I would like the design to minimal but in a web 2.0 design. (like can you help?

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I Am Looking For An Experianced And Skilled PHP Programmer.

What we require

We are looking for a skilled and experienced PHP, HTML 5, CSS and jQuery programmer to assist on current and future projects. Our site has been coded in codeigniter so we will also require that you have some skill in this area.

The Project

We wish for the chosen programmer to have a Library of script or to be able to work with other script Librarys to save time, testing and also it will be more cost efficient.

Create a drop down slider in HTML 5 or jquery. For instants if a user clicks on a box then more information will drop down for the customer to see. A file has been enclosed of the basic design for this.

You need to modify the down menus and change their design.

Create and add small drop down buttons to the library.

Add a couple of templates to the website and generally tweak it to make it better and look professional, small changes nothing major.

All graphics are supplied

Future Projects

We are a growing company and we will be looking for a programmer to work with us on future projects for example, adding CMS systems to our website and creating new websites. This area of work will start in a month or two. We also run a hosting company and are looking for a PHP developer to code our customers sites and as a result you should have a good flow of work. We will also allow you to share the code that is written with us so we can both use it when it is required.

Minimum requirements

Very Hard working individual who is self motivated.
Honest with cost and completion estimates (On individual projects)
Very skilled and fluent in required programming languages.
It is required that you use adobe fireworks cs3 or later.
You will need to be able to communicate over PMB and speak English to an understandable level
A portfolio
Highly skilled and fluent programmer.

What in return

A wage of 5-7usd/h maximum (And generous bonuses if work is completed quickly to a high standard.

We also intend to give a high volume of work to the chosen programmer now and in the future.

We are also well connected with other Businesses would be interested in having a web developer. We can put you in contact with them.

Please do not bid higher than 30 usd as it will not be accepted thanks

In the email it would be great if you could attach your portfolio or CV.

Thanks and Look Forward to working with you!

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HTML5 Tutorial Writer Needed

I am in need of a Html5 expert to design some creative tutorials from novice to expert levels. Each tutorial will be $30. My client is looking to make this an ongoing thing of about 5 a month.

The tutorials are to be in english and well written, no videos, just text and images.

Tutorials are to be unique and custom, not rip offs from other tutorials. All copyrights are to be given to my client.

Please post your best Html5 skills and if you have any tutorials to show that would be a bonus.


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PHP Ip Log, And Finish Upload Text

Hello want you to take a look on at little project of mine, it is a upload page. There is 2 things i would like you to code for me.

1. when a file is uploadet to my server, i want a log to write the upload link + ip address into "random".txt

2. I am using a php and ajax form to upload with, and the uploaded files just appears beneath the upload botton. I want it to pop up like the rules on my site (see under "regler" and then one of the links on the left), i think you can use the same form, but i cant figur out how to use it for the finished uploads

Kind regards

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Joomla Need To Be Internent Exploer 8 And 9 Compatible

i need my joomla 1.5 site design compatible with all browsers

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Convert HTML5 Book Into PowerPoint For Instructor Material


I am a web application architect who happens to also teach at a university. Ive created a new course in HTML5 that I will begin lecturing in May. The book I will be using is located at It is a 200 page book with 10 chapters. Im looking for someone to convert the each chapter into a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, I need someone to summarize all the technical content. The book is perfectly layed out with sub-chapters. Each chapter should generate approximately 50 slides. At the end of the project you are generating black and white 500 slides.

I require the person to have good writing and basic web development skills.

Below is a list of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Main Structure
Chapter 2 – Text
Chapter 3 – Forms
Chapter 4 – Video and Audio
Chapter 5 – Canvas
Chapter 6 – Data Storage
Chapter 7 – Offline
Chapter 8 – Drag and Drop
Chapter 9 – Geolocation
Chapter 10 – Messages, Workers, and Sockets

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Mobile Application With Sencha Touch

Detail and quality developers!

We want to develop a web app for a business concept.

The graphics, design, and layout of the app are already created in detail (6-10 screens), so developing the web app should be straight forward.

The web app needs to be connected with a the database backend, THIS is ready to go from our side and we will work closely with you to get the web app fed accurately.

The application should be developed in SenchaTouch.

We are looking for a very quick turnover.

Contact us for any details, we would like to see your portfolio, learn about your team/company, and know about your previous experience. The potential for long-term collaboration and cooperation is a lot.

In order to send you the specifications we would need you to sign the attached NDA and message it.

We would like to contact you in skype to have a short conversation as well, so please leave your skype contact in the message.

Thank you.

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Job Website

We aree look for a developer that can build a rich media website that utilizes the following technologies, processes.js, html5, flew, javascript, CSS, CSS3, JAVA and .net. The site will consist of 7 pages with each page containing 5 accordion panes and one main pane displaying dynamic content. In additional to the site we will also required integration of APIs and sign in functionality from Facebook, Linked-in, Google, etc…

Upon request we can provide detailed technical briefs and wire frames.

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One Site Html

It has to be able to see on every computer- ipad- iphone

Intro- before website
2 photographs that symbols that people can find each other

Main color is black
automatic start
mute function available
Music starts- good beat- dance-lounge music
one of the photographs is appearing form the left- the other (a mirrored version) comes from the right
They join in the middle in the second photograph
Text appear: floating inside screen
ONE 4U (Logo)- floating
Social Community
ONE site

Logo again

During this all the last picture remain on screen
A video is showing man & woman on the beach making fun
also man & man (because its also a dating site its important to show this?
The main foto remain on the background!
Sub- subjects like- Nieuws (possibility to put the latest new here, when available- so easy to handle for me)
and several 5 other sub subjects that automatic lead you to the right part of the site (linked)
A possibility to skip the intro

A connection with the site is made/possible -auto or with button after …. sec.

that gives a impression
I think this is the best of what I want:
thats include the impressions I want the world in the start template 30885

This is the first summery, I hope that we can get to a perfect team and fabulous result.

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Youtube Competition


We will be running competition whereby people can submit a video onto Youtube… The winner will be the one with the most hits on the final day of the competition.

Using our site, people are able to submit their entry to Youtube using their Youtube login. Our software is then able to monitor and track the number of hits for each entry and automatically select the winner when compitition is finished.

on the webpage we would like:
* a count down timer,
* random embeded videos of other videos already submitted.
* Link to open a Youtube account (if person doesnt already have one)
* Link to submit video (we require that the person also add their membership number and optional profile photo)
* Link to see all compitition entries on Youtube.
* person must agree to terms and conditions before enabling submition

Once compitition is finished
* winning top 3 videos are displayed
* option to submit is removed.

Adminstration options
* Set end compitition date and time (GMT)
* Have the option to remove any entry from compitition
* Preset description text for each Youtube I love winter because…
* View current top 10 videos

I hope this makes sense……


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