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Need Fish Images

i need the following images in high quality made all facing to the side:

These images must be on a transparent background and be cartoon like:
– A puffer fish
– A gold fish
– A Piranha
– An electric eel
– Fish flakes
– Fish pellets

– A background wallpaper (approx px 2000×1000) that is of underwater with sand at the bottom as if looking into a fish tank from the side but no fish or anything in it


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Need Clip Art Image Created

I require 3-5 samples of a clip art image of a Male Chef stirring a pot/pan.

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Illustration, Graphic Recording, Animation

Hi there!

Were looking for a company to help us out with a new project. We teach Australian kids about financial literacy, and want some really cool animations to go along with a few of our short videos (2 minutes).

We were thinking along the lines of these RSAnimate videos:
Or something like infographics. However, we are also interested in flash animations.

Were still unsure as to how many videos we need to do, because this is dependent on cost. If you are able to tell us how much you charge for bulk packages that would be great – so for example how much you would charge for 5, and how much you would charge for 20. Were keen to do as many as possible, cost permitting.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Headshot Sketch Drawings Needed


We would like to have 6 headshots created in a pencil sketch style like the Wall Street Journal.

I have attached some examples of the WSJ headshots as an example of the type of drawings we are after.

Drawings can be done by hand and/or through a digital device, we dont mind as long as the end result is what we are after. Images must be greyscale sketches on a white background. (no colour)

Headshots will only be about 250w x 150h in use, but as print may be at 300dpi, we would like the drawings to have a larger pixel size that this, and we will just scale down to fit.

We will supply the headshots to be sketched to the winning bidder.

Any questions about the job can be asked to our message box.



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Create Us A T-shirt Design For A Streetwear Brand

This is an emerging street wear brand and we need someone to create a great design for us.
This brand is a new streetwear clothing brand that will offer the finest quality, exclusive and fashionable t-shirts for men. Our intention is to brand it as a premium quality, stylish and clothing brand.

I need some cutting edge, fine designs to be printed on t-shirts. Ive attached some designs that I like and sort of represents what our clothing brand is about. I w.


– I like CLEAN, SMART, CUTTING EDGE designs.
– I like the bold san serif fonts
– Nice, clean and simple illustration design. Clean, simple yet fly but I dont want quick / cheap looking designs.
– I dont like really messy designs (stuff you see on rock/metal shirts). Dont do any crazy illustrations. Adding heaps of stuff dont impresses me unless its really well put together, like a NEAT illustration.
– I like pencil sketches of real life portraits with water color on it.
– Its streetwear but NO GANGSTER design with the really tacky graffiti font. Please no.

– T-shirts are worn with grey jeans with sneakers . Think premium, luxury, hiphop yet classy.
– Think designing for classy rich guys and hip hop. Imagine designing for celebrities like pharrell.

– Check out the attached files but DO NOT COPY, BE INSPIRED.

Some of our clothing are influenced by the east too (Japan) and music (DJ-ing / hiphop / RnB ).

Check out these brands for inspiration
– I like the FEEL of this brand. I like the logo illustration. Not really the designs though.
– – I like clean bold words and the OSAKA t-shirts (serif fonts works fine here). Superdry is too retro though.

Heres a few way for me to want you to design for me
– Show me samples of your work (portfolio)
– Must give us exclusive rights for the design
– Must be able to do revision until the design is suitable for our brand
– Must be able to provide a design ready for screen printing
– Must be able to provide files so it can be edited if needed.
– For me to use you as a designer you must agree to confidentiality
– Maybe continued work for the right designer
– Price :up to $150 – $200 per design if great and more for exceptional designs. Less for concepts only.

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Party / Club Invitation Flyer Design For Print CMKY

Need a birthday party invitation designed.
The layout needs to be done in CMYK.
The size will be either be 1500 pixels x 2100 pixels
or 1200 pixels x 2700 pixels.

I need a highly skilled and very creative person to create a very good layout.
Please be available to start on the layout now.

Please post some samples of some of your club fliers..

The theme is a face off between good vs evil.

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Need Vector Graphics And Some 2D Animations For IPhone Game

We are currently working on iPhone app and would require someone to create our character. The character is a Ninja character but the game is for kids to be used for learning. So the Ninja character must be cute and adorable. Doesnt have to be a real person as long as you can portray a cute ninja that kids (age 4-10) would love.

The game we are working on is for kids but similar to Fruit Ninja.

The game is mainly for kids to learn shapes, math and colors.

Heres what we need:
Main character – Cute Ninja (can be a bird, bunny, bear, monkey, tiger, etc…)

Background – A dojo or location to train (I can provide samples later).

Explosion – Different explosion when I cut through the shapes. Heres the
idea on the shape. Its supposed to have liquid gooey stuff in it that
splatters after you slice the right one. I want the gooey explosion
similar to Fruit Ninja.

Confetti – After completing a level will shower a confetti (like Cut The Rope – see links below).

There will probably be some animation but they will be 2D animation.
For example, the ninja character will be jumping in joy when you complete
a level or be sad (head down) when he lose the game. Also swaying his sword when slicing shapes.

Theres also a bomb (like Fruit Ninja) and Ill probably make it somewhat similar to Fruit
Ninjas animation when you accidentally slash it. The bomb will not be a regular bomb
but a ball with spikes.

Shapes – I think I have the shapes but if you can have something better then
thats great. I need basic shapes (maybe with 2D rotation animation) of
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Circle, Diamond, etc…

Animation are sprite or 2D (sequential png). Maximum size of the screen
is 960px X 480px for high-res.

Heres another example of a slicing game:
Veggie Samurai –

Here are some links to image qualities that I would like for this work to be similar:
ePig Rope –
Cut The Rope –
Tower Bloxx –

Payment will be made after 100% completion of the job. This is how we do business here and I have great ratings and not about to ruin it that I have multiple projects on the way.

If you have any question let me know now.


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Picture Design

Looking for a T-shirt design, Looking for a Character that looks like Doctor Victor Von Doom from Fantastic Four,
But wearing headphones and is DJing.

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Harley Redraw In Adobe Illustrator

i want my harley redrawn in adobe illustrator. The bike should be separate from the background and the road. I would like the road to be there but maybe a run down looking city in the background

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Graphic Design For Apparel

Our foosball team is looking for a funky (cartoon cool?) foosball team graphic to be designed for our hoodies and t-shirts. We are looking for something fun that fits the theme of furious foosball created by an experienced, talented apparel designer, and have a sample picture that captures the direction we are going in. Because this involves t-shirts, we are asking that the designer work with a maximum of three or four colours.

Please submit your fee per graphic to be used on t-shirts and hoodies.

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Conceptual Development Sketches

This project is for a set of conceptual development sketches for a product for a babies room that combines a clock with a temperature sensor. Because it is for a childs room, its design and appearance should appeal to a parent.

The main features:
1. It needs to measure the room temperature and display that. It will illuminate based on the temperature, if its too cold, its blue, if its too hot, its red etc.

2. The temperature sensor should be separate from the device so that the unit does not affect the temperature reading. I am not sure if this piece should be wireless or wired. For example, if the entire thing is in the shape of a cat, the sensor may be in the tail to move it a little bit from the heat of the device.

3. It should have a clock with an alarm type function. It wont actually alarm. Instead, the parent will be able to set a time to display the moon before the alarm and the sun after the alarm. This will teach the child what time is ok to get out of bed and when they should stay in bed.

4. Battery operated will be the best so it must use efficient parts like low power consuming LED lights.

5. it should sit on a tabletop and shouldnt be too big or too small.

The drawings should show the overall form. If you can provide detailed drawings that show a detail, orthographic and perspective view on every page, that is a plus. We most interested in the initial look and feel of the project. If you are able to discuss the feasibility of it as well, that is a bonus.

The drawings should be delivered strictly on time.

Some similar concepts out there that do not do everything discussed here but give some design ideas:

Kids temperature sensor that changes color

Kids Night clock

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Scribing/Animation Of A Video

I currently have a video in Powerpoint format. I have the audio files.

You can see it here

I would like to create a scribing type animation similar to this video here.

Its basically an animation of what the speaker is talking about as he is talking about it.


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I have a strict deadline as the project should be completed tomorrow. Technically its almost ready, and will be ready by the end of the day(in 6-7 hrs).

Meanwhile I need you to make some design fixes for me.

some pages have :

1) Missing images(can be easily converted from PSD).
2) Wrong sized-images
3) Align bugs
4) CSS bugs
5) Need to add text-shadow parameter in some places
6) Need to align stuff according to design

All in all I think there are 10 or 15 very small fixes(5 min each maybe) for a person who UNDERSTANDS what he is doing. For you to see, I am attaching an image with bugs(I will supply you with those images to show you better what needs to be done).

I am willing to pay max 50 USD for all the fixes + all fixes that MAY be needed during today and tomorrow.

I will be selecting provider in 3 hrs and want you to start work that time, because there will be less that 36 hrs of deadline by that moment. Do not bid if you are a team who has a lot of work, if you are individual who has a lot of work. A need a person with high concentration to finish this AS NEEDED. More work expected in the future for good worker.

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Illustrations For Characters And Background Scenes

I require an illustration done of a character and a background scene. See attached brief for more information. Potentially there are more of these to be done in the future for the winning illustrator.

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Photoshop And Illustrator Worker Required

I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Work is to rearrange vectors/designs into new designs. You will need to have experience with working with Vectors.
You will also need a creative mind, i will give details and training but you must know PS and AI. Designs need to be simple and efficient as in training. You must be comfortable with working mainly in Photoshop. Illustrator will be needed only for 1 step.

As sample, i have attached a couple of vectors. Use them to make 3 business card of size 800 px X 300 px at 100dpi PNG.
You can use the vectors as any way you want. Change colors, shapes etc. Idea is to mix and match, and come up with new stuff. Cards must be well designed. You will be expected to merge elements from different files. You can not use any other resource other than what i give.

Work is to be billed upon hourly. Pay is Rs.15-25 (USD 20cts-40cts) per hour depending on designs made,& quality. Kindly only bid and do sample if agree with bid price. Message me with sample and your hourly bid. I have attached vector in the file.

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Product Design Concept Sketches

Hi i would like some conceptual development hand sketches of lighting design
.they can be ceiling mount tablemount industrial residential… the drawings should incle the overall form a detail drawing that shows a detail, orthographic and perspective view on every page
import it must be hand sketched and be delivered strictly on time

a sample of another product is attatched but just use it as a sample format

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Static Banners

Hi I am looking for someone to design 5 professional looking static/image banners. Similar to the ones you see on

Images will be provided.

Do provide portfolio link.


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Manga/Anime/Cartoon Illustration Required


I require a picture of myself made in an anime character interpretation.

I will send you the picture and you will make the drawing based on that.


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Ming At The Royal Wedding

This will be a Ming the Minibus book. It requires 12 illustrations based on the cartoon character Ming the Minibus. This can be seen on you tube or by googling the name.
The book illustrations need to be completed by the 25th April as it is just a souvenir of William and Kates Royal wedding in London. It will be made available free to children in China , Hong Kong and around the world as a powerpoint story.

Need an illustrator who can create imaginative images based on different aspects of a Royal wedding. Lots opf pictures of previous Royal weddings on the internet

Need to meet 25th April deadline. Please dont bid if you are too busy. Students as well as established illustrators invited to bid

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Celebrity Caricatures Needed

Celebrity caricatures required

Simon Cowell (X-Factor UK Judge / American Pop Idol Judge)

Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud Singer / X-Factor UK Judge)

Dannii Minogue (X-Factor UK Judge)

Louie Walsh (X-Factor UK Judge)

Michael Caine (UK Actor)

Arnold swarchenegger (Actor / US Governor)

Sly Stallone (US Actor)

Alan Partridge (UK Sitcom Character – played by Steve Coogan)

Family Guy Cartoon Characters (Group of Peter, Stewie, Cleveland, Quagmire, Joe)

Homer Simspon (Simsons Cartoon Character)

Bingo Caller #1 (made up character) – in the style of

Bingo Caller #2 (another fictional character)

Please quote for all 12 caricatures (including the family guy group), they dont need to be completely accurate, just simple and atleast with a reasonable likeness. Prefer delivery in editable vector format – if you want to deliver in another format please say when bidding – must be large enough size for printing. Can provide photos/links if your unable to find photos. Any other questions just ask! Possibility for future work if price & quality acceptable.

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Atlas Comic Book

Im creating a comic book title Atlas. Its a new take on what a superhero could be in our world based on eastern teachings. He is like a Superman, but all his power comes from his mental connection with the earth and the elements and properties that give our world structure.

So with that said Im doing all the writing and art, but Im in desperate need of a professional letterer. Its not a traditional comic book in style or in concept so I need someone who is professional with the ability to recognized the look and feel of the pages and produce something that supports that. The job is not very big, this is only a 6 page submission piece with a cover page, which spells out the story arch. All in all Im looking for someone who has experience lettering comics and can do a professional job.

Im willing to pay a professional rate for a great product, but I would also ask if I could see some samples of your lettering work so Im confident in your ability to produce a quality product.

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Childrens Illustrator Needed (VECTOR FORMAT ONLY)


I need an illustrator to develop 24 regular illustrations + 24 simple illustrations.(little drawings)
If the quality is the expected more work is assured…im thinking in contract to an illustrator for a monthly payment.

Style: Very easy childrens book (google: dora)

deadline: april 18

budget: $250

Ill select the winner tomorrow.

PM with childrens examples to receive more details

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Character Design Turnarounds For Online Game

There are 5 animal characters to design. I have reference images for each. I need to create turnarounds ( facing forward, backward, Left, and a three-quarter view) of these animals in a manga/disney style. Its for an independent online game for kids.
A good gig for concept or character designers with an aptitude for creating animals, and cool creatures.

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Mascotte For Website

I already have my mascot and I want to recreate what is the most creative.
Example: with new clothing and accessories and new pose.

like this one.

Please put your demos
Please put your demos
Please put your demos

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Bird Vector Icon Wanted


I am looking for an illustrator to design a vector icon of a bird which resembles to Angry Birds (bird icon)
will need it for an iPhone app which provides Angry Birds guide.

Want bird mascot to be in vector format so it could be modified later on.

Looking for talented individual/company to provide it within 24 to 36 hours, payment will be setup as milestone once the winner is selected and release it once the final product received. This is a quick job so my budget is not more than $30.

Winners may expect plenty of other design projects in near future.

P.S. Find attachment for reference of what kind of work Im interested in.

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Writer Needed

I am in need of a Adobe Illustrator expert to design some amazing designs, text effects, illustrations. Each tutorial will be $30. My client is looking to make this an ongoing thing of about 5 a month.

The tutorials are to be in english and well written, no videos, just text and images.

Tutorials are to be unique and custom, not rip offs from other tutorials. All copyrights are to be given to my client.

Please post your best Adobe Illustrator skills and if you have any tutorials to show that would be a bonus.


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Online Lawn Care Company has need of thirty (30) caricature headshots which depict, male blue-collar lawn mowing professionals for upload to photo database.

We do not have photos of these professionals and would like for the winning provider to be creative in his/her creations/imagination.

We would like all illustrations to be of someone/person you would hire to do work around your home or business.

Budjet for this project is $30.00 USD; Bids above this amount will be deleted.

Sample of previous work must be provided to be considered as an applicant for this project.

Please place "Brandon" in your subject, as to confirm that youve read, understand and agree to our terms.

Happy Bidding.!!

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