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Fax To Email Control Panel Fix JOOMLA

I need a fax site that has been made to have a control panel that is like my(remove_this) The site it made and 85% of the control panel is made, but I need to change the look of the control panel to look like my(remove_this) and have the progess bars that site has.

The site is www.fax(remove_this) login using admin and password 123456 after you login go to the bottom of the page and click on the control panel.

So this job will require programming and design. Im willing to pay $150 more because I need it done in 2 days or less. So Im willing to pay $250 ($100 more for the short time frame).

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MegaVideo Streamer

Hello am looking for someone who can make an script and integrate into my workdpress :

This script will let your users WATCH Megavideo and DOWNLOAD with no time limit. using my premium account but i always want security i dont want to get banned from megavideo .

not use own bandwith, and space ,needs use curl , and extra protection so user cant still my content and use it on other webs .

About the player must work with JW PLAYER or FLOWPLAYER i can switch on ADMIN PANEL

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Create A Spam-proof Script For My PHP Form, Add PayPal Redir

I have created a PHP web page with a form. The form has a drop down menu, a text area, a radio button group, a checkbox. You will do following:

-write a contact form to mail script

-validate fields (i.e. text area must be min 400 characters), must choose selection from drop down). Upon submit if errors show pop-up with errors.

-upon submit send user to PayPal based on radio button selection (three different options, so three different prices). I will create products in PayPal account.

-upon payment return them to website thank you page with unique order ID #

-send form field results to admin email

-send html formatted email to submitter

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OsCommerce Checkout Modification

Good day Freelancers!

I need to have a website checkout process modified to the following specifications;

1. Install PWA module (,355)
2. Modify the checkout process to be one page rather then 4, no fields will be omitted rather placed within one continuous page.

The website is tinyurl

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Need File Sharing / Hosting /sending Web App.

Hello Bidders,

I need a web application that will allow multiple people to upload files and then send the links for download to the file recipient. There are a ton of sites that offer similar services out there like yousendit dot com megaupload dot com etc. plus many inexpensive scripts/freerware.

However, I would like an app that provides the same functionality as for exampel yousendit where there are multiple levels of services that can be provided to users. Do check it out.

Whats required:

– The front end where users can setup login id
– Login id would be authenticated
– Based on privileges given to them via admin they would have quota
– they would enter the email of the person to whom they would like to send the file
– They would upload the file
– the recipient would get a link via email to download the file
– the file would be there for either 1 day, 7 day, 15 days or 1 month and later expire if selected
– A log file would let the user know if the files was downloaded and how many times etc.

– An admin panel for setting various parameters and audit logs etc.

You get the idea….Detailed spec will be given to the selected bidder.

I am quite ok with PHP, Javascript, on a CENTOS environment. As part of the bid, you will help in installation.

Not looking for a fancy interface, but it should be customizable with logo and some background colors to match company branding.

This should be a rather simple project for the right programmer. If you want to take an existing script and modify it to fit my requirements, I am ok with that.

Please contact me for more information via PM. Serious bids only.


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Easy Website Making

I need a website.The site should contain the following tabs and options.You have to make the site and upload it to my hosting site.

There are the following tabs:-Home,Earn money(affliate program),Suggestions,Comments,Contact,
Free Test,Book.

I will tell u the details after awarding.

Always the lowest bid has the maximum chance to win the job.

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PHPMailer Install Needed!!! ASAP Must Be Done Fast.

Do this well, and there will be more work for you, one server has cPanel the other one just CentOS5 but we can put cPanel on it if you wish. Right now we just need it on two servers but we will need it on more, many more in the next week or so, looking for a good business partner to help with my growing mass marketing business. Willing to work out a deal if you need any of my services, web hosting, and email marketing.

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URGEND Need Installation

Need Installation dating script Today or maximum 1 days

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OSCOMMERCE EXPERT Needed For Fix With Google Bots + Others

Here is the situation with my website.

1. The bots from yahoo, msn, google, etc doesnt crawl my products pages. They do crawl other pages on my website, but not my products. I would need for the bots to crawl my website, and a solution to have this fixed. My sitemap may need to be redone, after the crawl issue is fixed.

2. The Ultimate SEO URL 5 located (public_html/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5) may be corrupted, or has bad input. This may need to be redone or place the correct code/command in order to work and be accessible in admin side.

3. Some of the pictures in my Specials box and Featured menu are not properly centered. Theyre not aligned properly, it says in the file as center, but they dont show it center all the time, just some pics, but not all. I would like this to be fixed

5. The .htaccess will need to be revisited and done properly. I had a rewrite rule where if a visitor types my website, it will rewrite in the URL bar as

I need an expert in Oscommerce and STS system. I will only consider programmers that have good feedback(more than 10 reviews), and has excellent English language communication.

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Project For Sporshok

As discussed.

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Upgrade From Phpbb2 To PhpBB3

I need to upgrade an existing phpBB 2 installation to phpBB 3.0.7 (the latest version).

Here are my requirements:

1. Upgrade existing installation to phpBB 3.0.7. (or latest)
2. The template must be kept exately with the same style
3. Make sure all member permissions, postings, profiles, avatars are intact.
4. All the url and mod rewite must be the same
5. PHPhack mode must be installed
6. Suggest the best 5 mod be installed for you and install it.
7. I wil provide a subdomain with a separate folder from the original forum.

The upgrade has to be done very very quickly. If you do straigt away you have a big chance to be choosen.

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Looking For StudioPress Church Theme And Lifestyle

If you have the license for the developer version of StudioPress Lifestyle theme and Church theme, please sell a copy to me. I will accept the lowest price for the completed theme somewhere around $15 per theme.

You would need to install it on my server or provide me the theme so I know all files for the completed theme is included.

Thank you.

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Moodle Instal, Config And Mods – EXPERT NEEDED


I am looking for an experienced MOODLE person to:

Install Moodle

Install the specified Plugins/modules

Configure as specified

Create the Lesson Flow with Activity Locking 1.9

Debug and fix any errors


Install and configure Moodle 1.9.5 stable (You must install this version only as the Activity Locking Module will only work with this version – do not use the daily builds)

Install Aardvark SVC Theme –

You will need to add logo image to header and custom footer

Additionally slight CSS mods are requested – color change

Activity Locking 1.9

Get File here:

There are some discussion on this plugin module, please review

Additional modules to be installed and configured:

Auto Upload Users
Autoview Presenter
Course Tracking Module (needs Ajax tracking filter installed as well)
Forum NG
Report My Certificates
FN Tabs Course Format
FN Announcements
Course Dedication Block
Resource Zipper
Ungraded Assignment Block
Administration Alert

In addition you will create a course that contains 20 lessons.

The user/student willbe able to view lesson outline but will not be able to access any part of the lesson until either they have completed the previous lesson and / or a certain number of days has passed, typically 7 days.

You will be required to set up each of the 20 lessons typically with the following:

#1 – OVERVIEW – An overview of the Lesson

#2 – THE LESSON – Using the Autoview Presenter module set up a "dummy" lesson so that the admin/teacher can change out for the actual lesson plan. When the user/student views the lesson they will need to watch the entire presentation and the Course Tracking Module (needs Ajax tracking filter installed as well) will track time on lesson. Ideally this timing of lesson would be nice if it could be integrated with the Activity Locking 1.9 so that until the entire presentation has been viewed the user/student can not access the activities that follow.

#3 – Resource download – a pdf work book for the lesson

#4 – Post to fourm for the lesson – a forum will be created for each lesson and the user/student will be required to become active in each forum, by posting X number of posts before being able to move on to the next activity.

#5 – Quiz, Test – each quiz test will be very small and should have no more than 5 parts to the quizz/ test.

When the student/user completes the quizz/test, the next lesson will be unclocked by Activity Locking 1.9. Here is maybe a bit of a custom config — ideally the user needs to complete the quizz, but should the user/student complete the test quizz immediatly after watching the lesson we want them to have to wait a minim of 7 days from the first date of begining either the course or lesson.

As an example a student begins the first lesson on day 1, the second lesson would not be available to them until day 7, lesson 3 on day 14, lesson 4 on day 21 and so on.

THE CERTIFICATE – after the student/user completes a lesson they need to receive a certificate of completion upon answering the quizz/test. You will need to modify the certificate design slightly ie add a logo.


Deliver a fully functional and working turn key installation of Moodle.

You will have 10 days to complete this task, we will need 5 days to test and request any fixes or tweaks.

We work to tight time lines and expect you to do the same, open communication with Skype and prompt payment.

If you have a good work ethic and have experience with Moodle please bid.


Also please provide in a PM links to a minimum of 2 other moodle installs you have completed.


In your bid, type the words " MOODLE EXPERT A1 " so that I know you read and understood the project, failure to do this will result in your bid being excluded from the project.

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Palm Os Projecgt

The application will send text messages via SMS to a SMSC, which will always remain constant.

This is for palm os. Im willing to pay $100.

When you do the work. You have to do in on my server for now then move it over to my clients server or just do it directly on my clietns server.

When the application is first run:

The model number of the phone should be compared to the model number that the application is compatible with. If the application is not compatible with the phone model, a message should be displayed and should read as follows,

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Are You Familiar With Winlicense,themida,xbundler?

I got my software ready here. I also got license to winlicense and xbundler.

I want to encrypt my software using winlicense. If you know how winlicense work it should be 10 minute job. Than, i want reg keys which expire after 30 days. Cansi generator is already working on server, but now i have encrypted software with new hash code.

So, job is

1) encrypt software using winlicense

2) cansi generator on server should create reg key which automatically expire after 30 days.

thanks in advance

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Online Hotel With Hotel Booking Software

I am looking for a programer to build my company homepage.
The company sell hotel booking and hotel rum reservation online on the internet.
Just now we have only web hosting , domain namn and cpanel ready
the web hosting is 25GB DISK and PHP5 – MySQL and FTP

The programmer will do our logo and will put videoklipp banner for promo , picture on first page.
and the category , under category at left side.
1-city name A
hotels( all hotels with 4 pictures and description and price/night) name B

so when client click and City A. the list of all hotels to that city appears.
the client cliks again to the hotel and the info with price/ night ,description , pictures appear.
now he can book and booking program mail us the booking.

and we need you do admin side for us so we can update the website

the fuctionkej name and menu have to be in french


ok, i hope you anderstand how i wnt to jobb has to be done.

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JQuery Slider With Dynamic Content

I would like to have a jQuery Slider installed on our site.

It should work – function – look like the one on this site:

We can integrate the content from our PHP query, or you can assist…

We really just need the jQuery Slider.

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Blackberry Sms Project

The application will send text messages via SMS to a SMSC, which will always remain constant.

This is for blackberry only. Im willing to pay $100.

When you do the work. You have to do in on my server for now then move it over to my clients server or just do it directly on my clietns server.

When the application is first run:

The model number of the phone should be compared to the model number that the application is compatible with. If the application is not compatible with the phone model, a message should be displayed and should read as follows,

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Flash Mod And Api Install

Im willing to pay $150-250 for this work. It must be done in less then 3 weeks.

I have flash tshirt application made. I need it to be applied to a different site.

This project will require you to do all changes the client wants to the flash applicaton and get it to work.

Basically Im building a photo site for my client and the users of the site will be able to add there photos from their accounts to a product
and buy that product.

You will need to call the price before entering the flash application and hold on to that (store in the database) then after it enters the flash
application the design is sent to an api.

I need the image the person makes saved in a folder or datasbase. Just as the price is saved before entering the application.

That jpg (it has to be a jpeg) will later be sent to the api and manufacturer. You dont have to worry about sending it to the api.

I need the api installed and working.

Here are the products

Mugs different types sizes

Steins different types sizes

Travel Mugs different types sizes

Espresso Cups different types sizes

Shot Glasses different types sizes

2) All these product will have similar setups in the customizer.

They will only need a product view, and a full view. See PPT for details. The PPT titled "All flat files" applies to all these products

Mouse Pads two different types

T-shirts different types sizes

Sweatshirts different types sizes

Teddy Bear (T shirt) different types

Key Chains different types

Baseball Caps different types sizes

Here is a complete list: (keep in mind most of these will have the same pics. They are just different size. But the different sizes dont need to show up on the customizer.

Mugs and Cups

Mug 11 oz White
Mug 15 oz White
Mug Black 11 oz
Mug 11 oz Color Changing
White Stein 18 oz
Beer Stein 22 oz White
Frosted Glass Stein 16 oz.
Travel Photo Mug 13 oz
Espresso Mug 3 oz
Lovers Mug Set *****


Glossy Wooden Heart Puzzle, 6.75"" 23 pieces
Glossy Wooden Heart Puzzle, 7 x 10, 60 pieces
Glossy Wooden Heart Puzzle, 10 x 14, 60 pieces

Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 5 x 7, 15 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 5 x 7, 30 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 7 x 10, 90 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 10 x 14, 90 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 10 x 14, 150 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 10 x 14, 250 pieces
Glossy Wooden Puzzle, 14 x 20, 450 pieces

Puzzle 8" x 10" 30 Piece
Puzzle 8" x 10" 110 Piece
Puzzle 10" x 14" 252 Piece in Photo Tin
Puzzle 18" x 24" 551 Piece in Photo Tin

Photo Apparel

Sweat Shirt
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (Ash)
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (Black)
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (Blue)
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (Green)
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (Red)
Thermal Transfer for Color T-Shirts (White)
T-shirt White 100% Cotton
T-shirt White 100% Cotton Youth
Apron: Toppers Black
Boxer Shorts
CAP: White/Black
CAP: White/Navy
CAP: White/Red
CAP: White/Royal

Photo Gifts

Photo Mouse Pad
Heart Shaped Mousepad, 9.5" x 8" (1/4")
Mousepad, Gelpad base,, 9.125" (w) x 10.25" (h)
Mouse Pad with Calculator Base, 8" x 8.78"

Round Key Chain, with ring & snap, 2.5" diameter.
Rectangle Key Chain, with ring & snap, 1¼" x 3"
Luggage Tag 2.75 x 4"
Pillow Case
Poker Set with Photo Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Round Lollipop made of Milk Chocolate (Set of 12)
Heart Lollipops made of Milk Chocolate (Set of 12)

Teddy Bears

Panda Bear w/ photo T-shirt
Teddy Bear w/ Photo T-shirt

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Two Page Site

I need a 2 page site (first page and a checkout page). That is connected to and maybe paypal. It will look like this site

Im willing to pay $40-60 for this work. You will design, install, and connect everything.

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Holiday Rental, Long Term Rental, Property Management Sites

For a property management and holiday and long-term rental company in Marbella, Spain, we require new websites. You must provide a unique, hand-made web site design, and no template that is sold everywhere. We will check all references, so please only bid if you can provide those. SEO is essential for this project, and we will insist on some production guidelines we will submit to the winning bidder, eg. H1 and H2 tags, meta description and keywords, no frames, java, CSS etc. in an external file, url rewriting, main menu as text and not images or at least bottom menu as text etc.

This is an entry project. Upon satisfactory delivery, follow-up projects will be assigned to the successful bidder.


1) Dreamweaver website template for the property management side of the company, three languages English/Spanish/German. Besides a contact form with captcha, you must deliver home page with all links to interior pages plus one interior page if it is any different than the home page. The rest we can do ourselves, but of course, you may also deliver all pages. Marbella is one of the most affluent areas of the world and the website must show that we are in an exclusive, premium segment.
2) Website (editable with Dreamweaver) for the holiday and long term rental side of the company, three languages English/Spanish/German, contact form with captcha must be included, too. For this site, we need availability calendars with search functions for every individual property plus tools for rentals administration (email templates, planning for cleaning, reminders to check if payment was made, possibly a payment gateway and/or an owner

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WordPress Theme Design & Install Plugins

I need my WordPress theme tweaking to exactly match my website design and some plugins installed – integration with FB, Twitter, etc.
This is an adult site (incase youre sensitive to that sort of thing)so I wont post files here.
Contact me for full details, thanks.

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Datafeed Database WordPress Expert Needed-Long Term


I just bought some very expensive software that builds websites using wordpress and datafeeds. I have NO idea how to use the software so I am looking for someone who already knows these things and can follow the instructions provided with the software.

( there is a forum for this software if you need help )


The software builds the websites automatically using wordpress & specialized plugins that is capable of making 10,000 page websites in minutes.


I am posting this project here to see what response I get from the GAF Community, because I want to get a few sites up and running using this software, and IF you can do this then we will grow this into a full-time project.

If you have samples of database driven websites using wordpress then by all means send me samples.

There are 1,000s of Affiliate Merchant Feeds Available on the Internet which can be used to quickly build wordpress blogs with hundreds if not thousands of relevent content pages selling any type of merchandise offered by various affiliate programs who either provide FREE DATAFEEDS OR PAID DATAFEEDS.

(This Project is to help me find a Person here on GAF that I can work with to produce these wordpress sites using datafeeds )



*10 Star Rated Buyer*

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Store With Paypal Checkout

I HAVE A VERY SMALL PROJECT I am in need of someone to build a store for me similar to with an admin Panel to add items, movies, books etc. you are going to design A TEMPLATE VERY SIMILAR TO
Must be ready to start ASAP. payment after job. you shall build and test on your server, after which i shall make a 100% payment and files shall be transfered to my server. MUST PROVIDE SCRIPT WITH INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS AFTER PROJECT.


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Clone the functionalities of
It is a website listing service with info about the site taken from its meta tags along with several useful statistics like ranking, PR, etc. Wiki script is fine and you can use as many scripts as you think will be beneficial but of course keep the site secure.
It also has to have a user rating function, as a hot or not for websites.

Javascript, php and mysql is a must.

Lowest bid will be chosen and only if a bride idea of how to approach the structure of the new site.

You do not have to clone it 100% but have to make a site that serves the exact same functionality and features. Good luck.

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I am offering a free course as a lead generating and viral marketing tool.


1. I want a web page that prospects would be referred to, to download the free course.

2. When they get to this page, they would be required to fill in their email address and name, as well as the name and email addresses of 5 other persons (friends, relatives, loved ones etc ), as the only prerequisite to being given access to download the free course .

3. The names and emails filled in must be valid. A confirmation email would b sent to their email addresses for them to confirm their email, to enable my email addresses to be white listed in their email account. So that my subsequent email to them would go into their inbox instead of being filtered to bulk folder.

After they have confirmed the email by clicking on the link that is sent to them for confirmation, a second email would be sent to them containing the free course that they have to download.

4. At the instance of submitting the form to get the free course, having filled in the names and email addresses of 5 other persons, an email would be sent to the 5 other persons , as coming from the person who filled in their details, inviting them to download the free course by visiting our lead generating web page. And the process begins all over again.

5. The web page should verify the validity of the emails filled in the form before accepting them as valid. No email should be entered twice on the page

6. The web page should have a back end admin panel that shows all the email addresses and names submitted directly, and the ones referred. And I would be able set a series of auto response messages or manually mail everyone on the list who were referred or that filled in their emails.

7. I will provide the hosting server space and the web content to use for the project.

If you can program this, let me know exactly what to expect from you, in terms of scope of work, delivery hours and cost.

I look forward to working with you.

Happy bidding

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Drupal Config And Integration


I have a copy of latest drupal 6 installed on my server, and I need someone who can configure drupal modules and theme for my installation, I need to configure the installation for a review site, so basically you will be doing….

1. Choosing best modules for my requirements
2. Customizing theme for look and feel requirements we have
3. dealing with panels, views, CCK etc…

Basically you will be dealing with existing modules that are fully developed and functional, so you dont have develop anything for this project every module needed is already available out there.

Functions of site will be common as any 2.0 review site have like, rating, adding review, user adding review, user adding comments, article section, user profile and some more

I need someone who knows this stuff and can focus instantly on this, I dont have weeks to finish this up, a few reviews and reasonable bid with fair time frame is required to be considered for this project.

No Automated responses, your bid must start with "GAF001" or I will just neglect it.

Pm for more details.


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Fix A Project – FCKeditor Not Working

I previously posted a Project here called website Clone. Unfortunately my FCKeditor does not work and I am having no luck in getting someone to repair it.

I need someone who had experience with FCKeditor to get it running on my site.

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Google Map Project

We want a Google Map to display markers (any number 2 to 50+) with mouseover tooltips

Each marker will have an infobox when clicked.
– we want to be able to use multiple/custom marker icons

Infobox to be a fixed width and height
– infobox content (from other page/database) should only be loaded when infobox is clicked/opened
– infobox should allow scrolling if information does not fit in infobox fixed height

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SEO Expert With .htacess Knowledge Of Bots And Google

I have a situation with my sitemap where google bot, and all bots cannot crawl my products. I get a 404 error. They can crawl all pages, except my products. I have checked the robots.txt, but that is not the problem. I even had my webmaster do the metatags for canonical links for google. Google is particular about duplicate pages. I dont know what else to look for in a solution.

I would need an SEO expert that knows coding or behavior of the bots and crawling. Be able to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the problem. Ill pay $25.00 for the fix.

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ITunes Scrapper For App Store


I need a script that will scrap iTunes App store to create a list of apps and their related data.

Here is additional information about the script:

* The script will run on a linux server.
* The script can either by php, perl or ruby.
* The script will collect information about all apps in the store by category.
* There will also be a related cron script that will run once a day to collect info about apps released on that particular day.
* The following information will be collected and stored in a CSV file:
– app Id
– Title
– Description
– Website
– Support Email
– Language
– Seller
– Category
– Copyright holder
– Version
– Customer ratings
– Rating average
– Number of reviews
– Rating (age restriction)
* The cron script will also send out email to the people based on a template
* The template will be user editable.

You will be responsible for installing the script on the server. Also you should be available for support to fix any bugs or future issues.

Please include Keyword "Superscraper" to let me know that you have read the project description.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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Mock Up Program For Vehicle Wrap Company

Hello, I am looking for a web application to use on my website.

1. Custom select his vehicle type in a scroll down menu – out line of his car appears

2. Then he can select or upload a pattern or picture – his car now shows his selected pattern or picture.

3. Customer gets visual of what his car with the design or pattern he chose looks together. Our company then prints and sends him his vehicle wrap.

I am looking for a customer design station. This should be simple for the customer to use and give a good example of what his vehicle with this pattern would look like.

Here is a exact example of the program I am looking for.

Additional example.

I am not the expert here, but I have a passion to get this done. Please bid on the project or comment.

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