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Migration IPhone Apps

My company planned to migrate existing portal system to iPhone Apps. PM for more details.

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Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP – Real-time Web GUI

We are looking for a programmer that is familiar with Asterisk to help us complete a Call Shop project. The project will take advantage of Asterisk and A2Billing for billing users in pre-paid or post-paid mode (All configured by use/We have heavy experience with Asterisk).

You will help with developing a Web GUI where Booths (for a Call Shop) will be displayed in real-time. The purpose of this project is to provide the user with real-time extension status. Is the call answered? How long was the duration? When was the call Hangup. There will be some queries to MySQL after a call is hangup to query the balance (which is calculated by A2Billing).

***Please note that all you have to do is use your Java and HTML skills to grab the XML driven events from AsterClick – an Asterisk event vectoring program (Based on php – to grab the status of Extensions and display on the web.

The project will require you to create an Admin portal and User portal. Users sign-up is not required as it can be done manually in the Admin portal.

This is an immediate project. Please submit bid asap.


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Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – £60k

Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – Central London – £60k

My client requires a motivated Android Developer, to join their rapidly expanding team. You will be working on cutting edge projects in specialist areas with significant opportunity for professional growth. This is not a normal development position.

All applicants must have:

– commercial experience in delivering a rich media, or communications application developed for Android 1.6 or later.
– a background in mobile application development on another platform, iPhone, Symbian or Blackberry.
– excellent knowledge of J2ME.
– experience calling web services and external APIs.
– UI implementations working in conjunction with designers.

The ideal applicant will also possess some of the following:

– significant exposure to at least one additional language (objective-c, C++ highly valued)
– knowledge of security concepts (cryptography, digital rights management (DRM), web-based attack vectors such as XSS, SQL injection, etc.)
– professional and commercial experience in the area
– an interest in emerging mobile technologies and protocols
– SQL skills and an understanding of alternative storage mechanisms
– web development skills including HTML, CSS, XML, PHP
– a broad understanding of digital audio, video and still image compression techniques, including knowledge of related commercial and open source software
– experience working with revision control systems (subversion preferred)
– basic understanding of issues surrounding internationalisation and localisation for multi-territory deployments
– understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite, in particular HTTP

Dont worry if you are missing any of these ideal elements. The position will give you the opportunity to broaden and update your skills as you work, and you are guaranteed to find it interesting. It is an excellent role for anyone with related talents seeking a stable role in an interesting and established company that will appreciate and reward their contributions while affording opportunities for professional growth.

Zetman is acting as an employment Agency for the purpose of this vacancy.

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Project For Aksh

This is to fix the two menu issues.

1. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp? and log in with xxx / xxx . The words are overlapping the arrows, we need to move the words to the right. Also there seems to be a problem with the mouse over function, when a user mouses over all the other menu items disappear.

2. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp and log in with xxx / xxx . Go to Manage Users > Reset User Password. Then type * in the search box and click search. Choose any user and click select. At the bottom of the page the submit and cancel buttons are on top of each other. They should be next to each other.

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Keylogger Software Needed

I need a keyloger very fast, for more info please contact me!

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Real Estate Web Site And Java Based App Modification

the project is built from 3 parts :

1. scrapers (not in scope) collecting data and generating a db (mysql or csv).
2. a website that receives the data from scrapers and another xml source.
3. a java based server app for Realtors which needs modifications to work with the website.

design is done by us.
must have perfect knowledge of java – if you dont – do not bid for this project.
must be PHP savvy – Joomla will be the platform for this project.

time frame for this project completion is one month.

if you need any clarifications PB us.


Anan Katz
webideas inc

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We want the motivated java candidate for the development work for our travel website

The ideal candidate world be 1-3 years of experience in following

1. Highly proficient in core java (JDK 1.6)
2. O/R mapping frameworks (EJB/Hibernate/Struts)
3. Web services & XML formats including XML binding frameworks like JibX
4. Hands on experience on Tomcat/JBOSS or other web Application servers
5. Proficiency in database systems like Mysql, DB2
6. Browser side technologies (AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, XSL)
7. OO design & modeling techniques

The candidate should give min 3 hours per day for the development of the website & assist our young team in website development.

It is the ongoing work for years; we would check the skills of the candidate on giving the POC on existing code. Once he passed the test the work would be allocated to him.

Please quote your monthly rate based on the above.

Software development companies are not welcome, so please dont waste our time.

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Myspace Friend Adder

I need a new software or if someone already has this software or if someone can crack any existing software

who can add freinds and send messages to myspace profiles…

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Urgent Pascal Assignment Need To Be Done
need only project 2…..nothing should be copied from internet…all work should be unique
project 1 with solution is given as a sample……need very urgently within a few hrs time
can pay 40$

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Web Page Project

Dear programmers!
I have idea and need to finish it but no skills and knowledge in programming task what so ever.
So far I have this:

Its suppose to be writing community page like those:

This sites are complicated, have lots of features, paid membership and loads of options members can be amused and interested in. My page is made on free platform, as example what I am going for. It doesnt necessary mean that it will stay on the It is up to you. You can both offer me upgrades only or entire design from scratch including domain.

From you I want detailed plan and program how to improve its features to resemble more to site I mentioned above, the one with paid features and etc.

I would like you to made list of necessary changes and your ideas about my page, include price you will charge me for every step, both graphic and programming changes; you are free to offer me lots of things considering your programming services which could help my site in any way so I can choose what to pick and which programmer have the best point in what I want to achieve.


I am not likely to pick you in day one, because I am very creative and demand the same from my designer.

Do NOT bid if you dont have elaborated steps and plan for this project.
Do NOT bid if you dont have samples of previous work.
Do NOT bid if you dont have outstanding feedback from your previous employers.

All considering payment, communication and deal will be done trough freelancer and only trough escrow service, no other way of payment or no other way of communication will be possible before and during work.
Payment description: 1 ( one!) milestone, payment release after testing you product.

I will modify my budget to suite your offer price and changes you will made on page and changes and prices stated in your project plan. Till the I am in seek mod, please bid on amount 100$ in 33 days and key word cash only in your PM, all other plan proposals will not be taken in notice.

No frauds, no fakes, no lousy done job, no pushing the toll with prices.
If I dont find satisfactory party to make this project I will simply open another one and start my search again.
I am not in the time run, and I have all the time on the world so I will choose wisely.

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Optimize Html For Safari/firefox/chrome/IE

Im building a site and one of the pages has flash and is not showing up well / consistently in

Safari / Firefox / IE / Chrome.

I am looking for someone to optimize the html coding on the index page that launches the flash object.


it has a subnav in place

all data into the page is through xml

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Java Assignment – Binary Trees

Using binary tree code I already have written, you will open and read a text file, then display a list of all anagrams that appear in the file.

The program works by reading each word from the input file and process into a String and create a second String with an alphabetized version of this word. Both versions are then put into one node which is inserted into a binary search tree using the alphabetized version for comparisons during the insertion.

This project needs to be completed by 4pm Eastern time 4/5/11.

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Java Application Support

I contracted some developers to build an application for me and its mostly done but there are a few bugs and I cant get a hold of them to make the necessary changes.

I have a background in software development but I havent really stayed up with the latest Java programming standards and I want to bring someone on who has.

The first phase of the project should be very simple. I just need one or two bugs to be fixed and the new SSL certificate to be installed on my server.

I wouldnt expect it to take more than 1-3 hours.

I would like to partner with someone who will be available for future work as well.


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New Statistics Application

Im looking to make an application which can calculate and provide statistical data.

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Unblockable Automatic PopUp

I need an unblockable popunder script working on page load and opening on a real browser window of latest versions of firefox, IE 6,7,8,9 , and Chrome. Not a dhtml layer popup.

If possible, I would like this popup to be automatically closed after any amount of time that I set (must be variable), or I can set it to stay there. I need the size to be variable too.

It is a similar script that some affiliate networks like cpxinteractive, paypopup etc. uses for serving popunder ads when page loads (if blocked they display pop-up/under when user click on page)…


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Java Assignment

Using binary tree code I already have written, you will open and read a text file, then display a list of all anagrams that appear in the file.

The program works by reading each word from the input file and process into a String and create a second String with an alphabetized version of this word. Both versions are then put into one node which is inserted into a binary search tree using the alphabetized version for comparisons during the insertion.

04/04/2011 at 19:57 EDT:

Budget is $30

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I Need Professional In Java Programming


I have created previous project which is :-
(I need a java and php page to get remote user mac address , the visitor should accept java to run on his machine and then itll get the mac address and send it to php page )

the previous project has done perfectly but java was sending many hardware mac addresses to php page and I want only network mac address. so I asked him to fix this and he did it but another problem came out and he couldnt fix it. The problem is when the user enter the site , pop up java message come out(see attached file) and user must press on run button to receive mac address otherwise if he press on cancel button nothing will be received. It was worked fine on the first time he programmed (receiving mac address whether pressing run or cancel button)

here what I need you to do:-
Fix this by receiving mac address whether clicking on run or cancel button
or receiving mac address without showing pop up java message (it will be much better if possible)

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Blackberry / IPhone / Android Application

I require a developer who can quickly develop a simple application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The major functionality of this application is to stream audio from a shoutcast server. The application will in addition have banner rotation and text ticker and thats about it

I require the solution to be handed over so that the SHOUTCAST connection server can be changed as well as the banner adverts (to be called from a directory on a particular server) – I will explain this more if required. And then the application icon changed, compiled and uploaded to both App stores for BB, Android and iPhone

This should be an easy job thanks


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Java Assignment Due Tonight!

Hello, I have part of the code but it needs some work. You create a stack, check to see if expression is has balanced parentheses in infix, then convert to postfix RPN, reverse polish notation. Please give me a quote, its my first time here and its due by midnight.

Instructions and current code attached!

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Java Screen/Screencast And Audio Recorder Applet

This remote usability screen recorder applet will be delivered by a webpage and will perform the following functions communicating via Javascript. (see attached file for accompanying dialog sequence)

1. Embed into a webpage and initialize
2. Get system information and return via Javascript.
3. When launch function called, launch a new browser window to the initURL and always-on-top controller window.
4. Locate and test an operational microphone or fall back to no microphone.
5. Prompt the user to start and then change the browser window to the testURL and display the first task.
6. Record the window and audio (if available), highlighting mouse clicks in the recording with a yellow circle and showing time and audio level on controller along with a pause button.
7. Wait for user to click "Complete Task" or "Abort Task"
8. Call back via Javascript the button clicked, task time and click count.
9. Display the next task and repeat until no more tasks.
10. Change the browser window to the completeURL and upload the file via POST, showing % complete progress.
11. Close the controller window.

Must work with both Mac and Windows, IE, Firefox and Safari. Finished product must include applet ready to embed with HTML/Javascript webpage demo and all source code.

It should have the following applet embed parameters


And Javascript methods:

returns: freeDisk,freeMem,totalMem,CPUName,CPUSpeed,OSInfo,NumOfScreens

launchController(initURL,testURL,completeURL, scenario, tasks, cbTaskComplete):
returns: taskCompleted, taskTime, numClicks

And any additional parameters, methods or callbacks needed for operation and error handling.

Bonus will be awarded for great work exceeding expectations. Additional projects and future work available.

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Speedy High Volume Web Page Scraper

I have a software product that reads online text and creates a detailed profile (a profile is then compared to other profiles and recommendations can then be served).
The profiling engine is a single-server Java application that is served off Tomcat. It has a REST API.

Up till now, the profiles have reached my server via full text RSS feeds, or XML files (that I then create a custom parser for in Java).
I now have a project where I will receive a high volume of urls (around 80,000 arriving during the course of the day) and will need to scrape the text off these pages before passing this to the profiling engine.

For this development operational speed is very important and so the scraper needs to be fast acting in order to handle the perceived transaction volume but also accurate enough so that most of the page junk does not affect adversely the profile that is made.
Ideally the web scraper will take the page title and article text and use these for profiling.
However, there will not be a standard format for these pages and so the web scraper needs to be fairly generic too.

Get in contact if you feel you can achieve this but please you must have experience in this field!!

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Simple Java Program

You will modify the SpeedDating class, but only by completing the method bodies of the three methods already declared. Do not add any other methods or instance variables to the SpeedDating class, do not modify the constructor, and do not modify the method declarations (headings) provided! (Not necessary!)

Complete the SpeedDating Class

Write the method bodies for each of the 3 methods declared in SpeedDating. Study the method declarations and documentation so that you understand what each method does.

it must use one of the Java loops. Nested loops are not necessary.

Do not modify the method declarations (headings) in any way!

Note that, by law, Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday of November

Write a Test Class for Your SpeedDating Class

Your test class will have a main method that does the following:

Create a SpeedDating object

Have the user enter a year, and call the beMyValentine method to print the day of the week on which Valentines Day will occur for the next 10 years, starting with the input year. Valentines Day (Formerly, Saint Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14th.

Have the user enter another year, call the discoverColumbusDay method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

Have the user enter the data (month, day, and year) for two Date objects – an earlier date and a later one. Create the two Date objects, call the getHalfWayDate method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

(Make sure your implementations of the SpeedDating methods have sufficient internal documentation)

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Java Restaurant Software

What I would like is a software for a restaurant.
It should be composed of 2 parts: one that should be installed on waiters PDAs to help them select the order and another one to be installed on an admin computer (the one on the PDAs should communicate through wireless with the one on the computer).
The one on the PDA is meant to help waiteres take the orders. The waiter should select from bunch of categories (a top down list with items for each category). I would want the waiter to be alerted if a particular item is not in stock. After the waiter completes the order, the data should be transmitted to the central computer. Also, if a client decides to add something to his order after the initial order has been processed the software should let him do it.
Also after the waiter brings some items from the order he sholud be able to check the items ( each item should have a check box that will be checked after the waiter brings the product ) as served on his PDA, thus helping him not to mix the orders.
The software on the central computer should remember the orders for each table and compute the total amount to be payed (and send it to the PDA). The database with the total stock should have the posibility to be changed whenerver the stock administrator wants (when the restaurant receives merchandise). Also, when a waiter adds an order, the products specified on the order should be substracted from the total stock.

A similar application you can see here:

Extremly important: I need the application for an university assignment, so I need the code and the database structure.

My budget is around 50$.

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Simple Java Rmi Client Server Communication

need help with
simple java rmi programm that grabs 15 randomize numbers from a server java program.
print out in console of client program
how to set up?
how to compile?

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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Java Assigmnent

Implement data structure (Hashmap and Binary Search Tree, in context of JDBC data retrieval ,
Basic Java level
More details will be availed if you are interested
Needed ASAP

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Photo Recognition Website

Go to this website. And see the "try me". I need my own website that can upload to their servers and get results like the example above.
They give each user theyre own account with an API code.
Most of the coding is done

It also needs to let the users to upload a tag what is it.
(i.e Upload a photo of britney spears and tell the servers its britney spears)
I would also need a admin section so i could edit the tags
If you log in youll see what im talking about it

However I need it to be able so the user can upload a website with the tag
(i.e if someone took a photo of britney spears it would to their servers and return britney spears so then my website takes them automatically to the website above.)
I presume the script would be on my server which i need to get.

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RMS, CRM, Medical Recruitment Management System For Sale

I intend to sale the following projects:

(1) Job Management System:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 100% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report
— Presentation of the project (Power Point Slides)

(2) CRM:
This project report is more than 100 pages document and all about the planning and scheduling of the CRM project.

The areas on which this document emphasis are:
— The project feasibility from different views i.e. Technical, Operational, Economic, Schedule, Specification, Informatioin, Motivational, Legal & ethic etc.
— The project scope
— The project costing using some method like FP analysis and Cocomo
— The Critical Path Method Analysis (CPM) which will tell about activities to be performed and their time duration and dependency of activities to each other
— The Gantt Chart which will show tasks and their duration that development team followed
— Tools and technologies that have used to develop the product by the development team;
— The Vision document i.e. Introduction, Positioning, Stake holders and user descriptions, product overview, product features, other product requirements
— Risk List i.e. Product size, business impact process definition, development environment, technology to be built etc.
— Requirement engineering of CRM i.e. system specifications, existing system, marketing, sales, support, organizational chart, scope of the system, summary of requirements, identifying external entities, context level DFD, Capture "shall" statements, allocate requirements, prioritize requirements, requirements traceability matrix, high level use case diagram
— DESIGN PHASE OF CRM i.e. Introduction CRM Use Case Description, Use Case diagrams (high level, detailed, refined)
— CRM domain Model
— CRM sequence diagrams
— CRM collaboration diagram
— CRM Operation Contracts
— CRM design class diagram
— CRM data Model
— USER MANUAL i.e. Overview, accessing the CRM, administrator module, sale module, employee module
— Installation Instructions

Please Note: Code is not available

(3) Medical Recruitment Management System:
Medical Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of the Medical Recruitment. The system is designed to maintain the Structure systematically and to organize the entire ongoing manual recruitment processes. It helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire. Itll maintain an automated curriculum vitae bank of the candidates. Medical Recruitment management system will help to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment processes.

The project has following design docs:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 60% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report

Best regards

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Java Based Software

We are a company based in Russia St.Petersburg and need to hire freelancer programmers for our Progect.

Progect will consist of a software for controling streaming videos & Live channels.

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