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Quick Form Job

Need a smart and quick proagrammer who can use open source available php form script for multiple file submission. I already have a form in place but i need it 2 b Smart and look more trust worthy. More details to right provider in PM. lowest bid wins.

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Prestashop 1.4 – Fixing Bug In Cart


I am a prestashop theme developer who has a problem with my newly made theme.
The theme is rady except one little bug in cart summary it is a javascript/jquery/ajax problem i think..
and i guess it is not so hard to make it work 100% if you can handle these programing skills.

The problem
Theme is installed on prestashop version 1.4
When i delete a product from cart summary it should come up a message "Your cart is empty"
The message only show up like 1/10 of a second and then dissapear,(it is like it dont can be load for some reason) if i push F5 and refresh the message show up properly.

The theme is well made and ready, but still this little problem, so it is just a theme issue not platform issue
This work including:
*Find this bug
*Edit / Change the code so it will work

I suggest you have skills in Prestashop or similar cartsystem, know: javascript, ajax, jquery, css
I think that this job dont is so hard for the person with the right skills

If you do this work i give you access to my server where all stuff are installed, and you can just start work immediately.

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Website Designing

I am looking for a website designing for my company which going to start at May 2 – 2011.
I need a good professional corporate design for the same. We are dealing with 3 different areas of services related to IT.
Interested freelancers can quote for their best.


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PHP Developer Needed To Fix Bugs On App

Looking for a PHP developer to fix a number of bugs in a popular PHP app. Please PM me to get details of the app and what needs to be done.


* Strong PHP and Javascript knowledge. This app uses a lot of javascript, some quite complex.
* Ability to use Git and Github.

If work is done well, ongoing work will be offered.

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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Revision Of Joomla Car Community Component

I am posting this job as I need a revision of an already existing component and module for joomla. The component is a car listing component, basically a directory of my websites members cars with a community element mixed in. In essence its a pretty simple job, removing some functionalities and adding some. It is mostly a job to update the component to current web standards and adding in a flexible communication element (like a simple facebook wall). I guess one of the main points of this assignments is making it a little more dynamic, in keeping with current web trends. So that means there is an amount of jQuery work involved.

All the details are in the attachments, everything that I would like to get done for now. Additionally I added the already existing component and module, so you can see whats its all about and if you can work with the code.

Please remember that the details I specified are flexible, we can talk about it!

Also there is a mock-up of the layout attached, this is how the updated components car profiles should look like. These should also give an overview of the very simple functionalities of the component. Important is that this very simple div design is also picked up for other pages in the component. BUT, Im not asking for difficult layout work though, just make sure the CSS abilities in the code are retained, I do other layout work myself easily. Further information can be had through a private message of course 🙂

I hope this and the files in the attachment explain what Im looking for. Im hoping on a cooperative and honest developer. As I know one or two things about coding and web developing myself you can expect pro-active input from my side as well. If I had the time I could probably do most of the work myself, so please give me a good offer! Remember, the basis of the component and module is there, therefore Im looking for offers around $75-200!

Simplify, update and rework! That are the three main ingredients of this task.

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WordPress Theme

Hi All,
Im a website designer, I would like to find a developer who have experience in css and wordpress developer.
Im Series looking for long relationship work, if you do correctly I will keep hire and have a lot of project for you. So work with me please do correctly.

1) I am going to favor who have a great feedback
2) Who can supply samples of similar works that they have completed
3) Who have experience in css and wordpress & must be able to complete it fast.
4) Provide good delivery time
5) Good and regular communication


– The site will be multilingual and will use a standard plug;
– The site will have a landing page to allow the user to select the language;
– The home page will show a preview of four pages, the content will be populated with the appropriate fields on the page;
– There are two types of pages "page.php";
– The first type of page will have a jquery slider to full screen and a band that contains the text, this band will have to be closed with jQuery, the page must have the appropriate fields to populate the images in slide;
– The second type of page will have a background image as fixed, it shall be specified by a special course that is always the editor of this page will have content and then on the left a gallery of images always slide to the bottom of this type of page must be inserted a widget to display a preview of some filtered by category;
– contact page with form;
– blog page and single page of the blog;


Website Requirements:
1. The theme will be working with the latest stable version of WordPress;
2. Site must look exactly like the .psd – down to every margin, spacing, placement, font size, font type, color, etc. so it has to look exactly like the .psd design because that is exactly what the customer approved.
3. Must adhere to official WordPress Theme guidelines
4. Must pass Theme Checker Plugin & Sample theme test data provided by WordPress
6. The output should be valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict working on the major browser: IE9, IE8, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
7. Id like it to have an admin panel to set it up
8. Complete send me the template and manual how to install and use the templates.

Delivery in 3 Step
1. Send HTML/CSS/JQUERY in zip file. I pay $75.00
2. Send The Wp template front end. I pay $75.00
3. Send Final Wp package with backend Panel Control and How to install and use the templates. I pay $100.

1. Budget is $250.00, work is considered complete when the customer is completely satisfied. As long as the items in the scope above are complete, there should be no issues. In other words, looks just like the .psd design – if you need to reach me w/questions before that, I will be available.
2. After you finish submit them to me by email.
3. This template is belong to me.

Important terms information:
We understand the importance of Artist Credit. However, any work created must include all source files, and are the sole property of us. Said work will be displayed only on our portfolio as such. We require all final source files (png, psd, fonts, images, etc) delivered immediately after completion of the project.

Thank you for bidding, and hope to work with you soon!

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Ext JS, Sencha – Enhancements To User/File Management Webapp

We have an existing Webapp that allows us to manage:
– users
– groups
– files / packages of files
– reporting

We need to enhance it so that packages can be organised into categories (groups of packages), group security can be organised hierarchically, as well as a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Please login to this demo account and explore all the features. We are looking for somebody who can help A LOT with the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of this system.

Login: acmeadmin
Password: password

The system is built using an ExtJS (Sencha) front end, with a Yii/PHP back end, with a MySQL database, hosted on a Linux node : experience of all of these elements is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a growing team – there will be LOTS of work here for the right freelancer!

Please provide examples of sites you have developed using ExtJS.

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JQuery For Imagemap Web Page

Convert an imagemap designed webpage written in javascript to jquery

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WordPress And Jquery

Currently using wordpress. I require to implement the following jquery in the website

Require quick job today.

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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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Parse XML Document With JQuery Mobile

Please help me parse an xml document with jquery mobile. Display some data (name) and when clicked it will display more data in detail.

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Customized CMS System

I am in need of a customized CMS system that runs on a license system. I have a system what i need all call backs removed and changed to add a few features like Custom Calendar system and more using plugin system.

This project needs to be completed within 5 days no later.

Budget for Job is $200.

No milestone payment will be paid until Job is done as I have 75% project already completed.

When bidding please include in your bid "I understand your requirements 100%"

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Lemonstand Developer – File Upload Progress Bar/PDF Preview


I have a Lemonstand ( Shopping Cart – The shopping cart currently has File Uploads integrated with each order. I simply want each File Upload to be accompanied with a Upload Progress Bar.

Users will be usually uploading Images. So, once an image is uploaded and order is placed, i would like the user to be presented with an Image preview – with an ""I Agree to this terms and conditions" Checkbox, so the order should proceed with this checkbox selected only.

Theres more work thatll follow.

Let me know how much time and money itll cost. I would like this to be done ASAP. In your reply send me the code: apache13 to prove that you read the description fully.

Preference to those whove worked with lemonstand before.

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Voting/poll 2 Page Basic Layout Site

Looking to have a very simple two page voting site created. I can sort out the design and layout so just need it it to be the bare bones and working.

First page will have the option to click a button stating "YES" or "NO". This vote is then carried over to the second page revealing the results in a 3d pie chart with the percentage amounts stated below it.

Id like it so that you have to vote to see the results, and you can only vote once. Would prefer the information for the votes to be stored on a database but its not totally necessary, as long as the data is secure.

A little animation might be nice, with the two pieces of the chart bouncing in.

Thats it, let me know if you have any questions.

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Copy Of The BBC Website Homepage

I require (for a non-commerical learning site) a webpage that looks and feels exactly feels like the home page.

I need it as a Classic ASP webpage and callable Ajax (javascript) to another Classic ASP script to save the drag movements – writing to a cookie for each portlet position is fine so that the initial page can build the portlets correctly for the next time it runs.

The initial script must specifically ;
1.have portlet sections that can be dragged and dropped as smoothly and slickly as the website page.
– that sections can be easily moved around and do not need an exact position for the drag facility to work – unlike other jquery examples that can be found around the web.

2.exactly the same CSS setup is needed; so that the mouse over of the dragable [top] part of each portlet is highlighted with the portlet border.

3.that portlets can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle at the top left of each portlet (next to the portlet title). The collapse and expand must be with the same slick (prototype) animation effect.

4.Where two types of portlets are provided in the final delivery one where there is an EDIT option and one without. The EDIT option (see BBC site for example) will animate a section opening up that will present check box options for that portlet.

5.For each section drag and drop it must save the portlet section position with a Classic ASP cookie (from an Ajax Call) so that on the next reload it will be positioned exactly how it was left.

6.Each portlet must have curved corners in the same way as the website – no curved graphics just javascript or CSS to curve them so that portlets can be created easily after the project without any need for anything outside of the project delivery.

Although the colours shown on the example attached document are green and magenta, the site must have CSSs in the same way as the BBC site so that they can be tailored using the Customise this Page ptions:

Drag and Drop operation
The drag is easy to use for non-technical users, it highlights the area that it is coming from with a subtle grey area with white dotted border

And the moving of portlets to the new position shows the same subtle highlighted area.
Where a Drag operation is not completed it must return to the original position in the same animated tween effect as the current BBC site.

Documentation needed:
I will need an overview document explaining how the elements of the site has been put together so that I can understand it and change it where needbe – specifically the jquery/prototype functionality and how to adjust it if needbe (e.g. size, speed of drag, speed of drop, CSS details etc). I am a proficient Classic ASP coder so I do not need much about that.

Other Notes
Deliverable files should be uncompressed ASP, html, CSS, Javascript etc so that I can work through things clearly and easily.

This is not to be sold on or used in any commercial way so I think that means that if you need to use the actual BBC website CSS, JQuery etc then this will not compromise any license issues that they have. This is for a learning exercise.

The pages must be able to work on [primarily] Microsoft IE (8 and above) but also Firefox.

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Price Comparisson Website

Hi, I want a website which works like

anyone who is interested will have to show me how good and quick they can work.
payment will be made once i start seeing some work.

i dont want any time wasters who bid on the project without even reading or understanding it..


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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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Jquery Pagination

Need to implement Pagination in a existing Script. Need it done Today or Tommorow.

Items Required:

1. Implement Pagination
2. Keep Structure of Existing Code.
3. Code in a way that the Variables of the Pagination is Editable through source of a Config file.

Low Budget is 30$ seeing as it will implement easily. Does not need to be custom solution just implement a existing Pagination source.

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Image Scroller – Slider

jQuery or Flash or honestly whatever is best.

Have a look at:

I need the TVs up top to display pictures that are determined from a php script that returns a string similar to the following: image01.jpg;image02.jpg;image03.jpg; or that can easily be inserted with php into the source code etc.

Needs suitable arrows on the left and right of the 4 TVs to scroll through the images and the picture MUST be within the TV screen.. I have a high resolution .PNG with transparent background for the TV..


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Image Scroller / Slider

jQuery or Flash or honestly whatever is best.

Have a look at:

I need the TVs up top to display pictures that are determined from a php script that returns a string similar to the following: image01.jpg;image02.jpg;image03.jpg; or that can easily be inserted with php into the source code etc.

Needs suitable arrows on the left and right of the 4 TVs to scroll through the images and the picture MUST be within the TV screen.. I have a high resolution .PNG with transparent background for the TV..


04/02/2011 at 4:08 EDT:

!!!!! NOTE: Was intended to be posted as Simple Project ($30-$250). This is my maximum budget

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MediaXXXScript Downloader Tag Grabber

Hi ,

The downloader used on MediaXXXScript import videos file , title and description . The tags are generated automatically from the title . I want someone to modify the downloader script to grab tags as well . Looking for a low budget modification . Please see the attached image .

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CKEditor Google Maps Plug-in


Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert Google Maps in websites.

You need to get the Google Maps Plug-in and add the following features:

– In address user will be able to enter the address or GPS coordinates.
– Type of map (image or Javascript Google Maps)
– Custom pin-point
– Type of view (Satellite or Map)
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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CKEditor QR-Codes Plug-in

Good night,

Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert QR-Codes in websites.

You need to get the QR-Code Plug-in and add the following features:

– Size
– Encoding
– QR-Code Size
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

Thank you

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I Am Looking For An Experianced And Skilled PHP Programmer.

What we require

We are looking for a skilled and experienced PHP, HTML 5, CSS and jQuery programmer to assist on current and future projects. Our site has been coded in codeigniter so we will also require that you have some skill in this area.

The Project

We wish for the chosen programmer to have a Library of script or to be able to work with other script Librarys to save time, testing and also it will be more cost efficient.

Create a drop down slider in HTML 5 or jquery. For instants if a user clicks on a box then more information will drop down for the customer to see. A file has been enclosed of the basic design for this.

You need to modify the down menus and change their design.

Create and add small drop down buttons to the library.

Add a couple of templates to the website and generally tweak it to make it better and look professional, small changes nothing major.

All graphics are supplied

Future Projects

We are a growing company and we will be looking for a programmer to work with us on future projects for example, adding CMS systems to our website and creating new websites. This area of work will start in a month or two. We also run a hosting company and are looking for a PHP developer to code our customers sites and as a result you should have a good flow of work. We will also allow you to share the code that is written with us so we can both use it when it is required.

Minimum requirements

Very Hard working individual who is self motivated.
Honest with cost and completion estimates (On individual projects)
Very skilled and fluent in required programming languages.
It is required that you use adobe fireworks cs3 or later.
You will need to be able to communicate over PMB and speak English to an understandable level
A portfolio
Highly skilled and fluent programmer.

What in return

A wage of 5-7usd/h maximum (And generous bonuses if work is completed quickly to a high standard.

We also intend to give a high volume of work to the chosen programmer now and in the future.

We are also well connected with other Businesses would be interested in having a web developer. We can put you in contact with them.

Please do not bid higher than 30 usd as it will not be accepted thanks

In the email it would be great if you could attach your portfolio or CV.

Thanks and Look Forward to working with you!

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Add Inset Border To Dynamic Thumbnails

I need to add a inset border to the ACTIVE thumb, the thumbs cannot have borders, only the active one, this script is
"pikachoose" a jquery script I am using, and I need the ability to still click the thumbs to choose, so no quick hacks, it should look the picture and also function properly, so whatever "active" thumb, must have the white inset border

see image for reference

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Teach Me To Code A WYSIWYGE And Spun Content

You know those softwares and online sites where you use an editor to spin an article so that its not duplicate content. These "editors" are like a Fckeditor or smoething where you can modify the text heavily, make api calls to third parties and retrieve translations from thesauros or whatever.

I need to code one of these for myself. I do not have enough expertise so I need someoen to code with me from scratch co-working over skype. When we reach a topic I dont know about that person must explain it to me.

I would also like to lear php file encryption and locking apps with costum keys with limited licenses.

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Template Customization

Looking for a web designer to make a few changes to a template (32231 from templatemonster)

– remove top menu
– replace the flash with a jquery slider
– add a footer
– a couple of changes to the layout within the content

Creating a new logo can also be actual.

Please, bid only if you cab start with this project asap!

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Need A Developer With Good Knowledge In JQuery And Ajax

We are looking for someone who has good knowledge in jQuery and Ajax. You need to develop an application like the below ad maker:

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Javascript Problem Within Mobile Website

Solve javascript/jquerymobile problems

We are working on a little and simple content webpage for mobile.
We use HTML/javascript/jquerymobile as basic technic.
Because we are novices in this kind of things, we have a few beginners problems/errors/difficulties.
The solving of them is the task of this proposal.

We guess all the problems result out of our incorrect use of javascirpt/jquerymobile.

In principle the site consits out of a navigation and single content files (HTML).
We build a sample (attached to this proposal, starting with the index.html) which is based on our work. The solving of the problems can/should be done within this sample, so we can copy the solutions to our original data. The sample also reflects/shows all the problems described below.

The solutions have to be done with javascript and/or jquerymobile!!!

List of the problems/difficulties (with aditional comments):

1. Within the single HTML-files there is a javascirpt which resizes automaticly the images.
– When the files are opened the normal way (thru the navigation) the script doesn´t work.
– When the files are opened directly with a browser, the script works.
– When the files are opened thru the next-Button, the script works.
– It seams, that the scirpt is not triggered correctly.

The provided solution needs to work offline!!! without any help/contact to a webserver!!

2. At the top of each page there is a navbar, followed by a header.
We want a space between the navbar and header (dynamic or fixed hight need to be discussed) where ads are shown.
The ads come thru a javascript. A sample javascript ad is in the bottom of each html-file.

3. Edit hight of the navbar and header
The hight of the navbar and the header need to be sized down to minimum but reasonable hight, in fact just a few pixel less then the standard version.

Last note:
The solutions have to work on actual devices and I want prove of it. If its on an android and/or an iphone is equal to me!!!!

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Put Image Slideshow On A WordPress Page

I need someone to put this:

into a wordpress page

ive already purchased the slider.

I need this done right now.

Im NOT going to pay more then $20 for this.


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