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Need Someone Who Can Help With A Programming Issue, C+ Java

HI I need someones help to create an additional feature to my current website. I need someone who can start work immediately and confident in what they do as this part of my site is paramount to me going live.

please email me if you can start work immediately, follow specific guidlines and is quick at what they do.

Many Thanks


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EJB3.0 And Spring Framework

Writing some come for EJB 3.0 and Spring framework

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Please see the attached spec. I need someone to write me one xhtml page that uses a few jsp code behind pages and hopefully some css. The spec will explain it all. I need it by tomorrow (friday at 5pm eastern standard time in the USA)

Thanks in advance.



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Project No.27

As discussed.


Integrate LDAP And CAS SSO In 3 Java Applications.

You need to be expert in implementing CAS SSO and have a good knowledge of LDAP.
We have 3 apps running that we need to integrate with LDAP and CAS SSO:
– Apache ServiceMix to log in to webconsole – task done many times by other people, a lot of documentation available online
– Talend MDM CE to log in to web application –
– Activiti BPM to log in to web apps –
Task needs to be documented in the way so we can reproduce it.
Budget: 400USD
You need to provide example of delivered CAS SSO project in PM.
PM with "CAS SSO + LDAP" in first line.

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Programmer For Projects In Java/struts/ajax/javascript II


We need programmers with experience in java,struts, ajax, javascript.
Please bid $30 as the start-up project will be small. Details will be discussed
in PM.

You need to be able to work on US time zone to trouble shoot
together with us.


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Pictures Search

Hi guys
This is a little project with a simple interface with JSP and HTML that work with local files of albums and pictures that do the following :

* Upload a Picture (Upload a picture in a specific album )
* Delete a picture (Delete a picture from an specific folder or album)
* Create an Album (create a directory when you have all the pictures there from that album)
* Move Album (move and specific directory or album with all the files inside to another route )
* Delete Album (delete a directory or album )
* Comments (add a comment in to picture , could be that create a txt file with a comment according to the name of the picture )
* Rename a picture
* Rename an album
* Search a picture by name
* Search a picture by create date
* Search a picture by comment

Regards if you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me


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Retail Ecommerce Website Design


I need an ecommerce website for my retail business of electronic products. The website should be developed in a competent technologies (open to suggestions) and should provide, portals for, customer profile management, and administration and strong CMS support. It should have an integration with online payment channel. Supported language – english, No internationalization required.

Website should be delivered as working and bug free. Payment for this work will be entertained only after successful delivery of project.

Website must be search engine friendly, and optimized. I will convey more detailed requirement to the successful bidder.

If you provide a good and satisfying solution, it could be just one of many projects from us on your way.

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IE6 Compatibility Issue, Using .jsp & CSS

The menu on my page is not displaying correctly in IE6. The site uses server side jsp pages to generate the code so you will need to be familiar with .jsp. Here is an example of the site, if you view it in fire fox it will display correctly:

It would be good if we could finish this in a few days.

Thanks, and please contact me with any questions.

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Make Menu IE 6 Compatible And Style Changes

I have a project which needs to be finished quickly. The menu we are using does not display properly in IE6. It also does not display properly in other browsers, but I am only concerned about IE6, we can ignore all other browsers.The menu is being generated by a series of .jsp files on the server side, so you will need to be comfortable working with .jsp.

I cannot give access to the actual site until the project is awarded, but here is an html version of what we will be working on:

If you view it in FireFox you will see the way it should function, but in IE6 it doesnt seem to work at all.

Again, time is very important. It would be good to have it done in at least two days.

Please contact me with any questions.

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J2EE With WebLogic

J2EE Development using WebLogic 10

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Similar To – Penny Auction

We are looking for an Auction website that is "similar" to the penny auctions of sites like QuiBids.

This is what the site must do:

– Must be original and not a fast mod of a cheap script.
– Must be scalable and able to provide rapid response to bids.
– Must be Secure.
– Must be very user friendly.
– Must be able to integrate with Merchant systems to accept all forms of credit cards and Paypal.
– Must have an intuitive admin council
– Must have detailed reporting functionality (for example):
– Registered Bidders (summary and detail)
– Registered Bidders whove won an Auction
– Daily Revenue
– Item Schedule
– Closed Auction Summary and Detail
– Item Shipping Notice (Invoice)
– Average cost of a bid (by bidder, by geography, etc)
– The DB must be in 3NF giving us the ability to report against it easily.
– Must have the same general functionality and features of Quibids.
– Must have a configurable item scheduler that will allow my company to stage auction items out for 3 months.

– Please specify the DB that you intend to use and why you think that DB is the best choice.

We will provide a domain name (URL) and website information and expect all code to be installed by the winner.

Only professional bids please. All cookie-cutter responses will be rejected with absolutely no consideration.

Please send your portfolio via PM. Offers with an existing production penny auction site will be given preference.

At the point of award, the winner will need to sign an NDA and a contract detailing the terms of this engagement.

I expect all bidders to speak fluent english and be available during a normal US workday (EST — PST).



Thank You. We look forward to doing business with you.

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Teach Me Your Java Programming Skill

Teach me your java coding style

and eclipse or your coding method.

what kind of key you use.

and how you model your software first. and what process you use.

making document? or software engineering? design pattern? class diagram?

just through simple project

through LogmeIn or TeamViewer or Skype

I could understand java programming language basic and wide knowledge about that.

so I may understand most of your explanation.

make me real programmer….!!

P.S. but we need to verify the speed of online connection between you and me.
so before we start this, we need to our connection speed whether enough to teach.

thanks, all pro programmers~~~

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Navigation And Supporting Pages

General purpose: navigation will be used on the website and java code should be easy to integrate and use on the webpage (easy to integrate)
– Navigation1: design should be implemented same way as the top navigation and should have easy color change config
– Navigation2: design should be implemented same way as the left navigation and should have easy color change config
By default, please use neutral colors.

— Functionality

Ability to indicate if category should be displayed or not (top and/or left)

Navigation1: TOP
a. the bar should display letters A through Z and symbol "#"
b. all categories and sub categories which have a NAME or ALIAS of that letter, should be diplayed on the dropdown menu when that letter is pointed out
Example: Category "Processors" should come up when letter "P" in navigation is poited by a mouse coursor. In addition, if category "Processors" has an ALIAS "CPU" then "CPU" category will appear under letter "C" in top navigation. Neverhteless, both will point to the same category.
c. all categories which start from something other than a letter(number or symbol), will be displayed under symbol "#"
d. navigation should not display letters if no categories or aliases exist.
e. categories should not be displayed if no active items exist
f. If category with children is shown, ability to see its tree by pointing to it.

Navigation2: LEFT
a. should display categories based on their display rank
b. subcategories should be displayed in chain
c. categories/subcategories should not be displayed if no active items available in that particular category

Sitemap Page – separated into 3 equal columns. Should have ability to show SHOW categories Alphabetically, or show categories and their sub-categories.

I need the following:
– MySQL Table or tables – you can use attached information in order to start with(I took categories from eBay – for testing purposes), but feel free to perform any modifications to it!
– Java class(s)
– JSP/HTML code and pages
– no bugs/lags
– cross browser compatibility
– Good quality work; I will use your services on occasion

As the final deliverable I need:
index.jsp page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page
categories.jsp page that shows shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page(link) – category1(link) – sub category1(link) – selected category(link)
sitemap.jsp page page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: site map and list of all categories

Budget- around $30
Time to deliver – 1-2 days

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Programmer For Projects In Java/struts/ajax/javascript


We need programmers with experience in java,struts, ajax, javascript.
Please bid $30 as the start-up project will be small. Details will be discussed
in PM.

You need to be able to work on US time zone to trouble shoot
together with us.


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Liferay Portlets: Custom User Registration Form + Manager

We would create a portlet for a custom user registration form to register users in Liferay 5.2.2 portal.
In case of empty value form shows an error below the field otherwise, if everything is ok, a message will be shown instead of the form.
When a user completes the registration he will be set not active in the system and he canʼt login in to the portal. Every new registration sends an email to admin to confirm the new registration. The content of the email message will be a liferay web content set by ID in the preferences panel.

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Hotel Reservation Website With XML

1.Hotel Booking Engine load about 10000 hotel inventory
2. Booking engine capability on hotel websites
3. API of hotel inventory so new hotel booking portals could be connected easily.
4. B2B model for hotel bookings.
5. Pre payment and post payment model, also time limit booking possibility.
6. Possible integration to channel management software.
7. SMS Tool / Email Alert for hotels and the clients.
8. Promotion codes for Corporates or schemes.
9. Gift voucher redemption capability.

A. Overview
1. We are looking to build Hotel Reservation Website to provide hotel reservation services for online users searching for bookable hotels.
2. It should use an XML feed provided by a number of hotel wholesaler like GTA, Travco, Tourico, MiKi, Kuoni, etc.
3. It should use an XML connection provided by chain hotel like Accors, Hilton, etc.
4. It should have a specific connection provided by direct negotiated Hotels so that the system can maintain available up-to-date hotel information from them.

* A qualified developer must have extensive experience in the following area
1. ASP programming with .Net and XML programming
2. MS SQL Server.
3. The ones who have experience in hotel reservation programming are best preferred.
4. Good communication in English
* Have a long distance calling plan (Skype)

B. System Users
System users consist of three types of users as below.
1. Travelers who visit this web site to search an appropriate hotel
2. Employees who precede booking transaction for offline customers asking for booking services on a phone.
3. Web site administrators who manage this system, such as managing hotel information, service providers

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Java Web App / Amazon Web Service / Google App Engine

I already do have a Java/JSP web application that I had developed myself approx. 2 years ago. The purpose of that application is to build an e-commerce store that pulls the entire product catalog from the Amazon web service.

So far this application worked smoothly until Amazon started to limit API access, as all requests are directly made against the API and no data is locally cached.

Now, because of the API limitation this application needs to be extended, so that data is locally stored to avoid making too many requests to the API.

Currently the application runs in a stand-alone container, but my idea is to port the application so that it can run on the Google App Engine and utilizes the datastore for storing all required data.

Unfortunately Im too busy myself with other projects, thats why Im posting it here.

You need to have very good knowledge of Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine, please provide links to projects you have worked on in the past that are utilizing these services.

Also important is your experience in building web applications that are performant and search engine friendly.

I estimate that someone whos got experience with these requirements can get this project completed within 4 to 5 days.

Looking forward to your bids.

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Java Expert Required

Project requires knowledge of JAVA and WEKA

If you had experience with both, then only bid.

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Human Resource Management

We want a Human Resources Management System (just like OrangeHRM) but built in ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008.

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School Management System

Project was built to automate the school mangement system.It covers 4 Modules related to
student,teacher,libraryand Cafeteria.It was built Using Java J2SE Swings and MS-Acess as
back-end option.

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Add Fields To JSP Page

We have a web based JSP page running on JBoss that displays certain fields from an Oracle DB.

We have a very simple job where 2 fields need to be added to the page. The first field exists directly in the DB, the second field is the result of a query. You will be coordinating with our DBA to implement the change.

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Ecomerce Website


pls check, we want similar to this website, we want functionality of that website,we will provide the design


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Website Development


I need something to send bulk email every minute. Emails are large in number. It can be done through queue but should not run multiple job at a time.

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Java Project

Engine : A programme to design an enhanced cost sensitive decision tree algorithm to detect cloning attack .Among the question the enhanced algorithm will answer is :

1) Where did the attack happens?
2) What type of attack happens?

Expertise : Java

Engine : running on an improvised decision tree algorithm with cost sensitve capability.
The end result : Testing result display in graphs ( precision,accurancy and etc). The algorithm will be run against normal decision tree and a simple cost algorithm.

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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software

Hello Friends,

We Require IT Infrastructure (Servers , Network , Other etc. ) Monitoring Software which should operate from all major OS like Linux (Redhat,ubuntu ) Windows , Solaris etc.

We would like to listen from you for technology which you will use like Java , Servlet , Python ,VC++ or any other. & Why ?
Also software which we want to develop / buy should have facility
like must be easy to operate for users , agent less monitoring ,Real time monitoring & much more .
Software will be operate from localhost.

Plz give details about your experience in this type of network monitoring / server monitoring software .

put "localhost" keyword in your bidding.

Best Luck for bidding

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Java Client Assistance Needed – Application

I need assistance in writing a client for a web application I am building for a company. I need someone who has a clear understanding of Java components and with some Server technology experience. I will provide more information when I find a winner.

This will take about 6-7 hours of labor.

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Update / Modify Existing JSP Dynamic Site

We are looking to improve look and feel on the existing dynamic website. The changes will have to be made only in CSS, HTML and javascripts code.

Most changes will be graphical, and some to layout and style, so you will definitely need to have some graphical creation / manipulation abilities in photoshop and a good eye for design.

We will make available the code and an environment to deploy / test on.

We expect it to take a couple of days to finish, and we need it done as soon as possible (finished within the next 2 days) so if you apply you must be available to start work immediately and not have a full time job.

We are looking for someone to work for a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

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Online Invoicing

Looking for developing a invoicing solution like The main features required are as follows:

Multi Currency
Seller and Buyer interface
SaaS based solution

Should have excellent / interactive UI

Should be able to add more features / customise which shall be done at our end.

Complete source code would be required

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We Need Similar Site Like

We need a Flash/Flex chat system similar like

We do not need this features from the chat for this stage of development:

3-the stars in the chatting box
6-rating rooms

02/14/2011 at 23:25 EST:

Reposting of

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Hi, im looking for someone capable of building a similar site to the ones above or . Funcionality would be the same but with diferent look.

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EX5 EX4 To Mql Decompiler, Metatrader

I need a software written to decompile metatrader files ex5 and ex4 >> decompile to mql5 and mql4 format.
The software must be flawless without missing lines of code on the decompile.

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FOREX >> Video Game Theory.. Or Pivot Probability

Im looking for a mathematician that can program metatrader 4 or metatader 5 to make an indicator and EA using video game theory straight from the anals of classic video game vs player game play, or that can code a formula to calculate probability on a classic s3, s2 s1, p, r1, r2, r3 day pivot.

The video game concept would of course require the EA to play against the live market price in an attempt to lose the least cash or make the most, however the programmer wishes to calculate.

The probability idea will require the EA to take the last known sets of s3, s2 s1, p, r1, r2, r3 used from the classic pivot formula and guess the next one to be used. This method can also apply to the last high and lows for the counted many days.

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