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Linux Expert – Config Support


I am looking for Linux export who can configure on our server.

We already have 1 working with mumu, we purchased 3 more tuners for the same server and we are looking for Linux expert who can configure them.

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2d Iphone Game

We are looking for a flat rate. Here are the specs:

I need a high Quality 2d iphone game that gets live info from the internet!

Please understand that we are only seeking serious bidders — if you dont have any expert knowledge in creating Iphone Apps that can perform the type of service we require, then do not bid. You must provide links to Iphone apps or games that youve built.

DO NOT UNDERBID. This is an auction and we expect you to be professional enough to know what amount to bid. Simply underbidding and telling us later that it will cost twice as much is NOT professional and only wastes our time. NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS ALLOWED.

It is crucial to the buyer that this entire project be completed (100%) by the deadline of 60 days. They only want expert sellers who will commit themselves to this deadline to bid. If you are not an expert or unable to commit completely to the deadline, then DO NOT BID on this project. Your acceptance of this project means you have agreed to release ALL FUNDS should you not be able to deliver 100% of all goods in working order, bug free and in accordance to our needs by the deadline, as well as the price you actually bid. NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS ALLOWED.

When agreed on a final price, payment will be made in 4 stages, research, design, development and testing, As each stage is completed the next portion of the payment will be made to the developers. If you do not agree to this, DO NOT BID.

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.
2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):
a) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist in one place in the Buyers environment–Deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyers environment.
b) For all others including desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute: A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request.
3) All deliverables will be considered quotwork made for hirequot under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coders Seller Legal Agreement).


Looking to build a relatively low tech 2D iphone game with a war theme. Gamplay mechanics are as follows:
Graphics would be low tech- 8bit/arcade style, we can probably develop a lot of these for you.
Users would need to login and app would need to communicate with web server (for user attributes, rankings etc) we would prefer to use device fingerprinting if you have experience with this.
Gameplay would be task based with a simple RPG style algorithm to determine winner in a static conflict
GUI would be simple and fluid. Have about 6 action panes- main menu, settings, map, conflict, rankings, profile
Please submit a flat rate bid based on the above. Thanks.

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Install Icecast Server

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

offers audio streaming software

I simply need this installed on my Centos server

You should only appy if youve done this installation before. From what I hear, its a cinch, and you should be able to install it and have it working fine in a lil more than 30mins

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Web Hosting Needed… Linux, Reseller Accounts, $50 Max.

Looking for reseller hosting.
Were looking for a decent host that offers a package 10-20 reseller accounts for less than $50 per year.
India or other offshore host is fine.

Needs to have :
Linux Apache only. No Microsoft.
Disk Space: 200 mb per account is fine
Up to 10 MySQL Databases on the whole hosting account is fine
Latest PHP 5
Email Support IMAP, POP3, Mail Forward, SMTP
Cpanel with phpmyadmin, Fantastico, AWSTAT, WordPress, etc.
WHM panel for setting up the reseller accounts

******* These sites will NOT be used for porn, gambling, spam, etc. *******

If you manage a server or are a host, please quote one full year of service paid in 3 month increments.

Remember, If you are providing hosting we need to have a phone number and full access to tech support, even if you are in India.

1)You will assign us our nameservers, and send us login info for WHM and cpanel. You will also show us the host site and let us verify that there is support and that this is a real host and not a computer in the living room.
2)We will point our domain to your server and test it out.
3)We will make the first payment via paypal.

NOTE: THIS IS OUR 4TH ATTEMPT to find normal professional hosting at reasonable cost. Please NO HOME-BASED SERVERS or FLAKEY MIDDLE-MEN with attitudes..

The last guy sent us our login on a Saturday and then demanded payment within 48 hours and didnt even provide his stupid paypal info. We cancelled him within 48 seconds.

We dont mind you making money as a middle man, but you must be professional in dealing with us. We must have direct access to a real hosting company with a real website and real support. As noted above, You will be asked to provide this info before we contract with you.

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Porting Gtopia In Mini2440

Im looking for someone to guide me on how to port qtopia in the mini2440 I already know how to upload the image but I need help in customising the kernel and cross-compiling. and also installing drivers.
please no bids over $100

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Xen Networking In Hetzner EQ

I have a server at and I installed xen 3.4 on it.
I`m having issues configuring the networking to work on a vm.

What you will need to do is :
– tell me the changes needed to make the network work on vm`s
– apply these changes
– create a simple centos 5 vm or tell me what to do so it can install from a http mirror

I already applied ALOT of changes to scripts, but nothing seems to work.
There is no KVM attached, so extra caution should be added since a networking mistake would ultimately lead to hours of no work or, server reload.

04/04/2011 at 13:50 EDT:


– you WILL need to install a centos VM
– you WILL need to check that networking is working inside it
– you will need to show me how you did it

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Need Proxy List

I need New Zeeland socks5 list daily (10 – 20 socks5) ….. a software or something to get them.
Please contact me with any sugestion……socks5 rdp vnc vpn nologin…. any sugestion.

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Database & Server Configuration Memory – Site Is Down

our server is running out of memory upon immediate restart.
using the TOP command, we see that mysqld and apache (httpd) peg the CPU usage of the server.
This started happening yesterday at 11:30 PST.
Our server upon restart takes 4 minutes and works fine, then immediately goes into non-response state.
Log files on mysql dont show anything.
need someone to diagnose and fix

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Changing Trusted Boot (tboot) To Work With Bitvisor

Trusted Boot (tboot: is an open source, pre-kernel/VMM module that uses Intel(R) Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) to perform a measured and verified launch of an OS kernel/VMM. Currently, Tboot only supports the Xen virtual machine monitor. In this project we want to change tboot in order to work with another hypervisor (i.e bitvisor: instead of Xen.

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Improving Downloading Script – Kohana

I have a script that retrieves files from popular sites like rapidshare etc. The script is written in Kohana so Im looking for a person who knows this framework. These include:
– improving the current action script
– add options for files streming

If cooperation is successful it provides a constant cooperation with the site. There are a lot of things to do in the future.

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Text Link Ads Script

I require a text link advertising script similar to for use on our own private network of websites to sell advertising space on our sites, and other advertisers websites.

The type of functions we require is the same as what is currently available with Text-Link-Ads, so potential creators are encouraged to familiarise yourself with their system.

Typically, the system should be able to display websites which users can purchase advertising links on, and to be able to sort by category, cost, PR rating or Alexa ranking.

The user should be able to obtain full information about the website that they are seeking to purchase adverts on. This information is a combination of user submitted information, and also Alexa rankings and Google PR – so the script should incorporate the capability to recover a websites/webpage PR and Alexa ranking, and to calculate potential advertising values using other metrics should be incorporated into the script.

A payment system is also required to take payment for adverts purchased. The ability to take payments (via paypal) and refund or pay advertisers via paypal is also required.

The scripts is required to remotely display adverts on the advertisers website also, by means of a piece of code inserted in the advertisers webpage or website. The capability to operate across multiple platforms and programming languages is also required, depending on what system and coding the advertiser uses –
ie, php, asp, or even a blog site using wordpress, vbulletin etc.

Basically the script is required to act as an intermediary between the webmaster selling advertising links, and the webmaster purchasing advertising links, and to be able to take the details from one, and display it on the other, via remote scripts which would operate on our own server.

The ability to create user accounts, and also operate an affiliate payment system/referral system is further required.

Potential creators should make sure they fully understand the requirements of this project before they submit a bid by explicitly stating this in their bid details.

I can upload or provide a link to view text-link-ads system to potential creators requiring this. If you require this information, please ask me.

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Opengts Installation/configuration

I need someone with experience in opengts because I am gonna need info about the server and and bandwith needed for
the project capable on hosted about 3000 devices. I need traccar to be integrated into opengts,and a enfora DCS. I am taking suggestion on devices that would provide the maximum functionalities and be at a reasonable price. I also need someone capable of of offering support and admin training.

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ITSP Solution And Programer

We are an ITSP looking to provide SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX solutions to business and enterprise customers.

The first phase requires building an OpenSips and Freeswitch/Asterisk cluster. Please see attached network diagram. The cluster specifications will be:

– Scalable
– Fully Redundant
– Configurable (easily add new accounts and set maximum number of concurrent calls per account)
– Burstable number of concurrent calls per account
– Voicemail system
– Call hunting
– DIDs and LCR
– Monitoring tools for checking peer status, ping time, rtp, network issues
– Monitor critical cluster services (Mysql, Asterisk, freeswitch, OpenSips, etc)
– Calls can be authenticated by username and password, source IP address
– G.729 and T.38 Support

Please bid on this project only if you have extensive knowledge working with Asterisk/Freeswitch and Opensips.

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VPS Server Setup (LAMP, AWStats, PHPMyAdmin, S3 Backup)

Bids should ONLY be $30.00

LAMP Web Server:
-AUDIO Encoders (mp3, m4a, aac, wav, etc…)
-SSH/SFTP Only (FTP Disabled)
-A few other packages to install…will provide list

Three Sites:
– http://www.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX
– http://*.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX

Nightly Database Backup and Incremental File Backup to Amazon S3

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Linux Webserver Compiling And Performance Programmer

We operate our own dedicated Webserver that is running Ubuntu 10.10
– 64 bit with the latest versions of a MySQL compatible database, WebServer
and PHP software. Need a programmer to compile from source for performance
and or compatibility reasons. Should be familiar with the various
compilation switches and the optimization of size and performance factors.
Should have good English verbal and writing skills, e-mail and Skype.

At present we are seeking a price for the following:

1. Compile and Install php 5.36 with fastcgi
2. Compile and install APC 3.17
3. Install and configure Cherokee 1.22 Webserver
4. Compile and Install Maria 5.3 x64 from source (MySQL Compatible Database)

We will test in a live environment for performance
and compatibility. So there may be several iterations. In this
case we are seeking the absolute best website performance.

Deliverables are a live Website with our Shopping Cart and WordPress 3.1 running.
Both are live now – we are just building an updated Webserver platform for
performance and security reasons.

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Amazon Web Services SES Integration With Existing AWS EC2

I have an Amazon Web Services EC2 CentOS linux server currently configured with Sendmail, Dovecot, Postfix and sites leveraging PHP. Ive recently hit an issue with sending/receiving e-mail, and to help resolve the issue, I need someone who can either:

a.) resolve my current mail delivery issues
— or —
b.) resolve and then integrate Amazon Web Services SES (email services) with my current configuration.

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Multi Positions

MEGANOM, Inc is a new US start-up company currently looking to build a worldwide team through GAF. We are looking for the following positions:

– Two Android Developers
– Two iOS Developers
– Two .Net Developers, + Sharepoint
– Two PHP Developers (WordPress/ Joomla / Drupal), knowledge in Symphony or Zend is a plus
– One Unix/Linux Engineer, experience with Amazon EC2 is a plus
– One Microsoft Engineer, experience with Citrix is a plus
– One Network Engineer, experience with PBX and Asterix is a plus
– One Graphic Designer

The candidates should upload their CV along their applications and samples of their previous work and achievements.

The positions requires applicant to sign NDAs from time to time.
All Software developed will be under the Intellectual Property of MEGANOM, INC
The applicants should be only individuals on GAF, and will have the right to work individually as well.
All applicants should should show high level of English proficiency.
The applicants should know that this is a project base position for now.
The applicants should be able to work in a team environment with colleagues across the globe.
Applicants should be highly responsive to any inquiry within 24 hours maximum.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted within 14 business days.

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I want to install the java GPS fleetmanagement application on a server (a new one you can choose the platform like Ubuntu, Plesk etc.)

The project is only to install OpenGTS on this server before moving it to our exploitation server (with many other soft and scripts).

The time is limited, and you can reach me for any question,

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PowerMTA Admin/Setup

I am looking for someone to Setup and configure PowerMTA.
Must have experience with PowerMTA.

We are looking for FULL setup to the point where we can send mail with decent delivery to yahoo hotmail and Gmail

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Starting An Application With Python

I am a very experienced web developer that has little experience with game servers and python. Im trying to start a game server hosting site for a game called Minecraft but I cant figure out how to start the server. I keep getting error codes and I dont know how to get around it.

The requirements of this job:

-Show me how to use python to start a game server (a jar file).
-Show me how to capture the process pid so I can terminate the server. I dont want to start it and have it get lost forever in the processes eating up my cpu.
-Show me how I can use python to record the information. I dont know the best way to do this but Im thinking it needs to be recorded to a mysql db.

To be perfectly honest I dont even know if this will work on my server. Ive written a simple python file that executes the server on my own computer but the same setup does not work for my server (paid hosting). So Im not sure if my server is blocking me from running the application. If someone can tell me this before they start that would be great. Id rather not pay someone to tell me- "oh yah, this aint going to work. 30 bucks prease!!".

Oh! And if youre Indian or Pakistani or what-have-you, do NOT just post some stupid s*** like- "Lets do it…" and expect me to even consider you. Not that your background has anything to do with it, I just see this ALL THE TIME from these two countries. You must be able to speak english and explain this to me (I love to learn). Im sick of seeing your bids…. really.

Budget: $30 – cmon this is easy!

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OpenGTS Server Config

Setup and Install OpenGTS and tracar

The configuration of the protocols for TK201 and sipgear tk500 trackers. (Or suggestions on prefered trackers)

Also a training in admin usage and skinning of web page.

I need someone that could give maintenance, adapt new protocols, add new features, etc. in the future to the system.

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Setup Exim On Linux VPS

I need my linux vps with centos and cpanel installed to rotate my ips when sending mail. I have a windows server that hosts my mailing software that I want to send from.

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Need Script To Parse Log File

Hello Bidders,
We need a script that will login to a remote nodejs server (tcpip port), parse specified log files on the local server and send data across to the remote server.

Heres the basic algorithm:

1. Read from configuration file (/etc/file_name.cfg)
a. Rules ( regular expressions )
b. List of log files
c. Server address, port
d. Username, password
2. Tail the log files in realtime (perhaps in seperate processes)
3. Parse each line using the rules
4. Send the parsed data to the server.

[steps 2,3,4 will run indefinately]

5. If server pushes data, read header to determine type of data
a. [password] – change password in config file and reconnect to server
b. [logs] – change logs in config file and reconnect to server
c. [rules] – change rules in config file and reconnect to server

The script needs to be platform-independent. It will be run on both Windows and Linux machines

Sample Config File










Please bid reasonably. For the experienced programmer this should be a quick project.
Use PM for questions.

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Protect My Server From SYN Flood Attack

Lately my server is attacked with Syn Flood.
Can someone help me with a protection against those attacks?

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Convert Png To Jpg In WordPress Blogs (for Cosmin)

This project is for Cosmin

Convert all png images to jpg in my 3 WordPress blogs.

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Assistance With Configuring Vps Apache Php Mysql

I require assistance configuring a linux VPS Redhat. I believe everything is installed. I just need to have the Apache talk to the PHP and have the phpmyadmin set up. I have root access and a CPX control Panel installed.

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Linux Webserver Compiling And Performance Expert

We operate our own dedicated Webserver that is running Ubuntu 10.10
– 64 bit with the latest versions of a MySQL compatible database, WebServer
and PHP. From time to time we need to compile from source for performance
and or compatibility reasons. Should be familiar with the various
compilation switches and the optimization of size and performance factors.
Should have good English verbal and writing skills, e-mail and Skype.

At present we are seeking a price for the following:

1. Compile and Install php 5.36 with fastcgi
2. Compile and install APC 3.17
3. Install and configure Cherokee 1.22 Webserver
4. Compile and Install Maria 5.3 x64 from source (MySQL Compatible Database)

We will test in a live environment for performance
and compatibility. So there may be several iterations. In this
case we are seeking the absolute best website performance.

Deliverables are a live Website with our Shopping Cart and WordPress 3.1 running.
Both are live now – we are just building an updated Webserver platform for
performance and security reasons.

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