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Car Ignition Distributor Cap

PROBLEM: My cars ignition distributor cap is too tall and blocks a metal pipe connection (as shown in pictures). The attached pictures show the original distributor cap, Rotor mechanism that operates inside this cap, and the space constraints.

CHALLENGE: Design a cars ignition DISTRIBUTOR CAP that meets the following criteria:

1. Reconstruct the 3D laser scanned mesh (.obj file) of the original distributor cap and "reverse engineer" an accurately sized 3D model.
2. Maximum height from base of NEW design = 56mm
3. Manufacturer friendly design that minimizes production cost.
4. The final design file must be compatible with Solidworks software.

Attached is an example of the original distributor cap design. The 3 screw holes at the base must be in the same positions, so the only design feature that needs changing is the spark wire connectors. These 7 tubes protruding from the distributor cap need to face different directions so they do not contact the pipe as shown in the picture. Please, only bid on this project IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DESIGN a Distributor cap for manufacturing. Full payment sum will be sent to FreeLancer upon completion of the design that meets the above criteria.

If you are experienced using software like Rapidform XOR2 or XOR3, this should be quick and easy.

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Base Metal Jewelry Production

We are looking for a manufacture for a small token. The pieces should be in a non tarnishing white metal. I will provide prototypes. Quantities between 50 and 1000.

We need someone who can work with us through the entire process from sourcing to delivery. Whomever we pick must have knowledge of issues for importingtax and tariff, shipping (FOB, CIF), and all regulatory requirements (US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF)

Candidates must speak English.

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Tony’s Alcohol Disclosing Tabs

Like many other Australians, I cannot drink alcohol nor eat food containing alcohol, for health reasons. I asked my pharmacist if there was a disclosure pill, paper etc which reveals the presence of alcohol in a food or drink etc. The pharmacist said hed never heard of it, but it was a good idea.

I think it may be an even better idea if someone could help me invent the product, and market it. It could also be used in situations where drink spiking occurs. Hence it has a safety aspect, not to mention the health side.

On thinking about it, I said "Why cant I already buy this product?" Simple answer: Nobody has thought of it.

The idea must be worth a bit, but to make a quid from it?

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Ironing Board Covers

Im looking for an ironing board cover manufacturer to make customized ironing board covers with designs on them, my own personal designs.

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Need A Mould Made For Casting Urethane/rubber Part

I need a mould (mold) made for casting a urethane ribbed bowl. The bowl is roughly 24" to 30" in diameter and is tapered like a conical "V". I will send CAD drawings of what I need done. You must submit previous molds that you have made. After you show pictures of the finished mold I will pay 50% and when the mold arrives I will release the other 50%. You can see I have excellent feedback.

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Turbine Switch

I require a component, similar in size & shape to a PC cooling fan. 3" x 3" Approx.
That allows current to pass through only when the fan blades are rotating.

The fan blades ideally to be made is plastic, low resistance for low air flow situations.
As light weight as possible, and low cost per unit.

I am building a prototype at this stage but will require future volume.

The best description would be a Airflow switch.


04/01/2011 at 13:13 EDT:

I would also consider a similar sized item that generates a small current when airflow is detected.
Ideally around 5v.

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Source For Print On Canvas Suppliers In The US


We are a big retailer of photo prints on canvas.

We would like you to conduct a complete supplier sourcing in the US, contacting printing companies that print on canvas (not retailers with a website that sells to end customers like ourselves).

These companies will have an online interface to our print orders and will need to print and ship them to the customers. Each print will be a separate custom made print (we will not order big quantities of the same print)

Assuming that we will order at least 100 prints a month, please prepare a table with the following:

1.) Name of the company
2.) Address
3.) Email address
4.) Phone number
5.) Price for 12"x16" Gallery-Wrapped canvas print (the width of the Gallery-Wrap can be 1". if otherwise please mention the width)
6.) Same for 16"x20" – you can tell them that our target price for this size is less than $30
7.) Same for 20"x24"
8.) Same for 24"x36"
9.) Monthly capacity

The table should include 30 suppliers from all across the US. Please note that if the price for number 5 is over $50, it is surely a retailer with prices for end customers, so you shouldnt even list it in the table.

If the results will be good, we will need your help with doing similar research in the UK and AU as well.



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Produce Any Metal And Plastic Product

Looking for projects that we can support, we are specialized in OEM / ODM product. Have our own machinery in-house, if there is anything you need we are able to provide as we are a product factory.

03/30/2011 at 4:20 EDT:

See our company website at we are part of a group called Kingdom group

You can contact me at

03/30/2011 at 4:22 EDT:

I am Chinese born in Holland and finished my degree in the UK.

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Low Cost Linux NetBook

Hello, and thank you.

We are seeking a partner to help us source a low cost netbook that runs a full linux OS. The target cost is $100 or lower.

The specs needed are already found in another product. They are displayed here:

(We may need to make minor adjustments to the design e.g. upgrade the CPU to the same one to the 833mhz Samsung S5PC100. This CPU takes DDR2 RAM rather than the slower DDR1 memory which will bring down the costs and improve system performance).

However, the product above violates the GPL licence and thus dealing with it may result in copyright issues.

We are looking for a partner to help us build OR source a similar device. If need be, we will provide our own custom Linux distribution to work with this machine.

Kindly note that we welcome any other low cost full linux laptops that you may have in mind. The only "must have" feature is:
-3G modem with integrated SIM card slot
-Cost should be as close to $100 as possible

Please note that the price you quote on this project is not the one we shall use if we agree – we will likely change the price as we come to an agreement.

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Sales Representative In China

We need a representative to find manufacturers and products in China and Taiwan. The variety of products extends from toys to electronics.

Compensation is based per project on the success of the finding the correct product, guaranteeing quality, finding manufacturers, and amount of sales.

We require all reps to sign a non disclosure agreement.

Must be fluent in English and Chinese. Taiwanese a plus.

Negotiating skills a plus. Written translation an absolute necessity. If interested please provide cv or resume to pmb board.

We will consider using multiple sources . Thanks…


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RFQ / Product Sourcing Software

AVTELCOM is a privately owned company focusing primarily on global trading and services. AVTELCOM is engaged in the supply of Audio, Video, Telecom, Electronics, Electrical, Electro-Mechanical, Test Equipment, Computer Networking Equipment and Parts to clients around the world.

We are looking for an RFQ / Product Sourcing Software that expedites the Request for Quotation / Sourcing process by streamlining the tasks required to Solicit Bids/Quotations from multiple vendors.

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Looking For Somebody In China That Knows Factories…

Im in need of somebody who has connections with suppliers/manufacturers in China that sell products wholesale.

My main focus is electronics, cell phone accessories, ect. but Im open to buying other products as well.

Please include a sample catalog or some way to help me trust that you have contact with a reliable factory that can supply me goods.

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Wholesale Clothing

Looking for wholesale of men fashion, clothes in general, shoes and accessories.

Need as many as you can get, or if the ones you get are good enough there is no need to be a huge list.

Good quality products no knock offs, no copies, no branded products.

please refer to the link for the style of products Im interested, they should look same or similar to the ones on the link below

Im not interested in sites like alibaba, dhgate or similars.

Suppliers must have a working website, contact email, address, ( phone number is a plus )

Please provide at least one link as a reference.

Suppliers must accept paypal and ship to New Zealand

Thanks a lot

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Beach Towels, Sunglasses And Sun Hats

I need good designs beach towels, hats and sunglasses for pharmacies.

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Looking For Supplier Of Genesis GMT15A MultiTool

I am looking for the manufacturer of Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi – Tool. Will verify after receiving your information. We are also looking for a long-term partners for Power Tool Sourcing as well.

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Vitamin Supplement Sourcing

For this project we are looking for someone to find manufacturers that will make our multi-vitamin supplement. You will need to find several custom manufacturing supplement companies and find the best price.

The amount of work required shouldnt be more than some phone calls and some emailing, then waiting for responses, and writing it up.
You will be given the exact formula that we want made, so that the manufacturers can give you a price, along with other essential details needed.
The manufacturer must be in the U.S, and we will give you a few companies that we have found to get started (as a guideline)

The end result will be a list of companies with prices, and contact details for who to deal with (so that we can take it from there).

Thanks for your time.

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NEW Idea Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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Chinese Purchasing Assistant & Translator Needed

Hi all,

I am looking for 2 purchasing assistants?


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Unique Product Finders

Interesting new products searcher needed. This is a 60 day job.

We are looking for someone in any country send us a list of 30 interesting, cool, useful, clever, with nice looking packaging. Pay is $USD $30 for a list of 30 suitable products you introduce to us within 2 months.

First, the products we DON

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Research In Chinese, Korean Or Japanese

I need a person to research and find wholesale/bulk manufacturer of a special bakery box.
I need a person who lives in China, Korea, Singapore or Fillipines
or a person who speaks native language in these countries.

Details are below:

Product needed: macaron box plastic macaron box, PVC macaron box, macaron packaging, macaron packing, etc

Number: macaron box for 3, 5 or 6, 10 or 12, 16 or 1, 24 or 25, 36 cookies.

Box detail: must protect macaron.o r must have a cell for each individual macaron

Product for the box: macaron – is a french cookie. It is delicate and needs protective packaging. Sometimes people would call it macaroon or macaron, french cookie, sandwich cookie, etc

Dimensions of one macaron: diameter 1.7 inch or 3.5-4 cm, height 1.2 inch or 3 cm.

Manufacturer does ont have to speak English.

Price: very low, wholesale, bulk price.

The package should look similar to these:

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Searching For A V-Belt Manufacturer


We are searching for a V-Belt manufacturer.
Currently we carry about 500 different belts for a small engines.
We have been in this business for many years, and we have decided
that it is time to research outsourcing manufacturing of our own products
which is belts for different small engine applications. There are many other
companies competing in our field, many of them are manufacturing their own
products already. We have been dealing with this for some time now and have
been had a few times, so we are not fresh off the banana boat.
We are looking for a long term business relationship.
I can give the perspective company samples, and measurements.

Kind Regards

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NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 50-100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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5 Axis CNC Machining Of High Density Foam Blocks

This project requires the machining of 8 high density foam blocks. I currently have a NURBS model in Rhino 3d that I would need to split into 8 blocks and machined, the complete size is approximately 4 metres long by 2 metres wide by 1 metre high – therefore unless it can be machined from 1 piece then it would be easier to do this as 8 blocks individually.

The Rhino model would have to be split into 8 blocks (each a separate Rhino model) so it could be machined from 1m x 1m x 1m high density foam blocks unless it can be done from one single block). The Rhino model would have to be converted into the correct format for 5 axis CNC machining (STEP format) and then used for machining. The final blocks would then have to be packaged and shipped to the UK (cost not to be included in the quote).

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Case Analysis

Looking for a researcher to analyze an SCM case. Bidder must show deep understanding of Supply Chain.

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Reverse Engineer Chemical Formula Of Silicone Emulsion Blend

We want to create our own GE Bayer SF 1214 ( )

You are to provide full description and procedure of creating the silicone emulsion with similar traits as the SF1214. The traits are as described in the data sheet above. We are asking for the recipe, instruction, and/or chemical formula to create the GE Bayer SF 1214 silicone emulsion.

GE Bayer SF 1214
SF 1214 contains E-30
SF 1214 contains SF 1202

In other words, DO NOT simply tell us how to make SF 1214 by blending E-30 and SF 1202 together.

What we want to know is the full procedure in creating the SF1214 with raw materials with no reliance of commercial products by any of the firms, such as Momentive, Dow Corning, and Wacker Chemie.

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Find 3-5 Wholesale/Bulk Industrial & Tree Gear Suppliers

I need someone to do some research for me and find wholesale suppliers who can sell me industrial supplies (example list of what type of stuff Im looking for below) and tree climbing gear. I am looking for bulk/wholesale prices and suppliers only.

Here is an example list of the type of industrial supplies I want you to find suppliers for:
– 5/8" x 12" turnbuckle
– 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable
– cable clamps
– pulley
– climbing gear
– Jake Screw-Lok Carabiner
– tree climber harnesses
– bungee cord rope

I have about 100 or so things that you will need to find for me. Most of the items I need to find are related so you will most likely not have to find more than 3-5 good suppliers as many of them will supply a good portion of the products I am looking for. Please place your bid below now to do the project explained in this job.

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Assist Me In Finding A Chinese Manufacturer

I am looking for someone to assist me in finding a suitable manufacturer of a product. I work in the metal business specifically tungsten and I am looking for a tungsten parts manufacturer. The right manufacturer will be able to either fabricate my specific design or use a current design. I would imagine most would have knowledge of the product type.

I will hire someone who can clearly and efficiently communicate the findings with me. You will need to create a spreadsheet of the costs of each manufacturer you find. I will need a report that includes their contact information. The breakdown must include minimum order quantities, cost of samples, estimated cost of shipping, time needed to fulfill order, names and contact information of the person I would speak with. I may need continued support between myself and the manufacturer and I will pay you if that should occur.

I need a minimum of 4 manufacturers of tungsten products to compare. They must be the original manufacturer and not a third party buyer. There are additional details I will save for the hired party, but please use this as a guide for whether or not you can complete this task.

Thank you

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Manufacture LED Ring Prototype From Design

I need a manufacturer for an led ring prototype that I have a design for.

If you do a good job on the prototype.. and if wanted .. you can be our main supplier for this device.

What I need is:

1) A ring with LEDs fitted into it..
2) rechargeable battery.. preferably by inductive charging
3) should also be water proof.

Please bid if you can meet these specifications.

This ring should be pretty easy to make.. so please bid accordingly.

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Simple Set Top Box

We need a device with these features:

-Basically it is the size of a small TV set top box
-Had a really simple internal architecture
-Can run a full OS like one of the really small/simple linux distros
-Can output to a TV
-Has two USB ports (which ideally could take a mouse and keyboard for input)
-Has a LAN port (not mandatory)
-Has a microSD slot to expand memory (the internal need only be enough for the OS and some little more)
-Has a port to take a GSM SIM card to access mobile network SMS and data (3G/GPRS/etc)

-The device will be used to run a very small light linux based OS so the hardware does not need to be modern and flashy, just something that can run a lightweight OS, a browser and basic programs with ease. This means that the processor can even be a pentium 3 processor – basically, the hardware does not need to be modern.

-The device is similar to this one:
-The target price of the device is as close to $50 or lower as possible (of course if this is not possible then it can be raised)

1. Does a device like this exist? If so, we would like you to quote us on supply of the device.

2. We are also interested in engaging you to design and manufacture such a device. Give price to supply complete unit and give price to supply PCB files and BOM only.

Please do not be limited by the price range for this project, we just picked it randomly and know that it can go higher/lower.

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Production Of Objetcs


I want a company to produce an item I designed. I wish first prototype, and then when everything will be ok, I want a big production.

I have autocad files and 3d model of my item. To simplicity, this object is a plastic box, with size 8x8x8 centimeters. I will give more details by private message or winner depending on the type of information requested.

Say me more if you needs more details for the good first price, for the prototyp.

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Draw Industrial Plan From A 3D Model


I search a person to draw industrial plan from a 3D model.

I create a product on 3d software and i would like that you create for me 2d plan for future productions.

On this plan, you must add sizes, materials, perspective, etc…

I will show the model as the winner.

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URGENT: Product Design & Manfacturing [PROTOTYPE]

Hello Freelancers.
I am looking for an industrial designer to help design my product [PROTOTYPE].
The designer I am looking for will be creative and have experience in developing functional products ready for market.
looking for someone who can build me a custom barcode, coded only web links [up t0 100 character], dimensions for printed barcode is [w:20px, H:20px]. circle or square. Surely we need a software to convert web links into the barcode.
Also we need a barcode reader/scanner can read our custom barcode without any errors or difficulties, the reader/scanner must be shaped as a pen, beautiful shape, look smart.
the communication between the laptop/cellphone is a BLUTOOTH technology, so the reader/scanner is wireless and should charging from usb [like mp3 pen] or working on a small battery. so when we read the barcode the website open in the laptop/cellphone. [MUST PROVIDE TWO PROTOTYPES OF PEN].
our company will own the custom barcode/ reader and our logo must be printed on the product.
before you send the prototype i need to see it working .
also the custom barcode and reader must be registered for me [my name] at USA patent registrar [i know its take one year to get the patent certificate but i mean registered as pending patent].
FINAL WORKS [2 pen prototype + barcode software] must shiped to my address, out of your country [will be provided for a project winner].
Daily update needed. good communication is VERY VERY important. [phone, fax, email].

If you think you have the expertise and skills to help with this project please respond to this post.
Thanks in advance.

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