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Algebra Help

Hello I need Algebra help on one assignment right now. If someone could please help me that would be great. Thank you.


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Statistical Analysis Mysql Dataset

I need a statistics expert that can conduct the analysis of data in a mysql database and produce reports on an ongoing basis.

1) download the latest dataset from this page (use March 29 2011)
2) follow the instructions to extract the file and populate the database
3) run queries and produce reports in excel

This job will be ongoing however I would like to start with a small project with some clear reports to asses your skills and to find the right fit.

Please provide a quote on the work of getting the dataset, setting it up and produce the following reports:
– a histogram of first view document complete page load time
– a histogram of first view start render times
– what % of sites use CDNs for the root domain ie: or any other domain that includes the root domain (ie: or
– correlation between the letter grades given for Keep-alive Enabled, Compress Text, Compress Images, Cache Static Content, Combine JS/CSS Files and Use of CDN to first view document complete page load time

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Linear Algebra. Matrix. Equations Solving.

Please see attached file.
I will provide detailed step-by-step instructions.
Very simple for who knows matrix and linear algebra.

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Explicit Scheme Of Burger’s Equation

I need an explicit scheme of Burgers equation with two degree accuracy in both time and space. I have developed such a scheme but which actually give more errors than the scheme with one degree accuracy in both time and space.
I have the data of u for h=.1, k=.01. and for other one combination of h and k which is attached as ua.mat file.
I have also attached the mat file to calculated the error for my new scheme.

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Pure Data – Video Mixer & Help

Need help with the software PureData ( Similar to Max MSP ) .

I need you to program a video mixer, this is an emergency !! Something simple if you are good with the software.

After this, I will hire you frequently to assist me in various project .

Please BID and I will msg you right after.

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*UPDATED* Fortran Programming For Engineering Application

Im doing a project that entails fluid dyamics and heat transfer. Therefore it is necessary that you have the knowledge on the mentioned subjects.

More specifically, i need to programme certain formulas in Fortran and eventually able to predict the performance of the system based on the formulas and the programming.

The project is a transient state project therefore the difficulty level is higher as there are more uncertainties.

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Small Assignment Of Infrared Music Transmission System

This assignment is based on student budget.

The circuits are consist of Transmitter and Receiver, those two circuits are transmitted by Infrared LED (Tx & Rx).
It would be a simulation of the circuits, and the components hardware in the breadboard.

Mono or Stereo jack is connected from the transmitter, and we must have a tuner (variable resistor in transmitter) to tuning the volume, then we can hear the sound from the transmitter respectively.

The Objectives:
*Able to hear the sound at the transmitter as well as the input music (with any modulation technique, AM is preferable)
*Adjust the tuner, as to be the volume control of the sound

We can use any types of components. Simple basic Amplifier is recommended.
No need Programmable IC or microcontroller Unit. Just use an IC or OP-AMP chips.

The components that available at the moment right now,
*Transistor NPN BC548 and PNP 558,
*Mono Speaker 8 Ohms,
*UM66 and LM 386 for music,
*OP-AMP 741,
*Diode Zener 3.2 V,
*3 pairs of LEDs Transmitter and Receiver,
*Male jack 3.5mm (due to connection cable from computer to hardware),
*Female stereo and mono for jack 3.5mm cable,
*Voltage regulator,
*Some Capacitors and Resistors,
*Battery 9V 2pcs,
*Variable Resistors 10k Ohm, 100k Ohm


Budget is not more than $40. And the complete period would be just 3 days, from the day it posted.
Submission Maximum at Monday April 4th.

Description of Works:

1) Simulation of schematic the current circuits for both transmitter and receiver, by using Multisim or Proteus.
This simulation may be successful in the process, but it must applied to the actual components until the project works.

2) Full explanations of the simulation part. (Ms. Word files and component datasheets)

For instance;
* What modulation technique do we use.
* Basic calculations or any equations that require in the simulations
* Why we use this type of amplifiers? (i.e. OP-AMP 741)
* What the purposes of these resistor of … Ohm, Capacitor or any IC in the circuit,
* If the transmitter use modulation, how the demodulation signal going through at receiver,
* If the sound it is not clear as the input, what happened to the signals?
* Why it come with noise at the receiver?
* And other explanations, regarding how the circuit works properly.

NOTE : The job is only the schematic simulations in the software ($25) and full explanations of why it works and operates, I would ask some questions if necessary ($15). Therefore I will construct the hardware in the breadboard myself.

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Mathematics Tutor

Looking for an advanced math tutor to help me with 1 assignment. The topic is College Algebra. That is all.

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Business Related Assignment
need the answers for rest of the problems except question 1..please check the excel sheet carefully for all the questions ..and i need the solution for all of it asap…..
i can pay $ 5 per question

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Need Solution Within An Hour( $5 Per Question ) 3 Hr Time

well task is done..i just want u to paraphrase the solutions and send me urgently……i am sending u the questions with solutions…whoever bidding first pls send me ready made solutions for the questions after rewriting perfectly in different way..i can pay $ 5 per solution..i prefer 9.3 and 9.2 first which is inside the zip and which is in image

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