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Change (5) Mt-4 Indcators To Multicharts Powerlanguage

I need (5) metatrader-4 indicators converted to Multicharts PowerLanguage Editor with precision accuracy!

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Alerts On CCT_BollingerBands% Oscillator – $30 Max Bid.

Modifications for an existing indicator CCToscillator.mq4 for Metatrader 4 platform:
Create E-mail, Sound,PopUp alerts on provided CCT Oscillator indicator, for Metatrader4 Platform with multiple alert options.
Alerts are activated when CCT oscillator crosses or closes below indicator_level1 line, or crosses or closes above indicator_level3 line.

External variables:
CrossAlert: true/false
CloseAlert: true/false
CrossSoundAlert : 1.wav
CloseSoundAlert: 2.wav
E-mail Alert: true/false
SoundAlert: true/false
PopUp: true/false
CrossAboveText : CCT crosses above indicator_level3 line
CrossBelowText: CCT crosses below indicator_level1 line
CloseAboveText: CCT closes above indicator_level3 line
CloseBelowText: CCT closes below indicator_level1 line

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MT$ EA Using 2 Indicators

Simple MT4 EA using 2 indicators

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Add News Filter To Existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot

I have an existing robot that i want to add a news filter to. This news filter should be based on the Forex Factory Calender. I should be able to back test with an existing CSV file of past news events. The news filter should be able to:
* select news events that are effecting a pair
* filter high, medium or low impact news.
* select a time not to trade before and after high, medium and low impact news.
* have an extra custom category of news which will be extra high, we should be able to filter on this and select no trading time frames for this.

Anyone bidding for this must have previous experience of adding news filters to robots. You will be required to show my a compiled version of this that is working.

I can provide a CSV file with 4 years worth of news events.

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Forex Trade Manager

What I am looking for is the following:

A Forex Trade Manager which does the following:

A stand-alone interface, similar to which places an expert advisor in clients metatrader accounts and thus sends the clients trading position (P&L, trades etc) to a stand-alone software in real-time where I can monitor multiple accounts, see their current P&L, trades etc.


If you have any previously developed software which has these capabilities please let me know.

This is an urgent project so please bid fast, and tell how long it would take to complete the project?

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Explain How An EA Works

Ive an Ea with source code but I dont know how and when and why it opens the positions. I need a programmer to read the code and explain how the EA works. Which are the strategies behind it? The results will be a detailed word document with the explanation.
No custom indicators are integrated in the code.
The EA has 676 code lines.

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Expert Advisor (EA) Trading Strategy For MT4

I look for a Forex trading strategy that can:

– Average profit per month 2% to 10% or greater
– Risk < 2% per trade.
– SL < 45 PIPS
– TP > 90 PIPS +
– Live proof for at least 12 months
– 2-10 Trades Per week
– Profitable historical back test of 2 Years Minimum
– Run it on demo account on my broker for 1 Month and allow me investor access.
– If it works fine on my broker , I will buy it from you.
– Must work on MT4 platform
– Provide me the source code


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Simple EA From One Indicator

Simple EA from 1 indicator
Dont merge together EA and indicator (Indicator is one peace and EA second EA cant be run without indicator software) to peaces working together.
I looking someone to make a simple EA based from one indicator
When we have red arrow go SHORT
When we have green arrow go LONG
When new red or green arrow upper exit old trade (close old and open a new trade), and go in the new one directions of the new arrow

EA Inputs
TradeFriday true/false

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Custom EA To Use Metaquotes Indicator

I have an EA that relies upon accurate Atr, currently it uses iATR that is coded into the EA.
Unfortunately the EA seems to output sometimes a very slight difference in Atr to the metaquotes indicator, and I have concluded the metaquotes indicators is correct.
There are two ways to try to fix this, perhaps lift the idicator code from the metaquotes indicator and apply it to my EA in place of iATR, or for the EA to call upon the idicator on a tick by tick basis for the Atr reading, this would be my preferred method.

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MetaTrader MT4 Fibonacci Retracement EA Indicator

We would like an Indicator or Expert Advisor which ever would make more sense for our situation. It will be a trade assistant with readings on the left side of the screen which tells to stop trading because there is a news announcement and also it will give us alerts that we have a correct Fibonacci retracement (adjustable parameter) from the last fractal high/low. The alert will only come if the last fractal high low is in progression from other fractal high/lows going in a certain direction with the trend . AN additional filter is a moving average that tells us the trade is in the direction of the trend or maybe both. For example the 21EMA has to have crossed above a 50SMA and that would give us the filter for the uptrend for long signal alerts only. With adjustable parameters for SMA and EMA and we would only be alerted once all these conditions are met to a retrace of 50% for a long signal. Also we want a true/false filter saying the CCI has crossed below a certain level with all of these with adjustable parameters. Once all these conditions are met we get an alert.

Also if you will see this is very similar to what we want including the strength meter also picking up on the Forex pair we put the Indicator/EA on…

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Simple Breakout Strategy

I need a EA trading strategy programmed for use with MT4.
It is a simple strategy for use on one time frame.
I am only after one version to be written at this stage. I may then contact you to add an indicator or for use with multi time frame data, will pay extra for each version after V1.

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Modification Of An EA

Im looking for a well experienced MT4 coder to modify an existing EA that I have. The EA is based on price action and no indicators are involved. MT4 Coder should have Forex trading knowledge.

The system is based on a daily chart and I already have an EA available with the basic setup for it but I require someone to include some features; (user entry fields has been marked as field )

If the range from high to low of the previous days candle is greater than (or equal to) Previous_bar_range_limit of pips, it is a valid setup candle indicating that a trade setup will be looked for today. The setup is as follows:
If yesterdays closing price was higher than the opening price (bullish candle) you will be shorting today. An entry may only occur between Trade time
In order to enter a trade, todays high must exceed yesterdays high, even if only by one pip. If that part doesnt happen, there will be no trade today. Once it does, the next signal is the current price dropping below yesterdays closing price. The short trade is entered at one pip below yesterdays closing price, with a stop loss equal to one pip above todays high. If that price comes before Trade Start the entry will be at Trade Start as long as the price at that time is still under yesterdays closing price. In order to allow a little volatility the minimum pip amount of stop loss must never be less than 10 pips.
If yesterdays closing price was below the opening price (bearish candle), everything is simply reversed. You must wait for todays low to be at least one pip lower than yesterdays low, then the trade is entered long at one pip above yesterdays closing price, with the stop loss being one pip below todays low or 10 pips below the entry price, whichever is less.
The current EA has a semi-trailing stop included so that whenever you are in profit 50 pips, the stop loss is moved 50 pips (lower for short trades, higher for long trades). This should be removed because we will be implementing a breakeven and trailing stop feature.
I believe that the current EA closes an open trade if it is left open overnight. This should be removed and a trade should only stop if the SL or TP has been hit.

User Entry Parameters and items to include in the EA;

Risk % = amount in no eg. 5 (this will calculate 5% of my account and open trades accordingly. My EA has it available as lot size, I would like to have changed to percentage of account at the time of the order)

Risk Reward Ratio = number (example set to 1 if stoploss has been calculated to 33 pips (yesterdays low/high) and RR is 1, this means that risk reward ratio is 1:1, so the take profit is 33pips + spread, if money management has been set to 2, then the take profit would have been 66 + spread)

Break Even = True or False
Breakeven = amount of pips in favour, stoploss moved to breakeven (calculate spread)

Trailing Stop = True or False
Trailing Stop = amount in pips (Trailing should be greater that the breakeven, if set as less it will conflict with the breakeven)

Trade_on_monday = true or false; Enables or disables open of new trades on Mondays.

Trade time = true or false trades can only be started between these times
Trade Start = 1100 (1100 Broker time)
Trade End = 1300 (1300 Broker time)

Previous_bar_range_limit = amount in pips ( to be used with item below see the description for more info)

Email_alerts_on_trade = True or false EA to send visual and email alert when; 1) Previous bar range is ok and when conditions are met eg: trade is long, low of todays bar is lower than previous bar by 1 pip and time is within trading range 2) Order is initiated . Alert should include the Currency Pair , Long/Short, Time of order , Lots, Entry, SL, TP.

Notes : EA will be used on multiple pairs, EA should be able to handle multiple orders. If an order is opened and closes on the same day. No more trading on that same day for the same pair. EA should work on 4/5 digit broker. IBFX ALPARI

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