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Hiring Writers, 20 Game Articles, $3 Per Article,

Hiring Writers, 20 game articles, $3 per article,

We need 20 game articles, $3 per article. Looking for a proficient writer who has mastered English and has great experience on writing game reviews. You must be a professional MMORPG player and familiar with these 2 games; Rift game and RuneScape and write 5 different articles for one game. (Notice: we need 4 freelancers to complete this project, every freelancer just need to write 5 articles. So freelancers please mark price $15 as your bid price, thanks.)

We need you provide us a trial article ,

Trial Topic: unlimited
Trial words:300+ words
If hired, below are the guidelines for all articles submitted:

All articles must pass copyscape

Spelling and grammar must be perfect in each article submitted.

Each article has to be 400+ words.
The title is unlimited but must original.

Key words should appear 3-4times in per article.
Key words 2 games: 1. Rift: Rift Gold
2. RuneScape: RS Gold
Here are some used subjects provide for you. You can take examples by them.

1. Rift Game
A> RIFT Planes of Telara Tips guide
B> Rift Game Leveling Guide Leaked – A Rift Gameplay Preview
C> Make Easy Gold and Platinum in Rift MMO

2. RuneScape
A> Free Runescape Money Making Guide
B> Runescape Training Guide
C> 12 Acute Trading Runescape Tips.

Note: All articles should be original and takes it from a professional standpoint. We have rights to require any freelancers to correct his unqualified articles. If hired, copyrights will belong to us, author not allowed to use these articles in other way.

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I Am Looking For A Simulair Project

I would like to create a game like …

contact me for more information.

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Making A Web Browser Based MMORPG

I want a game on the smallest budget possible.

Basically, I need someone to do the programming bit as I already have the graphics artist who will be more than willing to work with you.

Essentially, there is a geoclimatic shift and the worlds climate goes haywire. Then theres the countdown to death as there are now a limited number of perishable resources that people are fighting for. The round ends when food and water runs out and everyone dies. However has the highest score wins.

When the player starts up, they get a small settlement with depleting resources (food and water) and a given population. In a block 2D layout, they build buildings on their own plot of land. There are 2 world views – one their own, and the second, the world map.

Civilians" go out and gather food and water and are also sent to recruit "specialists" like doctors, engineers and soldiers. Searching for such specialists requires a lot of food and water (drains resources). However, they in turn train the general population in their respective profession (more doctors engineers and soldiers). They can also respectively enabling the building of hospitals (doctor) , building perimeter defenses (engineer). Importantly, people have the option of getting special upgrades that they must purchase in real money at the online store. Otherwise, they play for free

This of this as a game like "Evony" but more simplified and add the element of "The Road" – its a book about a dystopia. Was also adapted to a movie, look it up its awesome.

May also need some pointers for game design, but I have a good idea of how things will work.

I will be providing a detailed game document (am working on it now)

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Small Program Modifications Without Source

We need some modifications done to a program that we dont have the source for. This includes reverse engineering two .exes.

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Poker Game

We are looking for someone who can do a poker software for us so that we can sell it we want to be the only one branded on the software and you will be creating it for us to resell to others.

Needs to be able to be able to be added to facebook also.

The poker software needs to be downloaded to a users computer and installed. I have examples of good software on facebook if you contact me I can show you.

There needs to be two versions a free to play and a paid to play.

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Poker Game

Were looking for experienced developers who are capable of developing a fully featured and functional poker game (front-end and back-end)

1) Flash-based live poker game.
2) Developing a back-end engine with a secure connection to the client.
3) Developing a scalable back-end engine (Prefer to support more than 2K current online users)
4) Prefer to use Smartfox, red5 or other famous scalable live game servers as the back-end engine
4) Close collaboration in design and special features with us
5) Upon completion we expect to receive the full source code

Any problems and bugs should be dealt with and fixed in a beta period!
Once the project has been successfully launched into a live environment we are interested in securing a long term support and maintenance agreement.

We expect the bidders to provide us with examples and references /contact information of other work theyve completed, so we can get an idea of your works quality.

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I am seeking a candidate to develop a clone for a browser turn base game. It would have pretty much the same core features with some minor changes as well as a different theme. The site is call You would have to be able to also come up with the formula they use in terms of leveling, attack etc…

You must have Skype as well, if interested let me know.

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Unity3D C# Developer / MMO Framework

We are looking for high skilled C# Developers with Unity3D and Smartfox X2 Experience.
All Details of the Project will be provided after contracting.

The following tasks are the main parts of the Project:

– Setup of Smartfox X2 as socket Server
– Setup of Asset Server
– Setup of Membership System
– Setup of Databases
– Implementation of Customizable Game Characters
– Status, Skills, Attributes, Profession System
– Chat System, inkl. Private IM, Group Chat & Team Chat
– Virtual Currency System
– Shop Application
– Inventory System
– Enemy AI System
– Web-based Game CMS

Payment Terms:
Different Payment models are possible. Fixed Rates per Archivement, monthly Fees, etc.

Note that we are looking for professional C# Developers only. This Job does not include any Design or Animation tasks.
Please provide us some examples of your work with Unity3D before placing any bids.

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WoW – World Of Warcraft Expert Needed

I need an expert in WoW whos very familiar with PvP, PvE, Gold Making, Raids, Justice/Valor Points, Power Leveling with strong knowledge in as many classes as possible.

What Im looking for is for a consultant that will run me through the game and teach me the game. We can talk through skype or chat in game. Im located on US server Dentarg at the moment, I can join any US server.

If you know if anyone qualifies for this job, please forward this posting.

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Making A Mmorpg

I want a game on the smallest budget possible must be online im trying to make it like ikariam type on google to see what it is likewould need some one who will be able to do updates ect if i paid them i also want to know what it would look like and what budget dont mind how long it takes to complete i just put any budget because i dont know if u have any way we could make a online game cheap email me

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Unity 3D Game Development

Im looking for a freelance technical consultant for Unity 3D game development. Candidate must have industry experience in game development using Unity 3D. Must have experience using Smartfoxserver and Physics Component. Must also be willing to conduct training to game developers. Must know how to port to different platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac), Android, Web, and PC

Game development company is located in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

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Finite Sweepstakes Games

Please visit and understand this website.

The games will run in the following environments :

1. The Client System. This is the

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Web Page For My Server

I am looking to built a new website for my Mu Online server: More than looks, I am looking for reliability, user friendly functions and security. Although I would not reject an attractive design.

I am looking for reset, Grand reset, VIP and donation modules specifically. Not very concerned about a webshop, because I can solve that usiing other means. I also need access to a CP with banning options, some room for advertisements, compatibility with social networks and all the "basics" a website needs nowadays. Be able to create links and that those links show as buttons on the web interface.
What I am looking for, is something similar to MuWeb 0.9, but with everything working and more personalized.

Anyone up to the task?

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Coding A Costum System Into An Already Existing Source.

I need someone to code a costum system into an already existing C++ source.
Youll need to know all of the skills Ive stated at Skills.
SQL, Game design, MySQL, MMORPG, C++ Programming.
Although Game design wont really be neccesary.
Can pay up to $250.

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Www.GameKiller.Net Coder Positions & Projects

Suggested Qualifications:
-Must be able to write process memory.
-Must be able to read process memory.
-Must have experience with decompiling/reverse engineering games.
-Experience bypassing game securities/hack detectors, is a plus.
-Having an idea on how to use ASM is good.
-Basic Experience with GUI creating.
-Experience with CheatEngine and Packet Editors is a bonus.
-The ability to communicate as a team and with customers is good too.

Keep in mind our current coders and staff would be more than willing to help you along the way, as long as you can provide the basic skills needed.

Basic Job Description:
Youre applying to be on the coding team. Our team specializes in hacking online games such as MapleStory, CombatArms, WonderKing, CrossFire, RumbleFighter, and other MMORPG games. The main position were looking to fill, and most highest paid is the "MapleStory Coder" position. We have full-time positions or just projects in which you could work on for set values.

Pay for full-time positions will vary depending on your skills. Anywhere from 200-400$ a month can be expected for most new coders, unless they prove their self to be more capable (in excess of 1000$ per month can be paid).
Any projects/updates completed for your programs will also have a one time payment, which will vary depending on what you create.

Quirks/Other Info:
-We sell access to hacking programs created by our coders. Each hacking program is protected by our HWID system so your programs cannot be leeched, or decompiled by competitors or other hackers.
-Each of our coders gets a custom userbar, and colored name on our forum.
-Life-time access to our VIP membership section.
-Holiday bonus payments.
-We have a LARGE member website, meaning you will be like a rock-star to them. The coder position is respected by all.
-You will have the chance to work with other skilled coders and increase your knowledge through them.

Add me on msn at NetroGK@ for more information if youre interested. (no spaces)
If you cannot reach me there, please contact BlazeGK@ as an alternative. (no spaces)

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Unity3d Multiplayer

I am interested in updating my site.

I wish to combine the MMO in this video: with the 3d city in this one: the finish product will be an MMO set in a 3d city.

features the MMO needs to have are:

Voice Chat both in public and in the IM
An IM system:
An email system:
Viewing profiles in world:
Clothing inventory:
The ability to block/ignore users, when a user has been block their avatar is no longer displayed to the user that blocked them only their screen name is shown.

Avatars are to be as simple as

How the avatar moves in the MMO is how the avatar needs to move in the final product, the game engine that is used is unity3d.

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Scripting In Secondlife

This is a project that requires at least 6 months of development inside the virtual world of Secondlife.

The requirement is for scripters to work with our 3D content providers, to script program logic into our creations.
At the same time, we have a requirement to create bank "ATM" system that talks to our underlying database outside of the virtual world of Secondlife.

Work should start in early January or late January and should last for 6 months. There is a option to continue and lengthen the project for another 3 more months.

We will be paying by a monthly basis, the pricing is open to discussion.

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MMO Rpg Strategy Game

We are interested in creating a MMO web based game. It will have both RPG and strategy features. It will look like a combination of strategy games similar to travian, tribal wars etc and it will have rpg features similar to gladiatus, bite fight etc. The graphical environment should be 2d and will have no animation. I will supply the necessary graphics.

First of all we need a administration tool that creates in game items and game actions. Each item will have a set of attributes as in icon (uploadable picture) description etc. Each action will have several attributes as in (item required for action to start), (time needed), (skill needed), (item produced) etc. Having this tool will enable us to develop the game as in for example creating a blacksmithing action that allows a player with skill ex. Blacksmithing level 3 to consume the item iron and after a specific time produces the item iron sword.
Last the players should be able to trade or sent items to each other

We also need the website where the player will be able to play the game and thus to choose all the possible action that he can perform. We should be able at any time to alter these actions through the admin tool. Each action will award experience to the players character.

Moreover the player will be able to level up his character when he earns enough experience and increase one of his skills. The player skill will also be defined and altered at any time through the admin tool. Each player will assign his character to a specific location. Location will be created by the admin tool as in descriptions and an actual distance map is not required. However a dynamic map with the listings of all the locations will be crated.

The character should be able to attack other players and or npc indirectly by attacking a location. If a location is guarded by a player or npc the battle begins. The battle will be arranged in rounds where the character will be able to choose among several possible actions (depending on his skills). When the round time is over those actions are resolved. After several rounds are over the battle is resolved and the appropriate items and experience is awarded to the winner.

This is the main idea but detailed game specifications will be defined when required. The project will be an ongoing venture with many upgrades that will be made after the release of the initial project so we need a team of developers that will want to work on this project more in the future and with an appropriate better payment of course.

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Online Game

We need in graphics for game [Edited by Admin] inspired by this one –
We want to get one good map at first and make decision who will work with us further. well pay for work:


* block size 42×42 px (shadow included)
* map size: width – 19 blocks, height – 11 blocks
– block types:
— wall that cant be destroyed by bomb (preference – metal textures)
— wall that can be destroyed (like stack hay)
— bomb (see rapidshare link)
— fire sprites (left, right, bottom, up, cross fire, horizontal line, vertical line) – each sprite is a part of explosion
— backgournd – its whole picture (like grass field) size – width : 42 * 19 px and height : 42 * 11 px

If you have same games in your "works list" it will be great!

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Soccer Manager Browser Game

Am seeking a person if not more to develop a soccer manager game. It will be browser base, and have a 3D match engine which I already have the graphics and animations for (players, stadium, etc….). You are require to have previous games made (does not have to be soccer related) and know all rules of the game already. Here are some samples of what I would be looking for:

If your capable of developing, please only serious bids as I do not want to waste yours and my time. You must have Skype.

11/11/2010 at 14:00 EST:

Here is a sample as to the 3D Match Engine.

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MMO Game Development

I am looking for Artists and Game Developers to help build a MMO game for the iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows Mobile / Facebook.

Individuals only!!!

Opportunities exist for people with experience to share in the resulting profits once the game is launched.

Tell me about yourself; send me your resume and examples of your work. I

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MMO Game – Developers & Artists Wanted

I am looking for Artists and Game Developers to help build a MMO game for the iPad / iPhone.

Opportunities exist for people with experience to share in the resulting profits once the app is launched.

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Browser Based Game

Browser based game, inspired by travian, mafia, grepolis,…

job description:

developing of a engine

Storyline and detailed project description will be provided by us.

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Diablo 2 Lod Dupe Program/Method

Hi there,

Patch 1.13 is out now for the game Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. I need a program that allows me to dupe items in this game. I dont know much about programming so i cant say what skills you will need to do the job.

I would prefer an undetectable/unpatchable program but a working method would be okay too.

I can provide you with some cdkeys for testing purposes.

It would be nice to stay in contact with you via skype or email.

I hope someone is able to do this job.


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Diablo 2 Lod Dupe Program/Method

Hi there,

Patch 1.13 is out now for the game Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. I need a program that allows me to dupe items in this game. I dont know much about programming so i cant say what skills you will need to do the job.

I would prefer an undetectable/unpatchable program but a working method would be okay too.

I can provide you with some cdkeys for testing purposes.

It would be nice to stay in contact with you via skype or email.

I hope someone is able to do this job.


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Lookig for Programmes to create an 3D MMORPG

What we need
10 Programmers whit C++/MMORPG experience
3 Game Designer

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Finish Text Based Web Game

Looking to have the following ( and text based web game finished. At best guess it is 70-80% finished. The original programmer that was working on it has dropped off the face of the earth. Its too bad because I like working with him and he has created what is there so far. You will need to work with whatever is there (sorry I dont know what it was programed in). As I have no understanding about websites you will need to work with me, as I will also need adds, a donation system and paypal set up along with parts of the game that still need to be made.

Attached is a list of items that need to be created or fixed. There may be a few more or a few less then what is listed.

The project will remain on freelancer as that may have been where the last deal went off track.

The successful finish of this project should lead to more work as I find this to be a decent past time.

Please feel free to ask any questions needed.


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SecondLife Marketing

This project is for users who have worked in marketing before. We need tried and true methods of getting our product out there, gaining sign ups, and getting people interested.

No newbies, please unless you have the skills in marketing, link building, advertising, and Second Life to back up your bids.

This marketing campaign will be for a MMO called Second Life. We have a website that we had created that allows users to buy and sell products through our website. Interested marketers should have a working understanding of Second Life and what it is and what it is about.

Selected candidates should have a marketing background and be able to prove and explain what methods that they would be using to market our site. We do not want people spamming WordPress sites and Forums to put links in about our products. This we see as bad PR and could damage our reputation. If you use black hat methods please do not apply.

Our Website is

Please send a PM with your bid. We do not want to see bids that say "lets do this" or "I can do it for you" we want to know how you plan to do this also.

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Get Website To Top 10 On Voting Sites.

Hi All

I would like a price for someone to get Top 10 in all voting sites which we are linked to.

To view this join and click on votes.

I would like this to be done every month, so it would be ongoing.

After accepting an offer, I will pay 50% after 15 days on the condition the website is top 10, then the other 50% at the end of the month considering top 10 again.

Please bid a price to last 30 days.. then at the end of the 30 days it will be paid and then another Project will be posted after that 30 days again on here for that same person. With this to continue every month.

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Bookmaker Script For MMORPG

Book Makers

I would like a script which I can add a sporting event with the option of a possible 8 outcomes
In the staff panel of this I should be able to choose the event and the 8 possible outcomes
In the staff panel also I should be able to give the odds for each possible outcome.
In the staff panel be able to stop people from betting when the event starts
All players should then be allowed to bet which they think would be the correct outcome
In the staff panel I can then click the correct outcome and that then pays the winning bets out according to the odds.
In the staff panel i should also be able to reset this when the event is finished to add a new sporting event.
The Staff panel should log all winning and losing bets for that particular event, only showing last 5 events.
The Staff panel is only available to Admins.

For example

Football Man Utd v Liverpool correct score

Possible outcomes odds

1-0 3/1
2-0 4/1
3-0 5/1
0-1 3/1
0-2 4/1
0-3 5/1
1-1 6/1
2-2 7/1

People can then bet on any of them outcomes.

If someone bets 50,000 on 2-0.. another bet 2,000 on 2-0. And that is the correct result.

I would then press 2-0 in the admin panel and all users would receive there money multiplied by the odds.

So 1st user would receive 50,000 x 4 = 200,000 and other would receive 2,000 x 4 = 8,000

Then they receive message stating how much they won.

This is to go on

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The Sims Online Server Emulator

The Sims Online was the online version of the original game, The Sims, by EA Games. Originally released in 2002, The Sims Online was one of the most popular MMOs of its time, but was shut down due to its players unwillingness to pay a monthly fee to play it. This project is an attempt to bring The Sims Online back.

My budget is around $10,000. This is for the creation of the server architecture required to host the online game. It must work with every in-game function, exactly as it used to when EA was hosting it. It must also include a launcher, and an easy patch for connecting the retail game to the emulated server.

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