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Iphone Game

i want to make a game like the impossible game but different ideas and graphics.the main idea of game is similar to the impossible game.

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[Newspaper Live Feed]

Hi Programmer,

Im looking for programmer to help to build the live feed newspaper in single platform that could support in Iphone,Symbian and blackberry. The programmer must deliver app in the format ready to submit for approval (3 platform).

You must sign Non-Disclsure agreement before receiving the full brief.


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Experienced IOS Developer For Image Cropper View Controller

Title: Experienced iPhone/iPad/iOS developer for Image Cropper View Controller


We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to create a self-contained "Image Cropper View Controller" that will be used in our applications to allow the user to select and crop an image.

The view controller will have properties that can be set at run-time to modify the behavior of the controller and/or cropping rectangle.

A complete Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is attached for you to review.

Please read the attached SRS document completely before bidding on this project so that your bid and time estimate is accurate and you feel confident you can deliver the complete project.

Candidates should send us the following:

– A short description of their experience with iOS development.
– A link to their portfolio or some sample of their work.
– If you have written open-source Objective-C code, a link to your project(s).
– A bid for the whole project (your main bid) AND a break-down by milestones (as described in the SRS document).
– Time to delivery for each milestone if we accept your bid.
– Finally, your input (if any) on the project. This may include suggestions, a high-level design plan, concerns, etc

About Us:

Quadra Knowledge was started in 1999 and is specialized in infrastructure integration on UNIX platforms. For the past several months, we have been building a spinoff in the area of mobile software development. We have developped iPhone apps for local clients and are currently working on a large project that should materialize in the next 6 months.

We are looking to develop long-term relationships with a freelance iOS developer and graphics artist to help us speed up development and finishing of some of our projects.

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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Lawyer N Box

We need a team experience IPad developer to help us with our idea for a application for one of our series called Lawyer N Box. We would like this application to be a virtual office where a lawyer can have facetime with his or her client via Ipad or Iphone and be able to cut overhead and charge clients reasonable fees. Must be to complete this project within 5 weeks or less (Bonus). Also you must have a team of developers and graphic designers, we not accept an individual. TEAM MUST BE IN PLACE! We not tech heads so please handle us with "kid gloves".

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IPhone Aplication

I need the following modules / screens for a generic iPhone app. The idea is that there is a logo, front page menu that gets to these pages. Then the content and graphics are customized for each screen to fit the company.

the menu contains the following items:

* find my store
* opening hours information
* contact details
* facebook page display + integration
* twitter page display + integration
* rss news feed
* survey
* tell-a-friend

find-my-store-> opens Google maps, with a pin on the location of the store; maybe when you click the pin it opens up the standard extra info page and can take you to the "website" link through safari or something.
opening-hours -> just a nicely designed info page
contact details -> same as opening-hours, but has links to send an in-app e-mail / comment / etc.
facebook-integration -> i.e. a "like" button or something that puts a like to the companys facebook page
twitter-integration -> integration to post something about the company automatically under your twitter account
rss-feed -> some feed pages, this is a nested view, first to read the rss feed item list, then to go into further views reading each item; up/down buttons, etc.
survey->engine to ask multiple choice and free-text answers
tell-a-friend -> forward email with some pre-defined text info

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Iphone Developer Expert

I want a programmer who can make similar like the iPhone Viber App but dont make it too obvious.
-Add the Call me tone/Caller tone, Caller Tunes feature to it. Both these two should work together.

Note: Serious Bidders only and No time wasters Please. Make sure you have reviews before you can Bid.

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Very Simple IPhone/iPad App


Attention: To be able to bid on this project write the word "WINNER" in your bid or PM. Otherwise you can be disqualified,

I am looking for an experienced and self thinking developer for future work.
This is a simple first app that should be designed for iPhone/iPad. Lets call it "And the winner is".
Through this simple project we can find out if we want to work together in larger projects.

The app can solve an argue between 2 persons like a photographic coinflip.

It will work like this:
1. Splash screen (you enter a dummy, I will supply the graphics). I will also supply the graphocs for the icon. Other design should follow good practice.
2. A screen where 2 photos can be chosen (take a new with camera or choose from library). Then a button can be pressed (or you can shake the device) to start the action.
3. The 2 pictures toggles in full screen starting very fast then slower and slower. (It should take around 5 seconds in total). The result should be random.
4. The winner is shown in full screen and a sound plays. A way to go back to step 2 should be present.

I have added some simple mock-ups in the PDF file

I also want help in the process of submitting the app to App Store.

Thank you for you interest in this project.

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Iphone Developer Delhi (India)

A Person who have knowledge of iPhone SDK and Objective C. Cocoa and Xcode is a must.
Please send us some examples of your work.

We are a reputed software development company; we have a very strong team of IT professionals. We provide comprehensive IT solutions and services, including mobile and PDA applications, website designing and development, ecommerce, GPS trackingsystem

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

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2d Iphone Game

We are looking for a flat rate. Here are the specs:

I need a high Quality 2d iphone game that gets live info from the internet!

Please understand that we are only seeking serious bidders — if you dont have any expert knowledge in creating Iphone Apps that can perform the type of service we require, then do not bid. You must provide links to Iphone apps or games that youve built.

DO NOT UNDERBID. This is an auction and we expect you to be professional enough to know what amount to bid. Simply underbidding and telling us later that it will cost twice as much is NOT professional and only wastes our time. NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS ALLOWED.

It is crucial to the buyer that this entire project be completed (100%) by the deadline of 60 days. They only want expert sellers who will commit themselves to this deadline to bid. If you are not an expert or unable to commit completely to the deadline, then DO NOT BID on this project. Your acceptance of this project means you have agreed to release ALL FUNDS should you not be able to deliver 100% of all goods in working order, bug free and in accordance to our needs by the deadline, as well as the price you actually bid. NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS ALLOWED.

When agreed on a final price, payment will be made in 4 stages, research, design, development and testing, As each stage is completed the next portion of the payment will be made to the developers. If you do not agree to this, DO NOT BID.

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.
2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):
a) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist in one place in the Buyers environment–Deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyers environment.
b) For all others including desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute: A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request.
3) All deliverables will be considered quotwork made for hirequot under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coders Seller Legal Agreement).


Looking to build a relatively low tech 2D iphone game with a war theme. Gamplay mechanics are as follows:
Graphics would be low tech- 8bit/arcade style, we can probably develop a lot of these for you.
Users would need to login and app would need to communicate with web server (for user attributes, rankings etc) we would prefer to use device fingerprinting if you have experience with this.
Gameplay would be task based with a simple RPG style algorithm to determine winner in a static conflict
GUI would be simple and fluid. Have about 6 action panes- main menu, settings, map, conflict, rankings, profile
Please submit a flat rate bid based on the above. Thanks.

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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Porting Flash Game To Ipad & Iphone

We would like to port an existing game client to the Ipad & Iphone.
You can see the game in Facebook:

The flash client is a dummy client, only receives and sends messages all the game logic is in the server.
We need a client running in the Ipad and Iphone.

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IPad Specific App


The iPad apps main functionality is streaming videos through a third party service.

1) What i need is a team to build the app
2) Video Streaming services is already setup
2) Graphics and design is provided to you
3) Support and code is provided as well in regards to connecting to the 3rd party service
4) There is a specific layout for both landscape and portrait mode

See attached, comment or questions PM me

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Iphone Native Apps

We are looking for some one who can do/ convert one of the webapp which we have done into Native iphone apps,PM for further info .

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Photographic Application For Iphone

i would like to hire the developer for making the photographic app.

The application consist of different photo effect

*By pressing one button application can turn your shot into a photo from 60s or 70s, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style.

*Various Lo-Fi effects, Vintage, Bizarre, TiltShift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Blur, Textures FX Photo Studio has them all and even more.

*Apply single or multiple effects to one image

*the application manually tune every single effect

*Crop, flip, rotate, adjust gamma of your pictures

*Save combinations of effects to PRESETS and apply on other images with just ONE TAP

*application can also SHARE PRESETS with other people

*Application can share in facebook and other social network places

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Iphone Interface Coding (only For A Presentation)


i have a ready Iphone Interface Design, and i want a working version of that "INTERFACE". its only some swiping and hover stuff…. it has no functions behind the Interface.. Its only for a presentation to show the Interface….

– Swiping
– rollover (Hover)
– Loading Screen (Loading animation)

Design is ready…

it should not be a working app, its only a working INTERFACE for the live presentation in XCODE….


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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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Experienced Iphone/android Developer Wanted

Experienced iphone/android developer needed.

1)Taxi fare calculator app
2)Taxi booking add-on
3)Couple of additional functions will be discussed with the developer.

This is test project to find our developer, we have more app projects on the line and in needed for a senior dev.

Get in touch if you have experiences in the mobile platform.

No time waster please.

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Need An Easy "iPhone Utlilty App" Fast!

I need to create a simple app for these devices.
The application will simply need to show different quotes from within specific sections of my app.
I will give full details in a private message after I review your previous work history.
Please give me the following:
1.Any design/programming youve done before for the iPhone or iPad
2.Links to your previous applications in the iTunes App Store
3.An ETA on how this simple app could be completed.
Im looking for someone who is available to discuss the project details on skype and finishes their work in a timely manner.
Also, Im a new user on Freelancer, but I have a 5 star rating on Odesk.
In order for me to ensure I get quality people interested and not spammers – please answer the following questions for me.
1. Given your experience in this area. What other things have I missed in my brief that you think would make the project better?
2. Whats your favorite movie and why?
3. How long do you think it will take you to complete a simple project like this?

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LB TaskControl

I have developed a VB.NET software for tracking time and tasks for people who work on internet jobs.

Now I need a MAC version of my software.

My software is called Lionbridge Task Control (now only LB Task Control) and more information can be found on

It tracks time per tasks and how many tasks the user has worked on. Then it finally generates a report so the user can keep records.

Besides the creation of a MAC Version, I will need from the developer a partnership for when the program gets updated, I will be able to cantact him to update the MAC version also.

This program is a freeware and it survives only by donations, so I do not have a good budget, but Ill accept offers.

Please share some history off applications already developed.


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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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Multi Positions

MEGANOM, Inc is a new US start-up company currently looking to build a worldwide team through GAF. We are looking for the following positions:

– Two Android Developers
– Two iOS Developers
– Two .Net Developers, + Sharepoint
– Two PHP Developers (WordPress/ Joomla / Drupal), knowledge in Symphony or Zend is a plus
– One Unix/Linux Engineer, experience with Amazon EC2 is a plus
– One Microsoft Engineer, experience with Citrix is a plus
– One Network Engineer, experience with PBX and Asterix is a plus
– One Graphic Designer

The candidates should upload their CV along their applications and samples of their previous work and achievements.

The positions requires applicant to sign NDAs from time to time.
All Software developed will be under the Intellectual Property of MEGANOM, INC
The applicants should be only individuals on GAF, and will have the right to work individually as well.
All applicants should should show high level of English proficiency.
The applicants should know that this is a project base position for now.
The applicants should be able to work in a team environment with colleagues across the globe.
Applicants should be highly responsive to any inquiry within 24 hours maximum.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted within 14 business days.

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Cocoa FTP Copy (sample)

I need a very simple sample application which I will take the code for a different project. Here are the specifications:

1. The Interface will just be a simple box that contains the following entry blanks:

FTP Site source

FTPSite destination

Start Button

Layout is not important, this screen will not be used except for this sample.

2. The functionality of the application will simply to be to log onto the first FTP Source site, go to the path, and then copy all the files and folders (recursively) to the FTP Destination Site. The local computer will only be used as a "passthrough" to ultimately upload to the destination.

3. The application should download and upload simultaneously. In other words, as soon as the first file is downloaded from the Source site, it should immediately begin to upload to the destination while downloading the next file. Because there may be speed difference, the download may finish sooner than the uploading, so things should queue.

4. Display a simple notification when the copy has completed and FTP connections are closed. No files from the transfer should be retained on the local computer.

Of course, I could do this manually with any FTP client, but the point of this code is a sample for me so I can incorporate it into another program.

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IPad Application – Interact With .NET WebServices

We seek a remarkably simple iPad application that allows a user to login, receive a list of files available for download, and download their requested document (saved in PDF format).

Elegance of the application is not important to us at this point. Most importantly, we need an experienced mobile developer who can user clear, concise code to accomplish this project and do so in a way that is easy to expand upon. (We are happy to have you work on the next leg of this project, as well, if your work is satisfactory)

THIS APPLICATION MUST INTERACT WITH ASP.NET WEB SERVICES. .NET web services use SOAP an should be easy to interact with. Using simple web service calls, you will be able to Authenticate the user, Get a list of available document names and their unique integer identifier, and make download requests which return an array of bytes, containing the file they requested.

We are open to having this project made in objective-c, obviously… but we are also open to using a multi-platform language such as Titanium.

We need this project completed yesterday. Serious, experienced developers only. We seek to form long-term business relationships with our developers.

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Design Windows and Apple OSX widgets to use login details to access a database and provide application and user specific detail. Further include links to website for further user detail.

Required also is a admin tool to prepare database connection strings and web address URLs.

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Iphone 4 Call Recorder


I need an application for Iphone 4 that does the following :
Record a call conversation.

Thank You

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Simple Apps Template For Demo

A company requested to do a demo on iPhone Apps, the project have two phases, phase I will be demo and we need to show some concept on our proposal; phase II is actual production. At this Job, we mainly focused on Phase I first.

The apps is designed for an internal company to prompt their products and events;

1. Splash Screen, when the apps launched will show the splash screen and until user tap anywhere then jump to main menu.

2. Menu Screen; with 5 tab and navigation bar on top.
2.1 Event List; First Tab
2.2 Product; Second Tab
2.3 Photo Gallery; Third Tab
2.4 Contact; Fourth Tab
2.5 Location; Fifth Tab

Tab Layout:
1. Event List Tab
– Simple Table view with 5 Levels
– Show the event name
– Tap on each table row can alter row text

2. Product Tab
– Advanced Table View with 5 Levels
– Advanced Table will show Image at 1st Line Left, Price at 1st Line Right, Description at 2nd Line
– Tap on each table row can alter row text.

3. Photo Gallery Tab
– We will load certain images, e.g. 10 images
– User can swipe left and right to go back and forth view
– Click on each View can prompt a individual message; e.g. Assign a unique ID for each image

4. Contact & Location Tab
– Just only 1 Simple View Only, just put a different label is ok

Attached with simple structure; above Demo do not required any actual data so developer can put their own testing data and ensure the workflow is works then ok.

– Source Code Required
– Able to complete on before 6 Apr 2011.
– Please PM for any question

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Basic Simple Iphone App

Hi, I need an app for iphone ios 4 or above. It runs in the background and checks the users location once every (say about) one minute. It should be simple to it doesnt get killed by the IOS when it is in the background mode. This app would track the location of my girl friend and store the x and y locations every minute as long as the app runs. Once I end the app, it would send a pair of saved x and y coordinate in a simple text file to an email address of my choice.

NO fancy login, NO fancy screens, basic working app with two buttons:

1. "Exit this app" to be put in the upper right hand corner.
2. "Start Log" in the center of the screen.

To re-iterate, once the "Start Log" button is pressed, the app runs in the background and save (to a location.txt file) the longitude and latitude once every minute and once the exit this app is pressed, the app would send the location.txt file to an email. I would then use any free online service such as google to translate the coordinate to a location on a real map to see where my girl friend went on that day.

All bidders of all programing levels are welcome to bid since this project is extremely simple. I need you to comment your code clearly so in case I need to make a minor change. This is not a big project but I am sure one of you out there wouldnt mind a few extra bucks from producing this simple code (that may already have been developed generically on the web somewhere).


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Hello ,

For Serious Bidders Only …If you dont know iPhone/iPad Dont waste time ..

I want to make something similar to Game .

First i want to make for iPhone Then iPad , Android .

I will provide you all graphics . The game logic will remain same . Also i want to add some features .

One more thing i cant explain you game , Everything is clear . So Just check that game then Bid .


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Need A MAC Objective C Developer For A Legal Collection Appl

Hi Im a amateur Objective C Developer that is looking for a Professional MAC Developer to Develop a Legal Collection Document Application that will enable users to View, Browse and Print a Collection of Legal Documents for the Apple Mac OSX 10.6.

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IPhone Computer Vision Using OpenCV

First of all, I am a developer with a solid understanding of requirements and current technology. I have also developed a few mobile apps already. I will provide clear wireframes, graphics, and expectations. Here is what Im looking for.

I need an image recognition algorithm using modifications from OpenCV open source library to pick up shape, color, and possibly text. I understand that it is written in C but a Java wrapper is available. With a little tweaking, this can be integrated into Android. I am open to other suggestions such as an external API engine for analysis. If you have experience in this area, it shouldnt be much more work.

The app itself is a simple image analysis and data fetch, which I will provide info. I cannot go into any more details without an NDA.

If this is successful, I am also looking for an iOS app as well. This can be attractive if you have experience in both platforms as in killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Let me hear your thoughts.

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Voice Recording IPhone App Required

Hi there,

Im looking for an experienced programmer that can complete this project ASAP.

I require a great looking app that uses the audio capture function on the iphone. The app will need to be able to save individual audio captures and have the ability to share them with twitter, FB and email. A timer alarm is also required to be programmed into the design.

Your requirements:

* Have samples of previously completed iPhone programming and design work
* Have links to apps on the iTunes App store
* Be experienced in coding work and UI design
* Be available for skype chats to discuss the project

This project needs to be completed as quickly as possible, and I would require an estimate of the time required to complete the app.

If youre able to meet the above requirements and your previous work samples are appealing I will contact you and disclose the full details of the project after a skype chat.

Thank you


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Objective-c Threading

I have a project working already but im stuck on a small bit of it and to get it done asap. Im reading several xml files using threading, im facing two problems; threads are not queuing up
2.while obtaining the data from the xml and adding it to my sqlite db im showing a table view with the msg Loading…. The problem here is even after the xml data has been added to sqlite my tableview is still showing Loading as the table is not being reloaded.

I will provide a simplified working copy of what i have and will need someone to fix the issue as per my layout as i cant afford redo my logic unless its already totally flawed.

I will pay on completion of task, i will need an invoice.

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