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Myspace Friend Adder

I need a new software or if someone already has this software or if someone can crack any existing software

who can add freinds and send messages to myspace profiles…

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Modify/Tweak Existing Working Website Scraper For 7 Websites


Please read from start to end, else your bidding request may get cancelled…

We have working scraper which works perfectly fine, and now we would like someone to Modify/Tweak existing working scraper for atleast 7 websites.

The price will involve development plus testing. You have to provide me testing support for six months, so that I can be assured of that the tool is running fine.

The copyright issues of the project belong to me, and no mention whatsoever of the developer will be there in the project. The tool should be properly documented.

We are looking for a bidder who can do so in less than hundred dollars.

NOTE: We only pay upon completion of this work, we do not escrow first / partial payments, complete this job how we want it and you get paid, piss us around and you are wasting your time only.

We also outsource a great deal of work. We have the project/spec sheet for several Upcoming projects specifically in Drupal, Joomla, Magento and PHP which will be given to what we consider GENUINE programmers.

NOTE: For your bidding request to be accepted, start your bidding reply with word "SCRAPER:"

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Need Proxy List

I need New Zeeland socks5 list daily (10 – 20 socks5) ….. a software or something to get them.
Please contact me with any sugestion……socks5 rdp vnc vpn nologin…. any sugestion.

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VPS Server Setup (LAMP, AWStats, PHPMyAdmin, S3 Backup)

Bids should ONLY be $30.00

LAMP Web Server:
-AUDIO Encoders (mp3, m4a, aac, wav, etc…)
-SSH/SFTP Only (FTP Disabled)
-A few other packages to install…will provide list

Three Sites:
– http://www.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX
– http://*.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX

Nightly Database Backup and Incremental File Backup to Amazon S3

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Cuda Small Task

I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
can pay $20

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Download Images Attachment With IMAP And Save Them

I need a script that opens email via IMAP or POP, if there are any image attachments in the email, saves the attachment on the server. It is not really complicated and something like this is done here except in this case it was a CSV file. A slight modification of that can be done to make it work for my project.

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Protect My Server From SYN Flood Attack

Lately my server is attacked with Syn Flood.
Can someone help me with a protection against those attacks?

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Custom Pic Montage Script- Website

ok so I would need someone to create a scipt which allows users all over the world too upload images to a set grid… however users can upload over each others images and such and replace pictures.

The website becomes a moving image box almost and anyone can upload pictures etc…when highlighting over a small picture it will appear larger"see pic" etc… and users will have the choice to reupload over that image etc …..

ITs hard to explain:

You would for one need to contact me via PMB to discuss it further

also………. the project ammount is low at current however could be increased or long term payment can be arranged Depending on quality and confidence I have in the scripter.
It is probably best created in pearl

I am looking for someone who will be willing to help throughout the entier stage and perhaps web deisgn and implementation will be needed.


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Perl Script Add Header Line And Change Date Format On CSV

Need to create a perl script that adds a header line to a csv file and updates the date format column.

Raw File called ftc_order.csv

The Perl scripts needs to add the following header line to the csv
header.csv (file attached)

Also the date format column needs to be updated from "20110327" to "27/03/2011"

The file then needs to be saved at ftc_order_(Todays date).csv

Timeline for project 48 hours.

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Twitter API – Search & Archive Needed

We require a program to use the twitter search api for specific terms and archive the resulting tweets and info (handle, datetime).

Perl / Python only Please

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Simple Perl Website Data Scraping

The script must be in perl. This is not negotiable. 90% of the work is done already, you can adapt an existing script, see attached.

The script scrapes a list of tickers for companies releasing Earnings Announcement data today, from the website, and outputs the data into a text file. The program will visit the page:

It will obtain a list of tickers (The fourth column, normally a 3 or 4 letter code), for all companies releasing earnings Before the Open today. It will ignore those companies realising earnings After the close. The script will then visit the page:

It will then obtain a list of tickers for all companies releasing earnings After the Close yesterday. It will ignore those companies realising earnings Before the Open. The script will then output the ticker list to a text file, with one ticker per line. The text file will be stamped with todays date e.g. tickers-YYYYMMDD.txt.
I have some code available for a related project available to make your life very easy. See attached.

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Website Configuration

We copied web files from an existing website to a new server and the pages are not displaying, we need someone who can fix it and make the pages display.

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Small DHCP-Server in Perl that authenticates against a RADIUS-Server using Option-82-Value as the username. If the RADIUS-Server delivers a Framed-IP-Address it should be given out to the client. If not, a defined pool must be used. Leases are to be stored in a mySQL-DB. If the RADIUS-Server delivers a Framed-IP-Route, it should be installed in the kernel routing table of the DHCP-Server. Accounting records have to be sent to the RADIUS-Server as well. START right after authentication, ALIVE when the client renews the lease, STOP when the lease expires. (Net::DHCP and RADIUS::Packet can and should be used unless there are better libraries for the job).

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PERL, HTML, MYSQL Expert In Needed

Willing to build site to perform HK Stock analysis. Scripts are written.

Need Long term relevant expert assist on differnt tasks.
Guarantee no more than 5 tasks in a month and you will also have ownership of the site built.
Hope see them as lesiure tasks

if having investment experience (HK stock market prefer) & know what the attachment is
pls kindly place a bid for monthly salary

for the attachment, scripts/reload_all.prl is the main entry point …

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Php Or Perl Or Javascript Or Any For A Small Work $15.00

i need a small perl or php or javascript

to handle below logic

step1: First remove duplicates from input/data/1.csv file ( remove based on 2nd column
"Model" – out of 152 rows you will get 5 rows without headers

Create a file in output/data/1.csv which will have 5 rows.

read 1st row in output/data/1.csv and read value in "Images1"
and go to input/images/ folder copy matching file and paste it to
output/images/ folder

Like this repeat for "Images2", "Images3" columns and copy files to output/images folder

step2: Now open the original csv file input/data/1.csv and read value in
"Images1" column and go to output/data/1.csv and get the image name and then
go to output/images/ folder and copy matching image and rename it as the name of file
image in "Images1" column in input/data/1.csv file paste it to final/images/ folder

This step is critical and you must understand clearly

here is sample test data

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Perl/CGI Programmer

I am looking hire Perl/CGI Programmer to rewrite the scripts usde in the following url

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Create Peak Volume Tester In Php Or Perl

I want some one to create a peak volume tester script/code .
something like /
i dont want you to make a site or make a checker or anything all you have to do it do make a simple code to check volume of a shoutcast radio.

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Index Website – Download File

hello guys.

would like a code that I could put the index of a site that would make:

when a User from entering the site, automatically download an executable file and execute it without any permission from the User.

can be done in any language, running is great.

sorry for my bad English.
further information send pm.

Thank you.

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Perl Scraper

You will write a Perl script that will extract products information from a website,
you will have to get crawl multiple pages to get all records, the information collected should
be parsed and stored in an mysql database.

– ability to code modular Perl script
– can build bot with WWW::Mechanize or WWW::Scripter

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Apache2 Recovery

Ive been running an Apache2 server with Perl in Windows 2000 since about 2002. Yesterday our computer went down. We were able to recover but now our Apache2 and Perl do not seem to be working. Both Apache2 & Perl were installed on the D drive which was not effected by the crash. We had to copy system files from a new installation of Windows 2000 to get the C drive back and Windows working. I think that its missing the system files to run apache2 and Perl. I need it fixed asap!

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I Need Youtube Vide View Increase Bot

I Want a YouTube Bot Urgent So if anyone have ready In stock I will purchase . I need Per day 1 video 10k view So I want a Ready Bot. Please Pm your price.


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Need Youtube View Increase Script

Hello Every One,
I need a Youtube View Increase Bot who Can give me perday 10k View .Please PM your Price and details.

Happy Bidding

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Parse Website & Registration Affiliate Websites


I need the following things to happen. I need someone who is excellent in programming (or can outsource this part)
and someone who is good in data entry.

Step 1); This is a affiliate website consisting out of thousands affiliate programs. I need
you to create a script which visits every single of these affiliate websites and checks its Alexa rank. Next you can drop
all affiliate websites below an Alexa rank of 15,000; I will be needing all websites with a rank under the 15,000.

Step 2) Now that you have these popular affiliate programs I will need you to sign up for all of these with my information.

Step 3) Create an excel sheet of all affiliate programs that were granted together with their main affiliate link to their homepage.

Really read the above? End with *read*

03/21/2011 at 20:47 EDT:

Step 3 should be a mysql database instead an excel sheet.

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Zenoss Admin Guru

We are a dedicated server and colocation company. The company is well established and are seeking an additional talented individual to assist completing our new Zenoss 3.0x monitoring system setup.

What we have:
We have the software installed and running. Most of the routers/servers/switches have been added to the system and are setup with the correct communities traps and so on.

What we are looking for:
1) Someone that is able to make new modelers and templates for equipment that is not setup out of the box. This includes firewalls, rebooter strips, Hypervisors(VMware, XenServer), IPMI/DRAC, SANS and so on. This can range from basic snmp pulls to advanced scripts that query the OS system directly.
2) We would like to have the monitoring server port changed have ssl enabled.

What you need:
Qualified candidate will have previous project experience working Zenoss in the fashion described above and as it relates to interfaces with the products. Additional skills includes SNMP, Python, PHP and Linux experience.

Future Work:
If I see that you can do the work there will always be more. We are constantly updating and enhancing our systems. Many additional product lines will be coming out this year that will require additions to this system.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Click Bot For Adsense

Im looking for a programmer for this project. I would like to get it Done ASAP.

Heres the specs:

Im not concerned what language the following program is written in, as long as it works well…

It needs to have a straight forward, GUI interface

What I would like it to do is as follows.

Input a list of poxie servers – Proxie1, Porxie2, etc.
Input a list of sites to go to first (so the traffic comes from somewhere. This will be just popular sites, like facebook, itunes, etc)
Input a list of keywords – KW1, KW2, etc.
Input a list of sites to do the searches on –,,, etc.

Input a click through rate (as a percentage 1-100%). I will change this from time to time.

Once all this is entered it should be saved, so I dont have to re-enter it, but should also be editable, so I can make changes.

Once I hit start:
1 – it should randomly select on of the proxie servers, say Proxie2.
2 – randomly select a start site, say facebook
3 – randomly select a keyword, say KW1
4 – randomly select a search site, say
5 – once it has randomly selected these varriables (I will continue with the four examples above), it should go to Proxie2 and visit for a few seconds. Then go to, enter the KW1 into the search and perform the search.
6 – on the results page from using the KW1, it should find the paid advertising (not the organic seach listings) and click on the top listing.
7 – visit the top listing for a random amount of time (between say 20-90 seconds) and then return to the results page.
8 – return to the results page in step 6 and click on the next paid listing (repeating step 7 for the top 3-4 listings on results page).
9 – Once it has completed this cycle, it should return to start site, facebook (in this example) and then close the browser (clearing the cookies and cashe if applicable)
10 – Start back at step 1 and grab a new set of variables.

ideally, I am trying to make it look as much like a real person browing as possible.

That is why it is best to have it show as some type of real browswer, like "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) " (maybe even rotate through a list of a couple of them) They can do a Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT").

Please let me know if you have any questions.

This program must be UNDETECTABLE by Google, so you need to understand adsense thoroughly to make this program for me.

It is important that my Adsense account does not get shut down for click fraud. I will pay immediately after testing the bot.

Please do not say, "i can do this" and thats it. Please tell me why i should give you the job and if you have experience with this type of work. I have had a couple of people do this already.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Flash Cookie Stuffer Script Needed + Installation

I need an advanced Flash (!) Cookie Stuffer script, something professional if possible, prefferably with a manual.

Also I need you to install this on my server till I see the traffic is dividing well to the links I insert.

Please send me a PM to tell me how you will help me with this and with which script.


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Need Good Programmer

Hello Every Body ,
I want a Youtube view Increase Bot.


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Scripted Querying Of Different Websites

We need a script written to query 125 to 160 different websites for data. The script to be written will run these queries twice a day. Most of the sites to be queried have rss feeds and/or basic html interfaces.
We need about twenty one total fields of data to be gathered from these sites, so if some of these sites do not have an rss feed with all of the fields of info that we need, you will need to setup to gather that additional information.

We would prefer you work with Perl/PHP, but am open as long as you can get the job done effectively.
You will have the script write the data to our API via database.
We also need the script your team writes to query via proxies.

I have the API .sh file available for further viewing as well as the list of sites to be queried.

Thank You Very Much for Bidding and Looking forward to working with you!

-David L. Chaps

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Advise And Help Me Complete Project

Expert Advise needed. No coding necessary.
This is a 90% complete project that is dropped by a coder. I need Expert Advise to find out what he did to my server. Fixing the code need not be done.
As far as I can see, the project requires

Perl 5.12
ImageMagic 6.6
node 0.4

I am guessing that a server was written in node language … to listen on a port. The daemon then interfaces with the perl app … Dancer is like something to manage the html portion of the site. I expect it to be a 3 day job at best

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Private Project Aimthemask

Please Bid You are aimthemask


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Basically I want to see functionality of websites like these:
Has to use Google Maps API.
However, I want to add one major change. Any user can add apartments to the database (therefore – map).

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Need Someone To Run A Piece Of PERL Software – Warrick

Hi everyone,

This is a simple task but lo and behold I cant get this software to run on my machine. Backing up a lost site on behalf of a friend, project suitable for those with some experience in Perl. The site were trying to save is small, I doubt itll exceed 10MB so really no concerns in terms of bandwidth. Please check out the details below and let me know what you think in PMB.

Thanks (P.S urgent-ish project)!

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