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Photoshop Work Needed

Need to have some creative photoshop design work done with some existing photos.
Photos are of a group of designer luggage. We are looking to change the entire backround with some more creative ideas. We had thought maybe a backround scene of the ocean, on a luxury yacht, on the titanic. You get the idea.
Lets make some cool stuff
I have attached an example pic, but have other shots for winning bidder.

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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Website Mock Design

We need a web developer and designer to complete our clients site development. Please send me PM for more clarification.

Happy bidding

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Need Experienced Online Graphics Expert Editor

Graphic tweaks that need to be done in the next 24 hours pays $40.00 USD

MUST have Skype to talk on.
MUST have at least a DOZEN or more positive graphic related reviews on GAF or other freelance sites I can view.
MUST have a large portfolio of ONLINE website graphics you have designed/created to show me on your website or some other online portfolio.
I dont deal with overseas middleman, project/bid managers or large companies, if YOU bid on this project you MUST be the one that will actually be doing the graphic creations/editing/revising and working 1 on 1 with me.
MUST be fluent in English.
As a TEST you must do the first assigned graphic tweak listed in PDF instructions attached (also attached the original .jpeg file that you edit for the TEST) and send it along with your bid. This is so I know that you can follow and understand simple but detailed instructions from me, secondly see your graphic skills firsthand and thirdly your commitment to wanting this project.

Bigger $75 project I have ready to go and 99% sure if you are awarded and do a killer job on this one I will give you that project. More details on that simple project is on the PDF specs.



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Biometric Application Design

I need help re-designing 5 existing templates in PSD.

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Simple Multiple Photo Retouch!

Hi all,
I have batches of family Images from the 90s.
Current batch is approximately 100 images. There will be plenty more.
I need very light photo editing done to them.
1. Color correction (mostly take out yellowish hues).
2. levels (but see next point).
3. Shadow and highlight control. Make sure there is enough detail in shadow and that they are not too dark. Try to maintain detail in highlights. Do this also by screen or soft light layers but only in right places.
4.Increase vibrance.
5. Of course crop and rotate if needed.
Please see example images

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Party / Club Invitation Flyer Design For Print CMKY

Need a birthday party invitation designed.
The layout needs to be done in CMYK.
The size will be either be 1500 pixels x 2100 pixels
or 1200 pixels x 2700 pixels.

I need a highly skilled and very creative person to create a very good layout.
Please be available to start on the layout now.

Please post some samples of some of your club fliers..

The theme is a face off between good vs evil.

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Need Illustration Designed For Project


This project is for designer – pinky

i need 18 illustrations designed or website



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5.5" X 8.5" Trade Paper Back Full Color Book Cover

This is a cover for a cancer survivor book. Short-run, offset and LSI file preparation required. Front cover, spine and back cover – bar codes provided.
Thank you.

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Create A Link Banner For Existing Site

Another small project – 1 day to deliver only.

I need a link banner created (different sizes) for a WordPress site. Banner needs to be altered to fit the different sizes, not stretched but professionally created in Photoshop.

Please send me EXAMPLES of link banners you have previously created.

To show me your talent please send me 2 example of a Gentleman Companionship business for Women. This will help me make up my mind.

All else fails I have an idea already you can just create it. I have photos for you to use.

Thanks, Jaymie

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Photo Manipulation And Photo Editing.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone who is good with Photoshop or Gimp mainly photo editing.

Skill Im looking for is making brushes from photos, seamless textures, colours edit and so on.

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WebSite Design

Our need is to have a static website which will reflect our company business explicitly. Sector related graphics needs to be designed to use on webpage.Below you can find some sample graphics similar to our needs that will be used on webpage.

The html and css must be clearly written and should have support Firefox/Chrome and IE6+.

Two languages will be available in the site (EN – default, TR)

All content will be static.

Having header or logo animated sort of with flash is a plus but not a must.

Menu of the site can be like following concept:

Some graphic examples that will be used in background of the site mostly; (You can go through pages to see the images used in bacgkround.)

We are an IMPORT & EXPORT company, CONNEXION, so the graphics must be related with mostly world,globe,banknotes,world clocks,vehicles such as planes,ships, trucks etc..As a concept work all those can be included in one bacgkround image that the website will be based on as well.

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Project For Olivercd. 2 Original PSD Designs, Re: Oc040211

This project is for OLIVERCD only. Thank you

2 original, different designs, so 2 PSD files will be the final product. Specific details will be given directly, as well as customers preferences on colors, layouts, etc.

Please produce the 2 designs in 3 days or less.

***You will not be able to show these designs or any others we may award you in the future as a part of your portfolio, as it will go into ours***

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Graphic Design For Online Brand Bags/clothing Shop

I already have several designer partners to create graphics for my online shops, but they are too busy, so, Im here again to look for some other great designers.
My requirement for quality is very high, if you can not offer high quality work, do not bother bidding because your design may be rejected at a glance.
I personally prefer small companies of 3-5 persons because bigger companies ceo are usually not available on line for discussion.
All designs are for oscommerce, and I prefer two column graphic, I dont like default column right box because we need to list more items per page.
To create high quality graphics, designers should be open to learn some basic knowledge of the brands, and all our designs should be brand niche related.

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Ming At The Royal Wedding

This will be a Ming the Minibus book. It requires 12 illustrations based on the cartoon character Ming the Minibus. This can be seen on you tube or by googling the name.
The book illustrations need to be completed by the 25th April as it is just a souvenir of William and Kates Royal wedding in London. It will be made available free to children in China , Hong Kong and around the world as a powerpoint story.

Need an illustrator who can create imaginative images based on different aspects of a Royal wedding. Lots opf pictures of previous Royal weddings on the internet

Need to meet 25th April deadline. Please dont bid if you are too busy. Students as well as established illustrators invited to bid

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Facade alteration.
(front of building and parts of roof) material are alucobond and reflective glass.

Looking to modify some aspects on a facade in a building looking into a round shape facade.

Need 3 alternatives to choose from.

Looking a facade to impress.

attached are files marked (a,b,c)to be modify. and samples of interested designs

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Picture Frame 1

I would like a picture frame designed.

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Simple Design Work

Need a creative freelancer to get me 2 design pages (1024*768), Will provide a simple fill-up form in pdf and you need to translate it into nice simple designs..(if you have done graphic designs for ipad before, its a bonus)..

Also require a set of images to be polished and rescaled to higher resolution without affecting the quality..(images are a deck of cards, but crude and in low resolution).Sample crude image is attached below if you would like to polish it for a demo.

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Youtube Partner Channel Design


Over a month ago I became a youtube partner.
I am looking for someone to create a cool Youtube partner design, with an interesting (male) background. Along with a banner at the top of the page. (including Twitter, facebook – and a future possibility for a website url)

I am then looking for a Video page banner which will appear the video, which matches the Youtube Partner Channel pages design.

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