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Product Import Into Drupal

I need to have 2000+ products imported into drupal from another shopping cart, including images, cross sells, and categories. We can provide CSV files or existing Sequel Server database tables. I need this done ASAP.
(1) Please provice time frame necessary to complete project.
(2) Please provide sample of sites that you have completed this type of project for.
(3) Please respond only if you can REALLY do the job – do not have time to waste.

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Product Uploading To CS-Cart Through Script

Hi Everyone.

I have CS-cart product selling website. I would like to hire someone who can make a script to upload all the products automatically to website with images. there is little bit mannual work as well. images and description needs to download from other website. all can be found on one page so you no need to do any search for this. only need copy paste my watermark to other images through mspaint. i think total products are approx 2000-2500.

work is very simple. i would like to go with automated script rather to do it mannually.

Feel free if you have questions.

Approx budget is 150-200$.

Thank you

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Looking For Leads. Starts At $5 Per Lead Plus Bonuses

I am looking for leads of people who have distressed inventory to sell. I will provide you with a script, directions and a directory of numbers to call, All you need to do is make calls, follow the script and directions, and for every company you find with product to dispose of, you get 5USD. This is to start. The more leads I get the more deals I close, and the more deals I close, the more money you make.

The applicant/bidder must be motivated, have a confident yet pleasing voice and speak fluent English. No selling is required, yet there may be a small amount of negotiation. Dont worry, I will tell you what you need to say.

Read attachment for an overview of the job

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Turbine Switch

I require a component, similar in size & shape to a PC cooling fan. 3" x 3" Approx.
That allows current to pass through only when the fan blades are rotating.

The fan blades ideally to be made is plastic, low resistance for low air flow situations.
As light weight as possible, and low cost per unit.

I am building a prototype at this stage but will require future volume.

The best description would be a Airflow switch.


04/01/2011 at 13:13 EDT:

I would also consider a similar sized item that generates a small current when airflow is detected.
Ideally around 5v.

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Looking For Logistic Specialist / Expert

I am looking for a LOGISTIC SPECIALIST/EXPERT who will research on Logistic Companies in Germany. Companies where we can place or store our products and ship it over to our costumer directly by our call. I want this person to be expert on this field and thoroughly research everything about that company(s) like their minimum quantity or maximum quantity of goods they can deliver or anything that we need to know about this company. This person may or may not be living in Germany but someone who knows German is a big plus. Examples of companies that I want you to research are as follows:

1. iLOPACk
2. After Pack
3. DHL
4. DHL eParcel
5. eSellers Friend
6. GeoPost Logistics
7. Hermes
8. Brothers schuon Logistics
9. Intropa Speditionsgesellschaft
10. Kopf & Lubben

I want you to give me the necessary information about the companies listed above. If interested, please tell me how are you going to do the job and give me a brief statement on why should I hire you. Interview will be done



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Source For Print On Canvas Suppliers In The US


We are a big retailer of photo prints on canvas.

We would like you to conduct a complete supplier sourcing in the US, contacting printing companies that print on canvas (not retailers with a website that sells to end customers like ourselves).

These companies will have an online interface to our print orders and will need to print and ship them to the customers. Each print will be a separate custom made print (we will not order big quantities of the same print)

Assuming that we will order at least 100 prints a month, please prepare a table with the following:

1.) Name of the company
2.) Address
3.) Email address
4.) Phone number
5.) Price for 12"x16" Gallery-Wrapped canvas print (the width of the Gallery-Wrap can be 1". if otherwise please mention the width)
6.) Same for 16"x20" – you can tell them that our target price for this size is less than $30
7.) Same for 20"x24"
8.) Same for 24"x36"
9.) Monthly capacity

The table should include 30 suppliers from all across the US. Please note that if the price for number 5 is over $50, it is surely a retailer with prices for end customers, so you shouldnt even list it in the table.

If the results will be good, we will need your help with doing similar research in the UK and AU as well.



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Produce Any Metal And Plastic Product

Looking for projects that we can support, we are specialized in OEM / ODM product. Have our own machinery in-house, if there is anything you need we are able to provide as we are a product factory.

03/30/2011 at 4:20 EDT:

See our company website at we are part of a group called Kingdom group

You can contact me at

03/30/2011 at 4:22 EDT:

I am Chinese born in Holland and finished my degree in the UK.

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Product Sourcing – Procurement Agents

We are and we are a daily deal advertising company similar to We are looking for contractors to help us find products to sell on our website.

Categories are:

Home and Garden
Health and Beauty

Products must be already located in the U.S. and ready for shipment.

Commission is paid based on products sold.

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Low Cost Linux NetBook

Hello, and thank you.

We are seeking a partner to help us source a low cost netbook that runs a full linux OS. The target cost is $100 or lower.

The specs needed are already found in another product. They are displayed here:

(We may need to make minor adjustments to the design e.g. upgrade the CPU to the same one to the 833mhz Samsung S5PC100. This CPU takes DDR2 RAM rather than the slower DDR1 memory which will bring down the costs and improve system performance).

However, the product above violates the GPL licence and thus dealing with it may result in copyright issues.

We are looking for a partner to help us build OR source a similar device. If need be, we will provide our own custom Linux distribution to work with this machine.

Kindly note that we welcome any other low cost full linux laptops that you may have in mind. The only "must have" feature is:
-3G modem with integrated SIM card slot
-Cost should be as close to $100 as possible

Please note that the price you quote on this project is not the one we shall use if we agree – we will likely change the price as we come to an agreement.

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Real Estate Vendors Needed, Seller Sourcing Needed

Hi I own a Business which specialises in Buying Residential Real Estate(im Not a real estate agent) on the Gold Coast, Australia.
I also work within Brisbane, Sydney and The Southern Highlands(NSW). And occasionally Melbourne and Perth.

I currently am looking for the services of somebody who can have all of these people with properties for sale on the Gold Coast and other the other major areas to be Contacting Me(need them to contact me as with my work load i wont be able to contact all of them personally) which i will then finalise the deals myself but i need to contract out the services to someone else because as of now i am currently to busy to be sourcing these sellers/vendors myself. How you get these vendors to contact me is totally up to you. Sometimes the more creative, the better.

I also work within the For Rent/Lease market which i rent the properties and buy them in the future, but i dont need to go into much depth on here(i can give more info if needed once you bid)

I need someone who can have all these people who are selling and renting their properties to contact me so that i may work out a situation which best suits their needs, And i need the people who are the owners to be contacting me, not the real estate agents as they Always wreck the deals. Need as many people contacting me as you can possibly get (1000-2000+ if possible)

So everyone please bid and if you need more info on what the job entails i am happy to answer any queries (not to sure what the cost should be for something like this so bid whatever you want and we can discuss it)

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Website Content Writing

I am looking for assisatance in population of my website plans data and content.. Allot of information is on our facebook group and other websites and i need assistance compiling it and working with our development team in getting the information into an organised logical category educational tool.

We also require sourceing of live currency data & forex news ( free if possibl e ) You will help poplulate the secitions both free and member sections in organised manner for the development team to build site around..

Further questions please email and serious Bids only

example of content

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Sales Representative In China

We need a representative to find manufacturers and products in China and Taiwan. The variety of products extends from toys to electronics.

Compensation is based per project on the success of the finding the correct product, guaranteeing quality, finding manufacturers, and amount of sales.

We require all reps to sign a non disclosure agreement.

Must be fluent in English and Chinese. Taiwanese a plus.

Negotiating skills a plus. Written translation an absolute necessity. If interested please provide cv or resume to pmb board.

We will consider using multiple sources . Thanks…


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Online Product Research And Sourcing


I need someone to find me furniture designers/products for my website. I will give further details to the selected bidder but it will involve sourcing a certain type of supplier and providing details of them. I will be able to give examples of those suppliers I have already identified and possible sources but it will require some creativity.

In your bid, please explain how you intend to go about this task and how long you think it will take you.

Many thanks

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Australian Real Estate Property/client Sourcing Needed

I run a private real estate business In Australia in which i need to be generating more clientelle, need more houses to buy and rent with the intention of buying down the road.
I am based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and that is where i need most of the business to come from although i do branch out to Sydney, Brisbane, The Southern Highlands(NSW) and occasionally to Melbourne and Perth but those areas i dont really worry about.
Need a somebody who is good with clients and can have anybody who is selling, renting or a wealthy client with investment residential properties to contact me as i specialise in real estate turn arounds and turning negative geared houses into neutral or postively geared but i dont mention this to the clients i work with as they usually feel intimadated, need anybody with houses for sale or for rent to contact me, a very basic description of what i do is below, only need the concept to be able to understand it, its not to complicated. I currently dont have the time to do this work myself, but if this project is done well there will be opportunities for full time work, this is going to be a first round test of how you work and when business is increased am going to introduce high incentives.
For Sale Market
need to find people who need to sell their homes,
need to find people whos properties have been on the market for long periods 3-6months or more
need to find vendors who have very little equity in their homes but still need and want to sell
motivated sellers/vendors- reasons people are motivated, built a new house, property too large, property has little equity, want to retire to another state, cant afford mortgage payments, mortgagee in possession, financial problems, failing business, failing health, cant afford cost of maintenance rates and/or insurance, lawsuits, divorce, death in family, heirs inherit unwanted property, loss of job, forced transfer etc.
Benefits for the sellers- receive the price that they require aslong as they work with me on the terms, get their current situation solved(50% of the time their selling to pay off other debts which i can fix that quickly)
For Lease/Rent Market
In the For Rent/Lease markets i will generally target the middle to higher priced homes as the lower priced homes are usually in the rough neighbourhoods and those deals never seem to work out, i will generally only rent the place if i can purchase these homes down the road.
People who want higher rents, will pay enough rent to cover all outgoings eg mortgage+rates with the idea that i buy it down the road once i have finances sorted
The way to get people to agree to this is to tell them that you really want to buy their house but if we were really good tenants and paid our rent on time and we paid enough rent to cover your outgoings, is there any reason why you wouldnt sell it to me down the road when i get my finances in order
Ask if you can just rent the property for a while and buy it down the road, if they say no you just say what if i paid you enough rent and it was equal to what it is costing you to hold this property in which case im paying super rent would that present a problem
Benefits i can provide for the owner include- higher rent, lower vacancy, positive cashflow, outgoings on house covered, no real estate fees on eventual purchase, higher purchase price, owner maintains all tax benefits, lower operating expenses, Major point for the majority of people again is peace of mind.
Wealthy Clients Market
Generally with wealthy clients they have alot of residential investment properties so if whoever takes on this project can have them contact me to do business would be great.
Benefits for these clients- Higher Return on Investment (that is the main selling point i use to these people), keeps all tax benefits, positive cashflow, higher sales prices, secured profits,

I need someone who can generate alot of business, couldnt fit whole job description so will attach file for you to read

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Need Excellent Article Writers 2(Natives And Non Natives)

I am looking for some good fresh writers, who can provide me 2500 words(5 articles of 500words) daily….

Natives are preferred. However, Asians and Africans are also welcome.
Natives are preferred. However, Asians and Africans are also welcome.
Natives are preferred. However, Asians and Africans are also welcome.

Writer must have
Brilliant Grammatical skills
Writer must be able to produce his own contents(NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE ACCEPTED)

If you cant fulfil these requirements,please,dont bid.
Ill select writers in the couple of days to start work.So, please bid. Thanks

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Thailand – Consumer Goods Product Management / Sourcing

Short Term Contract – Consumer Goods Product Management / Sourcing

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RFQ / Product Sourcing Software

AVTELCOM is a privately owned company focusing primarily on global trading and services. AVTELCOM is engaged in the supply of Audio, Video, Telecom, Electronics, Electrical, Electro-Mechanical, Test Equipment, Computer Networking Equipment and Parts to clients around the world.

We are looking for an RFQ / Product Sourcing Software that expedites the Request for Quotation / Sourcing process by streamlining the tasks required to Solicit Bids/Quotations from multiple vendors.

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Looking For Somebody In China That Knows Factories…

Im in need of somebody who has connections with suppliers/manufacturers in China that sell products wholesale.

My main focus is electronics, cell phone accessories, ect. but Im open to buying other products as well.

Please include a sample catalog or some way to help me trust that you have contact with a reliable factory that can supply me goods.

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Wholesale Clothing

Looking for wholesale of men fashion, clothes in general, shoes and accessories.

Need as many as you can get, or if the ones you get are good enough there is no need to be a huge list.

Good quality products no knock offs, no copies, no branded products.

please refer to the link for the style of products Im interested, they should look same or similar to the ones on the link below

Im not interested in sites like alibaba, dhgate or similars.

Suppliers must have a working website, contact email, address, ( phone number is a plus )

Please provide at least one link as a reference.

Suppliers must accept paypal and ship to New Zealand

Thanks a lot

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Source T-Shirt Suppliers For Startup T-Shirt Business


We would like someone to help source some T-Shirts for a new business.
To start with we are looking only at black shirts.
As we dont have a lot of time, we need someone to provide us with a list of T-shirt wholesale suppliers.
The T-shirts need to be very high quality.
We want a sample T-shirt (size Large) from each supplier so we can compare the quality. We would like at least 15-20 samples to compare. We would like someone to organise to collect all these samples and then send them to us in one parcel.
We would like a summary of each suppliers terms. eg minimum orders, pricing, if logo printing is available, printing methods, pricing, postage costs etc. The supplier can be anywhere.
Theres obviously other aspects that will arise during the course of the job and were happy to deal with anything that arises.
Can anyone help?

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Website Content Writing / Data Sourcing

I am looking for assisatance in population of my website plans data and content.. Allot of information is on our facebook group and other websites and i need assistance compiling it and working with our development team.

We also require sourceing of live currency data & forex news ( free if possibl e ) You will help poplulate the secitions both free and member sections in organised manner for the development team to build site around..

Further questions please email and serious Bids only

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Looking For Supplier Of Genesis GMT15A MultiTool

I am looking for the manufacturer of Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi – Tool. Will verify after receiving your information. We are also looking for a long-term partners for Power Tool Sourcing as well.

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Vitamin Supplement Sourcing

For this project we are looking for someone to find manufacturers that will make our multi-vitamin supplement. You will need to find several custom manufacturing supplement companies and find the best price.

The amount of work required shouldnt be more than some phone calls and some emailing, then waiting for responses, and writing it up.
You will be given the exact formula that we want made, so that the manufacturers can give you a price, along with other essential details needed.
The manufacturer must be in the U.S, and we will give you a few companies that we have found to get started (as a guideline)

The end result will be a list of companies with prices, and contact details for who to deal with (so that we can take it from there).

Thanks for your time.

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NEW Idea Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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Virtual Assistant – Data Collection – Researcher (TWO Hired)

This project is to research and collect data about existing system that is already in place in multiple countries. This project will involve mainly browsing search engines for information, reading the content and then creating a report at the end (does not have to be a fully formatted structured report, a few notes in a word document is fine once the content is good).

The full details of the project will be sent to the selected winner but a small summary is that we will want to know what hardware is used, who created the software and then any fact/figures on how many users it has etc. The system in question is quiet public so information should be easily found but will need someone who can use their own intelligence to do what ever is needed to find the information (might need posting on forums etc). We will supply the winner with a small list of keywords to get the research started but then they can expand on these as they search

– You MUST have excellent English, there is no point attempting this project with only basic English.
– You must be able to start straight away and be able to give around 30 hour this week.
– You must be a self motivated person who is able to use their own brain to solve problems.

– For this first part we will want 30-35 hours completed asap
– We will be hiring TWO freelancers to do the same task, both freelancers will be paid the full amount, the person with the best work we will use for future projects.
– Since we will be hiring two people for this first part we would like the bid for this to be 31 USD (we will be paying both people 31 USD EACH… for future projects we would only be hiring the best person so the budget would be better).

To Bid you must Private message me starting with

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Design And Construct 3 Cabinets Which Are Multi Purpose

I am looking for the design and supply of 3 cabinets.

1. Kitchen cupboard/display cabinet and pantry combination

I am wanting the design of a kitchen cabinet, which is combined as a pantry. How this will occur is that the shelves will be built into the doors, and at the front of the cabinet there will be plates (possibly sitting at angles to save space), glasses and cookbooks etc storage area, and when the doors open, which is approximately half the depth of the unit there will be a pantry inside with shelving.

2. Wardrobe/dessing table combination

I am wanting a unit which is like a lowboy with 6 drawers and then on top of that will be a wardrobe for clothes. the clothes will hang on coat hangers on rods which are on the inside of the wardrobe doors and on the inside of the wardrobe is a mirror against the back wall. A person then should have a mirror in the middle, and their clothes hanging on the left and right sides and the top of the lowboy unit to put items on. If you can incorporate a space for make up and jewlery on it as well somehow would be great.

3. Loungeroom Combination

I am wanting the same type of cabinets which hold ornaments and photos in the doors (things that may be found in a loungeroom) but whenthe doors are open, it is a storage area for CDs, magazines and other items.

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Unique Product Finders

Interesting new products searcher needed. This is a 60 day job.

We are looking for someone in any country send us a list of 30 interesting, cool, useful, clever, with nice looking packaging. Pay is $USD $30 for a list of 30 suitable products you introduce to us within 2 months.

First, the products we DON

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NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 50-100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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Reverse Engineer Chemical Formula Of Silicone Emulsion Blend

We want to create our own GE Bayer SF 1214 ( )

You are to provide full description and procedure of creating the silicone emulsion with similar traits as the SF1214. The traits are as described in the data sheet above. We are asking for the recipe, instruction, and/or chemical formula to create the GE Bayer SF 1214 silicone emulsion.

GE Bayer SF 1214
SF 1214 contains E-30
SF 1214 contains SF 1202

In other words, DO NOT simply tell us how to make SF 1214 by blending E-30 and SF 1202 together.

What we want to know is the full procedure in creating the SF1214 with raw materials with no reliance of commercial products by any of the firms, such as Momentive, Dow Corning, and Wacker Chemie.

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Find 3-5 Wholesale/Bulk Industrial & Tree Gear Suppliers

I need someone to do some research for me and find wholesale suppliers who can sell me industrial supplies (example list of what type of stuff Im looking for below) and tree climbing gear. I am looking for bulk/wholesale prices and suppliers only.

Here is an example list of the type of industrial supplies I want you to find suppliers for:
– 5/8" x 12" turnbuckle
– 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable
– cable clamps
– pulley
– climbing gear
– Jake Screw-Lok Carabiner
– tree climber harnesses
– bungee cord rope

I have about 100 or so things that you will need to find for me. Most of the items I need to find are related so you will most likely not have to find more than 3-5 good suppliers as many of them will supply a good portion of the products I am looking for. Please place your bid below now to do the project explained in this job.

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