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NDNP Newspaper Pages

The Library of Congress (LC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities are jointly developing the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Ultimately, over a period of approximately 20 years, NDNP will establish a national, digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1836 and 1922, digitized by consortia representing all states and U.S. territories. This searchable database will be permanently maintained at the Library of Congress and be freely accessible via the Internet. In order to create test data to facilitate development of the system architecture, LC will scan microfilm from its own newspaper holdings.

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Academic Writer In Software Field

need a skilled academic writer with enough experience in technical writing. major in software engineering

1500 words essay on Software Process & Management.

Deadline 7th April.

details will be provided through PMB.


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matlab programming , this is an asignment about this matlab………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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Essay On Legal

project that we discussed

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Write A Short Report On Making Friends With Your Neighbor

I want a 2 page article on making friends with your neighbors.

Must not be plagiarized or rewritten, must have great english skills.

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Financial Control /ekonomistyrning

Financial control ground level

I need some help (if you are swedsih it is a plus, since the cases is in Swedish).

It is three cases

One assignment is about calculation in excel the other one is about budget in excel. The last one is a smaller case for financial control of smaller company, were you should Plan an activity and make a budget for activities for the company (max 5 pages)

It is a easy and fast task for someone that is into financial control.

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Academic Assignments On End User Support,

This is an academic assignment comprising 3000 words.I will be paying $3 per 500 words. The assignment have four sections, so you need to provide at least one section per day.If you can provide more work its up to you. The work should be according to the specifications provided and fully referenced.I am sorry if the work is copied, I will not be able to pay.If you are agree I will send further details, and there are 3 more assignments if you can provide quality work.

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English Work Related To Macbeth

You need to be familiar with the story "Macbeth" in order to do this task for me. You need to re-read act 3 and find all of the irony (literary device) from the text and explain why it is irony. You must have Skype and must be able to do it within the next 12 hours from the post date of this project.

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A Project For Shellywagar – 11

This is a closed project for shellywagar. All other bids will be ignored.

We need one article written for our website. We want this article to be authentic and not a rewrite of whats on the web or what you have written already. The parameters of the project are:

*The topics will cover Home Design Trends

*A minimum of 2000 words

*MUST pass copyscape

*The article will be our sole possession after payment is made

*Include the main keyword in the titles, in the first few words of the body and aim for 1% keyword density.

*Native English writer preferred

*You must include the reference websites used for your research at the bottom of the article

*Article must be written in a conversational writing style (as if talking to one person).

Thank you for your time

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Job Description

I Need someone who is skilled in database management systems,SQL commands,Relational databases and technical writing to write the following 3 essays

You will write a one-page (single-spaced) executive summary for your boss explaining how a relational data solution can be applied to a current business problem or area for improvement. Assume that your boss knows nothing about relational theory. The goal of this summary is to obtain your bosss approval to proceed with your stated project. Post as Microsoft Word .

Essay 1 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


Exploring the Bounds of Technology: International Uses of Relational Technology (Essay 2)

You will write a two-page essay on how a problem in another country could be solved or significantly reduced through the use of relational technology. The goal of this essay is to convince a decision-maker to fund and/or approve the project. Post as Microsoft Word.

Essay 2 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


Exploring the Bounds of Technology: Domestic Uses of Relational Technology (Essay 3)

You will write a two-page essay on how a problem in the United States could be solved or significantly reduced through the use of relational technology. The goal of this essay is to convince a decision-maker to fund and/or approve the project. Post as Microsoft Word .

Essay 3 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


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I.S Final Installation And Support Plan Report

Need someone to write an Final Installation and Support Plan Report based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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Read the introductory chapter to PDF article provided here called SITE DANCE

Choose and describe three ideas about site dance that are discussed in the chapter (you must cite the page number for each idea). AND based on the ideas chosen from the chapter, describe at least one idea for a site dance of your own that you would like to try as your end-of-semester collaboration project (make this part up as if you were taking this course).

So to make it clear,….1 paragraphs for each of the 3 ideas in the article, and 1 paragraph about an a site dance of your own that you would like to try….thats a total of 4 paragraphs!


very simply and easy task. No plagiarizing or payment will not be sent. Must be own original work.

04/03/2011 at 16:27 EDT:

Skype me at Ncarolina1728 to discuss this if you are interested!

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E-Business Report

Need someone to write an E-Business Strategy Review Report on Internet Banking based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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Professional Email Writer


I need someone to write a 350 word email. The email will encourage the customer to buy a website redesign and why they should buy the service.

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Report Writing Project For Ishtiak146

as discussed

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Survey Proposal And Questionnairre Development

Length likely to be about 10 pages, excluding the questionairre itself

I expect the pay to be somewhere past the midpoint of the scale indicated, so expect it to go up from $500 in order to do the job right.

You will need to develop a proposal to carry out a survey study to determine public views with regard to various public transportation options (e.g. subways, streetcars etc); you WILL NOT have to carry out the survey as it is only a proposal.

The proposal will outline how you will identify your target population, how you will determine your sample size, how you will ultimately recruit participants etc.

As part of that study you will also need to develop a preliminary questionnairre. As a result some basic knowledge of how to appropriately coonstruct questions, and response categories, is a must and/or the applicant will need to put in the time to refresh their memory.

A number of relevant literature sources will be provided the elaborate on proposals and which may be sufficient for the job, depending upon how familiar the applicant is with survey and questionnaire design; they may or may need to seek out other sources.

Ideally the applicant should have a general knowledge of public transportation systems in Canada, and preferably Toronto, but specific sources of related literature may also be provided in this area.

In closing, cleary I have posted this job with relatively good pay and so I expect that the work will commensurate.
The product should be at high graduate level caliber, so if you have any doubts about your ability to deliver this please do not apply. Having said that, it is not being conducted by a professional survey company so it clearly does note require that level of breadth and rigor. Most importantly, thoughtfullness, creativity, and flawless execution.

Oh yes, and as time is of the essence, please contact me quickly. Thanks!

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I Need Part Time / Full Time Filipino Writers $1.5/500 Words

Please see the attached file

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BIO Data Printer

It is simple project to fresher can write own BIO DATA in quickly , this application is create Auto database and table if the database and table is not existing every time this application help to print the bio data and save in to in data table , the candidate can search from name from table and print the Bio data , I knew this a small project ,

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Business Communication, 900 Words

everything insaid the file attach . it is about 900 words and i need it in 3 days from now

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Financial Advice – Online

Hi All

Im looking for someone to help me do research for a project.

I need someone who can research web sites from Australia, UK, Canada and US (in that priority). The research is to find the following

Web Sites that provide individuals to educate themselves on financial advice. The web sites will have some of the following characteristics

Provide basic support for individuals to learn more about financial advice/financial planning
Help with tools. These are mainly calculators

Allow individuals to access a range of products and/or direct advice.

Im not expecting every website to have all of the above. The person doing the research should be able to idnetify how user friendly each site is and how it adds value to the users.

The report back should be concise and highlight the following

The top 10 websites overall
The top 5 websites for Australia
A simple table that contains the following;

Name of each site
Key speiclaisation eg investments, broad advice, direct shares, general education
Core attributes in terms of best features, eg easy to use tools/calculators, simple advice, good forums for sharing information etc
The name of the business that owns the website (ie need to know the key business as opposed to just the name of the site, note also, some could be ran by government departments)
Is if free? yes no, pricing details
Why you liked the web site
How you scored them to end up with a top 5 in Australia and top 10 overall

Hope this is clear and happy bidding

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Excellent Academic Writers Needed ASAP!!!


I need an expert & excellent Academic writer for long term who can write research papers, reports, dissertations, essays & such like stuff on almost every topic. He must be able to do Proper Referencing in APA, Harvard, MLA, and in different schemes as well.

Attach your Best Academic work!!!!! bids without samples will not be considered in any case.


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MBA Level Economist Business Case Study Writer

You will research a case study and submit answers by April 12. This is not a school paper, but you
need an MBA or Ph.D from an Americian or European University do write this case study, which involves a complex set of decisions related to valuation and present value of a firm in the wake of management shake up. You will use extensive footnotes and compose about 7000 words and a spreadsheet.

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Modeling Course Work

Hi there,

Please found the attach file for this course work. Everything and all discription what is required for the course work is on the attac file call: Bitcamp ltd, couse work.

On this project I am offering £ 100 GBP

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Content Writers – USA EXPERTS – Website, Ads, Articles Etc


Im looking for EXPERT writers for my websites, blogs, ads, comments and tons more. I need someone who can writer with a american style.

I DO NOT want spin content or oversea writing which is horrible.

I want 100% unique content and american can understand it.

Writing good is one thing but writing so it make sense is something else.

Alot of work for this project.

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Small Assignment Of Infrared Music Transmission System

This assignment is based on student budget.

The circuits are consist of Transmitter and Receiver, those two circuits are transmitted by Infrared LED (Tx & Rx).
It would be a simulation of the circuits, and the components hardware in the breadboard.

Mono or Stereo jack is connected from the transmitter, and we must have a tuner (variable resistor in transmitter) to tuning the volume, then we can hear the sound from the transmitter respectively.

The Objectives:
*Able to hear the sound at the transmitter as well as the input music (with any modulation technique, AM is preferable)
*Adjust the tuner, as to be the volume control of the sound

We can use any types of components. Simple basic Amplifier is recommended.
No need Programmable IC or microcontroller Unit. Just use an IC or OP-AMP chips.

The components that available at the moment right now,
*Transistor NPN BC548 and PNP 558,
*Mono Speaker 8 Ohms,
*UM66 and LM 386 for music,
*OP-AMP 741,
*Diode Zener 3.2 V,
*3 pairs of LEDs Transmitter and Receiver,
*Male jack 3.5mm (due to connection cable from computer to hardware),
*Female stereo and mono for jack 3.5mm cable,
*Voltage regulator,
*Some Capacitors and Resistors,
*Battery 9V 2pcs,
*Variable Resistors 10k Ohm, 100k Ohm


Budget is not more than $40. And the complete period would be just 3 days, from the day it posted.
Submission Maximum at Monday April 4th.

Description of Works:

1) Simulation of schematic the current circuits for both transmitter and receiver, by using Multisim or Proteus.
This simulation may be successful in the process, but it must applied to the actual components until the project works.

2) Full explanations of the simulation part. (Ms. Word files and component datasheets)

For instance;
* What modulation technique do we use.
* Basic calculations or any equations that require in the simulations
* Why we use this type of amplifiers? (i.e. OP-AMP 741)
* What the purposes of these resistor of … Ohm, Capacitor or any IC in the circuit,
* If the transmitter use modulation, how the demodulation signal going through at receiver,
* If the sound it is not clear as the input, what happened to the signals?
* Why it come with noise at the receiver?
* And other explanations, regarding how the circuit works properly.

NOTE : The job is only the schematic simulations in the software ($25) and full explanations of why it works and operates, I would ask some questions if necessary ($15). Therefore I will construct the hardware in the breadboard myself.

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Storytellers And Creative Writers Needed – $2.5 P.a. – 15th

I am looking for creative storytellers and writers who can tell
about their own town, its people and uses.
Its a job for talented "true" writers, Im not interested in "content" writers.
I will pay $2.50 per 700-800 words articles and $1.25 per 400-500
words articles.
Please attach a sample to your bid (not on PM, only .txt files).
This is going to be a long-term project but first assignment
will be for 20 (10 x 800 words +10 x 400 words) articles (bid $37.5).
This assigment must be completed within 60 days.

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US Writers Needed, Shopping News – Huge Potential……

Seeking reliable, dedicated, US based writer-reporters – who have their own adsense accounts – to write about current events related to shopping.

We need reporters that are internet savvy and love shopping, bargain hunting, and travel news and deals. Our news site provides current, useful information to shoppers – from new product announcements to pricing changes, recalls, travel disruptions, new product features, shopping deals, specials, discontinuations, availability and more. You will be in charge of your own research for these stories, but story ideas are abundant.

You will need to be able to consistently write in a 3rd person news style. Just a straight forward telling of a recent or current event,. While a reporter may provide many facts on their own, fine details, statistics, and anything subjective needs to be attributed to a source. Reports will be required to be free of bias, opinion, judgement, hype, advice, tips, leading questions. Just the facts. Just like you see in the hard news section of a regular news paper.

Please understand – this is writing about current events – not rewriting and spinning general articles for seo.

Only US based applicants are being considered. We ask writers to commit to three 200+ word reports a day, five days a week (15 per week).

For the first two weeks (30 reports), we pay $1.50 per accepted/published report. The goal is to use this as a training period. After that time is up, we would work together in partnership, with you receiving a generous portion of the ad revenue through an adsharing program. With this system, you should be able to earn much more than $1.50 per report. Ill send you more details in a pm.

Many of our writers are stay at home parents and/or homeschoolers, as am I. This has been a good opportunity for them.

Please bid $45 (for the first 30 reports) and confirm in a PM that you 1) understand what 3rd person writing means, 2) have an adsense account, and 3) enjoy writing about shopping, products, and travel related issues and deals.

Those that provide a sample of this type of report will receive fast consideration.

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Write A Technical Paper

I need someone to write a technical paper for me.
I will give you an academic article. Your job is to write a technical essay based on that article.
That article is about some renewable bioengery. And the article is about 19 pages.
The required technical essay should have about 4000 words.

It should be very simple. The project has to be done as soon as possible.
My budget is about 20 to 40 USD.
More detail would be provided if the bidder is chosen.

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{K} Literature Review Of 2500 Words


I need a literature review of 2500 words. Please bid along with samples.

Details will be sent through PMB.

Deadline: April 03, 2011


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{K} Powerpoint Presentation And A 2,000 Words Report


I need a powerpoint presentation and a 2,000 words report.

Deadline: April 04, 2011

Details through PMB.


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