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Rails Site New Feature: Internationalization

Existing website in rails 2.2 needs internationalization support of static and dynamic content, features:
– publisher: add content with translations
– user: automatic language selection
– user: manual language selection

Internationalization of templates (static content and images) is to be evaluated by complexity: if its easy/cheap yes, if not we can choose to modify the templates to avoid internationalized images and to make all the static content dynamic.

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Ruby On Rails – Application Must Clean Coded

I need a person to create a simple application for a client. Please contact me for more detail.

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Design Work As Discussed

As discussed for the project designing work.

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Profile Matching Program

I need to create a website that allows for creating a series of questionnaires that users fill in, then matching users profiles to each other based on the responses to these questionnaires.
– Each user may have many different profiles, and there will also be a relationship model between users.
– The size/style/number of the questionnaires, and questions/answers will be determined by administrators, but must be able to be adjusted without upsetting the matching algorithm
– This project will preferably be completed using RoR as I have some familiarity with it
– Im looking for a simple solution at this stage but if the project is successful there is potential for further ongoing work

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Modify/Tweak Existing Working Website Scraper For 7 Websites


Please read from start to end, else your bidding request may get cancelled…

We have working scraper which works perfectly fine, and now we would like someone to Modify/Tweak existing working scraper for atleast 7 websites.

The price will involve development plus testing. You have to provide me testing support for six months, so that I can be assured of that the tool is running fine.

The copyright issues of the project belong to me, and no mention whatsoever of the developer will be there in the project. The tool should be properly documented.

We are looking for a bidder who can do so in less than hundred dollars.

NOTE: We only pay upon completion of this work, we do not escrow first / partial payments, complete this job how we want it and you get paid, piss us around and you are wasting your time only.

We also outsource a great deal of work. We have the project/spec sheet for several Upcoming projects specifically in Drupal, Joomla, Magento and PHP which will be given to what we consider GENUINE programmers.

NOTE: For your bidding request to be accepted, start your bidding reply with word "SCRAPER:"

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Price Comparisation Site For Cars

Need an price comparisation engine that compares and provide minimum and maximum price of an car .

Input need to be: brand , model or type , feul , year of build.

websites to search and scrape are :

After searching this sites we need to provide an output of minimum price and max , links to result pages.

Also we need an history of searched brands , top searchs , login , profile managing..

Mobile friendly

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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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Add An API Functionality To Simple Rails App

Looking for someone who has worked with Ruby/Ruby on Rails and APIs to add an API functionality to a simple Ruby on Rails App. Looking to display images based on keywords. More detail can be given in message. This needs to be done ASAP, so only looking for someone who can start right away. Should take about 3 hours. Will pay your hourly rate. Please message me as soon as possible!

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Ruby Gem To Connect And Upload File To A Website

I need a rubygem in order to log in and upload file to a website that share videos content.
May include javascript convert to ruby for the login part (token, etc …)

The gem would be work like that :

– log into the site
– fill informations from .txt
– upload the files
– return the url of the new video uploaded

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Property Search Engine

Property Search Engine based on crawling, data text-mining, dynamic navigation based search, AJAX and Ruby-On-Rails
technology that will allow deep crawling of websites to find and accurately extract key meta data for inclusion in the search engine such as price, location and features.
In addition, the search platform would allow for high performance, fast search indexing and querying allowing users to experience an instantaneous response to their search, refined by detailed property features, and retrieve the latest properties on the market.
Front End already has been developed and is up and running.

References with contact tel. numbers and NDA would be required.
Important: No Upfront Payment. All work will be scheduled in stages and payment will be released on stage completion. We would be happy to provide references should you require.

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We need assistance on RESTful integartion using Ruby 1.9.2 & Rails 3.0.3. A sample program will do. We are specific about the Ruby and Rails versions. Please apply ONLY if you have worked on these versions with

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Ruby On Rails Developer

We are looking for a candidate (preferably from the Philippines) who will continue developing our website using Ruby on Rails. We need a candidate who can work for us full-time, 40 hours/week on flexible hours.
Desired Skills:
Good English communication skills
1+ years of experience in RoR development
Enthusiasm for working with the CEO and with the team

If interested, please apply, kindly place your bid.

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A Unique Social Networking Website

Do you have experience programming custom social networking websites? Do you have experience integrating Facebook into company websites with social sign-in? Do you have an excellent understanding the Facebook Platform? If you answered yes to these three questions, then please continue reading this job description.

We want to build a custom social networking website that interacts with Facebook. You will follow 30+ page file of business and technical requirements, including some proprietary ideas and unique functionalities.

Do you have the following?

o Knowledge to select the most scalable programming language and structure for a rapidly growing user database (ability to scale up to several million users)
o Experience building sites with social sign in
o Understanding of Facebooks limits and what they do allow, how much user information can be pulled, and how to pull user information
o Knowledge to select and build a structure that will smoothly communicate with mobile device platforms

If you said yes again – great! Please submit a bid with your answers to the following 5 questions:

1) As a programmer, in what ways have you integrated Facebook into websites? Be specific.
2) How many websites have you built using social sign in?
3) What are the limits or difficulties have you experienced when integrating Facebook into websites? Be specific.
4) What is your experience when it comes to building custom social networking sites?
5) Would you recommend a separate programmer for the following aspects of this project or do you have expert knowledge of these 4 areas: Ecommerce, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, and Mobile Application Development

This project will be expected to begin anytime before June 2011 and completed by July or August 2011.

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