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Describe the structure and function of each of the following;

Outer Membrane; Gram-negative Flagellum, Bacterial Chromosome and Replication

You should write NO MORE than 300 words for each structure (excluding relevant diagrams) and preferably start each structure on a new page.

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Essay On Plants, Animals And Microbes

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the mechanisms for surviving extreme temperatures (hot and cold) in animals, plants and microorganisms.

Note: No more than 50% of your essay should be devoted to any one of the groups mentioned in this question

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Database Work. Fill In An Excel Spreadsheet.

We are looking for a person who can check an Scandinavian section of a branch website.
You will have to copy details into an Excel file and put all the different details at the right place.

There are 1049 Life Science companies that need to be listed. You should be able to do at least 10 per hour.
It is not a very difficult job but it is important that all the details will be copied without mistakes.

Although it is a fairly simple job we are looking for someone with a scientific background in Life Sciences because we might also have other Life Science jobs in the future.

If we select you for the job you will receive details about the website and youll receive an Excel template that you can use.

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Computer And Programming Task
i want this task to be done in the best way………please bid for less

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Literature Review: Compensation For Marine Impacts

I need a literature review of the latest international methods for calculating the amount and type of compensation required for impacts to coral reefs, rocky reefs and seagrasses.

The main form of compensation I am interested in is the restoration of damaged habitat or the replacement of damaged habitat.

For example artifical reefs can be constructed to compensate for the loss of natural reefs. I need a summary of accepted practice worldwide for calculating how big the artificial reef needs to be or what type of reef needs to be constructed.

It is usually too expensive to build a reef as large as the one that was damaged so someone (eg government) has to decide how much is enough. That is what Im interested in. A review of what and how this has been done around the world.


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To Find Boundaries,distances And Areas Of Lands From Image

I want to use image processing techniques to determine the real boundaries, distances,shapes and areas of pieces of lands on an aerial/satelite imagery. The boundaries, distances,shapes and the areas are to be more accurately determined than when using other classical methods like GIS. Matlab is to be used for the programming.

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Cancer Research

Job Description
Stomach Cancer (Linitis Plastica).

1. Who is the expert on this type of stomach cancer subject in the world.

(a )Who has in depth knowledge about it. (studied it the most, has dealt with the most cases, has written journals, articles about it, cured it).

(b)Provide their contact details. (country, organization, website, phone).

2. What is the best & most successful treatments available for this stomach cancer.

(a)What is the treatment? (provide detailed description of the treatment, links to websites).

(b)Provide their contact details. (clinic or hospital or organization).

3. Find people who have been cured from this disease.

(a)Provide information on their specific case.

(b)Provide their contact details.

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Pest Control For Manufacturing

We need information and documentation on "how" for the specifics on this project, the solutions available and how to implement them. In short, this is the information for what were looking for, documentation to help us to determine and implement a:

1. Full analysis of what measures can be taken at our OEMs to improve pest control, specifically targeting mosquitoes and similar.
2. Regular checkup on results (once per month, or perhaps quarterly), and adjustments of measures.
3. Measurable results and reports showing progress of, hopefully, less and less mosquitoes found in traps.
4. Possibly also training and certification of both our staff and OEM staff in pest control.

Involvement is also require for the solution proposal and remote advising for the implementation.

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Water Quality Recommended For Textiles Processing

The Quality of Water used in Textiles processing is very important to take into consideration for effective and reproducible results of the finished product .Comprehensive report and recommendation for the water quality to be used in textiles.

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Text Inference Using Cognitive Siutation Model

The major objective of the project is extracting and storing the following features from the text document.


Based on these features a cognitive situation model should be build which can infer the information in that text document.

The system needs to be tested against a manually feature-annotated database of text document to check its accuracy. So manually creating a well annotated text document for these features is a task.

*** DEatailed Report will be provided to interested candidates.

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Research For Articles

I am wanting to source a variety of articles that I can use on a number of websites I am developing. I am a company director of a Coaching Company. I am wanting to source articles that I can use for individual domains that relate to:
Smoking cessation – hypnosis and NLP techniques and success
Fear of dentists and conquering the fear or phobia – useful techniques and evidence of success
Lawyers and there inability to have sound relationships with clients/staff and maintain those clients /staff- evidence of the importance of exceptional relationships with clients and staff
Using the mind to control weight loss and fitness- evidence of success and prgrams
Golf and NLP and hypnosis Great ideas for websites and audio to improve golf.
Exceptional leadership and women- managing stress



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New Algorithm For Skin Cancer Detection

I would liket to get some help about my graduate project. Journal should be about Detection of Skin cancer using different algorithms and focus on any of the algorithms and redevelop the algorithm.

All the work must be shown and explained in a manner that can be understood easily. Please focus more on Mathmetical side insted of medical side as this is subject for Biomedical /Biotechnology Engineeting and Mechatronicz.

The main goal of this paper should be any developed algorithm and research previous developments, why we have choosen this method and what further developments can be done.

Project should be approximately 80 pages with minimum 100 references. References must be used throughout the whole paper and also at the end of the paper. i will provide the formatting and further information to the winning bidder.

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Data Analysis And Interpretation

Require a freelancer that has experience of performing data analysis using Minitab.

This task include:

A. Generate Descriptive Statistics from Questionnaire Data in Minitab (data will be supplied)

B. Create good quality charts and graphs (upto 10) in Minitab

C. Write 1000 words discussing and interpreting the findings from the data.

Each questionnaire has approximately 16 questions.


Please confirm you have access to minitab
Please supply a sample of any similar work you have done in this area.
Please confirm you can complete this task within 48 hrs.

Thank you.

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Need Someone To Analyze A Social Game & Help With Design

Hi Guys,

We need someone to help us understand the full design and mechanics of some social games. I have complete set of data of some games. I want you to analyze it and present a report on how that game was designed. What were its key game drivers and motivators, how the entire game progressed and how it controlled inflation, how much time it took users to play and progress through the game and more. You can use excel to do most of the analysis.

After doing this research, will need assistance in developing set of data for our game and its design.

If you want more detailed information, please PM and I can send data and more info.

Thanks and happy bidding!

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Articles/Research Needed

I need about 10-15 articles. Each article must be approx. 450-500 words, written in excellent USA English.

Article must not have errors, grammatical, … Also there will be no plagiarism, must pass Copyscape.

I will give you some titles, but you must then do good research about every title.

Articles will be in following fields:
– Science
– Health
– History
– Sports

I will give you some additional information later.

I am willing to pay 2,5$ per article.

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Pure Maths—-Group Theory

I need someone who is very good in Group Theory in Pure Maths and can assist in a research in this area up till doctorate level. The person of interest should preferrably be located in the UK as physical contact might be necessary in some situations.

Please send PM if interested and available.

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Academic Technical Writing

Want technical academic documentation related to computer science subject

see for more details

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Academic Research

I am seeking a highly competent researcher to perform the following tasks:

Research the Internet for specific information on a range of business and management topics.
Research online Journals for specific information on a range of business and management topics.
Research other quality texts/books and authoritative academic sources for specific information on a range of business and management topics.

You will:

A. Research, review a write up points that address the research point ( because
the material will NOT be published plagiarism/copyright is NOT an issue.
You MAY copy and paste the relevant material; BUT it must be relevant.

Example: If you find a relevant journal article. you may copy the text
but it must be referenced. You must only supply content that is relevant.

B. Supply the a copy of the original source material or direct url.

C. Supply material that is highly relevant and directly addresses the
research question.

D. All material supplied must be referenced

Example task

Research TQM:

i) Explain the key concepts of TQM as widely accepted by academic literature (300 words)
ii) Provide any research which highlights efficiency gains (3 x evidence required)
iii) Describe TQM methods that have been identified as most suitable for SME implementation.

Academic Research experience
Available online most days
Fast researcher
Good writing skills
Organised with good attention to detail.

Payment will be made per task. Please bid on the basis on the example task above.

There is potential for ongoing work on this type for the a good researcher.

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Scientific Articles Search (about Failure Of Sinus Lift)

I need to find 30 scientific articles refered to:

"Treatment failure of sinus lift. Causes, complications and treatment."

Its about dental implantology, when you rise the maxilar sinus and it fails.
It can talk about the causes, the complications OR the treatment.
It must be published in any of those:
– Databases
– Digital Scientific Magazines
– Paper Scientific Magazines

An example of possible sources:
Willey Interscience,
Electronic Journal Service
Academic Search Premier
Cochrane Library Plus
Ocenet Salud
Highwire (Standford University)
DOAJ, Directory of Open Access Journal.
PubMed Central.
Etc etc….. google academic search also…

An example of article:

Thank you very much.

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Biotech Application Notes

We need a technical writer to add application notes for bacterial growth media and related products.
our website shows our product offering. we have specific application notes that we need created as well azs
proof reading of our catalog and addition of these notes where appropriate in the catalog

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Mouse Genome Bed File

I have ~10 50 – 100 base pair sequences that generate 1000s of hits in the genome (some mouse, some human). Id like BED files mapping the location of all of the hits for each sequence.

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Seeking Technology That Control Obligate Parasitic Nematodes

We are interested in collaborators who would like to share the development costs and intellectual property.

Of particular interest is Obligate Parasitic Nematode control relating to soy beans.

NOT INTERESTED in agricultural techniques.

If you or your company own such and are interested in licensing, selling, partnering, or collaborating, please let sablady1 know immediately.

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Computational Linguistics, Nlp Experts Required

Ongoing project requires talented natural language processing (nlp) developers. Knowedge of java, opennlp and lingpipe required plus solid English grammar understanding.

Please provide CV or details of projects you have completed.

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Literature Review:Modelling Rise Of Surfacant In Capillaries

I need a literature review about "Modeling rise of surfacant solution in rough capillaries" in form of just a 15-20 page paper with only the most recent publications (from year 2006 onwards).
We will be using coarse grained Molecular Dynamic Simulation Algorithms to calculate the rise.
Rough capillaries represented by rock pores.
Surfacant solution composed of asphaltene-crude oil.
Pores have been rendered oil-wet by the adsorption of asphaltenes from the crude oil.

Full details of the project will be provided upon request or once winning bidder starts the project.

1) I need it as soon as possible. (by Thursday 24th February 16:00 GMT the latest)
2) If you can do it and the job type does not match you, please leave a message on the public message board and I will modify the job type.
3) If you do not have access to online publications, I can even provide them to you; i.e. you send me the list of articles you want, and I will send them to you.

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2Translating And Editing A Scientific Paper Russian->English

We have a draft of a scientific paper on a protein involved in DNA repair. The paper is in Russian and is 13-pages long 1.5 spaced. There are four pages of references and these need to be linked.

We need to translate this paper into English (scientific translation) and edit it to comply with PLoS Biology format.

Timeline: 5-6 days after the project is awarded.
Payment is negotiable.


1. There are many biological terms
2. If you send me something like "Resistance against to stress"… in the first sentence of the translation, I will provide a negative reference….

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Seek Technologies & Methods Causing Improv Of Sugar Cane

Seeking technologies and methods causing improvement of sugarcane sugar content.

Seeking improvement in sugar content of sugarcane that increases sugar yields with only a small marginal increase in costs of production. Gains in sugar content are economically more beneficial than corresponding increases in cane yield, consequently increased sugar content continues to be an important objective of sugarcane breeding programs. However, comparisons of cultivars released over the last 50 years indicate that breeding efforts have delivered increased sugar yields mainly via improvements in the cane yield, with much smaller contributions from sugar content.

Seeking technology leads related to the following area:

Technologies and methods with demonstrated ability to increase total carbohydrates with the approximate preference: sucrose > soluble sugars >> carbohydrate polymers and demonstration crops in the approximate preference sugar cane > sweet sorghum, sugar beet >> corn >> other plants.

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Translating And Editing A Scientific Paper Russian->English

We have a draft of a scientific paper on a protein involved in DNA repair. The paper is in Russian and is 13-pages long 1.5 spaced. There are four pages of references and these need to be linked.

We need to translate this paper into English (scientific translation) and edit it to comply with PLoS Biology format.

Timeline: 5-6 days after the project is awarded.
Payment is negotiable.

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Linear Dynamic Range Citations

This project will require you to identify 20 citations to published, peer-reviewed articles or treatises supporting the notion that data values are only valid/accurate/precise if obtained within the demonstrated linear dynamic range of the instrument. As much as practicable, this inquiry should focus on linear dynamic range as it applies to spectroscopy and photo detectors.

With your bid, please submit a short statement (one or two sentences, not plagiarized) explaining why demonstrated linear dynamic range is important.

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Data Entry From Excel Or Pdf Files  

Have to work on Excel file or pdf files. You will have to take data from this sources and put them via web in our admin (9 fields to complete, 4 are multiple choice). 0,02 $ per entry. Speed and accuracy requested

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Academic Journal Writing

Method section only written for an academic journal-topic 500-1000 words about 2-3 pages

Must have strong understanding of quantitative and qualitative Methods section for research project. High level of writing required.

Also, potential for statistical analysis for additional pay if capable and understand SPSS.

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Article Writers Needed-for US Gov’t Related News Website

Huntsville Defense News is looking for part-time and full time content writers who can write articles for our website. We need 15-20 articles a week; topics are related to government business and business opportunities in the Huntsville, AL area. Further instructions will be sent after bidding.

All articles must be original, manually written (no software allowed) and pass Copyscape 100% – NO plagiarism allowed. They must be at least 400 words and ready to publish (no spelling or grammar errors)

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An Idea And Scenario For An Online Game

I need an idea and complete scenario for an Online game that the gamers can earn/spend points on it.

Or gamers can win/loss points on it.

– this idea must have ability to separate in some phases for reduce developing costs in first.
– if you can develop and managing this project its better for me.

it will develop and run on Facebook

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