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Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You To Place (Aweber Code)

ject. Basically A PopUp That appears with a list of social networks. I want to add in an Opt-In Box After They Click A social Network. Please PM me for more details.

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var protocol = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https : http);

OX.addVariable(job_type, -HTML-Javascript-PHP-Script Install-);

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resizable: true,
height: auto, // set height is not working in IE 6/7, will cause the popup squeezed. –MZ 17/10/2010
width: 400,
autoOpen: false,
modal: true,
buttons: {
“No” : function(){
“Yes” : function(){

function getDateFromTimestamp(timestamp) {
var dateObj = new Date(timestamp * 1000);
return (dateObj.getMonth() + 1) + / + dateObj.getDate() + / + dateObj.getFullYear();

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JCOW Module Development

Would like to create a custom module for JCOW called something like "Brag Box" that is very similar to the "Blog" functionality, but instead of the user entering into a freeform text box, it would make them fill out a variety of form controls with data validation. These values would have to be stored in the DB and to be displayed in a summarized fashion on the users profile – should also allow for easy querying from DB.
The fields required would be:
1) a text box for the event name,
2) dynamically populated dropdown for the activity
3) text box (accepting numerical value) for distance
4) dropdown for unit of measure (of distance, kms/meters/miles/yards, etc)
5) dropdowns to measure day(s), hour(s), Minute(s) – time the event took to complete.

6) another field to store optional numerical data- available or greyed out based on the selection of activity in 2)
7) textbox for comments.

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Joomla Jobs

I have a job list that have to be done. Everything have to be done in good way and work well.

This is for an Joomla webshop in virtuemart

This are the main things out of the list:

– Get the terms out of the automatic generated order email.
– Get my artciles inside my XML sitemap
– Redesign of the frontpage / homepage -> I want my latest products to be loaded inside my frontpage, latest 3 articles, and latest 3 newsletters.
– Acy mailing newsletters must come in the website under the articles section
– New Comments / review system , the standard joomla one sucks
– Install Virtuemart autoresponder module properly
– Change the autom. generated email for new registred users
– Add the share for Facebook button
– If possible i want to have an waiting list somewhere to be shown. Now people can add themself to the waiting list when a product is sold out but i cant see who is on the waiting list.

Everything need to be fixed in a maximum of 2 weeks.

Let me know if you can do it .

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Server Side Script To Get IP From Image Request


For an image hosted on server, I need a script that will
get info about the client when that image is requested in an html

Specifically, this script will:

1) Get the IP address of email reader. If they open in Outlook for example, ideally
want to get the current IP of where they opened. If they open in browser email, or gmail, etc.,
I understand that we will only get the IP of gmail and that is ok.

2) Would like any other info that is available:
– operating system
– brower
– time

3) Would like that info emailed immediately to a specified email address.

Essentially, I want to implment the equivalent of what does but
I want control over the image that is used.

Please indicate in your reply if there is any special server requirements that we will need.

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Keylogger Software Needed

I need a keyloger very fast, for more info please contact me!

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Satellite TV To PC Script

Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy either a ready made script or have one made that allows the user to watch "Satellite TV on PC".

You must be able to show me a working version and be able to offer me full resale rights.

Urgent Project


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CS-CART Modifications

For a cs-cart e-shop I would like to be able to setup check box filters such as here where i can choose to have multiple filter options checked.

Moreover i need to be able to define to use small thumbs for filters such as the color filters here on the left

The update of the results should be instantly through Ajax such as here:

Please provide me with your offer for this and an estimated time for completion.

Only developers with previous cs-cart experience are considered, so please mention any previous work on this cart.

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Social Engine 4 – Domain, Cpanel And Video Upload Issues


– Determine how to change the domain name on root directory and cpanel
– Next, confirm that the cpanel is operating normally/reflective of the actual live website
– Check that the meta data, keywords, site title are correct for the new domain name, will show up in google search

– In core SE video plugin, uploads time out too quickly. Need to set higher value, perhaps.
– Getting errors when trying to upload directly within the "listings/catalogue" plugin… "the subject may not be set twice"
– within the pages plugin, the videos just cue for processing but never process – this one i may have to get the dev to solve.

Ive noticed in a couple of places, a subdomain that is part old domain name, part new…. not sure what relevance it has but i have seen this in the context of my websmaster contact address. Want clarify this and if its causing errors.

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Auction Website

I will need someone to add a decrease functuion to my script. I have a penny auction script. I need to option in the back end so I can choose a reverse penny " where the price drops evertime someone bids" A example would be I also need someone to add the design I have to the website and update the logo I have designed.

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Linux Expert – Config Support


I am looking for Linux export who can configure on our server.

We already have 1 working with mumu, we purchased 3 more tuners for the same server and we are looking for Linux expert who can configure them.

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Bug Fix On Existing Group Buy Website

I have an existing group buy website which has several bugs that need to be fixed. The original developer can no longer continue working on the project so Im looking for some experienced php developer to quickly fix these problems so I can launch my site. Time frame is no more than 7 calendar days. Budget $200.
Please review the site and the list of bugs require fixing. Once you have won the bid, I will give you access to the backend as well as server files and db for you to directly implement any changes. Also if it helps, the site is based on the Couponic template on yii framework.

Site URL:

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Header and top navs
a) Visit More Cities, Get Deals by Email, Refer Friends, Get $ not formatted very well.
b) Please move Visit More Cities to just next to the city name.
c) Upon click on these links, the drop down is still below the main nav bar. Please move that also back to the top of the header.
d) Long city names do not display properly on the View More Cities list. Please review and fix. Please sort city names alphabetically in the View More Cities list.
e) Please also sort the Province/State names alphabetically in the Get Deals by Email drop down list.
f) Please remove the submenu strip to save header room.
g) Change header background graphic to just pure blue. No wavy pattern.

2. Remove the 3rd thing in the Share option list.

3. Slideshow auto slides which is good. However, if I play the video in the slide show, the slide show continues to scroll, which is not good. It should allow the video to finish playing before sliding over to the next thing.
Also the video doesnt show in Google Chrome. Please review and fix.

4. In the More Local Deals right nav, the Save xxx % green box cuts into the left margin. Please re-align.

5. Highlights and The Fine Print should be 2 columns of equal width below the picture.

6. Change background color for Buy it for a friend! to blue.

7. For a user buying with credit, once the balance is $0 after redeeming all credits, checkout process should not send to paypal anymore.

8. Gift card option should allow users to purchase with credit too.

9. Mobile page needs a little tweeking:
a) Logo appears too small.
b) Price/Discount/Savings section not formatted very nicely.

10. Need assistance configure newsletter. Either do it from my own server or integrate with mailchimp.

11. Make footer area into a CMS and can be edited in multiple languages.

12. Use local image instead of image from another site: (currently configured in /deals/themes/classic/views/worklets/deal/side/about.php

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Oscommerce Add On

install on 2 sites

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WordPress Gallery Needed

We have a website running on wordpress, using the fancybox plugin.

where we have multiple galleries on the one page, the galleries currently cycle first through the selected gallery, but then also all the subsequent galleries on the page.

we would like the user to ONLY be able to cycle through each gallery individually ALSO excluding the thumbnail image the user clicked on.

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Integrate A Payment System On Our Website

We currently sell via credit cards but we do not sell on our website. I would like to make a secure page on my website where we can upload a customers invoice and have them pay by entering the info on the website which will connect directly or be directly connected to This would be the SIM or Server Integration Method on

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Install Icecast Server

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

offers audio streaming software

I simply need this installed on my Centos server

You should only appy if youve done this installation before. From what I hear, its a cinch, and you should be able to install it and have it working fine in a lil more than 30mins

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Excel Spreadsheet Tool / Script

I need a tool, script, setup of Excell to handle changing all numbers in Column I (PRICE). The resulting number would be a % of Column I (PRICE) plus the original number in Column I (PRICE) . For example, if the original number was 100, and I need the % (to be added to original #) was 30% the resulting calculated figure would be 130.

I need to see a proof that the tool, script etc works.

I will pay best offer on proven work.

The Spreadsheet attached is to be used and the column to be edited is attached.

Thanks, Casey Connors

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Mashup Of WordPress Plugins


I have a site that is using a combination of the 3 plugins listed in the title.

We need a system sort of like oneshoppingcart but scaled back quite a bit. It is possible to mash up these 3 plugins so that:

If a person was to buy one event or another through PHPurchase, they are automatically subscribed to the EFT autoresponder.

Some purchases of events will subscribe to one list, some will subscribe to another, and some to both. is the domain in question
There are two partners, Landen and Emerson who run this.

BrantleyBlairGroup will have one opt in box (free info to capture names)
When a product or event is ordered, those registrations will have their own AR sequence to follow, so for Landens upcoming event the people will get a certain series leading up to that event. If the order a CD or book, well want to have AR campaigns to upsell them etc.

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WordPress Coder Needed – Fix 2x Issues On My Blog


I have 3 problems on my blog (no idea why they are there)


I have this script, but i cannot activate it it gives me errors about some files missing 777 premission. But i change these premissions but still the error comes.


On the main page if users want to go to 2nd page ie: < this link does not work.

For categories these links do work.


RSS feed URL < does not work.

I need all these issues fixed, i can give you access to our website and FTP for you to edit.

Only bid if you have wordpress expiriance, do not post if you dont know how to work with these issues.

My budget is: 30$

Thank You!

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Print/Clothing Design Software

I am looking to have software custom designed on a budget for something like this – and this –

We want people to be able to go on the web site, choose their product and customize/preview their design before purchase. Things like color, font, text, size, graphics, etc. should all be available options.

We can likely install it ourselves but will need something who communicates well and can be there to assist if needed.

Project will lead to future projects as well.

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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Outcome Prediction

I need a plugin for one of the major blogging-programs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), PREFERABLY WordPress.

With this plugin, it should be able for the admin of the site to create a poll, with multiple choices.

Lets say you have the question: &quot;what is 2 times 3?&quot;, and you get 3 different answering opportunities:

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7

The question is in the category &quot;math&quot;, and in the sub-category &quot;multiplication&quot;.

Now, as a user on the site, you have been correct in the polls about &quot;multiplication&quot; 45% of the time. Therefor, your vote in the poll counts 0,45 points (would count 1 if you are always correct).

A lot of different users will vote, som good at multiplication and others bad at it, and the different options, a), b) and c) will get different amount of votes all with different weight, based on the voters average chance of being correct in the individual sub-category.

Now, later it is found out that the correct answer is b), 6, and all those who voted for option b) will get a correct score, meaning that their future votes in the subcategory of &quot;multiplication&quot; will be weighted more heavily – for instance increasing your votes weight from 0,45 to 0,5.


The plugin will have to make it possible for the admin to create categories and subcategories and the polls in them.

The weighted results of the polls will have to be available to everyone visiting the site, but only registered users should be able to vote with their respectable weights.

The result of the poll would be shown in procent;

If answer a) has two voters with weights of 0,1 = combined weight of 0,2
and answer b) has 10 voters with weights of 0,9 = combined weight of 9
and c) has one voter with a weight of 0,8 = combined weight of 0,8

a) would get 0,2/10 = 0,02 = 2%
b) would get 9/10 = 0,9 = 90%
c) would get 0,8/10 = 0,8 = 8%

Thanks in advance, Alexander.

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Install SquirrelMail On Linux Web Server

I am looking for a kind soul to install SquirrelMail on my Linux reseller web server. Too busy designing to be able to spend a day trying to work out how to do this.. Budget is £30.

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Video And Other Work

I need the following work done:

Ill pay $50 for this work. Should only take a few days to do.

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Compatibility Work

I need to make a site compatible in IE 6,7,8,9, chrome, firefox, opera and safari. Ill pay $30 for this work.

Most of the compatibility work is done. Id say 80%. The programmer who took this on didnt know javascript so he wasnt able to finish the work.

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Integrate Simple Business Directory And Blog Into Website


We need a simple job employer / business directory built using php html and mysql. We need the directory integrated within our site, and we need users to be able to sign up as employers and add their business to the directory.

Each business will have a profile, and be able to self manage the profile and update themselves. Types of information will be business image (multiple), company description, and also we have several specific questions we want on each business profile that the client will answer when signing up for their business profile.

We also want a search function, where users can search by specific data fields. Option with search results to have a featured business listing which is highlighted.

Also be able to embedd youtube videos into their profile as well.

Any more information please contact – Need ASAP

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Product Uploading To CS-Cart Through Script

Hi Everyone.

I have CS-cart product selling website. I would like to hire someone who can make a script to upload all the products automatically to website with images. there is little bit mannual work as well. images and description needs to download from other website. all can be found on one page so you no need to do any search for this. only need copy paste my watermark to other images through mspaint. i think total products are approx 2000-2500.

work is very simple. i would like to go with automated script rather to do it mannually.

Feel free if you have questions.

Approx budget is 150-200$.

Thank you

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Easy Job Portal Script Full Working Version Needed

Hi all.
I am looking for easy job portal scripts full version or even similar
The software should be:
1. bug free- no virus or tracking virus
2. full working version—no demo please.
3.easy install.
I will only pay , after proper installation.and everything has been tested.
My budget is for undr $50 so do not bid if you can not do it or do not have it.
thank you

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Mobile Application To Run Internet Radio

I need you to write an application for the cheap phones, I mean the cheapest phone around the market ie China phone, Nokia C1 to support internet radio. I do not require for andriod, Iphone and other more sophiscated platform because it is alreacy available in the market.
Examples of internet radio

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Install PHPBB3 Mods And Alter Current Style

NOTE: BEFORE you bid, please read this… This is the 4th time that this project has been posted. Please make sure that you can finish the project before you bid. The first person asked me (after I awarded the project) that he didnt know what PHPBB3 was… the second person realized that he didnt know how to install the mods… the last person installed and activated (without my permission) completely different styles and installed non-working scripts. I need someone who can install the scripts, activate them and make sure theyre working and alter the CURRENT style that I have.

I am not a novice. I have installed scripts and altered scripts. I have also altered styles. I have no time to do this so I need someone to do it for me. I am looking to install the following on my PHPBB3 forum (up to date with the current version)

1. Facebook login/registration and possible Open ID login. Realistically, it would be nice to have several modes of logging in and registering, but if Facebook is the only one available that will be acceptable. Facebook is required for this project.

2. Points mod slightly altered from the old "PHPBB3 Points Mod". I want to add a points system where a person gets points for posting, replying (I once had this points system back in PHPBB2) as well as points for using their own special URL to get others to register on the forum. I would need it so that people in my VIP group gets more points than the people who are not in my VIP group. Members should also get points for referring other members on the site to register… so this script would have to include a member referral system. On the front page I want people to see the top 10 members points. I also want their points to be in the profile. I also want to be able to edit their points in the admin area.

3. Style modification to allow the following: The same as the current style except to add an alternate layout with stats on the left side (available to all members whether they are logged in or not) and up at the top (under the banner) the users with the highest "points" with their avatar, username and number of points. Login box at the top of the stats.

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Teacher Of Digital And Data Security

Need to be professional in Data and Internet Security and develop:

1- An Efficient and accurate Assessment Exam to determine the level of the applicants
2- Develop courses in Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Data Security and present the course material on a viedo to be viewed online
3- Answer student questions by email
4- Evaluate the progress of students during the term

You will be paid for development and per student fees

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