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Data Migration For Experience Developers

We have Read-Only, remote SQL access (server,db name, user, passwrd) to a MS SQL 2005 database and we need to:

Create a custom tool that can do the following on demand (one or two-clicks solution)

1. Read the data (obviously)
2. First time copy the data to a local host (or another remote host – Apache shared host / cPanel access only)
3. Update the new data or the changes to existing records
4. Find the relations between the tables / views
5. Select by criteria some records (Filter) (example: all the persons named "John" and Born after "1/1/1990")
6. Use the results in a ecommerce (osCommerce) as products for sale
7. …anything else that is needed to have:
– on-demand
– up-to-date
– filtered records
– available in the ecommerce as products
– Classified according to the DDC system (see below)

You will create the products database structure in a default osCommerce installation based on the categories in the resulted database.
This structure is based on the DDC System:

This structure has to REPLACE the default osCommerce "categories" structure and it IS INCLUDED in the database (as a field in the "products" table)

We have to result with a fully working and "browser visible" oscommerce shop and products.
(NO templates or other things to deal with – just the database)

You can decide the technology to use (example: php, C++, …)
If you have another strategic (instead of the "1,2,3,…,7" steps I propose) to have the same result we can discuss it.

The destination server is Apache, shared host, and we have cPanel access only! (not sql remote access)

If you need any additional info before or after you place your bid please ask me,
Thank you.

Note I am look for providers with minimum of 3 or more reviews and complete this project shortly.

Happy bidding….

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Transform SQL Query To An Updating Stored Procedure

I have a SQL query that returns 2 columns whice are IDs from 2 tables on a one to one relationship.
I need this to update two table in a MS SQL database using a stored procedure, looping through each row of the query. The query currently matches 1:1 even if there is a dupe and it is important that it only updates 1 matching entry in each table even if there are dupes.

Please see attached sample query and notes.

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C# Application Window With 4 Tabs – PriceSheets

This project is for development of a single window form with four tabs. The purpose of this window form is to allow users to maintain product price sheets. A product price sheet contains a list of products with different types of pricing. This window will use SQL Server database tables. The attachment contains alot of details and please note that the design shown in the screen prints will be provided along with some code as mentioned. I always pay extra for early completion and improvements. Provider will be provided with SQL Server tables mentioned in SPEC, visual studio project and specification.

TAB1 – This tab is where the user will create new price sheets, delete existing prices sheets or open existing price sheets for editing from a Gridview control.

TAB2 – This tab is where the user will selects the products that apply to the selected price sheet. This tab cannot be selected until a price sheet is selected from TAB 1. This tab will consist of a TREEVIEW displaying a hierarchy from a SQL server table (this code will be provided), 3 list box contols, a gridview to display products for the selected treeview node.

TAB3 – This tab is where the user will select an additional criteria to limit the price sheet to certain price types and/or receivers. This tab will contain 2 list box controls to allow users to select price types and receivers. The list of price types and receives will be obtained from a SQL Server Table.

TAB 4 – This tab is where can create a Price Catalog from the selections made in TABS 1 3. There will be 2 buttons. The [View] button will display the report in the window. The [Print] button will open the print dialog window for the user to print the report.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show below so none or little design is needed.
Provider should be experienced with creating text reports.
It is recommended but not required that the provider user use DevComponents software. A full functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2010
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3 seconds.

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Development Of XML/WebServices Reports

Weve just upgraded our back office software to a new version. We had several reports generated and presented through end customer web services on our website that need to be rebuilt.

Specific queries involving the retrieval of archived information of end users transactions from our DHW need to be reconstructed.

Looking for someone that is an expert in developing DB queries et al; and can achieve this very quickly.

See below data tables required to be used. More details will be provided once job is assign.

Job specific instruction will be provided by our head programmer.

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SQL For Data Management

Assistance is needed in completing an SQL for Data Management project. The scenario and assignment requirements are attached.
Thank you.

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24 Hours Sample Work

Hello were looking for two individuall developers to do 24 hours work for us, as a test employeement.

If you complete the tasks your assigned and with good quality youll be hired for much much more work.

Youll be working on an existing project and help an existing team of developers to complete assigned development/design tasks.

Skills required:

– MVC.NET 3.0 (C#)
– NHibernate
– MSSQL Server 2008
– Object Oriented Programming
– Domain driven design
– Test driven design

– Good design and usabilitty knowledge is a great plus (improvement suggestions are more than welcome).

Please state the number of years of experience you have in each skills, a sample project youve been coding before (code required, for review.) and your hourly rate.

Richard S.

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VS FormView Insert

SQL 2005-2008
VS 2005 – 2008 – 2010 VB

Im having problem, and cant seem to find any solutions using Google, to be able to pre-fill textboxes in FormViewInsert mode, using data from Table A, and saving form contents into Table B.

I need a small demo created showing the process, along with detailed instructions. Need an example using both EXEC Stored Procedure and a query, and using Northwind database. Form will be called with a link using QueryString value or Session value. Link(s) on non related page may call the form, and thus would need ModeChange to insert.

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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Bike Compatiblity Site


I have a client who requires a simple site that allows them to upload bike information. The system will then have a set of accessories so when the user selects the make, model and year from a drop down box it will then return compatabile accessories and items for this bike.

This system must be developed in ASP.NET C# and connected to an SQL Database.

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SMPP Server


We are having a Web Application and a SMPP Client for sending bulk SMS. We create resellers and provide them with a whitelable website and then they reate their own clients and send SMS.

Now we want to develop in a SMPP Server, where we can provide SMPP account to resellers who have their own SMPP Client applications.

Companies who already have a developed and tested SMPP Server should only Bid.

We are fine with both the platform Linux and Windows and are also fine if you can modify kannel source code to suit our requirement.

All the technocal details would be mailed to bidders individually.


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Bulk Sms,bulk Smtp & Web Developing Teachings

I need bulk sms, bulk smtp and tututorials for website developing

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I want to install the java GPS fleetmanagement application on a server (a new one you can choose the platform like Ubuntu, Plesk etc.)

The project is only to install OpenGTS on this server before moving it to our exploitation server (with many other soft and scripts).

The time is limited, and you can reach me for any question,

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EBay Template Fix

As you can see my reviews are GOOD. I respect your work! Another provider was not able to come up with a code to fulfill my needs. In the following link you will see the eBay template life. What I need is the ability to insert a table (in the attachment ) with information about my products on the white area (container)of the product description on ebay . The table looks like this on my website: is the one under "detail description" it has a flash and other information.

the same table needs to be inserted on the eBay template.

by the way this is just a test product on my website….

The problem is that when I insert the table(HTML code) on the product description (container) eBay template (white area) everything gets mess up, however the container accepts regular text as you can see on the eBay link.

Previous freelancer had all the src files (pictures) stored on his server, I downloaded them and are included in the Attached file along with the code for the product description table and the eBay template code.

This is a no brainer for someone with the HTML knowledge.

Send me questions if you have any before you bid

first milestone payment is $10, do not ask for more!

I need this done in 48 hrs

Just to let you know. the whole template looks good on any HTML editor (including the table with the product description) but when is uploaded on eBay is when it gets mess up! so I will provide an eBay account for the developer to test the code multiple times before I make the final payment.

Clear instructions about how to change links on the template must be given!

New freelancers with not feedback are welcome, payment will be released at the end of the project.

Bid if you are sure you can do this job "fast"

Max I am willing to pay is $40

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Design Windows and Apple OSX widgets to use login details to access a database and provide application and user specific detail. Further include links to website for further user detail.

Required also is a admin tool to prepare database connection strings and web address URLs.

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C# Data Access Code

I need an application that reads a SQL database and produces in C# the data access layer code as well as stored procedures to perform CRUD operations.

All Foreign Keys, Indices, and Primary keys need to be read and treated appropriately.

please see this file for further details BEFORE BIDDING:

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I am struggling to migrate 2 joomla websites hosted in 2 different web hosting to another.
The first one is located in web host, needs to be migrated to another web host, all details will be provided. All the files were uploaded as well as database however they might need to be re- uploaded again to make sure the process is correct. These 2 website are running in their current webhosts
Second website, same situation.
This job needs to be completed in less than 2 days

Budget is small
This should take too long to someone knowledgeable in the area.

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Database Development

The website design stage is completed and I need someone to build a database for it.

Requirements for the database :

-Support for a large number of users
-A referal and point reward system
-A ranking system based on the lifetime points earned
-Dashboard for users/admin were both parts can track their progress/earnings
-A bonus points system shopping page.
-CMS panel through which I can add affiliate links with an image on pages
-Compatibility with a flash webdesign( Dreamweaver 8) interface

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience in developing databases / php using MySQL.

Timeframe for delivery: 2-4 weeks

More details available upon request.

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.net SQL Server EDI

Write a module which will use data in an exisiting SQL Server database, create NSF claims file and be able to read a NSF remits file and write the payments back into the database.
Alternatetively an EDI 837 claims file and EDI 835 remits file formats are also acceptable

claims format definition documentation:

remits format file spec:

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Educational Site With Live Video

Hi there,

We are looking for an expert or a team to develop and set up a system for on online tutoring service in which students pay in order to receive tutoring from teachers.

The backbone of the system is a browser based video chat integrated with scheduling and payment.
Although we strongly prefer open source platforms and software (unix, red5, BBB, redchat) we are open to suggestions depending on your capabilities. There will also be some data entry work regarding course materials.

The project involves creating the system from scratch including all necessary sub systems, such as setup of servers and terminals in the call center.

Absolutely no upfront payments will be offered. Only the bidders who have done similar work are invited. More detailed brief will be sent through pm.

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New C# DashBoard WIndow

Description: This project is for development of a single window application form that will be used as a dashboard (home page) of a windows application. The window will consists of three panels each containing different information. This should be a very simple project and I have a provided alot details in the specification. No design is needed just code. As always, I will pay extra for design improvement suggestions that are used and suggestions that will improve performance efficienty.

Below is a summary of each PANEL.
Data Score Card. This panel will contain two PIES Charts and numerous data quality counts about the data
stored in SQL Server tables.
Recent Events. This panel will contain a listing of application events. This data is read directly from a SQL
Server database. Very simple.
Automotive Aftermarket News. This panel will contain news articals from a website. The link is below.

Please see attached specification for more details.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show in attached so no design is needed along with
all SQL Server tables.
It is highly recommended that the provider user use DevComponents software for the Charts. A full
functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2008
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer
called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3

The provider must have the following SKILLs and Experience.
1. C#, Windows Form
2. Proficient with SQL Server Scripting
3. Experience with charting
4. Experience with with pulling data from a website from a windws form and displaying text and link. RSS?

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Warehouse Application With Quickbooks Integration

When we buy goods a Payable is created in Quickbooks. This payable/purchase order contains the items purchased qty etc
When the goods arrive we print out a copy of this Purchase Order , give it to the Warehouse and they verify receipt of the goods
In that verification process a checklist is used to a QC on the Items in the orders. We check things such as chargers, color, logo, etc. ( All done on paper)
Once QC is done and verification of the qty, then the serial number of each Item is scanned into an excel spreadsheet and saved on the network by vendor. (One shipment can come from one or many vendors)
This way we know who sold us the items, if there was ever an issue in the future.


When goods are sold an Invoice is made in Quickbooks.
This is invoice is printed and given to Warehouse to pull items.
Items and then scanned into Excel and stored by customer. This way if a customer calls us for a problem with a Item we do a search among the excel spreadsheet to see if that was a Item that we sold to him. If it is then we check the vendor spreadsheet to see what vendor sold us the Item so we can return to that vendor in case the Item needs to be repaired or replaced.
We then pack the Items and then on paper form we fill out infomation such as (1) Box Number , qty of Items in that box, serial numbers, weight of the box etc.
We then ship the Items with the freight company and enter information ( manually with the tracking number etc.

Current Needs
Application to be able to read information from Quickbooks Invoice/ Purchase order
Application has ability to scan IMEI/ Serial Numbers ( similar to excel format)
Perform Error checking. Each Item has an individual serial number. If someone is recevinng or shipping and by mistake scan the same Item twice then system should prompt.
Tie those serial numbers to (1) Vendor via Purchase Order ( 2) Customer via Invoice
Search Capability based on Serial Number etc.
Complete current Manual Checklists in the application
Store shipment information , Freight company used, dimensions, Tracking # etc. for each shipment.

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Virtual Learning Website With Live Chat, Payment Solution

Looking for a developer/graphic designer to work on my next project. Im looking for someone who is competent and creative in developing complex sites. This site isnt that complex but is much more involved than a simple webpage.

What will be needed:

1) Web development.
– Chat rooms for students and teachers to communicate. Each teacher will have their own virtual room.
– Payment solution for teachers to accept payments and for me commission to be charged.
– Teacher profile page
– Student profile page
– Subject/Teacher search page

2) Graphic Design
– Create a professional, interactive, fun, and user friendly layout.
– Must be unique.

These are the basics of what Im looking for. The site must be fully functional and you must provide me with unlimited revisions till Im satisfied. Only bid if you are experienced and have feedback.

I will provide more details to those who are serious. PLEASE do NOT waste my time.

Also, you MUST be able to communicate in English in a competent manner.

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Q And A System

This project is to create a simple q&a system.
A zip file showing our file structure is included.
You will need to connect to our development database to retrieve user avatars and emails.
The project must be coded in
You need to be conversant with vb, sql, and css.
The project is need in seven days time, so please only bid if you are able to work immediately.

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QandA System

This project is to create a simple Q&A system. Attached zip file contain all the detail information.

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To create a supplier Portal (web front end) to an existing SQL Server (2008) system. (

1.Supplier to logon to system and be validated
2.Supplier to see a list of their orders which they can, at header level, accept or reject.
3.Supplier able to click through to the details of the orders and accept or reject individual lines
4.All activity (confirmation, rejections and logons) to be written to tables

We will provide template database and stored procedures, we need a developer to create an front end, which looks smart

We like using the DevExpress controls e.g. datagrid etc, so this would be benefit

Let us know what you can / have done before

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Reviewer’s Application

What I need or require:

There are two main objectives included in this project:

1.Create a script / program to load the data into the necessary database tables. Called Database Program (See section 2)
2.Create an application to allow Reviewers to remove or add usages in a given zone. Called Reviewers Application (See section 3)

Here is a list of general requirements (not detailed) describing the scope of the project. Those requirements are further explained and detailed in the next sections, explaining the work to be done.

1.This project consists of an application using 3 simple database tables with less than 10 columns each.
2.The tables are linked together by a simple key consisting of one column.
3.The project must include a way to load the initial data into those 3 tables from 3 files
4.(2 tables are straight from a file, the 3rd one requires little associations described later).
5.The application will allow the user to modify one of those 3 tables (the main table), the other ones being used as read only.
6.There will be 4 relatively simple windows involved in this solution.
7.There will be a maximum of 6 users simultaneously working, but each one on their own part of the data (one column of the main table will be used to separate the data).
8.The application must allow exporting the data to an external text file.
9.The application and the data will be in French (this only affects labels of the interface, but documentation and translation will be provided to the programmer so it does not implicate more work).
10.All documentation and comments provided by the programmer will be in English.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Knowledge of C# (.net) and MS SQL Server 2005

Timeframe for delivery:
1 week

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Joomla Developer (product Feed)

Looking for a developer with a strong understanding about product feeds using (xml/csv) with a background of major affiliate networks functionality (affiliate window, commission junction, affiliate future etc..) as well as ability to work with API.

We are going to use the following Joomla extensions:
* Gantry Framework
* JoomD (some tweaks might required when displaying the products)
* Any other related extensions to fit the purpose of this project.

The end result needs to be as the following websites samples (concept & structure):

* Integration with social bookmarking/networks
* Link clocking
* Redirection page
* Product search/filtering
* Creating categories, menus, and tags.
* Fully SEO optimised
* Clean design/coding

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Jaspersoft IReport SQL Designer/Writer

We are looking for a freelancer with a good, working knowledge on how to create a jaspersoft report that retrieves data from a ms-sql 2008 db over graphic elements and some static text. We may assign you several reports depending on your turnaround time and quality of work. You must be able to extract the visual elements from a PDF or PSD file, and dig into the SQL table to extract the structure. You will be given access to the SQL dev server. In return, you will provide the jrxml file, and may be asked to make changes and/or fix issues. We are using ireport v4.

In addition, we may provide you with working jasper reports that need either cosmetic adjustments or tweaking.

All are small to med complexity reports.
Please attach samples and short description of your experience and what you can do for us.

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Php Web Crawler

I need a web sites crawler.
The system must support a large number of sites where each site has different elements that can be managed from the back-office.
There are several additions to be sent after Contact.
Directed only to people with experience!

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