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2000+ Anonymous Private Proxies Per Daily

I am looking for minimum of 2000+ US private proxies per daily without any repeat ip in the same month, (Http, Https, socks4 or socks5 will all be fine), prefer high anonymous private proxy, but anonymous is okay, scamster bypass please. I will pay you through paypal for our first collaboration I think I do pay u daily just like one by one, that would be much better. About further work I will pay you for be-weekly or monthly. Please understand me i should make sure you are not scam.

Please PM me if u can offer these for me.

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MVCV Bushing

I need a plastic spacer for some units in the field awaiting customer approval for delivery. This is a rework solution so I need them rushed and am open to suggestions that still meet my criteria.

1. Part must be some type of plastic.
2. Must have high impact resistance as it is being used as a hard stop spacer.
3. Must withstand cold temperatures for long periods and still be impact resistant- approximately -30°F

Need 520 pieces total but I need 85 of them ASAP!!!
Drawing is attached. Again, PLEASE NOTE….. I am open to changes in size, shape etc to some degree to reduce cost.


The bushing slides over a 53x6mm tab that is welded vertically to cylindrical plate. This plastic bushing must be able to slide freely over tab and have relief for the weld which can vary quite a bit in size 2-6mm. I have attached two images showing one version where the tab slot in bushing has draft so that the bottom has a larger opening to accommodate weld, this requires machining at an angle or with a special tool I guess. The other option is to chamfer the bottom of the tab slot to accommodate the weld.

Either item is acceptable, our criteria is cost. And as mentioned, we are open to suggestions for reducing the cost.

The tab dimensions are 53mm x 6mm with ±1mm. The bushing it self can vary in thickness from 20mm to 30mm and the OD must be no less than 90mm.

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Looking For Logistic Specialist / Expert

I am looking for a LOGISTIC SPECIALIST/EXPERT who will research on Logistic Companies in Germany. Companies where we can place or store our products and ship it over to our costumer directly by our call. I want this person to be expert on this field and thoroughly research everything about that company(s) like their minimum quantity or maximum quantity of goods they can deliver or anything that we need to know about this company. This person may or may not be living in Germany but someone who knows German is a big plus. Examples of companies that I want you to research are as follows:

1. iLOPACk
2. After Pack
3. DHL
4. DHL eParcel
5. eSellers Friend
6. GeoPost Logistics
7. Hermes
8. Brothers schuon Logistics
9. Intropa Speditionsgesellschaft
10. Kopf & Lubben

I want you to give me the necessary information about the companies listed above. If interested, please tell me how are you going to do the job and give me a brief statement on why should I hire you. Interview will be done



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Source For Print On Canvas Suppliers In The US


We are a big retailer of photo prints on canvas.

We would like you to conduct a complete supplier sourcing in the US, contacting printing companies that print on canvas (not retailers with a website that sells to end customers like ourselves).

These companies will have an online interface to our print orders and will need to print and ship them to the customers. Each print will be a separate custom made print (we will not order big quantities of the same print)

Assuming that we will order at least 100 prints a month, please prepare a table with the following:

1.) Name of the company
2.) Address
3.) Email address
4.) Phone number
5.) Price for 12"x16" Gallery-Wrapped canvas print (the width of the Gallery-Wrap can be 1". if otherwise please mention the width)
6.) Same for 16"x20" – you can tell them that our target price for this size is less than $30
7.) Same for 20"x24"
8.) Same for 24"x36"
9.) Monthly capacity

The table should include 30 suppliers from all across the US. Please note that if the price for number 5 is over $50, it is surely a retailer with prices for end customers, so you shouldnt even list it in the table.

If the results will be good, we will need your help with doing similar research in the UK and AU as well.



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