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Nokia Developers

i need a Nokia developer for designing and creating new applications for Nokia.

First application:

The application should be combined with all the things. Here are my requirements and examples:
1.RSS channel we have 10 categories please see Pulse (application for Android and Iphone)
2.Live TV streaming like we did it last time
3.Video (podcasts) this is a list of videos that can be played live on the phone like youtube application
4.Livescores xml data
5.Banners we have to be able to show different banners from our system from the web maybe we have to make some simple web based application to serve this!
6.Video add this is the same database with adds, but this will start just before the stream starts, something like the adds in youtube.
Everything we have it for web and we have the Database for everything.
Only we have to make another streaming package, because of the quality.

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Mobile Thin Client

I want to develop a fancy graphical mobile thin client on mobile handsets mainly starting with J2ME and Symbian, lately with Android, iphone and blackberry.
The client is just to have a secured access as an ODP, that connects to a back end suite of applications, the client should be able to have a dynamic menu that are sent from the server side, in order to be order to change the data and service centrally on the server, which will automatically be reflected on the client dynamically without programming.
We need a proof on the code quality, which should be transfered to us after completion and delivery.

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Radio App Symbian

we need to make an app that run on NOKIA smart phones
it will contain radio stations live stream – u click u listen

basic functionality

plz be reasonable about your bids

details in PM


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Mobile Server&clients Apps (Jave, Iphone, Adroid, Symbian)


I would like to receive applies for developing the next project from scratch:

1. Java mobile server application on Linux platform with MySQL DB including server kit and installation on host.
2. Client applications for IPHONE, ANDROID and SYMBIAN that connects to the above mentioned server.
3. Very small site for customers to download and install the client applications on their mobile device.
4. All this including integration on the server and mobiles.

A system requirements document will be provided to the developer/s including ongoing conceptional/logical/managerial assistance.


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M-Learning App. A Product Guide For The Field Staffs

To develop a mobile learning application to serve as a ready reference product guide for our field staffs to browse through our wide range of product and for their details. This should aid them to promote appropriate products to customers based on their requirement. There should be a two way interaction between the Headquarters and the field force. There should be provision to conduct quiz and survey through this interface.

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J2ME VNC Client Over Bluetooth For Symbian

I basically need somebody to design a J2ME based VNC client for the Symbian operating system. The client will function over BLUETOOTH. WE ALREADY HAVE BUILT THE VNC SEVER and it will be provided to you once you are awarded the project.

1. Build J2ME VNC client that operates over bluetooth.
2. Add an authentication mechanism.

If you can do this, please message me with the line "J2ME rocks"

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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian Mobile Phones

I require a VERY simple SIP client for Symbian OS.

Here is the list of the basic requirements:

1) SIP Server IP/domain needs to be hardcoded.

2) SIP Dialer should work in most editions of Nokia phones like N Series, E Series and 5th editions like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic…….

3) Show Balance (Get balance from a url … url will be provided)….[Optional]

4) a minor change to make it working through my proxy server .. (I will explain you during conversation.. )

5) Dialer should work through GPRS, 3G, Wifi , Edge .. etc

Make sure your experience is related to this field. I know alot of developers have some ready made work to show and ready made code to sell which will be a plus point…….You MUST be familiar with the source code to answer my questions about source code and sip stack which you have used in the dialer.

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WTB Software: Mobile Phone Spy/ Ipod Backup/ Online Backup

I am looking to buy several types of software:

1) Mobile phone spy software for iphone, blackberry, android, symbian, and windows mobile

2) online backup application

3) iPod backup copy software ( for win and mac)

If you created this software, please send me a demo and or website where i can see the software.
Please only pm if you have already created one of the above applications.

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Connect A Bluetooth Sensor To A Symbian Phone And Sms

We need to have an application that runs on a Nokia cell phone with a Symbian OS. The application will be detecting and connecting data from a bluetooth sensor to the cell phone, and sending this data as a SMS message to another cell phone (prerecorded number). The sending of SMS data needs to be an automated process since there will not be any user to interact with the Cell phone.

Another needed feature is the possibility to control the program via SMS messaging. The remote cell phone will send a command to the cell phone that is bluetooth connected to the sensor. Upon receiving the SMS message, the receiving phone will wake the application, connect to the bluetooth sensor, read the data and send the data as a SMS message to the remote cell phone. Once data is sent, the program stays silent or iddle.

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Pjsip Symbian SIP Dialer Code Maintainace

I need to modify/update/fine tune some features in open source pjsip application for symbian SIP dialer, you dont need to start from scratch, i already have done most of things, you need to fix some smaller bugs related to UI and access point.

More details will be provided on PMB.

please do not bid, if you have not worked on PJSIP symbian. my budget for this project is around 300 USD.

Happy Bidding

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Record My Side Of A Cellular Phone Call

The program will:
1. Enable the start of a phone call from the phone book or manual entry.
2. Record the programs side voice at 8k baud, 16bit, pcm.
3. At 1 second intervals will call our algorithm and pass the recorded audio as a buffer.
4. Enable the user to start, stop the call and will give basic feedback coming from the algorithm (through progress indicators or vocal). This will be defined during the negotiations and may change according to the difficulty.
5. Save the recorded call into files.

We request the sources to be thoroughly documented in English so that we can integrate it with our algorithms and take care of future maintenance.
We need (probably separate) versions for Iphone, Android and Nokia smartphones.
The program will be written in C, C++ or local dialects (e.g. Symbian C)
The development will be under Eclipse, QT or Netbeans.

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Brandable Softphone For Mobile Phones


We are looking to integrate a downloadable softphone for mobile phones with our reseller VoIP services ASAP. Software should run on Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod phones, at least. It should support G.729, AMR, and others.

We need to get this out ASAP. You must have done a similar project for another company. We expect to just send you branding graphics/text, and other customization details. Of course, we would want to test your product first before we move forward…

Do not bid if you will just give me a standard response. without reading and responding to my requirements. Please detail what you can offer.

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Symbian/Qt Application

This would consist of a Symbian/Qt application that is used by the instructor to take the attendance of the students registered in the class by discovering their Bluetooth mobile devices. In first time of using the application, the laptop of instructor will ask each student about their ID and password via mobile , in order to register their unique Bluetooth Mac address in database beside their name , ID, event of attendance(absent, attended) and mobile number. Next times the application will discover the Bluetooth Mac address without asking about user name and password. Once the student is registered in database a message will be sent to mobile of laptop with

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Looking For Associaton With Established Freelancers

I am a SSE in a banglore based Software company.I have experience in VC++, Symbian C++ and QT. I want to get associated with other freelancers who are interested in outsourcing some of their work to other freelancers.I have already done 2 projects through and got 10/10 rating from the customers.

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J2me Tracker

I want to develop an application who can run on backgroung and and send packet on server in every two minutes.
I want to run this application on auto start phone as well as by sending sms to start the application. Also want send sms alert if user switched/power off the application.

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J2ME & Android Voip App

1.After downloading the app from my server, the users should be able to logon to my server, invite their contacts and initiate voice-chat with them.

2. The project is for cross platform mobile development; Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME (if possible).

3. Im not sure as to which server client I should use for this, SIP, XMPP, SIMPLE or any other that I may not be aware of.

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The Application Idea is very simple

The applicaton will be anwser and win type of game / application

the backend servers will have thousands of questions in different categories, such as music, history, art , science … etc

you choose the category and you anwser, as long as you anwser correctly, you collect points, those points, make you have tickets to win a raffle draw, that draw might be daily, weekly or monthly ….

mobile client, will be the only way to participate, web fron end will be used to announce the winners, and to support the player/

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Smartphone App: CallHandling

The app is needed for all major smartphone OS (but to start, its okay if you could only offer single operation systems).

We need an app that rewrites the dialed number by making an HTTP query.

This means:
– the app should start with a number pad to dial the number
– the app should be able to browse the address book/contacts
– the app should be able to browse a redial-list

And: If possible (I know that its not possible on the iPhone) the app should listen for outgoing calls in the background, so every call the user makes e.g. from the native address book is also handled via this app.

Once the user dials a number, the app should

1. cancel this call
2. open a URL like
3. read out a new phone number from the output of the called URL
4. dial this number

So, e.g.: The user dials 88814 on his phone. The app asks our server via http, we respond 00491234588814 and the app dials this number. If step 3 fails, the app should try to dial the entered number (fallback).

Parameters added to the URL should be (if possible):
– the entered number, e.g. 88814
– the phone number of the user (and if possible the IMEI of the mobile device)
– the mobile network (e.g. "T-Mobile DE" or MCC/MNC) and if this is the users home network or if hes roaming
– the GPS position of the user
– a version-key of this app

Configuration menu:
This app is given to a closed user group (its not a mainstream app), so there is no big configuration needed: An on/off-switch and an "exclude list" (numbers like 112 or network shortcodes like check-voicemail), thats all.

Beside from the dialpad/contact list/call list, there should be one item "Toolbox". The toolbox is only a browser window (or if this is easier: it could be a link that opens the browser) that shows some functions the user could force on our server.

Start/Stop of the application:
Everytime the app starts or is ended, the app should call another URL ( with the same parameters to notify us about the status change. We should be able to send GUI-updates (language pack, background/intro-image) and configuration changes (exclude-list, see above) e.g. via XML to the app during startup process.

I do not only need the app, but also the (well documented) source code. Anyway (I dont have time to develop it myself), there will be ideas for forther releases.

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Application Development For Nokia SDK

The Project requires mobile application development for Content aggregator from various new related channels. These channels are typically news and image content on Latest news on Finance , News and Sports. An easy to navigate Menu , Easy to download information and Video Streaming is what is expected out of the application

The Application is to be built on the nokia Series 40 Platform SDK or something similiar

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Mobile Phone App(s) Required

Looking for a simple phone app to be created.

the phone app wil work on


I presume the above are the market leaders.
If you do more then good, please advise what you can develop

The app is for an established phone card company , where users can buy the phone card and dial an access number, type in a code then are able to dial to countries at cheap rates.

There are about 5 different cards to choose from , each with its own access number(s), probably around 200 access telphone numbers depending on where you are in the world, ie if you are in UK then you will dial a UK access number , if you are in USA then you will dial a USA access number.

the app will store ALL the access numbers and allow users to manually pick one to dial (to also give users the option to store a usually used access number so that number is the one that will be dialled unless they change it)

SO , in a nutshell, when users get their prepaid telephone scratch card, they can input the secret code into the app (which will store the number, indeed upto 10 secret numbers incase users buy more than one card)

the app will dial the access number , where they will be prompted by a recorded message to type in their "secret number" this is where the user presses a button and the app makes the pretyped "secret number" "beep" to the recorded message ,

the app will also have a function where users can then access their phone book and dial a number when the recorded message prompts them to do so and/or the app could have the number(s) manually stored on to it

Users will see their available credit and be able to buy more credit

check out for an example of the app required

Any questions (and Im sure I will have to repost this ad again to clarify !!!) please PM me

Cost , not sure, please ignore my budget and submit what you think is appropriate

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Mobile Phone Application Developer

Im and looking for people who have developed applications for below devices

Blackberry Smartphone
iPhone devices
Android devices
Windows Mobile devices
Java smartphones
Symbian OS and UIQ devices

The application is for generating a software two-factor authentication in a highly secure software implementation.

If you have experience developing applications on above phone and platforms, please provide links as this will help the evaluation process easier.

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Magazine On Ipad And Iphone


*American programmers are preferred while programmers from other countries are welcome too

We have an existing magazine in pdf format which we want to be made to be viewed on iOS platforms such as the ipad and iphone.

In-App purchases should be included as well.

Images should be zoomable with a few weblinks as well to open up to new webpages.

You must submit the app to App Store for approval.

Please show evidence of existing iOS apps done and if any magazine work done too – you must have 3 apps selling on the App Store to qualify to bid.

Do not bid if you are not interested in a long-term partnership as this is a monthly magazine!

Escrow: 100% escrow before project starts
*****Payment: Full payment will be released to you within 48 hours (or 24 hours…it is your choice) once the app is approved on Apples App Store

App icon to be included in the project

Serious programmers only!!

This is for the first app project. My second project is to start 5 weeks from now after app 1 is approved by Apple.

If you win this project, you will have the highest chance to work on my future projects.

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Symbian Programmer

Beepless Call Recording Application

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JavaScript Mobile Developer Needed (Widget/App Development)

Need developer to help setup development environment for simple:

(1) Nokia WGZ
(2) Opera WGT (Mobile)
(3) iPhone App
(4) Symbian (SIS)

To open the phones browser to a specific URL. Project is extremely simple, and considered completed once I can build the above apps. No additional requirements other than the app/widget open the phones browser to a URL I can specify (and later build for other URLs). Mostly involves support over instant messenger and providing sample code. Expected no more than 1-2 hours of work.

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JavaScript Mobile Developer Needed (Widget/App Development)

Need developer to help setup development environment for simple:

(1) Nokia WGZ
(2) Opera WGT (Mobile)
(3) iPhone App
(4) Symbian (SIS)

To open the phones browser to a specific URL. Project is extremely simple, and considered completed once I can build the above apps. No additional requirements other than the app/widget open the phones browser to a URL I can specify (and later build for other URLs). Mostly involves support over instant messenger and providing sample code. Expected no more than 1-2 hours of work.

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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian

We need a Simple SIP dialer for Symbian

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Groupon Like Iphone Blackberry App

We are looking to hire somebody who can create a Groupon like app for iphone, blackberry, symbian and windows mobile.
Working on a tight deadline.
PS: Prefer Artists from MUMBAI, INDIA.

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We need mobile application and website to track the movement on Google maps of a person carrying a mobile with a tracking application installed on it.

Project Details

Need to develop an application to track the current position of a cell phone even on the move by location based system using Network based technique, GSM localization & GPS tracking.

GSM localization is the use of multilateration to determine the location of GSM mobile phones, usually with the intent to locate the user.

Network-based techniques utilize the service providers network infrastructure to identify the location of the handset.

The Network-based techniques using triangulation concept.
There will be two versions of Mobile Application:
1. Network based application for low end devices: This application using triangulation algorithm finds the cell tower id of the nearest cell tower and sends it on the server. At the Server there is a database comprising the location of Cell Towers. There are two columns containing the location (Latitude & longitude) one pre populated data obtained from Google location based service or some other such free service etc and the other populated by the GPS based application (2 below) installed on the High End Devices.
2. Application installed on GPS enabled High end devices: Besides the above functionality this application will have an additional functionality to upload the latitude and longitude provided by GPS device. This will link cell tower id with the correct latitude and longitude provided by the GPS. This data needs to be stored in the database at the server. We may loose satellite signals in some building and some areas and there we can use GSM and network based technique to gather the information
Website functionality

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Symbian Application – Voice Encoder

I looking for a freelancer for Symbian application.
Requirements :
1. Voice encoding/decoding with strong coding algorithm with password
2. Simple interface for starting voice coder/decoder
3. Simple instalation of application on mobile phone
4. Simple interface for password entering for decode, during the call
5. Demo – 5 incoming/outgoing encoded calls

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Image Manipulation Idea For Iphone Android & Blackbery Apps

Image manipulation for iphones diffrent platforms

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Automated Call Testing Application

My company is involved in the installation of mobile phone equipment into towers. Part of this work involves making test calls on equipment called RBSs to make sure that it is working correctly. Test calling involves making phone calls around the tower, in three separate areas called sectors, and ensuring that phone calls can be made without error. It also involves retrieving a number of parameters from the mobile phone tower such as cell ids and signal levels.

This work typically involves making 90 individual calls around the tower and manually recording the information from the phone into a hard copy which is proving very time consuming for the engineers on site. A Nokia E52 and a tool called Field Test are currently used to facilitate the test calling. I am looking for a developer to code an application which will enable the test phones to automatically make test calls without the engineer having to go through the process themselves.

The application will need to be able to automatically make a phone call, connect to the number, hang up and repeat this process a number of times in each of the three sectors around the mobile phone tower. It will also need to be able to log the call information (cell ids, signal level etc) in a file for later extraction. It will need to be able to extract any information that Filed test retrieves from the tower and ensure all phone calls are being made correctly (e.g. a phone call is made, is connecting properly etc).

Ideally this solution will be fully integrated into the existing process (combination of Nokia E5 with Field Test) and will allow the engineer to press a button and have the phone run through each of the calls itself and save the Field Test information in a file for later use. This can be done solely on the phone or connected to a computer, whichever is better suited to the requirements.

System Requirements

Enable a Nokia E52 with Field test software to make automatic test calls on a mobile phone tower

Extract all relevant information from Field Test and save in a file for later use

Provide a flexible solution for future expansion of the application

Eliminate the time consuming nature of test calls and provide a fully integrated system within a Nokia E52 and Field Test solution

Application must allow an engineer to start the application and have it make all the test calls itself, retrieve mobile phone tower information and save this information in a file for later extraction.

Any Solution is welcome, the main requirement is providing an automated test calling solution and saving call information in a file for later use.

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SMS App For Nokia Symbian Os

Hello Developers,
I know you all are masters of your own lands.
Hence i am interested giving you a project of SMS APP.This should be initially developed for SYMBIAN OS (Targeted NOKIA handsets).The SMS app should have few things like 1.Compose SMS 2. inbox 3 sentbox 4 delete sms 5.Drafts. The compose sms module should able to send a sms to multiple recipient. Also user can forward sms to list multiple contacts.
Also tell me the compatibility of this app with different nokia handsets. Going forward i would also live to develop this app on ANDROID, Blackberry, BABA and Iphone.So please quote accordingly. Thanks.

[Edited by – providing contact details is prohibited unless project is fulltime]

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Simple SIP Client For Symbian OS

Hi All,

We require a simple SIP client for Symbian OS. Following is a list of the basic and only things required:

1) SIP Server/Domain will be hardcoded. User only needs to enter Username/Password. This means the client will only register to one server.

2) SIP Client should support both transports UDP/TLS and both transports RTP/SRTP as very basic requirements.

3) Client should support all latest Symbian (Nokia) phones. Mostly and 3rd and 5th editions devices like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic which will be used for testing your work.

Please only quote if you have experience in Symbian.

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