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Web Hosting Needed… Linux, Reseller Accounts, $50 Max.

Looking for reseller hosting.
Were looking for a decent host that offers a package 10-20 reseller accounts for less than $50 per year.
India or other offshore host is fine.

Needs to have :
Linux Apache only. No Microsoft.
Disk Space: 200 mb per account is fine
Up to 10 MySQL Databases on the whole hosting account is fine
Latest PHP 5
Email Support IMAP, POP3, Mail Forward, SMTP
Cpanel with phpmyadmin, Fantastico, AWSTAT, WordPress, etc.
WHM panel for setting up the reseller accounts

******* These sites will NOT be used for porn, gambling, spam, etc. *******

If you manage a server or are a host, please quote one full year of service paid in 3 month increments.

Remember, If you are providing hosting we need to have a phone number and full access to tech support, even if you are in India.

1)You will assign us our nameservers, and send us login info for WHM and cpanel. You will also show us the host site and let us verify that there is support and that this is a real host and not a computer in the living room.
2)We will point our domain to your server and test it out.
3)We will make the first payment via paypal.

NOTE: THIS IS OUR 4TH ATTEMPT to find normal professional hosting at reasonable cost. Please NO HOME-BASED SERVERS or FLAKEY MIDDLE-MEN with attitudes..

The last guy sent us our login on a Saturday and then demanded payment within 48 hours and didnt even provide his stupid paypal info. We cancelled him within 48 seconds.

We dont mind you making money as a middle man, but you must be professional in dealing with us. We must have direct access to a real hosting company with a real website and real support. As noted above, You will be asked to provide this info before we contract with you.

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Exchange Server – LTO2 Tape Data Extraction


I have shut my real estate company down back in 2008. I have a backup of my old company server on a LTO2 tape drive. I need someone that knows how to extract that date from the LTO2 Tape drive and copy it to a 500gb hard drive Total data on LTO2 tape is less than 500GB.

The software used to backup the server was

I also need the OST / PST files for each email account extracted from MS Exchange and put into a separate directory on the hard drive.

I will send you the LTO2 Tape and a blank / formatted hard drive via overnight service or an expedited service. Please perform the above mentioned work. Then mail back to me overnight or via an expedited service the LTO2 tape and the hard drive with the data on it. I will pay for all shipping.

The total time to complete must be 1 week or less once you receive the LTO2 tape.

Thus you must have the ability to be able to read the LTO2 with a drive you already have or have access to.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,


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Server 2003 Reports/back-ups Failing Using Symantec Backup

I have a Windows Server 2003 environment using Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers. The back-ups keep failing and I cannot figure out why.

I need someone to log into the server and determine the reason the back-ups, both daily differential and full, are failing on the server.

I have the error log files in the backup software still as well as server reports I can provide to you.

Also, the server reports are not working. I can give you these failed reports for your reference.

Please only bid if you are capable with RDP.


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Xen Networking In Hetzner EQ

I have a server at and I installed xen 3.4 on it.
I`m having issues configuring the networking to work on a vm.

What you will need to do is :
– tell me the changes needed to make the network work on vm`s
– apply these changes
– create a simple centos 5 vm or tell me what to do so it can install from a http mirror

I already applied ALOT of changes to scripts, but nothing seems to work.
There is no KVM attached, so extra caution should be added since a networking mistake would ultimately lead to hours of no work or, server reload.

04/04/2011 at 13:50 EDT:


– you WILL need to install a centos VM
– you WILL need to check that networking is working inside it
– you will need to show me how you did it

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Ec2 To Cisco Pix Vpn Tunnel Setup


Currently Im in process of migrating my datacenter infrastructure to amazon ws, but I am having a hard time configuring the VPN.

I need to setup a VPN connection(lan 2 lan) between an Amazon EC2 Unix(any flavor) instance to a Cisco PIX 515e to handle TCP traffic. This connection must be very reliable since my app depends on it to receive all its data.

Ideally the EC2 instance should be within an Amazon VPC subnet but if not possible, I can live with it.

Thank you

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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Configure Magento Domains

I am looking for an expert in the domain configuration and Magento.

I have a Magento website (multi store with two stores)

and a website design tool

We also have domain which is currently running.

Your job is to help me configure a subdomain of to point to the Magento website so that users see in the url instead of

The server we use is Goddady.
** you may not use iframes

I will provide more if you have questions.

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Compatibility Work

I need to make a site compatible in IE 6,7,8,9, chrome, firefox, opera and safari. Ill pay $30 for this work.

Most of the compatibility work is done. Id say 80%. The programmer who took this on didnt know javascript so he wasnt able to finish the work.

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Software Liscence Protection

i need a program that protect my software. if i give the cd for a customer, it should work only for one server. he cant use reflectors to get the code in the dll and exe. now even if u dont have the program, i need to consult with the expert to get ideas and advise

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Teacher Of Digital And Data Security

Need to be professional in Data and Internet Security and develop:

1- An Efficient and accurate Assessment Exam to determine the level of the applicants
2- Develop courses in Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Data Security and present the course material on a viedo to be viewed online
3- Answer student questions by email
4- Evaluate the progress of students during the term

You will be paid for development and per student fees

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Need Proxy List

I need New Zeeland socks5 list daily (10 – 20 socks5) ….. a software or something to get them.
Please contact me with any sugestion……socks5 rdp vnc vpn nologin…. any sugestion.

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Tutor Active Directory And Exchange Server On New 2008

small server to take exchange for limited users and possible file server , help is needed with setting up active directory and exchange to manage e-mails , project to be complete by Sunday 10th april either by remote or by site visit in manchester england area,mentoring or tutoring for admin role, free tea , coffee and biscuits food etc maybe transport if close to M60

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PowerMTA Admin/Setup

I am looking for someone to Setup and configure PowerMTA.
Must have experience with PowerMTA.

We are looking for FULL setup to the point where we can send mail with decent delivery to yahoo hotmail and Gmail

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To Install, Configure And Commission Linux L2TP/IPSEC Server

Project Scope:
1. To perform the above to Linux servers, Centos 5.5 or Opensuse 11.4 or Debian 5 variants only.
2. Server will be configured to accept connections from valid X.509 client certificates only
3. Clients can be from devices and Oses that supports L2TP/IPSEC protocols (Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and others).
4. Each client will have its own unique certificate
5. Certificate will be generated by our certificate server and delivered to the client. Certificate will be username.crt if possible.
6. Certificate for CA will be ca.crt
7. Certificate for Server will be server.crt
8. To configure iptables or use shorewall for NAT purposes to allow traffic to and from server/clients
9. We will provide ca.crt, server.crt and username.crt for your configuration, installation and testing purposes.

Project Objective:
1. Roadwarrior clients (Dynamic IP) will be connecting to our L2TP/IPSEC gateway server (fix IP) using the Internet
2. Once connected, the clients is able to browse the internet anonymously using our gateway server securely.

Project Deliverables:
1. A fully configured L2TP server with ability to accept connections from properly configured iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows and Mac Clients
2. Installation/Administrator guide to perform the same installation to additional server by our team

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