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Three Small Server Admin Jobs… $30 Bids

Hello GAF Admins,

Have a dedicated server, having a couple of problems, two of which should be very simple for a good admin. I think the third could be simple too, Im just not sure.

1. I rebooted the server via WHM/CPanel — Server rebooted, but now responds via SSH, not by http, even direct to the IP address. Tried restarting apache and named/bind manually, seemed to work, but with same result. So, first step is to get dns/http services up and running via SSH.

2. If there is a reason that these services did not start correctly on reboot, I would like to adjust whatever scripting is necessary so that this problem does not happen upon reboot.

3. Apache seems to have an infected node that is distributing a 3-line malicious javascript. This of course has caused all sorts of problems with Google. Would like to clean this if possible.

Looking for a provider who can accomplish at least #1 immediately.

Please check my feedback, I pay promptly.

Thank you,

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Troubleshoot DNS Of Domain

Our DNS keeps going down. Godaddy says its not their problem with the domain, our host says the server is fine. Help!

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SSL Certificate To Update On Windows Server URGENT


I have a new SSL certificate from (the basic one) but I am unable to renew. The current certif has ended today, I must add the new one ASAP. The system is dedicated server Windows 2003 service pack 2. Remote desktop available.

The provider must be able to complete this project within 1-2 hours MAX.

It should be a easy job for you.

Payment will be done by GAF ESCROW only.


P.S. The MAX budget for this mini project is $30. Not more.

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Google Keyword Rank Checker For Website


We are looking for a provider to create a daily ranking checker similar to:
s l in g s h o t s e o . c o m / r a n k i n g s

What our daily ranking board will need:
– Ability to add our keyword and the traffic the search term receives into a mysql database (We dont need anything fancy for the admin control panel but our marketers don

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High Level Proposal IT System To Improve Business Processes


#1 Background:

A potential client has a goods delivery business. Their product is packaged and delivered to their regular clients in the city and metropolitan areas.

Their current setup in managing work is all paper based, time consuming and very inefficient.

The delivery drivers currently use a JOB CARD that has customers contact details, frequency of delivery, date of next delivery and any notes…
They also have a RUN SHEET provided every morning mapping which clients to attend too.

My client is seeking a quote to transform their paper based processing to an automated IT system to improve their business processes, end to end.

#2 Scope:

It is preferable if the proposed solution use a market leader open-source software-solution that can be customised to meet the client

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Setup Joomla+civicrm On New Ubuntu VPS

Were looking for a VPS setup for a generic joomla + civicrm (latest compatible versions) with email functionality (Id prefer it use a smart host, I havent read civicrm requirements but did see Postfix on server may be required). Hopefully you know what is required if you are bidding. I havent confirmed but assume CiviCRM processes incoming email via pop or imap – Please detail any needs in your PMB.

Youll be provided an Ubuntu VPS with apt-get, nothing else will be on the VPS. The MySQL database will be set up on another server (account info provided with firewall ports open so you can access from your PhpMyAdmin / other tools from your computer). We do not want PhpMyAdmin installed on the VPS.

Must include documentation of all required steps, should be a ssh capture + a few comments.

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Web Design, Dashboard Creation, Check Out System

Store Front Page Text : Dont need this

Need for this Page: Contact us – they can enter contact information here including an email field where poeple can fill out a form and this is where the form will be sent. About Us – They can write something to explain who they are.
Add fields for Twitter account and Facebook page so we can have these link on the retail website

PPC / ROI Conversion Tracking: dont need this

Account page:
Everything on this page except Payment information since we do not pay out.

Order Services Page:
This is where the the reseller will order services. This page will be a form with about 20 fields where they can enter the details of the order and pay now button. We will store their credit card info so they dont have to enter credit card info each time. These purchases will show on the stats page. WE currently have 4 products that they can choose from. So as they select radio buttons it will change the amount "in the shopping cart".

Marketing Resources Page: Pretty much the same. These will link to pdfs We need this functionality built where it makes business cards and brochures. Add another page for "Training" where we can add training videos and other info.


This site will be something like But better. The pages will be:
Home Page
How it Works
Why Maps?
About Us
Contact Us

Add a left hand navigation so that we can add services in the future. The 2 services for now are Google Maps SEO and Local Directory SEO.

A heavy focus on design and graphics on the home page. I will have to discuss later, but basically it will be 2 images, one of the Google map highliting the placement and another is a diagram.

I would like to be able to add client example links, a twitter and facebook badge. similar to

I hope this makes sense in order for you to bid properly. We would be hosting all sites on Hostgator, we will install all new sites so it would be great to have this happen easily. Please ask questions and give an honest bid amount plus an idea of how long it will take.

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Admin Panel Needed

Need to design simple admin panel for ecommerce website, 2-3 pages. Main goal is to ease the process of forwading the order to supplier, and administrate supply process. Once finshed it should be installed as an indpendent module on my server.
I have an exact idea of layout and functions needed, and will provide it to qualifeid parties.

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Create A Linux LiveCD That Is 20MB Or Less And Runs Our App

We are seeking a systems administrator who can create a Linux-based LiveCD that will auto-start a C application that we will provide.

The requirements are:

* 20MB or less in size
* Must auto run our C application upon bootup
* Must have: Bash, ssh server, ssh client, package installer such as yum and c libraries required for our app
* Must have drivers for standard IDE and SATA hard disk controllers
* Must have drivers for wide range of NIC and WiFi adapters

The LiveCD should NOT have: desktop, manual pages, etc., Only the minimum applications should be present.

The LiveCD can be based on CentOS or Fedora.

The deliverables are:

* LiveCD ISO file
* source files
* script to convert the source files into the LiveCD ISO

The LiveCD will be tested by booting different types of laptops as well as through Qemu.

We are seeking a long-term relationship with a systems administrator who can create this type of LiveCD for us and then continue providing ongoing support.

Please respond by telling us about your experience creating LiveCDs.

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PHP SNMP Cisco Function Needed

We already have a PHP application we use for our internal management. I need a single function, written in PHP, that will do an SNMP query of a Cisco switch and return me all the current interfaces and their current port utilization, both input and output. This will need to work with a Cisco 3750 backbone switch and a bunch of Cisco 2950 top-of-rack switches. The exact syntax can be determined but Im looking to call something like:

function GetPortUtilization($SwitchIP, $SwitchType=3750)
//Your code here

This would return an array with three values per interface: Interface Name, Current Input utilization (bps), Current Output utilization (bps). Example:

FastEthernet0/1 12345 67890
FastEthernet0/2 61634 21535
FastEthernet0/3 21537 55637
FastEthernet0/4 90387 42146
FastEthernet0/5 67265 84822
FastEthernet0/6 39061 17161

We would then use the results for our own purposes. There would be no user interface needed from the Freelancer at all. We just want a black-box SNMP function that we can use in our existing application. Notes:

1. This must be a raw PHP/SNMP function with no dependency on anything else like Netflow.

2. Do not think theres a simple SNMP get-utilization function you can call. You can get the bytes transferred and the time of that transfer. You will need to store that info, take a new snapshot of bytes transferred, and then calculate the difference and divide by the time that has passed in order to get the current bits/second. Details about how to store that info can be discussed, and Im open to everything from a database to static variables. As far as I can tell, this will mean that the function cant return useful data on its first call, but only on subsequent calls. Thats ok with me as it will be put on a timer and called every 30 seconds or so when were done.

3. The function should handle very high numbers (hundreds of terabits).

4. We have both 3750 and 2950 switches ready to go for this and are eager to begin. The project may be awarded before the 30 days is up.

5. Give me some detail about your knowledge of SNMP and PHP, or at least your general knowledge if you dont have any direct experience with SNMP.

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Installing Multiple VMware Workstations

I need help learning how to install multiple VMware Workstations on my computer. I will need to know the necessary tools required to accomplish this, and the provider can work with me through teamviewer and instant messaging.

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Installing A Configuring Linux VPS

I want to have linux vps and i want some to do the following work for me. Linux OS will be selected on programmers choice.
1. installing webmin,mysql,mail,ftp,ffmpeg either they are install correctly.
2. installing php latest version 5.3 with apc and progressbar 0.3, server traffic counter
3. making a small vidoe of adding a complete domain/subdomains website through vitural host and ftp,mail servers,

video can be made through camfrog its free screen capture GUI. Please bid lower

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Need Batch File To Setup Ftp Users Windows Server

We setup user groups and have a batch file that sets up users with default virtual directories on our server. The user is setup with a directory of the same name and the user if defaulted to that location when they login so they will be uploading to the correct location (e.g. jim logs in and is automatically in the jim directory). We need a second batch file that completes the same exact process but allows us to name a different default directory (not one that is the same as the user). Eg. jims assistant, sam, logs in and is defaulted to the jim directory so all files are uploaded to the jim directory NOT the sam directory.

Here is the current batch file code:
@echo off
set /p username=Please input the new users username:
set /p group=Which group should this user belong to? (uploaddownload or userdirectoryonly):
set /p password=What should their password be? (this is case sensitive!):
mkdir c:webserverftproot%username%
net user %username% %password% /add
net localgroup Users %username% /delete
net localgroup %group% %username% /add
xcacls C:webserverftproot%username% /G %username%:RWC /E
iisftpdr /create "FTP_Site" %username% C:webserverftproot%username%

We need a second one that can be run after this one to add users to each directory. Those users should be defaulted into the directory we enter and be added to the group we enter for appropriate permissions.

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Freelance/Part Time System Administrator Needed

Our Company is located in New Delhi , India and looking forward for System Administrators Freelancers (Preferably from New Delhi or Nearby Region) to work on Part Time Basis in the beginning and later if found suitable will be absorbed in the company as Full Time Employees.
We are actually looking forward to set up a server and install Version Control and Other softwares like .NET, Java, SQL Servers , PHP and Connect it to all Desktop Machines and can act as a Staging Server for our Development Team as well as Backup Server .

1. Should have working knowledge/experience in windows xp desktops ( must have worked in corporate Permissions and Access Levels to employees) , windows 2003 server administration , IIS Web Server Administration , Configuration of Website/Virtual Directories.
2. Should have in depth knowledge of DNS, Switches, Routers, and Modems.
3. Knowledge of Linux Servers like samba and others will be added advantage.
4. Knowledge of Email Servers, Outlook Patches , Outgoing Email Security will be added advantage.
5. System Administrator should have minimum 3-5 years of in depth experience because then only they will be able to handle our requests. We want only professionals as we don

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WordPress Calculation Plugin


i need to create wordpress plugin, that will work as calculator – it will make automatic calculations for the selected product parts from the table.
Like client can choose the number of pcs, types, modifications, and it will calculate him the real price + he will input e-mail and all this will be delivered to his e-mail and the copy to the e-mail of website owner.

So in the admin: – i will put there the products – size – prices – modifications – uploading the photos to each product/modification – each item and each modification will have another price and 1 small photo. It will be in 10 languages, i will deliver them, so user can choose the language that he wants before he will put there the products and then the user can choose the language that he want to have before he uses the calculation tool. The plugin will work after inserting the activation code, that will be generated by me- every user will have another code.

I will have all copyrights to this plugin.

I need to see your previous work and portfolio.

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Several People Can Only View Homepage Of Our Website

Our website www. countrymusicislove .com is having some major problems with people able to view pages on the site other than the main website page. We need an IT professional that has good troubleshooting skills to come in and find the problem and fix it. Our website worked 100% before transferring over to a new host. The website is done in wordpress. The weird thing is that some viewers can click around the entire site, others can only view the homepage and get 404 errors when clicking on anything else.

Winning bidder will have full login information and anything else they need to fix this issue. The problem may involve contacting our hosting company with a fix after you discover the problem.

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CPanel/WHM Linux Server Administration

I need a linux server admin who has expertise in cPanel/WHM. I need any viruses/trojans/malware scanned and removed, I need the kernel hardened and server secured. I need domains added and username and password setup.

You must use ICQ, AIM, Skype, or Windows Live IM to communicate with me.

I will escrow and release funds after tasks completion.

All details will be given to the winning bidder

The project budget is $30 – $50

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Debian Webmin-virtualmin Zencart

HP ML380 4GB RAM, dual zeon processor, Raid 5 (6X36GB SCSI drives).

I set this server up 4-5 months ago for self hosting. Currently a few affiliate sites (wordpress), Vtiger CRM, etc… all seem to be working ok.

I installed ZenCart a few months ago and have been slowly configuring. During checkout we started to get this error:
"1062 Duplicate entry for key 2
[insert into phpbb_users (user_id, username, user_password, user_email, user_regdate) values (55, name, e80b5017098950fc58aad83c814978e, , 1267900305)]

I found an article ;

I backed up the original, renamed the file, dropped the new file in place and tried to do another signup and it crashed. I tried putting the original file back, I manually modified the 2 lines that another article told me to modify. Im stuck…

In addition to fixing this issue with this one virtual server, I would like someone with verifiable experience to go through the entire debian/ virtualmin server and apply best practice and any safe optimization.


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Add DNS Entries In Linode Backend – Very Simple

I need about 50 domains entered into linodes dns panel. I have created two master records, one for domains that use gmail, and one for domains that dont use gmail. You simply clone one of the master records and paste in the new domain. Very simple. I have the list ready to go.

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WHMCS + ENom + Dedicated Server Setup

Need to have an end to end setup of Web Hosting Solution based on a Dedicated Server w/Hostgator.

This will include the configuration of the dedicated server, WHM setup, and also the Installation of WHMCS with eNom reseller account integration.

WHMCS will be setup with 3 Initial Hosting products, and automation scripts to provision accounts integrated to the server.

Lastly configuration of the payment gateways.

This project does not require customization of the templates and design of the WHMCS.

Please dont bid if you do not have experience with Hostgator Dedicated Servers, as well as WHMCS and ENOM.

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Configure Windows Server 2003 And Exchange


We need help from a specialist in configuring a Windows Small Business Server 2003 and specifically Exchange.

The project involves:

– Enabling Outlook Mobile Access
– Enabling Outlook Web access
– Enabling appropriate (SSL) security
– Make it possible to connect to Exchange from Outlook with RPC over HTTPS
– Configure a Sonicwall firewall accordingly to meet the requirements mentioned above.

Happy bidding.

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Need Simple Computer Repair Business Webpage

My client needs one (1) webpage design for their computer repair and support business webpage. It will have the Home, About Us, Mission, Services, Testimonials, and Contact Us.

It will be the home page of a future website for this growing computer repair business.

This client has specific colors, designs, style, and theme

This client has photos that they would like to use on the webpage.

The budget for this project is $30-$50 on satisfactory completion based on clients approval funds will be released. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through freelancer.

Thanks for viewing this project,

Project Mgr

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Need Trucking Business Webpage

I need a webpage built for a trucking business. Please show me templates or designs so I can let my client choose.

Trucking Business Webpage will have the following:

1) Home
2) About Us
3) Mission
4) Testimonials
5 Contact US
6) Services

I need all the above on a one webpage with two (2) photos I will submit later
My budget pays $30-50 for this webpage design.

Please contact me through GAF if you have any questions or concerns

Project Mgr

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Need A Virtualmin And Phpmyadmin Trainer

I want a virtualmin and phpmyadmin trainer.

I want someone who can talk to me over the phone or chat through yahoo messenger
and explain me on the installation and important features of the same.

Please bid.


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URGENT! Multilevel Membership + Ebay (Modules/Plugin) PhpFox

Good Evening,

I need to find individu/team that can make me plugin modules that compatible with PhpFox 2.0.x that resemble:

1. Pbay Auction mods, just like in
that will work in PhpFox 2.0 version.

2. multi level membership (affiliates) script that:

a. can be customize the level. Such example, 1 level referral 50% commision, 2 level referral 20% commision, up to till how many level i need ( example 1- 10 level referral tiers).

b. can track pay per click ads, (working just like ptc, for paid advertisement).

c. few other ideas that might come from you.

visit here to get idea,,,

the modules should have admin backend and for easy handling, and features for member to check their direct upline and (optional)referral, and request payment.

Please. I need it to be done ASAP.

I really got tight budget here since I only afford to spend $300 for total cost (lower bidder will be considered).

The win bidder will be provide with the nulled version, to test the modules and for more details we can do further discussion in the messenger.

Please include " IDOTHATFOR SURE" to be sure you completely read all.

Payment solution will be in GAF or Paypal (which preferable);

Thank you very much.

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Oscommerce / Cpanel Pros

Hello Oscommerce / Cpanel Pros!!

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