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Cold Caller Needed To Call Local Businesses: Free Web Design

Hey Freelancers,

I have a list of companies that I would like for you to call. I am offering my free website design services and need your help. The call will be extremely easy and quick. If you are experienced and do a good job, I would be willing to hiring you on a full time basis based on your results. Looking forward to your bids.



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Data Entry Project – Extra Job For Companies Takes Minutes

Data entry project

Want data entry companies
that can use extra project

Each person fill out
two forms per day for 5 days

10 cents per form

2 forms per day

for 5 days =$1 per person

forms take a few minutes each day

cannot be done by computer robot program
must be people

good as an extra job for your company
can do thruout your regular work
requires a few minutes of each employee sometime during their day

– do your employees have their own computers or share them
– how many employees
– country you are in

If you have 30 employees doing this for 5 days
it would be
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 30 employees = $30

If you have larger group
example 150 employees
10 cents per form x 2 per day x 5 days x 150 employees = $150

The project is evaluating the registration system
so we can make sure all steps are registering.

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Seeking For Good Telesales Person

Here I have a wonderful earning opportunity for Sales driven people.
We will accept everybody who bids on this project. You should bring new clients to our company

I need sales people to make calls from 9 to 5 UK , canada, and the US on their time pick which you want to call, to small businesses specially self-employed businesses i.e electricians, plumber, barbers etc. Who can offer them professional and affordable website starting from $199 only.
I believe it is a fantastic market beating price for a complete web design package. And clsoing a sales should be easy with such an amaizing offer.

Package details are:
Basic package $199
5 pages website design
Free domain name for 1 years
Free Hosting for 1 year
5 company Email adresses.

I will be providing lists of customers.

I dont want to pay any fixed monthly payment but want to work on a very good commission.
I am willing to give up to 20% commission per project. For example for the project costing $199, I will pay $40.
So if someone making calls every day and succeeding in closing 2 sales per day. I would be paying them $80 per day. Which means you can potentially earn 400 per week and $1600 per month.

All you are required to do is to offer customer this really low valued web design package over the phone, close the sale and let me know. Ill then call customer to take 50% payment before starting the project, as soon as customer will make 50% payment Ill pay you half of it which will be your 25% commission straightaway.

Ideally you are required to use your own means to make calls but If some one is really good I can pay up to $40 for phone or other expense per month.

Preffered Skills Required:
Good English
Excelent communication skill
Some web knowledge

please feel free to contact me if you have any question or need some clearification on something.

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Telemarketers $100/per Sale

Ubiquity Capital, a leading loan modification software company is looking for an aggressive offshore call center to handle its outbound sales! We spent a great deal of time creating a program which sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. Now all we need is an A+ call center to bring in the $$$$. The call center will be in charge of selling the #1 "Do-It-Yourself" loan modification program in the industry. Philippine based centers preferred, but open to other offers. The call-center must be willing to work on a commission basis. We are offering a very generous commission of $100/per sale. Lets separate the MEN from the BOYS and lets make MONEY!!!!

We are looking for the heavyweights in telemarketing, no 1st timers…..
Must be Aggressive, Persistent, and Goal Oriented………
This is a easy sale (for the right company) as your telemarketers will be selling a very economical package to people who are desperately in need of solutions.,………

Your demographic: Homeowners (MILLIONS!!!!)

$100.00 ON EACH SALE (if we supply the leads)
$150.00 ON EACH SALE (if you supply the leads) <——Highly Recommended
(We will supply the script and rebuttals)

This is a great project for a Call Center looking for a fast infusion of cash!!!

We will pay on a weekly basis!!! EVERY FRIDAY FROM OUR ACCT TO YOURS!

2. You will not work on straight commission
3. You have less than 20 agents available for this project
4. You are not ready to start immediately

If you do not meet the above criteria, please, do not waste
your time or ours.

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B2B Social Media Telemarketing – USA ONLY!


We are looking for someone who can work full time on referring companies. We will give you a list of companies you need to contact and you will go down the list and call + email each company regarding our services.

MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA. Please do NOT bid if youre located in another country. Serious bidders only.


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HR Product Sales Expert In India / Asia

Telesales Professional/team for a cloud-based HR recruiting software targeting recruiting agencies and enterprises recruiters.
Our Product is a Cloud-based Relationship Recruiting Platform with complete Applicant Tracking System features allowing recruiters to create and manage their Branded Job Referral Network across social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Currently we are expanding our business to India.

** Your tasks:
1.) Marketing and Get free trial signups
2.) Follow up on existing accounts
3.) Present online demo to all trial users
4.) Help customers get started and customer support
5.) Convert trial user to paid users
6.) Collect payment

** We offer:
Base fee per month + very High commission.

** Qualifications
The qualified candidate should be capable of doing the online marketing and generating the free-trial users.
Also the candidate should be able to do the online demo and also provide product support.
We will provide all back end support to help you track the performance.

** Notice
Your major income of this project will come from your delivered sales. Please dont apply the job if you cannot deliver the sales.

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Telemarketing Project For An Expanding IT Company


After dealing with a few incompetent people on this site who disappear after taking money, I have decided to run the telemarketing campaign like this.

If you are bidding for this campaign, please make sure that you have the following expertise:

1. You will need to start working as soon as the bidding ends
2. You are capable of making calls to UK businesses during business hours.
3. You have knowledge of selling IT products, i.e. Web Design, E-Commerce etc.

Commitments I need from you:

– Daily report of calls made – Including name, number and brief summery of the discussion made
– You will have to work the number of hours you bid of every day and provide me proof of that.

I will not pay any money up front, neither will escrow any until the end of the project.



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Talented & Motivated Account Executive – Long-Term Potential

We are looking for ambitious, energetic individuals to join our Inside Sales Team.
Headquartered in New York City, we are a fast growing start-up company (similar to livingsocial) in the emerging daily deals market.

This role is all about building a market by identifying and calling on the top local merchants in New York City, negotiating irresistible offers on behalf of our subscribers and local consumers.
We are looking to find highly motivated, engaging individuals that have clear reasons why they are driven to sell for our company.

This role calls for individuals who are: (1) comfortable selling over the phone, cold-calling into various types of local businesses; and (2) confident as they prospect and close leads in their assigned market.

As part of our team, youll:
Make a high volume of outbound sales calls to an assortment of local business owners daily
Manage your own leads and drive the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing
Educate your prospects on the power of online advertising with our company
Produce better, long-term business results for your clients as you take them beyond traditional methods of advertising through our solution

Qualifications & Characteristics:
Bachelors Degree
Exceptional phone skills and professionalism
Unwavering work ethics
Outgoing and personable
1+ years sales experience in a professional environment
Comfortable working from home
Native English-speaking individuals only

Project Requirements:
We will provide you with a list of leads. You may also be asked to gather your own leads. Each lead will be a restaurant, spa or similar type of local business that has ran a deal-of-the-day campaign in the past with a provider such as livingsocial or groupon. The problem were looking to address is that their last daily deal provider may not have been able to get the business enough pre-paid customers. We want to help fill-in the gap and get them some more. So were offering to re-run their last deal with our company in order to get them closer to the results they were looking for. Your job is to consult with and close as many leads as you can. Closing each lead should be relatively easy since the businesses that you contact will likely have been under-served by their last provider (i.e., livingsocial or a similar but smaller version of livingsocial).

This project requires the closing of at least 40 leads. Youll have access to a high volume of leads. For each lead that you successfully close you will receive compensation. You will get a fixed amount of money for each deal that you close plus a fixed commission for each sale the deal attracts. So, the sweeter the deal you negotiate for our subscribers, the higher your pay will be. This project provides the potential for a long-term relationship with our company.

Send us your resume and a brief message explaining why you would be a good fit for this project.

Thanks in advance for considering this project. We look forward to a great, collaborative working relationship!

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Experienced Outbound Telemarketing Pay Per Sale Required!

ATTN: This is an ongoing full-time commission based project, were looking for a firm that we can work with for the forseeable future. I was not sure what to post with regards to the budget of the program but our previous firm generated commissions within the set budget range within a week based upon two individuals calling the North American market.

We are a commercial internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We are seeking the services of an outbound telemarketing company to outsource our telemarketing campaign to.

Our previous firm had a conversion rate of between 5% to 8% and weve since done a complete redesign of our website based upon online split website testing. The reason why were looking for a new firm is because our previous was purchased by another firm that amalgamated the services in another country. Unfortunately, the were not able to provide us with the same level of service that our previous firm was providing.

You will be marketing a much needed service within the North American market. This service is related to local online business marketing and the service is applicable to virtually any type of business. Therefore, there is no shortage of individuals to contact.

You will be provided with a professionally created script designed by one of the top telemarketing consulting groups in Canada.

The website will handle the transaction. You simply have to provide the individual with a promo code or contact my team with regards to the sale so that it can be validated.

Your job will be to perform the following:

– Contact business owners during the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM. There will be a particular emphasis on contacting business owners from 8:00AM to 11:00AM their time.

– You will contact business in every time zone within the North American market.

– Individuals must have very strong English skills.

– Ideally, it would be great if the agency or individual can preserve all

– Customers are required to make all payments via a credit card, you simply have to show them the "buy it now" button on the website and the rest handles itself.

– The centre/individual must provide excellent call quality along with call data to us.


– Desktops with Windows 98 or beyond running
– A reasonable proficiency in MS outlook
– Desktop with a dialer for outbound calling
– Must be able to source calling lists that relate to all large, medium and small businesses. We can certain work something out with regards to the acquisition of these lists.
-Centers asking for a setup cost, Voip minutes cost, upfront payment..etc. will not be considered so please do not apply

As I mentioned before, we had a great relationship with our previous firm. We were accustomed to them "holding our hands" through the telemarketing process. This is the first time that weve had to look for a firm in approximately three years.

Commissions will be created based upon the client purchase of our product. The product sells for $500 USD and its not uncommon for business owners to make the purchase the same day or within 48 hours.

Were open to working with any person or firm. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to your quote.

Please remember that we are looking for a firm that we can have a long standing relationship with. We worked with our previous firm for almost four years on various projects.

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Nees USA Phone Number!!!!


I need USA phone number for making Craigs list Account. So if you have then contact with me via PM.
If you dont know what is this then please dont waste your time & also my.

Only serious bidder.

Happy Bidding

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Looking For Leads. Starts At $5 Per Lead Plus Bonuses

I am looking for leads of people who have distressed inventory to sell. I will provide you with a script, directions and a directory of numbers to call, All you need to do is make calls, follow the script and directions, and for every company you find with product to dispose of, you get 5USD. This is to start. The more leads I get the more deals I close, and the more deals I close, the more money you make.

The applicant/bidder must be motivated, have a confident yet pleasing voice and speak fluent English. No selling is required, yet there may be a small amount of negotiation. Dont worry, I will tell you what you need to say.

Read attachment for an overview of the job

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Need Telemarketing Script Written For Appointment Setting

I need a telemarketing script designed for setting touring appointments for our business center. It needs to be complete with: needs assesment, rebuttals to everything and assumptive close. I need this done immediately (yesterday) because my phone person starts on Monday.

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Voice Over: British Accent!

Please with experience only!

We need freelancer with British accent with good voice to record our Business Voicemail Greeting of 20 words.

please send your voice clips of work done in past to get shortlisted.

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Appointment Setters Telelmarketers

Who we are?

We are a small call center that focuses on appointment setting and sales.
We have been in business for close to 10 years now and work in travel, finance, and various other industries.

What we do?

We call clients and set up appointments for a product or service. Right now we are focusing on the travel and finance industry.

Who we are looking for?

– The ability to call the USA
– NO SKYPE … skype unlimited only allows 50 calls per day
– We will allow the RIGHT person to use our dialer
-EXTREMELY MONEY MOVITATED with the ability to SALE YOURSELF! We are ONLY looking for people who are interested in making at LEAST $200 USD PER DAY!

You must have FAST INTERNET .. If you are in the Philippines NOT THE GLOBE 1 MBS .. its not fast enough NOR IS THE GLOBE 3G KEY unless you are in Siargao.

$$$$ Per qualified appointment you receive $100 USD $$$$

NO COPY AND PASTE, if you read and understand this post type the word "EMPIRE" in the subject line.

If we like what we hear, expect us to contact you. We are looking to create a LONG TERM relationship with the RIGHT person. Our office works like a family and we are seeking someone that would like to be apart of our winning team!


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Lead Generators – Telephone Sales People Needed!

We need telephone sales operators and lead generators to call on pizzerias in the USA and ask them to join our free marketing program. each agent will be given a list of pizzerias in a region to call.

operator must have good phone skills, dominate the english language without accents

have a telephone to make unlimited calls to the usa, and be available at least 5 hours per day. mon-fri

all applicants must be willing to start a 4 weeks training online, during the first 4 weeks of training agents will be compensated based on registrations, after 4 weeks training all agents will be hired based on monthly salary.

all applicants must be ready to start immediately, please do not apply if you dont nave any experience.

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Telemarketing Special Project

One time telemarketing project to contact leads for BtoB ppc management business.

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Facebook Likes 200

Hey all!

I need 200 likes for facebook status on fan page. I need real peoples and its good to be from EU.

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Commission 10 – 15%: Skilled Telemarketers Needed!!


I need skilled marketers/telemarketers to promote our services all accross the globe. We are engaged in providing the following services:

1. Article Marketing.
2. Social Media Marketing.
3. Search Engine Optimisation.
4. Website Design and development.

We will pay you either through pay per lead or you may process the full order by selling our products to the customers on our behalf.

For every valid lead, you will be paid $ 2 – 5 depending upon the number of leads (minimum 10 leads required a day) plus additional $ 50 as a bonus.

If you choose the second option, then you will be paid 10-15 % of the upfront amount that will be collected from the customer.

This project could lead to long term mutual relations and you can earn potential earnings if you have the right skills. Please contact me through PMB along with your resume and also describe briefly about yourself, your goals and the way you can help this organisation grow.

I am looking for really hardworking, sincere and result oriented resources and will be picking up more than two three freelancers. So if you are the right person, please contact me without any hesitation. All the payments will be occur through paypal and GAF, though we may discuss further over the payment terms once satisfied from each other.

Bid for $ 30 and send me your details, I have to start this project immediately so will picking up you within no time of your bid. Happy Bidding and Good Luck

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Social Recruiting SaaS Sales Rep/Reseller In HK & Singapore


Telesales Professional/team for a Social Recruiting SaaS targeting recruiting agencies and enterprise.
Our Product is a Cloud-based Relationship Recruiting Platform with complete Applicant Tracking System features allowing recruiters to create and manage their Branded Job Referral Network across social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Currently we are expanding our business to HK and Singapore.

** Your tasks:
1.) Follow up on existing accounts
2.) Present demo to all trial users
3.) Help customers get started and customer support
4.) Convert trial user to paid user
5.) Marketing and Get free trial signups
6.) Collect payment

** We offer:
base fee + 20 % of every related recurring sales payment ( $49-$199 or more/month ) during the cooperation period

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Customized Direct Mailing And E-marketing

We are soon launching a new site that will be a revolutionary advertising tool.

We would like to contact potential customers that could be interested in having a testing period for free.
The contact will be estabilished through direct mailing and phonecalls, Facebook and online marketing activities.

We are looking for someone who has strong comunication skills in writing customized emails. The list of customers to contact will be provided by us. The area is USA.
The job consists in preparing and sending personalized emails explaining the concept and do follow up. Side activity will be to write posts on FB groups, blogs and all relevant sites, "creating interest" around the concept: in this way the potential customer might be knowing the concept before receiving the email.

Beside the project bid we will pay per each customer that will join the trial period and start to use the site.

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Person Based In Ukraine Required

Good Afternoon,

I am looking for a person based in Ukraine who can assist me with some telephone calls. There are ten companies I would like you to contact offering a service. The service will be free to the companies. All you have to do is explain why the service would be free and if they are interested in letting us do the work.

There is one company amongst the ten that I have a personal contact in who will advise me on the quality and outcome of your call.

Please place a 30 USD bid for now. More details to be discussed in PM. Calling those ten companies would not take more than 2 hours of your time I would assume. I will of course also reimburse the phone charges to you.

Thank you

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Telemarketing In Russian


We are looking for Russian speakers for long term telemarketing project. The subject of our phone calls will be to set appointments for our field agents.

We will provide Telemarketing software & phone list database.
All calls will be done by Voice Over IP (Over the internet) directly from our software.

Requirements for the task:
minimum of 2.5Mbit internet connection
USB headset.
minimum 5 hours a day work time, Sunday to Thursday. between 9am to 9pm.

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China Video Game Accessories And LED Lights For Retailers

We are a China-based company who are top export agency for video games accessories and LED Lights

(1)unlike others, we can provide you best price with best quality for video games accessories( we can do dropship, even 1 order ,)
for video game, we have many ways to cooperation( you can invite others or creat custmer account in our website, you can get
commission on his orders, or you can dropship on our website, or you can bulk buying with best cheap price…)

(2) the LED lights is our 2011 main export plan, now we get the top agency rights of "NVC " LED lights ,
NVC is the Chinese WELL-KNOWN trademark, it is the biggest light provider in China, which has stock in Hong Kong.
For NVC lights, now you can have bulk orders with best cheap price than any others agency. later you can do dropship
after we setting up website.

Best regards


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Telemarketing To Restaurants

Call and sell webdesign and hosting packages to USA restaurants. You will create your own prospect list using,, google maps, etc
up to $50 per sale.
Please post:
1) number of seats
2) Your experience calling restaurants

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Ads Campaign

I am looking for someone who can get clients post ads onto the following websites:

This job has also been advertised elsewhere. Only serious individuals would be considered. You are encouraged to post your sample ads too on the above sites….. those who do so will be highly considered.

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£50 Per Qualified Sale – Telemarketing For Website Design

Telemarketing for Website design – £50 per qualified Leads

We have UK based website Design & Development business.

We target to small business to develop CMS websites design at very competitive prices.

We would like someone to cold call businesses from small business directory, or Yellow Pages etc and make valid appointment with our website consultant.

We will pay minimum £50 or 15% of the project price on only QUALIFIED sale and will pay on client cleared payment. We usually aim to deliver website within (5 -10 Days)

You must have your own phone and cover your own bill and all other expenses.

Thank you

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Inside Sales – Merchant Credit Card Processing

About Us:
We are a leading provider of merchant payment processing services. We enable business owners just like you to sign up to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit, check services, cash advance, and more. These initial services are just the beginning of the wide array of products and service options that we have to offer each business owner.

Project Scope:
Looking to outsource an inside sales person to call on main-street merchants that want to save money on their current credit card processing rates. The inside sales person will be required to attend our training webinar to understand the business from the inside/out. He/She will then have the knowledge to make the sale from beginning to end.

Daily call reports are expected
Excellent English read and write is a must
Leads are provided

Bonus split on each sale which can range from $60-$160 depending on the Annual Volume of the merchants sales.
The bonus is paid the following Thursday of the previous weeks approved contract

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MRasc Web Clients Needed

Need web site clients for MRasc Web Solutions. (

Our budget for every 3 clients is 50$. We are ready to give commission for further clients.

You can find our packages in our official site Also currently we support linux based clients. Also we have very less price for packages compared to others.

Please bid on this based on your expertise.

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Outbound Telephone Response Based On Email Inquiry

Upon receipt of an email inquiry, we wish to make an outbound (pre-recorded) phone call (US and Canada ONLY) using a service like CallFire. Currently, we receive and interrogate email inquiries and identify those to which we can respond positively. Most of these email inquiries contain a telephone number which is normalized by a perl script.

I seek assistance with the integration of the CallFire API (outgoing broadcast) using PHP and initiated by the receipt of a qualified inquiry. (We qualify the inquiry automatically using .procmailrc, a perl script and MySQL.)

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Easy Telemarketing/Sales – Outbound Calls

This project is an easy project for the skilled telemarketer.
There are two components to this project one is lead generation and the other is B2B.

In both cases you will need to use cold calling methods to acquire companies and customers for a free membership sign up on our website. All calls will be made to Canadian businesses and customers within the province of Ontario. If a company signs up for one of our paid packages you will be paid a 25% commission.

The telemarketer/telemarketing company selected will be required to sign up a minimum of 100 customers who need our services and therefore use our site, as well as 50 businesses signed up within a week.

You must have great telemarketing and sale skills with little to no accent.
We will provide you with a rough draft of a script and you can tweak it to fit your customers. You will also need to provide your own calling list. You will be required to forward a daily list of the clients who bought the packages and the information we will need includes (name, phone number and email). We will be conducting a daily verification of both customers and companies.

There will be a 7 day paid trial period to monitor the quality of your work, you will be paid upon completion of your work.

If you are successful at completing the 7 day trial we would like to pursue a long term daily use of your services.

Thank you for reading

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Need to popularize this site. I am ready to spend money for promotion of my new forum

Please bid for below activities.
1. Create / post 100 or excellent posts.
2. Join new users of 200
3. Suggest new categories and feedback.

My estimated amount is $40.

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