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Vbulletin Google Checkout Payment Option

We have a vbulletin forum. Need an experienced freelancer to add Google Checkout payment option on the forum subscribe link. Currently you can only pay using Paypal, we would like to include Google Checkout.

Need an experienced Freelancer who can do a good job quickly at a competitive price. We always post jobs so if the freelancer is good we will use again.

SAJA team

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[WordPress]Auto Media Embedding Plugin

Task: create plugin Auto Media Embedding plugin for Video URL replace via regex to Embed code for WordPress 3

like AME 2.5 – Media Embedding (Vbulletin)



-Regular expression-
The regular expression to search for.

The HTML to use. :


some requirement:
– easily add and delete function for definitions
– good performence general / example: save the replacement and dont genreate it by every pageload
– Update function. if something has been changed in the embed code then the old posts with this embed can be updated afterwards too .

MAX: Budget: 60$

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Need Vbulletin Mod Slightly Changed

I please need this Vbulletin mod slightly changed.

1) Need the thread descriptions to be able to be a regular text or links. (It only outputs regular text now)
So if I put something like OR <a href="">example</a> it would create links.

2) Usergroup permissions added so I can choose what usergroup(s) are allowed to use this modification.
Only the usergroup(s) selected should be able to see/input the thread description input form.

Added code must be secure.

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Looking For A V-Bulletin Expert To Finish Website

Anyone interested in bidding on this project must first register at and add an image of a dog to see how the site works. This is NOT my website. But I would like some of the features/functions they use. Please dont bid on the project unless you registered there so you have a clear understanding of my needs.

My website is

My goal is to make if more user friendly along with making it feel like any dog owner would love to come back to it.

I will attach screen shots of how I would like the site to look and function. A lot of the site is done already but some of the main areas in need of work are the following:

Right now, an owner can have a profile. I need each owner to have a profile along with each individual dog to have a profile. Refer to Owner Profile Page and Add My Doggie Page and Profile Page for Each Dog (attached).

Another thing that is not working properly is the "share" button. It takes you to facebook, but doesnt bring up the correct dog along with the correct bio. You can see how I would like it to work if you go to (THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE…JUST A REFERENCE).

Main Profile Page needs to be redesigned. Refer to Main Profile Page (attached).

After registration, I would like people to just be able to add their profile/dogs without having to wait for an email.

I would like the facebook "LIKE" on all dogs, Please refer to – (its above dog pic).

After registration, it should bring them to a Thank You for Registering Page. And this page needs to be redone. Refer to Thank You For Registering (attached).

Owner Profile Page needs to be redone. Refer to Owner Profile Page (attached)

Add My Doggie Page needs to be redone. Refer to Add My Doggie Page (attached)

Profile Page for Each Dog needs to be redone. Refer to Profile Page for Each Dog.

On Home Page – Would like the ADD YOUR DOGGIE and ADD YOUR DOGGIE VIDEO to flash. Nothing too flashy, but something to make it stand out and noticeable.

Move the FB, Username, Password, Login, Help and Register below the dog banner and add a FB icon directing them to my fan page and a twitter icon directing them to my twitter page.

On this page – – I need a picture with explanation of the following: Add an Image, Filmstrip, and Hyperlink – added under Instruction on the right hand side.

The site should be SEO optimized with Google admin tools, site maps, robots, metatags as well as google SEO package

One month of support to work out any glitches.

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