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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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Need Male Narrator – Short Film

Short 3D Animated Film: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Title: Deja Vu

In order to be considered for this project, you must first submit a voice sample of the following script to its entirety. Your audition sample will not be used in any way to promote or advertise the film as you are not being paid for it.

You must submit the sample.


The air was cool with a slight summer breeze; the leaves were blooming, and the world seemed so full of life. Every person, unique and different… special in their own way. My name is Clark Winter; I was born in Manhattan after my mom was rushed to the hospital during labor. She nearly died they told her, but she managed to hold on. I grew up like any other kid, and there were very little things that worried me. For so long my life seemed well, and I thought it would continue that way. It was that very summer morning when the air was cool with a slight summer bre
eze that I decided to go for a walk in the park. Why I had the sudden feeling to go for a walk in the park eludes me; but I did it nonetheless. In the crowd of people, a single man stood out. He was not in a rush like everyone else; nor was he distracted by the people around him. He stood motionless, in deep thought. It was not long before he saw me looking at him, and so he began to move. He slowly walked up to me and crouched down to my level. I had never seen him before. He struck me as a nice guy, but I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. This stranger spoke to me shortly before walking away into the crowd, never to be seen or heard from again. He said.. "If you wish for something long enough, one day it is bound to happen." And then he left. Just like that. What he told me has left me in question to this day, when it all became clear. That same day, as I stood near the ice cream shop, eating away at my ice cream, I heard something peculiar. Something I had never heard before. It was chaos.
I was unable to comprehend what was happening at the time, considering the fact that I was still a little boy.
My parents had passed away, along with many others in the chaos that had occurred. Only years later had I been told what really happend, for then I was old enough to understand and cope with it. I grew into my late teenage years. I began to change, and so did the world around me. I remember the day my parents died as if it were only yesterday. I remember the stranger who came up to me, and spoke to me, and every day I would be reminded of his face. Every day his face seemed more familiar than the day before. I remembered his words clearly, and I thought about them every day. I did make a wish, but it was an impossible one; all hope I had for my wish to come true since childhood had been gone; and yet… I continued to wish… I continued to pray. One day, as I was sitting in my living room, a strange feeling overcame me. It was not long before this feeling became overwhelming, and even more-so out of control. I believed that I was dying. It was not painful, but rather uncomfortable. It was my memories drifting closer, and sooner than later, they became a part of my present. Suddenly, I closed my eyes, and everything was silent. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a city. Where I was became clear to me, but the why was a completely different story. Everything made sense, but at the same time it didnt. I couldnt explain it to you in words, because it was just a feeling. I felt like I had been here before, and I was right. My dream had come true, and I believed that others should have the same opportunity. I saw a lost and confused boy standing on his own; I walked up to him and kneeled down. And so I spoke to him. I told him what a great man once told me; words of wisdom that I would never forget. The child did not appear to understand what I had told him; but regardless, I did. I knew what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, and it was time to make the most of it. So, I went home. And there… I stayed.

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Product Promotional Video

Hi there, I would like someone to create 4 videos with 30 – 50 sec length. the videos will promote our product and type of service. Two videos will be targetting the B2B and the other two for B2C.

the videos will be posted on our websites

Our budget is $200.

We would like you to be very creative in the look and feel of these videos. you will need to provide voiceovers in English. However if we like your videos and creativeness then we will regularly require more.

we will need in writting all the copyrights of the work.

I hope that you are able to provide past examples of your work.

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30 Second Lawyer Video For TV

I need a great 30 second TV commercial for a Personal Injury Law firm.
Do not bother bidding if you do not have an actor who can play he part of the lawyer
without an accent. Price is very important to me, bid low, i will have other projects for you.

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4 How It Works Videos For Our Websites – Need Quality & Fast

need 4 videos.

2 for each website…..

good sounds, background music and animation and flash like the following …

place your bid, preferable budget is 200-250 maximum per video.

thank you.
will choose the one that has the best portfolio of VIDEO CREATION AND ANIMATION…

you will take care of voice over please provide me samples to chose from..

i will provide you script..


– first 2 vids for a penny auction website.

next two videos for a sports related website.

see videos we like

start bidding !

would like to chose someone tomorrow and start work asap 1

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I have several videos about my sites and i need them all published on websites online.

pay is 0.10 to 0.15 depending the traffic of the website. where oyu post our videos..

all you need to do is take the embed of my video and post on other sites so people can watch them…

there is no limit you can do as much as you want


only video embed…and not only youtube !

start bidding now !

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CGI Lucid Dreams: Change Site Name In Presentation

Change site name and site url to virtual expo business (
in a presentation you made for our blog.

We need format to be used in adobe after effects.

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50k Youtube Views And Subscribers

I need 50K youtube views in the shortest amount of time. also need Subscribers. Let me know how many you can get and in what time frame.

Qualified bidders only! Please only bid if you can deliver with requirements below.

All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed. I preffer US, UK, Canada, EU views.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube.

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MLM Compensation Video Or PPT

We need a video or powerpoint written and produced from beginning to end for our compensation plan which is attached, if you dont have all the abilities to do everything please do not bid on this project, I am so tired of getting many many bids from countries around the world that have not a single clue as to what I am talking about. I have a project that will be as big as facebook within one year and I need someone who is capable to do the productions for us which are many but to get started I am on a very limited budget for just 1 month so if you can do a wonderful job and want to be part of our growth please give us a reasonable bid, if you cannot understand what I am talking about or understand english completely please do not waste your time and my time. I will talk with you and spend all the time necessary for you to completely understand what we are doing and why we are so unique, but then you will have to completely do the project from beginning to end that means write , graphics, produce PPT, voiceover the whole ball of wax. if you dont understand the last saying please dont put in a bid. I will attach our comp plan and some slides that might be helpful in understanding also here are a couple of youtube videos that show some possible ways to show different ways to graphically show organizations if you dont already have your own.

please send me examples of projects that you have done of compensation plans either video or ppt if you have not done any please do not bid on this project, thank you so very much

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Korean Native Speakers

We have an intro movie (3 min) in english. now we looking for voice over speaker in korean. So send us an example.

Budget = $30

(After this job is done succesfully guaranteed more than 25 other jobs to do)

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Private Project For Midhun

Description has been given. Thanks

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Scribing/Animation Of A Video

I currently have a video in Powerpoint format. I have the audio files.

You can see it here

I would like to create a scribing type animation similar to this video here.

Its basically an animation of what the speaker is talking about as he is talking about it.


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Need Youtube Service Expert ( View, Subscriber, Rating )

I need several person that could do this youtube service

video views
1k (perefer below $5) , 2k , 5k ,10k

100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

video comments
30 (perefer below $5) , 50, 100, 300

video ratings
100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

Channel view
10k (perefer below $5) , 20k , 50k , 100k

Must be 100% real views, NO proxies, NO bots, guaranteed result !!

please provide proof that you can deliver this,
Ive got ton of order right now and need more people to do this.Hope we will start in less than 24hr 🙂

Pls for serious bidder only, prefer cheap one, looking for long term.
I will pay 50% at the first, and the rest after you done the work. Dont worry Im serious in this business too.

PM me with your previous work and your price.
Regular price only, I dont want to see price for Fast video service in 24hr.
(we will talk it later )

If you have another amount of views that you can do (20k, 50k, 100k , etc ) , also how many days that you can done,
just put in PM

Immediate start for this project

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Utube Or Video Clip To Introduce My Company

Utube or video clip to introduce our company and the
best ideas to promote the clip in the net

other ideas f using video broadcasting are appreciated

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Enable & Optimize Speeds 4 FFMPEG Video Upload & Conversion

Our site needs to be able to upload videos through FFMPEG successfully, store lots of them in databases successfully, convert and play videos fast and not take an un-usually long time to store and display these videos successfully on webpages. FFMPEG experts needed to configure FFMPEG on our server. Then you need to optimize the speed for video conversion when they are uploaded, as each of our video size is 400 MB, and WE DONT WANT TO WAIT ONE WHOLE DAY FOR CONVERSION. And have a broad range of codec (no limitations).

Take Note: for each of the 400 MB videos, we target to take 1-2 hours at the most, or even just half an hour. Even faster uploading speeds for this video file size is ideal.

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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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Event Video Clip

Hello everyone" i am looking for someone that has skills in Adobe effects" or any software that creates short animation video clips i need to create a 3 min 3D video for a Boat cruise event,I have a concept in which needs to be put together from scratch.There will be an AUDIO/3D ANIMATION and other effects & elements.I am on a very tight budget.I will only look at those whom will forward there profile also previous experiences in this kind of project.

Please note:I will only pay full funds once im happy and project is completed! & i will only deposit 100% of funds to escrow only when project is 95% completed.If you do not agree with my terms please do not BID.


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Video And Pdf

im looking for someone to create a program that can record a short video of the user using their webcam, and also allows the user to create a pdf document. Then the program will allow the user to send the video file and pdf document together as an email attachment. Im looking for user friendly software which can be sold retail on cd in the UK.. Also it must have a brand feel and a nice look about it, with a professional feel, sleek.

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Turn Training DVDs Into Downloadable VIDEOS For Internet

I have a 3 DVD course that I sell on the internet. All 3 DVDs total 6 or 7 hours long. I need to take them and turn them into one video file, in a format that users can download and view on either PC or a Mac. I need to make the file as small as possible. It has 7 lesson plans, that the purchaser can jump from one to the other as needed. (Need to break the file into lesson/chapter sequences) It will need a simple intro and menu, so users can jump right to a certain chapter or scene.

The reason I am doing this is so I can put the course on clickbank, and people can download, the whole 6 or 7 hour course.

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100K YouTube Views Within 24 Hours!

I have a client that will be launching a music video on the 6th of April.

We require 100,000 REAL Views within 24 hours!

We also need to maintain a 90% plus "Likes". All views should be generated from different IPs unique visitors. No targeting needed just as many views as possible. These must be REAL youtube views.

It would be a bonus if the views could come from ITALY, if not, then mostly from Europe.

So, Italian views are preferred.

No bots/ androids/scripts allowed.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube, if a video is banned because of you, no payment will be released.

So, please make your that you are using legal methods only.

Half of the payment will be released when half of the views is reached (50,000). Rest of the payment is released when the agreed amount of views is reached.

Only serious bidders!


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Website Video

We need a video to discribe a website. We have the voice over completed. Actually the previous freelancer has disappeared of the face of the earth thus leaving us with a problem as this is actually a project for one of our clients.

Here is what he has done so far.

We want it to be like this video

This is the voice over

The website is
There will be some changes being made to it over the next week or so , so please make sure you can change some of the images of the video.

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Article Related To WordPress Required.

We need around 40 Articles related to WordPress. The article should explain some good tips and tricks or some tutor or some resources related to WordPress.

For eg.
3. How can we implement Cufon Fonts in WordPress.
4. How to insert a Slider into WordPress.

Any tutor or tips and tricks that you write about should be stepwise so that its very easy for the users to follow. The articel must include Images and a screencast or Videos.

The article must be of very high quality and should be completely unique.

I will select the bid based on your past experience and do send me some links to your previously written articles.

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500 Subscribers, Comments And Ratings For YOUTUBE Channel!

– No bots
– No fake accounts
– No youtube violating techniques
– Real people
– Guaranteed results

Please – bids from serious providers only.

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Promotional Launch Video For Retail Microsales Tool (phase)

Hi all,

I am after a promotional video for the launch page of our localised, social buying tool, to be put at

The video needs to convey the concept clearly to the customer, which we consider to be small to medium sized businesses. These businesses will use the too to connect with the ultimate end user via an iPhone app. Its a brand new concept! We want the video to be around 60 seconds if possible and to basically highlight the situation in which a business should use Phase.

You will be required to provide:
– The drawing / animation: I want this to be very simple and clean. Flash or the like is fine, but i want it to be cartoon based with simple characters using one or two colours and nothing fancy. Either dark grey (#3e3e3e) and white or orange, dark grey and white would be ideal, as in the first video below. Here are two videos that I like. I would ideally want ours to be somewhere between the two; and

Please find the storyboard attached, it has rough images drawn by me which merely show the story, not the style I want. I will do my own voiceovers, or outsource those, but Ive included the text along with each frame / slide so that you can bear it in mind when animating and the time required on each slide. Ive also included extra notes to help with some of the animation.

I am open to some design flair and if you could show me some of your previous work when you bid (a link or something similar) that would help me greatly in entrusting you with this project!

If you have any questions, ask them up front and along the way, its better to work together on this as I dont want to get to the end and have lots of nasty surprises!

My budget is ideally < $300.



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Video Into A Flash Banner

I have a very simple project. I have a video which needs to be converted into a flash swf. Need it at 300 * 250 size acceptable to Adwords.

that is it.

I am looking to start work with hte lowest bidder who can get it done asap within few hours time.


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Custom Videos For Small Businesses

I need the following :

Videos that will be used to promote small businesses

I do not want Animoto

I do want

Royalty Free Footage
Royalty Free music
HollyWood Quality Voiceover.
Professional Script Written

This is an example of what I am looking for:

If you bid on this project please provide links to sample videos or if you have none please create one promoting a small business.

I will need these videos in Bulk so please give me you pricing for 10 of these videos.

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After Effects Work

Few minutes of video on after effects for use on youtube.
Video is based on a short story and will require After Effects and photoshop skills to make the video. For example, Camera falling down from sky to a particular position, you will be required to get images from google earth and fix them in photoshop to be used in After Effects as layers. After the camera gets to the ground, colors are used to animate the map, which is based on a short story.

All the help will be provided in understanding and only private quotes are excepted as this is not a very big project.


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Video Editing For Youtube Channels

Were looking for a video editor that can arrange music and effects on video shooting provided by us.

The video will be use on our youtube channel, facebook and websites.

All our contents are about muay thai world.

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Looking For Talented Video Editor

Im hoping to find a one or tow talented video editors to work for a few weeks editting large quantities of video for our US clients. We are open to working with people from anywhere in the world as long as you can communicate with us in English or Spanish.

We could pay hourly or just price the entire project. This project is for a young company in Silicon Valley, and were hoping to find a few really talented people to work with over the short-term, with options for follow-on work depending upon the quality of the output for this initial phase.

Please reply with a short bio and links to three videos that you feel showcase your best work.

[Removed by Admin]

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PHP Streaming Module For CMS

Good night,

We are looking for a coder that is able to develop a PHP/Flash to stream event live from a USB camera or a webcam.

We have the CMS already developed but we need someone to help us with this task. The development must be using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and it uses CodeIgniter 2.0

– The user in admin logs in and it will be able to connect to a camera to stream the event.
– After setup the streaming the user can enter a code {qeria:stream id=1} and start to stream the stream created with the id 1.

Video Settings Admin:
– Stop Streaming
– Stop recording
– Mute
– The user should be able (enable/disable) to record the streaming to a specified folder.
– The user should be able to set permissions who will be able to see it.
– Set location or auto-detection (PHP library already done).
– Other settings the coder and script suggest or able to provide.

Please let me know your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Please only bid if you have experience in this subject.

Thank you

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Native American English Speaker For 2 Min Product Video

We have a 1-2min intro video for a technical web application and need a professional sounding, native American English speaker for the audio. The video is still in the editing phase, so timing is not that important as we can make sections a little longer or shorter.

Besides the speaking we would also highly appreciate your input on the text. If you have suggestions to make it sound more like a native speaker then we would be more than happy to change it.

Please send an example of your voice and previous work.

Budget = 50 USD

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Video Spokesperson Chroma Key.

I am looking for a video spokesperson for my site

2 videos 1-5 minutes long


I need the same quality

Please be realistic when bidding

thank you

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