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Scripts To Change Registry Value On Reboot In Win 2008 Serve

I need a script that will be called to reboot a windows 2008 64 bit server. it will change a registry value, then reboot the server.

Then a second script will run on boot every time and change the value back.

here is the key:

Key: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesmpioParameters
Name: PDORemovePeriod

On reboot, it needs to change to 20 seconds. At boot up it needs to be changed back to 130 seconds.

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Windows Software

I need someone to either create software running on windows or modify a website (php, mysql) to run as a windows program (there are some software that turn php into exe with integrated browser).

Software should be something similar to: or – will provide exact details on PMB

The database that should be used is in MySQL and should be imported into program.

Software needs to come with installer(msi)/uninstall feature, database update function
The program will have to be able to include Windows Media Player, Flash players, Real player, Quick time player in order to watch channels.

Thanks for bidding and lets discuss further into details on PMB

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Microsoft SQL Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Job Title: Microsoft SQL Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese , Russian , Brazilian Portuguese

Qualification/ Experience:
Candidates should be an IT Administrator, Software Engineer or Highly Technical Linguist or equivalent, with the following experience

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JAVA Project – Fast Track Completion Required!!

The project is to modify an existing open-source java network software which is available as standalone as well as applet. The work is to redesign the applet to remove the UI and hardcode some parameters in it. Further, the applet needs to be signed and have the ability to write to the local file system.
The right candidate will have substantial knowledge of –
1. Java and network programming
2. Applet programming and knowledge of Firefox /IE browsers
3. Experience with browser plugins would be an advantage

More details VIA PMB

Need this completed within just a few !! since last developer disappeared unreasonably.


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Server Configuration

Complete Dedicated Server Configuration of 2 existing VM rack servers, firewalled. VM chassis: Intel 4core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67 Ghz 11.0 GB Ram (total). VM OS Win2003 Server with all OS updates. 2 GB Memory currently allocated. 50 GB HD each server. We will supply Remote VNC Viewer 4 software to you (similar to remote desktop). No other control panel is or will be provided. Install all necessary software to run existing ASP website with external database on server 1. Install and configure NEW open source software Apache PHP 5.2, Perl, etc. to run NEW PHP website with large external database also on server 1. Install MySQL Server on server #2. Configure both servers to communicate together. Both servers are Completely Raw. No server password has been setup and no Public DNS has been configured. Project consists of working with our website software developer through installation and testing of each website. This project must start immediately and must be configured in a matter of hours, not days. Do not bid on this project unless you have substantial experience with Windows, ASP website Admin and PHP admin. Fixed fee but potential for ongoing remote server support.

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Moodle Template And Virtual Administrator (resend)

We are seeking moodle template acording to our look and our needs.
We are a virtual School (k-12)

The design must be atractive and inviting to join..

At the same time we need a moodle experienced person to help us with grades in a way a student be able to see his grades on his profile. For now they have grades per subject and we want them all together and in only the pace for that (personal profile) fix some permitions, intalling plug ins, massive enrollments etc..
The average work for administering the site is two to 3 hours weekly.

Our moodle site is

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Solr & Nutch In The Cloud

Looking for a java expert who can work from start to finish in setting up Nutch and Solr in the cloud. Due to lack of time, we need to outsource this project. We want to set it up in Amazon so that we can have access to as many machines needed to complete a crawl. At this point, it is not determined whether or not the data will be stored on our local servers or if we will use amazon for that as well, but we definitely want to use the Amazon service for crawling the sites that we need to index for a project. We will also be storing pdf files and images local, not just the link, but the actual files. This should be a fairly simple setup for a java expert, like I said, we dont have the time and need some extra help. This could lead into other projects and more regular work if this is done properly.

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Application Installer (InstallShield)

Required to develop installation program using InstallShield.

The installation will have the following steps:

0. Before starting verify dotnetfx35 is installed, if not quit with error.
1. Create a new folder, the folder location will be an input
2. add entry to the registry with the folder name
2. Copy set of files to the new folder
3. Run vcredist_x86.exe

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Windows 7 Security In A Large Production Environment


I need a security systems engineer and a Windows architect to design a solution for upgrading our Windows XP environment to Windows 7. The solution should include a quick project plan, items to be discussed and the security settings for Windows 7. You should be familiar with new technologies in Windows 7 such as Advanced Group Policy Management, DirectAccess, BranchCache, and Unified Access Gateway, and how we can leverage these technologies to enhance the security and remote support capabilities.

The project doesnt require you to do the actual implementation. Just act as a security architect for designing Windows 7 security.


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Windows 2000 Server And Exchange Server Hardening Procedure


I need someone who is an expert on Windows 2000 Server and Exchange server 2000 and 2003 to assist me in hardening them. The scope is to identify the vulnerabilities, missing patches, open ports, services, etc as well as vulnerabilities within the exchange so that we could secure them.

here is a high level status and requirement:
30 windows 2000 servers are running exchange (mix 2000 and 2003). the hardening process should include OS and exchange level vulnerability assessment.
suggest a tool that I could run and provide you with findings. You need to provide procedures.
I will provide the results to you and submit the reports to you for review. You will put together an action plan so my team can follow to harden these servers.
keep in mind that there is no remediation required on your end. You just have to find the vulnerabilities and identify the areas that need to be correct. quick and dirty.

If you are the one to do this, then bid on it with confidence.

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Online Ordering Module

An online ordering system similar to that will show restaurants menu items.

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Php Error Installing WordPress

I need help installing WordPress, this is the error im getting:

"Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress."

I need you to fix it on my server using webex
(I dont have an account with them, you need to send me an invite)

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Moodle Template And Virtual Administrator

We are seeking a moodle template acording to our look and our needs.
We are a virtual School (k-12) and actually we go from Joomla (external visitors) to Moodle. (our students)

We want everything in moodle, visitors going to their front page with menus and information on how to enroll, pricing, soft pictures and some videos and they must be able to enter to all the public areas. In the other side, courses etc.. reserved only to our students and teachers.

The design must be atractive and inviting to join.. with at least 3 smooth photos showing kids in Kinder, middle and secondary.. (Photo banks)

At the same time we need a moodle experienced person to fix and show the grades to the parent accounts, fix some permitions, intalling plug ins, massive enrollments etc..
The average work for administering the site is two to 3 hours weekly.

We participate in educational virtual words ( that is have to be showed ther too

Our joomla page is
Our moodle site is

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Migrate App To New Server

I have a limited budget. I want my data migrated to a new server. I want the server located in Indiana, it is currently located in Nevada. I want the Nevada office to connect to the server via the Internet. I do not have any original software. The primary application is propriatry. I would like thi app rewritten, cloned, reverse engineered, modified. I am not sure if the app will run on a new server, or remotely or if scanners and printers will work remotely. Everything must be done to comply with all laws, copywright, licensing. I want selected individual to preconfigure the system, identify a server on eBay or use our current hardware. I just want to have to plug hard drive in hot swap array and be up and running. I will consider all bids.

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Reverse Manager Program

Need someone to code a windows program for asset management with the following specifications:

User can add/edit/delete and print personnel data.
User can select an employee, and see or print a list of assets he/she borrowed.
User add/remove an equipment from the list of borrowed equipments of an employee.
User can generate a printed equipment borrowing form for the selected employee (The reverz form you mentioned in your specifications).
User can add/edit/delete and print assets data.
User can select an equipment, and see or print a list of logs about every time that item has been borrowed by different employees.
User can see and print a list of all logs for all equipments and sort them by different columns (date, equipment name, employee name, type, etc.)
User can search on personnel data, and equipments.

Professionals only, please. Bidders should have at least 10 excellent gaf reviews.

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Convert .NET Framework 2.0 Apllication To C Code

Convert small Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 apllication to C code. I need rewrite it in pure C.

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Modification And Optimize Of A Delphi Sourcecode

Hello freelancers,

im looking for someone with long experience in delphi to modify and implement some new features to a souce code i have.

– Experience in Delphi.
– Also php and windows command line & registry experience requeried.
– Enough time to make some more modifications in future.
– A good rating on freelancer also would be good

The program works with external applications in command line mode so you have to know about.
Soft must run at most possible speed and stable.

Im willing to pay arround 300$. (more can can come)
For more info please send Private Message…

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Dashboard Upgrade On Database + More Functionality

Hi – Our dashboard (system admin) shows our clients, subscribers, and actions taken. It is basic with some graphs, and needs enhancements such as: ability to delete records, print records, download specific ranges of records, develop password access,greater sorting fields and just needs to look better – become more user friendly. Some knowledge of Plesk would be great.

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WordPress Blog Transfer To Another Database MySQL

Hi – I need to move a wordpress blog, sitting in one database, into a second database on the same server, so that menu buttons showing on the blog conform to the new database.

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WordPress Blog Transfer To Another Database

Hi – I need to move a wordpress blog, sitting in one database, into a second database on the same server, so that menu buttons showing on the blog conform to the new database.

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AT&T DSL IP Changing Program/ Script Required


I have AT&T DSL internet line and need a program to change IP from keyboard function. He who has att DSL can do the job… I have modem that can change IP by resetting it, but need something to reset modem/router from keyboard shortcut wothout open the router admin page.

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we want a web hosting company script which functions like we want where user create auto Linux and Windows hosting packages instant auto create plan, live chat, billing system, ticket system, etc
we want same function so plz check we and tell us ..

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Two Quick Issues With Windows Application And Web Site

I have two separate issues here and looking for some body to help me with it.

Issue number one:

I have upgraded my pc to windows 7 and i have Visual Studio 2008, I have a VB.NET application which was developed in XP environment before i upgrade, now when I rebuild the solution in windows 7 every thing look like ok,one of the application functions is to modify some keys in the registry but once I run the application the following error shown on the screen

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I am looking for someone to program a simple bot that will automatically post questions that I create on formspring to multiple users. The bot must be able to have the following options:

– search users by name (eg: nickname, first or last)
– have proxy support/switching betweeen each post
– post the message that can be modified for each post

If you have any questions let me know.

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Looking For Computer Help Staff For Support Forum.

We are looking for several Computer Support Staff for our forum. Its a Computer Help and Technology Discussion forum. Most of the posts are related to Windows, Linux, Software, Hardware, Computer Security, MS Office and so on. So if you think you are pro with these areas, please bid.

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Teleprompter Software For MAC OSX And Windows

I am looking for someone skilled in both, Mac & PC to develop a good looking and professional teleprompter software. Teleprompters are used to roll the words to the spokespersons on TV while looking at the lens at the camera to give the impression that they are not reading but talking to the audience.

In fact, this is a very slim (little) application but need to comply with certain standards that I have fixed. The concept has been fully thought and a sample is provided. Although the file provided (1 for mac, 1 for PC) is good, my software needs certain features non present in the example. Keep in mind that this is a very tiny software and budget is very limited (US$250-400).

I will provide full information and guidance about any aspect of the developing since I have experience in executive software development.

-Software must be appealing and well designed interface.
-must be easy update-able
-must be able to edit text on the fly
-must be able to save "as session" maybe with proprietary format

I am a professional developer and Audio & Video producer and need this application at a highest possible standard.

Since it would need to roll (and edit) the text in real time (opposite to render) text flickering can occur. This is a fact present in most similar software available. I need to achieve the less flickering possible.

Serious Bidders only please. I have wasted a lot of time with irresponsible coders who bid and quit before even starting.

The coder must be able to provide BOTH installers. NO partial coders please.



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Time Keeper Helper

I need an application to work on windows to track the active window title. It will output the window title to standard out.


2010-05-20 22:42 iexplore.exe | Online Jobs | Freelance Employment | Outsourcing Services | Programmers | Web Design | Freelancers – Windows Internet Explorer

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Fix Error In IIS And Windows Server

Simple I have a website giving off an error, DotNetNuke is installed. But I am getting a a error about proxy but it is not a proxy site, it is hosting on server. need it fixed asap and cheep.

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Email Blasting Platform

I need a professional webmaster to set up a bulk email blasting platform for me. I ONLY want someone who has experience in legitimate bulk email blasting and knows about SPAM filters,white listing, rotating IPs and domains, etc. Please do not reply unless you have experience.

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Windows Vista Proxy Server Set-up

Need someone to properly set-up and configure a windows vista proxy server on one computer for me and walk me through how to do it. $40 budget

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