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Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – £60k

Senior Android Developer – Mobile/Web Market Leader – Central London – £60k

My client requires a motivated Android Developer, to join their rapidly expanding team. You will be working on cutting edge projects in specialist areas with significant opportunity for professional growth. This is not a normal development position.

All applicants must have:

– commercial experience in delivering a rich media, or communications application developed for Android 1.6 or later.
– a background in mobile application development on another platform, iPhone, Symbian or Blackberry.
– excellent knowledge of J2ME.
– experience calling web services and external APIs.
– UI implementations working in conjunction with designers.

The ideal applicant will also possess some of the following:

– significant exposure to at least one additional language (objective-c, C++ highly valued)
– knowledge of security concepts (cryptography, digital rights management (DRM), web-based attack vectors such as XSS, SQL injection, etc.)
– professional and commercial experience in the area
– an interest in emerging mobile technologies and protocols
– SQL skills and an understanding of alternative storage mechanisms
– web development skills including HTML, CSS, XML, PHP
– a broad understanding of digital audio, video and still image compression techniques, including knowledge of related commercial and open source software
– experience working with revision control systems (subversion preferred)
– basic understanding of issues surrounding internationalisation and localisation for multi-territory deployments
– understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite, in particular HTTP

Dont worry if you are missing any of these ideal elements. The position will give you the opportunity to broaden and update your skills as you work, and you are guaranteed to find it interesting. It is an excellent role for anyone with related talents seeking a stable role in an interesting and established company that will appreciate and reward their contributions while affording opportunities for professional growth.

Zetman is acting as an employment Agency for the purpose of this vacancy.

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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Voive & IM Using Open Source For Android, IOS And RIM

Project Description:
Development of a mobile client which provides Voice and IM simultaneously. It requires a skilled developer who can port existing open-source software, modify it and enhance it.
The client is required to be ported and operational on Android, Blackberry and iOS3 and iOS4 and should comply with Apples Apps Store requirements. Desirable but not required to function on iPad & iPad2 and Honeycomb also.
It is highly desired that a Cross-Platform Mobile (such as:, be used for development, making porting easier to other mobile phones.
Time is of the essence so only developers capable of committing the time to deliver the project on a timely bases should respond. We are looking for a firm/people, who can successfully deliver this client and are also available to develop other related projects as well as provide ongoing support as part of the project.

See attachment for additional details. Complete information (SOW) will be provided to the selected party under a NDA.

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Matlab Project To Be Done

I want matlab project to be done. find the following attachment for more details.

I want with or without documentation

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Mobile App For Car And Phone

my kids copy wited an idea for a mobile app to be used in car and phone there are no other apps at present time that does what thier idea is. we would share profits for a agreed time contact me .must sign a NDS statement, hope to hear from you.

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Amazing IPhone App To Develop!

I require an iphone app developer to help me build an iphone app.
I have an amazing app idea, but need help to get it built.

For this app you will require knowledge in.

– experience in building iPhone Apps.
– being able to make one iPhone talk to another via wireless
– wireless security for the iphone app
– a good sense of design for simplicity.

once the inital app is built it will need to be tested.
with the agreement that the app is 100% owned by me once completed and paid for.
and if it does well, it may mean more work for you 🙂

About the project. – heres the basics of how it works
2 users start the application… on both phones

User 1 wants to send data to User 2, so he hits the send button
it reads some data and design from phone1,

and wirelessly transfers the data to the phone2,

the same application on the phone2 recieves the data and adds it to the phone.

these are the only details i can give at the moment without giving away the whole idea.

a Flat Fee in $USD — or %20 of all profit made from the App. which could be a very large amount as its a great idea.

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IPhone App To Be Designed For A Tween Website

I am currently in the process of building a website called MyTweens (a brand extension of that sells tights to Tweens (8-12 years). The website will also offer unique gaming activities that allows the customer to clip and drag their favourite images/items to create sets that can be posted to social network sites/blogs.

I need this to be accessible through an iPhone/Blackberry app, so that the user can browse the site and go ahead with creating sets on their iPhone/Blackberry.

I also wish for the design and the writing of the iPhone app to be highly professional and look visually stimulating, as it will be presented to experts.

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Want Project On Networks

I want computer networking project to be done

looking for dedicated people to work for me.

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IPhone Camera App Developer Wanted


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Mobile Application Design (MIDP 2.0)

I-Tech Solutions and Consulting UK Ltd. are looking for a freelancer to complement their team for a project in MIDP 2.0. We would like the selected person to do a "PAID" Proof of Concept in the form of a small project (Brief Enclosed Below).

i-Tech Solutions and Consulting UK Ltd. are a UK based consulting company with client base in UK, Europe, US and Far East. They are looking for a freelancer to work with their pre-existing team on a newly acquired project.

The proof of concept involves designing a Mobile Application for the board game SCRABBLE. This game is to be specifically designed using MIDP 2.0 and run in Wireless 2.5.2. The objective is to display the 15×15 scrabble board each of which will accommodate a single letter tile. At the start of the game, a set of 7 random alphabet tiles will be given to the player. The player will then have to make legitimate words which will be verified using the dictionary. For every unverified word the player will be asked to resubmit their entry. At the end of the game a score is also to be displayed.

This is an urgent requirement and hence the interested candidates should contact i-Tech Solutions and Consulting at the earliest.

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This project is a big project. Expecting only experienced peoples, who have done similar projects like this, and i want this project to be done ASAP.

This project main target is verifone sc500, VX 510, VX670, VX810 & INGENICO 3070, I3070, I3070 CONTACTLESS
i have listed the model numbers, Im sure, one of you guys have done this project before, if thats the case , i would love to see your demo and sample work of those project, and i will award you to start right away the job.

please bid only, if u have done smiliar project like this..

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Iphone Application Like Zara

Need to develop an iphone application. The iphone application will be like Zara

Freelancers please show your last iphone app, we are new in iphone development,
so please advice what SDK show be use, how to implement your work.
We want to know how to backend update the info of this app like news, image,etc
We will create an interface to update the data, please provide the solution how to update the data into this
iphone app.


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IPhone And IPad Application


Looking for someone to create an iPhone/iPad application. Essentially the application is for privacy and security. Thanks.

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Mobile App (content)

Mobile App

Music (free projects) + (pay2play)
Videos (latest videos)
News – (latest blog post) ( website )
Store – mobile store (website)



this app is for a site currently development we wish to be able to provide mobile content

for reference we recommend viewing and the datpiff mobile app for android it is the only close example we could find of what we had even begun to conceptualize

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Iphone And Android Developer – Fulltime

Hello Guys

We are looking for Expert Developer for Iphone and Android Application Development.

Looking to hire some one who can work onsite but fine with remote too

Must have developed atleast 5 big Application for Iphone
Must have experienced in PHP and [Any] to create webservie so its work with Online Database Server
Connet with mySQL and MS Sql server

Please send me your resume ,

This job is for Indivisual Only who can work 7-9 hrs per day with us to complete the work.

Per month budget is lower than $ 600


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IPad App To Collect Wireless Data, Store And Forward

We need an experienced developer to write an iPad native app which will be used in the field (where there is unlikely to be 3G coverage) which will accept data wirelessly from a specialised device. The user will be able to review/edit the data, and save changes.
When the iPad is within 3G coverage or WiFi coverage, upon request the app will send the data to a server.
At this stage I am after someone with some experience in this type of application. The specs for the specialised device wil become available over the next 2 weeks, as will more information about how to communicate with the server application.
In your bid, describe your experience and how long you would expect this type of application to take to write.

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Low Cost Wireless Communication

Looking for a very low cost 2 way communication (transmits and receives simultaneously).
Speed: 1kbps minimum
Channels: Have to support at least 2 channels
What you need to deliver are: the solution theory (can be discrete or chip solution), schematic (in the case of discrete solution), datasheet, and vendor.
The quantity scope: 1,000/10,000 pair of transmit and receive
We will be looking for the solution that has the lowest BOM and manufacture cost per pair of transmit and receive, not the labor cost. If you have multiple solutions, it is a plus.

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Voice Recognition Robotic Car

I need to make a Voice Recognizable robotic car….It is basically robot car which operates on voice recognition commands. If I tell Left it will turn left if I tell right it will turn right. I need project report (Small understanding enough) too.

You can take idea from this link.

I need this kind of hardware and software project. I need this project as soon as possible. I can give 100 to 200 $ for this project.

Have question let me know.

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I need someone to create an App for me which will be on sale across the whole of EU. the app invoves times distances, speed and maps over a one day period. A week period a two week period to
A maximum 13 week period. Also the App MUST be able to save the LAST 6months. Also must contain an indexed information section. It has to be user friendly and basic.

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MS Thesis Needs MATLAB Expert

Im looking for a MATLAB expert who can do my MS thesis that will take care of simulating the performance of a multihop communication system used for process and control applications.

Please dont bid unless you feel you are comfortable with the topic as well as has a long experience with MATLAB.

Additional info will can be provided through freelancer pm.

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Electronics Engineer

Electronics engineer

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Final Year Degree Project In Electrical & Electronic Enginee

Urgently need freelancer to help on doing university degree level final year project in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
Looking for a whole package including thesis writing & hardware/software.
Topic is to be discussed further.
Thank you.

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Urgent, Simple


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Performance Analysis Of ISA100.11aBased Multihop Comm System

Im looking for someone who can help in writing my MS thesis entitled "Performance Analysis of ISA100.11a Based Multi-hop Communication System".

In this thesis I would like to study the performance of a wireless multi-hop kind of communication system thats based on the industrial process and control communication protocol ISA100.11a. The study will have the outage probability and the BER as the measures. MATLAB codes are needed to simulate the performance and compare it with the analytical results.

Please dont bid unless you are 100% capable of doing a full thesis that tackles all these requirements including: deriving the formulas of the outage probability and BER for such system (different scenarios are going to be considered), generating MATLAB codes that simulate the performance of such system and comparing it with the analytical results, and finally writing the thesis in academic way to be submitted as a MS thesis.

There is another part of this thesis I would like to simulate too. I really cant post it in public since its my patent. However, I can share it with you if you feel you have strong background on both wireless communications as well as MATLAB programming and you feel you can do the first part easily

Additional information will be provided if needed.

I hope I can find someone who really can do the job as Im expecting. Again, please dont bid unless you can do the job. For those who are looking for money and only for money regardless whether they can do the job or not please stay away since I dont have time to waste Ive wasted a lot of time with such people.

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MY PROFILE- I want to set up a bluetooth proximity marketing system which will be run from a websitE and connected to a server that also has connections to multiple bluetooth access points. I will offer my clients an option of just running the campaign by dowloading the software from the website onto there computer or buy a bluetooth box with uploaded software that will be syncronised with my website.

WEBSITE- The website will have the main master admin control panel of adding/editing/deleting logins for my clients and viewing there area. I will offer to my clients a username and password so my clients can view live statistics of there campaign and can operate there campaigns remotely from anywhere via my website.

HARDWARE- I will require the person to offer me the bluetooth box (pod/bluetooth access server) which will have my software added or i can purchase the hardware seperate if you know any reliable, low budget companies and you can give the instructions on how to upload the software onto the hardware. The box will need to be connected to my system via wireless internet so each client i give the box they are linked to the login i create on my website and it will then broadcast campaigns created by the client and show live statistics.

REFERENCE TO MY GOALS- I am looking at something similar to what offer to there resellers and clients (a similar login system via there website and there clients can use the bluetooth servers wirelessly and access there campaigns and statistics via there website)

I want similar functions to what offer as software. eg- Bluetooth beamer functions.

I want you to study both of these companies products and the functions and relating to what my requirements are you should be able to meet my needs.

I want all the advance functions achieved by many bluetooth marketing companies and most of all it has to be designed in a very user friendly manner. Also it needs to be developed in a manner where it can be extended further with more functions to add at a later stage.


Please only bid if you have done a similar project before and can achieve my goals to exact detail i require. I will like to see the website design and all the functions on your server completed before i pay for the completion of this project. HAPPY BIDDING AND GOOD LUCK.


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Looking For IPhone Apps Developer

We are looking for a mobile developer for a developement of iPhone app which perform mobile services consumption tracing. This app is already developed for symbian smartphones and we need to adapt it to iPhone.

If you think that this job is meeting with your skills please leave a message and we will get back to you shortly.
Must be able to provide previous work examples.

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Full Screen Browser

This is a Simple Browser. No title bar. Full Screen.
The app has a facility that you can store url in your browser. so, when you restart your app, you are not required to insert url, it will fetch the url from the database.
This browser will display only one url at a time. You can change the url from settings.
Browser has facility to go Back or Forward.

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Iphone App Partner Wanted

I need some experiences person who could help out for my various projects in iPhone/iPad/android and other smartphone version.

This will be a simple but continuous work, framework of the apps are merely the same based on different categories, but allow constant updates and features improvement. Server for CMS, and other 3rd party resources like wordpress, chat room etc will be adopted.

So, you must show previous experiences in any apps you have designed and successfully approved in Apple Store or Market, and any relevant references that you can show.

We will need source code back and bugs free definitely.

Thank you for your interest and happy bidding!

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Bb Syncml Client

Need development of syncml client and server for blackberry mobile phones.Please bid only if you are familiar with syncml /OMA protocols and solutions.

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Iphone App , Control Product With Wifi Technologie

I need expert on iphone app for build an application for control us bionic bird (, we need same app like this

we using wifi technology for control this product.

We will send all technical specification and product sample for test.

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Hotel Wireless Agreement Page

We have some 150 hotels that subscribe to our service. many of them need a Confirmation page on their wireless network. By that I mean they need a modification to their existing network that will force the guest login into their network to see an Legal agreement that they must agree to first before they can surf the rest of the Internet. We will provide the Agreement. That is somewhat different for each Hotel. We will host this page on our own website.

We are looking for a universal solutions that does not necessary need a onsite visit.

Ron Johnson

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