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Web Research, Copy, Pasting, Uploading And Approval F

This is an interesting job. We need someone to do the following:

1. We supply a list of companies to whom we will be sending postcards.
2. Employee must find a companies website on the internet.
3. Take a snaphot photo of their website.
4. Paste the picture they have taken into a pre-formatted word document we will provide.
5. Save and check the word document and upload to postcard sending service.
6. Approve postcard so it is sent.

We will start with a test of around 300 postcards and then expand with the right employee.

Easy but fairly repetitive task.

Please respond with previous experience and WHY you would be an ideal candidate for the task.



Thank you for your interest.

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20110405 Format & Design Layout Of Word Document Brochure

I require someone to format a 2 page word document. The person should be graphic design or marketing orientated.

The document is a sales brochure for my company. I need the document to be made to look professional and have some graphics added to it – maybe side bars and reformat the header and footers. Some graphics will be provided, I need you to source the other graphics. You will need to either find free graphics or you will need to recommend the graphics on istockphoto and we will purchase them

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Transfer Book To Kindel Via HTML

I have a 365 pg book to transfer to Kindel via html. I have the book is in Wordperfect and pdf.

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Self Storage Information Collection

I am looking for someone to phone 29 Victorian (Australia) self storage facilities and find who handles the auctions for their expired, overdue and abandoned units.

I would like auctioneers names (or appropriate auction web sites), contact phone numbers, addresses and if possible auction schedules.

This is a very small project and can be completed in a few hours.

In the case of larger storage companies eg Kennards who have multiple locations, I would advise to call the Head Office instead of calling all 7 facilities.

I have a pre prepared spreadsheet (word) with phone numbers and addresses of all companies, all you need to do is add the auction information.


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Captcha Work 2

Looking for some people for my Captcha entry work.(High speed server)

*Basic knowledge good typing speed,
*good internet connection and honest.
*I also welcome new freelancer. Individuals and teams most welcome.

Details will be provided via PM.

Payment 100% will be only sent through GAF.

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