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Pregnancy WordPress Theme

You will need to create a simple wordpress theme.

It will have 2 columns with a left side bar. Must be able to add widgets.

The theme should use css and SEO friendly and optimized.

The topic for the theme is "Pregnancy"

You should use nice colours and will just have a banny graphic at the top that resembles pregnancy.

Must be able to be used on wordpress 3.0 or 3.1

If you are new to freelancer and want to get your first project, i encourage you to apply, but please do tell me how you are qualified to do this.

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WordPress Theme Clean-Up & Change .ftp File To HTML

I need someone to make the following changes to my WordPress website

1. Change a .swf file into HTML to replace an ad in widgets (Appearance Widgets Text) – see Freesytle ad on site for reference

2. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to all pages of website

3. Change "Layback Larry is proudly powered by WordPress and Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)" etc off of the bottom of the page and replace with Copyright 2011 in black text

4. Take off the ability to comment on the Art page (when you click on a particular painting a comment box opens up with the new page) AND do not let the image open to full view (the 3rd click on a particular painting opens it up into its own page)

5. Have the widgets (ad, facebook profile box, search, categories,etc..) visible when you view an individual post (right now when you click on a particular post the widgets are no longer visible)

I will provide log-in details, .ftp file, Google Analytics tracking code, more info, etc upon acceptance of bidder:

Thank you!!!

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Edit WordPress Theme (Twenty Ten)

I need a very expierenced word press designer to help me customize a few settings on my Word Press theme called Twenty Ten.

The employee MUST know how to change the padding size of the main table, right sidebar and above the header area. The large padding gaps must be taken away so there is no big gaps.

The employee MUST create a divider line for the sidebar because right now the Main Content Area and Side bar are connected.

The employee MUST be able to Remove the H3 page title from all pages; Example: Home Contact Us need to be removed from the main content area.

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WordPress E-Commerce Website Set Up

I have a new wordpress site: This site is using a theme titled eshop, a shopper theme from website will feature video related products for sale using my affiliate partners merchandise. I am set up with amazon and linkshare.

I need this site 100% set up using the theme, my pre-defined video categories pulling is a datafeed from my affiliate resources and customization.

Complete set up to include:

1.) theme configuration for optimal results based on affiliate programs
2.) incorporating affiliate products (best practices and advise needed) for automatic updates thru a data feed etc.
3.) any other important set up requirements to make this set up seamless.

I am seeking a responsible proven webmaster who can make solid recommendations based on previous experience along with communicating closely with me so i understand and approve the implementations prior to execution. If you are the right candidate I want to hear from you. There will be ongoing work needed and I want to build a relationship for future projects.

Previous ecommerce wordpress implementation and references required.

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WordPress Mobile Theme Developed

What I would like to get developed is a wordpress theme that is fully customizable from the cms wordpress back office that is optimized for mobile phones.

1. What is most important is coding so when the website it visited from a mobile phone the website with fit each phone pulls the site up! In other words a script that you can put in a file that will resize the site, pictures, and whatever else to fit the phone that pulls the site up! I know that there are scripts online that do this but I would like the script to be built into the wordpress theme or already installed into the theme! Also, if possible a redirect script that works so i can put on a website and if someone types in "" it will redirect them to "" or "" ! I hope this makes sense

2. The theme would be a single colomn theme with no sidebars, to make it optimized for mobile/smartphone viewing!

3. It would be perfect if a table with cells that could be put on the webpage! I would like it if the cells were customizeable (size, color, shading, etc.) so that they look like buttons for the mobile webpage, also , there could be a button on the tool bar editor that has already done buttons/cells loaded that the user can pick what they want and put directly into the page! it would be great if the user can put a picture or text into the cell and they can link/ parent , that cell to another mobile webpage on the website! for instance , i would like it for the vertical cells/buttons/tabs to be the menu bar ,in other words!

4. Also have a button in the editor menu that has several icon "shadow arrows" or icon arrows in a dropdown menu on the toolbar editor, that the user can pick what design arrow they would like to put into the cell/button for the mobile page and so they can put it where they want the arrow into the table cell/button! ( i can find them if you put them in the theme)! if possible be able to change the color of the arrow!

5. I would like to be able to choose the back ground color on the theme, colors of the cells , i dont know if this is possible but it would be nice to add borders around the cells and also shading in the cells where wanted/needed, (i know that microsoft office has this!) would be nice if these features where in the editor menu

6. I would like to be able to put a youtube video into it the page, but that is not completely necessary, but if it could be included into the theme , that would be nice

7. also it would be nice to be able to link up to a google map location,

I hope that what I put into this post makes sense to you and is capable of being done! In a nutshell, i would like it if I can put a code into a desktop website , and if that same website is pulled up on a mobile device , it redirects to the mobile optimized website! What would be great to get out of this theme, is be able to design exactly what i want to show up on the smartphone/ mobile device, and that be what happens,
included is a few links that you can look at on both your mobile phone and your desktop and see what im talking about! you will notice that the mobile website also pulls up as a regular website only bigger, the site just expands to fit the screen, to whatever device pulls up that direct link!

look at on your mobile device, you will see alot of links that you can view if you look at it on you mobile device it fits and if you look at it on your desktop , it doesnt reformat it, but it fits the screen! this is an example of the end result of what im looking for! another example

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate, also, im looking forward to your bid, whether hourly or fixed price, let me know! Im ready to get this done if you are, 🙂 Thank You -Josh

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Website Mock Design

We need a web developer and designer to complete our clients site development. Please send me PM for more clarification.

Happy bidding

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WordPress Site E – For GoldenSolution Bid Only

Splash Page/One Page, Form w/ Checkable Boxes & Submit, Design provided in Adobe Illustrator, 3 day turnaround

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WordPress Site F – For GoldenSolution Bid Only

Weight Loss Splash Page, external links, no special applications, design provided in Adobe Illustrator, $55 budget, 1 day turnaround

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Population Of Property Data For WordPress Template

I need some help importing property information from XML/CSV feeds into this WordPress site:

Possibly will need some additional tweaks to the template. The scripts will need to be well documented and setup as CRON jobs to make ensure data on site is current.

Data will be coming from various sources – Affiliate Window, Commission Junction and individual Merchants.

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WordPress Theme Design

I need you to create a new WP theme for my site. This site will feature free WordPress themes for download, so it must display the themes attractively, as well as offer a live demo of each theme. You can use this as an example of what I am looking for:

You should be an expert WordPress theme designer capable of creating custom themes quickly. If you can do a good job with this I have lot more theme design work for you (15+ themes every month)

Final version of site should be completed by April 12.

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WordPress Theme Designer

We are looking for WordPress designers.

We accept designs with the same framework, just changing out the psds

We need a large amount of themes so speed and low cost is main objective without loosing quality.

If you are good with design but not so much with WordPress there are programs like Artisteer that can be used.

Please bid how many per day/week you can produce. And price for grouping.

Lets talk and see what we can work out 🙂

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Content For Travel Website – Egypt


I need help to make about 20 posts about the travel resort Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
Written in good English.

They could be about a restaurant, a diving centers, a hotel or activites. So some research on Google will be necessary.

Pic in post are approx 600×350, ( 2- 3 pic pr post) that also can be set as Featured image.

You will get username and login to a wordpress site.

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WordPress Project

I need some help with a small task in wordpress.

We need to integrate an existing site (site is coded with HTML, CSS and flash and is about 5-6 pages) with wordpress. Provider should integrate the site with wordpress so that the content(image/text) of any page of the site is editable.

Should be a simple project for someone who has done this before.

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Create A Widget For WordPress

I need someone to build me a widget for use with WordPress 3.1.

I am finding it very difficult to add buttons easily to the sidebar menu. I can add menus but only the text is clickable. I want the whole button area to be clickable.

The widget will do the following:

When installed it will appear in the WordPress admin control panel.

For each menu item I am able to :

1 – Specify the background colour of the button as a Hex code
2 – Specify the background colour that the button changes to when the mouse rolls over it
3 – Specify the text that is to appear on the button
4 – Specify the page or external URL that the button will link to when clicked on
5 – If I want to use an image for the button instead of a background colour and text then I am able to specify the image that appears plus the image that appears when the mouse rolls over the button
6 – The order that the buttons will appear in on the page

Payment terms – I will place the entire 100% of the project fee into a Milestone payment and will only release it once the widget is built correctly. Once I have paid for the widget you will hand over the widget to me and will not be entitled to use or onsell the widget to anyone else.

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Create A Widget In WordPress

I need someone to build me a widget for use with WordPress 3.1.

I am finding it very difficult to add buttons easily to the sidebar menu. I can add menus but only the text is clickable. I want the whole button area to be clickable.

The widget will do the following:

When installed it will appear in the WordPress admin control panel.

For each menu item I am able to :

1 – Specify the background colour of the button as a Hex code
2 – Specify the background colour that the button changes to when the mouse rolls over it
3 – Specify the text that is to appear on the button
4 – Specify the page or external URL that the button will link to when clicked on
5 – If I want to use an image for the button instead of a background colour and text then I am able to specify the image that appears plus the image that appears when the mouse rolls over the button
6 – The order that the buttons will appear in on the page

Payment terms – I will place the entire 100% of the project fee into a Milestone payment and will only release it once the widget is built correctly. Once I have paid for the widget you will hand over the widget to me and will not be entitled to use or onsell the widget to anyone else.

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Changes To WordPress Websites + Maintenance

Need some changes made to 2 wordpress sites and require an ongoing maintenance program for issues, minor updates and changes and instructions on how to do things from time to time.

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Website Development

We have a client who needs a custom website developed with a CMS (preferably WordPress) so they can edit the website content and images.

Quick Summary: They sell and install mobile electronics for car dealerships. They DO NOT sell directly to customers online,etc.

They want to create a website that allows their dealer clients to view product offerings, learn about the products and find answers to their customers questions, and allow them to schedule an appointment/order products directly from the website.They just want a function in which the dealer customer can select a product then it all goes into a basic shopping cart, then that form gets submitted and emailed to client. It DOES NOT need e-commerce/payment gateway integration.

We need home page design mockup within 3 days of selecting you. Website must be complete and live by (by 4/22). It must be 100% tested/bug-free and work on all web browsers.

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Domestic Presence

We are looking for a freelance web designer to create our lifestyle website. Site will feature interior design, fashion, and healty eating. We would like to include daily and weekly updates to site. In addition, we will need to incorporate a blog component. We are looking for a modern, clean design which is easy to navigate. We are looking to launch the site as soon as possible.

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WP Private Project For Adeelarshad

Private Project wordpress Theme Customization

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Transfer Running Site Into WordPress

Transfer my site www.apartment24-vienna (dot) com into wordpress. This site is about holiday apartments in Vienna.

Layout should be similar with additional tasks

– reservation inquiery form with Calender (arrival / departure)

– captcha for inquiery and contact form

– menues including submenues (on the side for infos about Vienna, sightseeing, restaurants, etc…)

– default EN site – if possible with Google translater for other languages

– seo friendly template is a must => need better rankings as today with given keywords.

Reason for changing into wordpress is – current site is not seofriendly enough.

Please provide demos of wordpress templates you designed.

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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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ClassiPress Customization WordPress

I need a simple customisation to the Classipress WordPress theme:

Changing the nav bar & header to be the same as SimplePress theme (I have both)
Improving the search to have "Search Term" "Country" "County"

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Post Submission Plugin Required For WordPress

Hi there,

Im looking to find someone who can write me a customised plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow the site visitor to do the following:

– The Create a post form should include: Image upload, post title, category, tags and customised permalink (plugin is for a link site) and "alert me" (user is sent automatic email when their post is approved or declined) are required, perhaps other custom fields later

– If possible, when a post is submitted, the user should have an option to perform basic editing on the photo – there should be an option to crop the photo, although the crop ratio needs to always be 1:1; the user can then preview and Submit the post.

– The user must be registered in order to post. The link to make a post should not be visible when the user is not logged in. If the user is not logged in there should be a link from the menu bar (not widget in sidebar/footer etc) to an AJAX login popup which will authenticate the user and redirect them back to the same page. If the user is logged in there should be an option to "Submit New" (see below) as well as an option to log out, and a link to view the user profile. These links should be on the menu bar at the page top – not as widgets in the sidebar.

– The "Submit new post" page should come up as a AJAX popup – background page is faded and the submit new form appears similar to a Facebook-style lightbox, and should be "activated" by a link from the page menu (not a widget on a sidebar/footer)

– The user profile, linked to from the menu should also be a customised page, showing the users previous published submissions, as well as an option to change basic info about the user account (email address and so forth) – there should be no need to go into the WordPress admin panel/backend for the user to do this.

– The form should be able to localised easily in multiple different languages. I want to be able to edit a specific file and easily add/change new languages so the form displays in different languages. This variable should be carried over from the main site, which will also be localised in the same languages.

– The submission should automatically go to a pending state which will require moderation by me or another Admin before the post is visible. There should be a dedicated section for post moderation on the Admin panel, and the moderation section should display a small thumbnail of the photo uploaded (which can be clicked on to enlarge), the post title, post permalink, tags used and categories. Each pending submission should have an option to approve/reject the post, and in the case of reject, there should be a customisable menu where I can select a reason as to why the post was rejected. This variable can be pushed into the automatic email sent to the user in case he has selected to be notified when his post is moderated.

– In the user page showing his previous submissions, there should be 3 different sub-sections. One section showing "Approved" posts, one section showing "Rejected" posts, and these should also show this rejection reason next to the posts, as well as a "Pending" posts section – for posts which arent yet moderated.

For resources, please check the following sites to view some examples of the type of thing Im after – / – which have the authentication and submission system Im after
TDO Mini Forms – WP plugin which does a similar thing to the form action I require
Multibox – WP plugin which displays a nice lightbox for content – sort of the thing I need for the submission and login forms.

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Virtuemart, WordPress And Oscommerce (Theme)


I am looking for template/theme designer for virtuemart, WordPress and Oscommerce theme designer…for ongoing/long term business relationship…

If u have some existing templates and will be according to requirements, wil like to purchase them..

I need theme ( in some cases complete website)
1. Joomla + Virtuemart
2. Oscommerce
3. WordPress

bid only serious and for long term..


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WordPress Website For Guitar/Music/Parts Store

My client has been buying/selling/documenting high end musical gear mostly guitars and amplifiers for many years now. So this website is going to have a lot of content, and client has been taking a lot of pics of gear.

They need a wordpress website where they can go in anytime, write a article and upload pics themselves.

They dont care about flash or fancy graphics content will speak for itself. just a simple website to navigate that is easy on the eyes so that someone comes to my homepage they can click a column on the left with the make/model of guitar or Band/artist of the guitar/amp they want to read up on then view pics.

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Bands Directory | DirectoryPress

Dear Freelancers,

Thanks for your Bids, here is more clarification about this project, please review and correct your bids (if necessary).

Project Description + Scope.

A Directory where Music bands and DJs can post there listing, embed youtube videos and mp3 with there listings , the user can select a city and/or a category then search the database.

Weve started on this project a few month ago but have been busy with other project. However the project can currently be viewed at :

1) Signup / Post a listing

This process needs to be super easy 1 2 3 (4) Steps
… Select a Package
… Listing information + upload file and video
… User Information
… Preview listing (optional)
… Payment

2)Packages / Listing Information

— Free
1 location 1 category 60 days Free Trial No audio No Video No Link to website

— Silver
3 location 3 categories Audio but No Video No Link to URL 30 days $xx.xx 6 Month $ xx.xx and 12 Month $xx.xx Silver listing are listed above all free listing

— Gold
5 location 5 categories Everything ! link to website + Video + Audio 30 day xx.xx 6 Month xx.xx 12 Month xx.xx
Gold listings are listed above Silver Listings | VIP Customer Service 24 Hours turn around.

— Premium listings are listed above Silver Listings | All Gold + Plus featured slot on your cities home page. 6 Month $xx.xx 12 Month $xx.xx

3) Media Upload up to 3 Song with Title per listing if available in the package |

4) Video embed from url Youtube or Myspace (if available in package)

5) Users will be able to manage there listing from the back end (we already started this process the Member Area is already created)

6) Design and Graphic | The website need to look and feel fresh and professorial, we ve already created the design element but this need the be enhanced please see the website…

Currently the website is under DirectoryPress and WordPress, but we are open to other platforms if you have done similar work please post it on PM, this will really help us determine who would be the best fit for this project.

Thanks you all!

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WordPress Theme Clean-up

1. I need to change the front page to have one colum instead of 3 and fill it with an image (illustration provided)
2. the front page also needs the bottom part to be a page instead of titles of a page teaser or headline.
3. using the plugin "Cata Blog" i need to change the formating.
refer to the attached image.

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WordPress Gallery Needed

We have a website running on wordpress, using the fancybox plugin.

where we have multiple galleries on the one page, the galleries currently cycle first through the selected gallery, but then also all the subsequent galleries on the page.

we would like the user to ONLY be able to cycle through each gallery individually ALSO excluding the thumbnail image the user clicked on.

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For Php4world – Bug With My WordPress Website

Hello php4world,
I have a code error with my website It happened while I was making some changes to the functions.php file.

The error I am getting is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/content/22/6558022/html/sportsvibe/wp-content/themes/twentyten/functions.php on line 453

I have checked line 453 and restored the code to the default wordpress code for this portion (function twentyten_posted_in) of the functions.php code but I am still getting the error.

Can you please help as soon as possible?


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Website Completion


I am looking for someone to complete a City Portal website that has been started and is almost complete.

My previous web programmer has other obligations that came up and wont return for 45 days. Thus we will not be able to meet our deadlines. He has willingly agreed to allow us to find someone else to complete the website.

The website is

Attached is a file with my final instructions to him to complete the site. Please review it and if you have any questions please ask. Anything check marked on the final instructions has been completed.

There may be more instructions based upon how things are turning out on the site with your work. All work must be completed in one week.


Thank you!

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Need Help With My WordPress Website!

I need someone who is knowledgeable of WordPress to help me fix my site. I dont know why my tables are all screwed up. I dont know enough about html to be able to fix it but I assume it wouldnt take long for someone who knows what theyre doing.

I need someone to not only fix the problem, but to educate me also in what is wrong with it so I can keep myself from doing this to my site in the future.

Take a look at my site:

Also, I downloaded the "All In One SEO Pack" plugin and need someone to help me implement it correctly with placing all the information it requires, including my keywords, tags, etc.

Thank you!

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