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**Data Entry Project For James#03/11 3rd**

As Discuss

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Website Upload 3rd Party Data And Compare Results In Db

We have a website with stock movements in it. Our customers have data from their cash tills, i.e. sales data. We need to provide a portal for them to log in and upload their data in .csv format. We then compare the two data sets and highlight the differences.

There is an existing website and database that this will have to fit into.

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Apartment Hotel Company Needs XML Feed To 3rd Party Websites

We are an apartment hotel company in NYC.
We rent out our 200+ apartments on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis.

We get anywhere from 50-100 reservations per day, and are growing rapidly.
We work with many 3rd party travel websites that book our apartments for us, and are looking for a way to have an XML feed to their website so they can see our calendar with real time availability and rates. Meaning we want these websites customers to be able to book apartments directly on those websites. In order to do that those websites have to have real time calendars that shows them whats available and whats not at all times.

As of now we have to manually upload availability once a week, and none of those 3rd party websites have the ability to make bookings directly on their site without asking us what is available.

We us Innroad as our booking system, and we need this project done within the next month.

Please bid, thanks!

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Project Coordinator

We are a U.S. based company in a pre-launch mode seeking an experinced dynamic Project Coordinator (No Companies Please) to supervise, write bids, with a budget to bid to work with freelancers on a number of projects involving in particular website, graphics and I.T. projects, acting as a liaison from our board of directors to 3rd party companies or free lancers.

We prefer a U.S. Based person with easy access to phones, as opposed to web communication, in US time zones
This person should have an easy to get along with, loyal to our company, working under the direction of the CEO and Chief Operating Officer by phone or web conference, attend at least one board meeting a week at 8:30 PM EST for an hour conference, and by phone daily on updates.

We are looking for a visionary who understands the concept of our business model who would like to start at a lower pay, applying their skills with a extremely handsome payoff as we are up and running. Background of working with marketing company, franchise or community based advertsing/web sites are helpful but not disqualify the applicant.
Your background should include prior project coordinator experience, with all or most aspects of I.T, Web layouts, graphics, or working with projects which you can demonstrate your experience background.

Working Projects
Work with us to oversee a group buy site, set up by a 3rd party contractors partner on the initial design and function. This is a turnkey site and admin system so there is no need to build it yourself, or admin it, but work with their design team.

Work with a 3rd party community advertising directory company on the initial design, layout and function so the site looks blended with the directory and group buy site and both interact together.
Work with a 3rd party in the design, layout, and function of a sharp looking marketing site hosted on our 3rd party dedicated sever. This site will enroll franchise territory partners, with a territory map, back office, a membership management system, designed by a 3rd party or tur key system.

A community tv that simply embed into the web sites coordinate between us and the creator of the video

Trouble shoot any minor Franchise Partner IT graphic issues if they arise or company sever or I.T. /web/3rd party sever issues which would be minor in nature.

Your bid should reflect a monthly pay per month for the first 90 days.

After each will evaluate the relationship and success of working together. We then will upgrade compensation, plus award corporate bonuses including offering a touch less Territory City Choice of What is Available for profit share of a potential of $500,000 to $3,000,000 potential yearly earnings managed by other territory partners or agents
Once selected, we will conduct an informal phone interview with the board on your ability, and understanding of the business model and duties.

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Set Up 3rd Party Credit Card Shopping ECart By Uniwin

We require a COMPANY that can handle the installation/integration of a 3rd Party Credit Card gateway to a shopping cart by Uniwin (eCart).

You MUST have successful experience in 3rd party gateway integration. You must write the ASP code for this gateway. There are pieces cobbled together from another provider whom you will not be able to communicate with.
You will be able to communicate with the tech person for the bank.

We need this done by close of business, Tuesday the 8th EST (Perth, Australia).

If you have any doubts, please do not bid.

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3rd Person Shooter IPhone, IPad Game

Hi, below are some basic information on the game to help developers understand more if this game will fit their game style. More detailed information will be given once a developer is chosen.

Game Platform:
– iphone, ipad

Game Requirements:
– Game code
– Gunshot and explosion sound effects (no other sounds/music needed)
– Character and setting/background artwork
– Simple gameplay effect artwork

Game Theme:
– 3rd Person Shooting game
– Bank setting

– Move left/right (only 5 places player can move to on screen)
– Move up/down (can move to top or bottom section of screen)
– Displays 5 buttons for player to select the 5 targets
– Then displays 9 buttons for player to select the shooting area on the target
– Target will have 9 shooting areas that will look like a grid of the numpad on a keyboard

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For For Diyamathur ONLY 3rd Project

Private Link Plan for $120

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Well-known Lit-mag Is Looking For Emerging Authors – 3rd

A well-known literary magazine is looking for new authors and creative writers.
Its a job for talented "true" writers, not the usual content writing task.
Authors will receive a small remuneration of $2.5 p.a. (700/800 words).
All published works will enjoy our usual audience.
Please attach a sample to your bid (not on PM, only .txt files) in order to be considered.
The assignment is for 12 articles or stories (fixed bid $30), and must be completed
within 45 days.

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WordPress Site Needed

I need a WordPress site designed, or template modification.
My client sells gift baskets. The need a site built around this theme. They are using a 3rd party store so we dont have to do the actual e-commerce but we need to integrate it into the site. And also, use our design on the 3rd party shopping cart page. I hope that makes since. Basically, we dont want shoppers to realize they have left the main site. We will also need a blog, which shouldnt be a problem because most templates come with a blog.

So in short we need 5 pages, one of which will be the 3rd party online store. Which will allow us to over lay our design on the store page. Please have experience doing that.

Please be a good communicator, and talented.
Please have examples of work similar to this project. I dont need to see every website you have designed. Just stores please.

Good luck, and if the price is right we can get this thing moving quickly.

I am giving more bidding time than required so dont worry about that.


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WP Custom 3rd Level Menu (just For Tai)

Create custom 3rd level menu in existing WP project.

This is private project, just for Tai.

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SMS Control System For Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Hi Developers,

We are in need of a rather simple application with very simple UI, which will eventually allow us to control Symbian s60 3rd Edition phones from other mobiles via SMS commands.

The system should support some basic stuff which will be identified later on. But basically some features will be like, 1) getting the geo position of the phone from the Network provider or from gps, 2) sending battery levels and reception levels

These are only examples of features we will be needing. But the list is rather small.

2 main features that are very important for us and that we will require are the need to send a password in the SMS and also to an allow list of phone numbers.

The system will include the following:

1. The application can be made to run once the mobile is switched on.
2. A screen which allows the user to input a password.
3. A list of features with checkboxes to enable/disable as needed.
4. A log file which keeps all commands whether successful or not.

The list of features will be given once the project is awarded

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Need Improve My Google Rank

Hi, Im contacting you because I need to imporve my Google and other search engines ranking of my website.
I have a Zen Cart Shopping Cart website.
A couple weeks ago I was doing good in the second position using my most important meta keywords or meta tags.
Third position entering other words.
Everything was going fine, and my site wasn´t fully working yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week, I got my site online.

And guess what…..My ranking droped down to the 3rd "page" on google. Not the third position. I mean 3rd page!!

I don´t know what ´s going on or what happened to it.

Maybe there is someone else trying to copy my keywords?


Thank you

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3rd Project For Dotsaravanan

3rd Project for Mohan. Details as bespoken. Bid is 50 USD.

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AmiBroker Connector To 3rd System & Automated Trading Codes

We need an experienced AmiBroker programmer ASAP to develop (1) a proprietary API Connector (

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Small Project – Future If Skills Are There!

Nail Bidder Inc. – Is a fast growing Penny Auction site. We currently are looking for someone to do some CSS work for us. There is potential for this to become a steady stream of work, depending on the person qualifications.

This projects requirements: CSS/HTML

Project description:
We are having an issue with a layout in IE. We are working on our affiliate interface and purchased the equipment from a 3rd party. The 3rd party software is not open source. It is template based and in IE the template is not laying out correct. Also, we are lookin for someone to change 1 of our checkout buttons to lock so it can not be clicked twice. We would like it to have a scrolling bar with "waiting". (like the major sites)

For steady work we are looking for someone who is an expert in:

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1000 USA Facebook Fans 3rd

Private Project for Support Kumar. As per we discussed.

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Storytellers And Creative Writers Wanted $2.5 P.a. 3rd. Ed.

I am looking for creative storytellers and writers who can tell
about their own town, its people and uses. Anywhere in the world.
I will pay $2.50 per 800 words article.
This is going to be a long-term project but first assignment
will be for 12 articles (bid $30).
Milestone 50%.
Please attach a sample in .txt format.

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3 Step Website With Facebook Like, Share – Example Given

I need a website that works exactly like

1. User is prompted to like
2. With click on like, user comes to 2nd page, where he has to share
3. With clicking on share, he posts a post on hiw wall, with title, picture and description
and comes to the 3rd page
4. The content on the 3rd page is blocked and opens a (unclosable) pop up

ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MAKE EXACTLY THIS!! (Check the given site please!)

I need that fast, we can make it today
I need you available online, when working on this, to make out details
I need also fulll installation and everything

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Symbian S60 3rd 5rd Application (html Grabber & Parser)

A C++ program that shows a list of services (names, icons) stored locally in xml file and svg files, then upon user choice of service connects to the corresponding web page, retrieve data, parse it, shows 2 entry fields to the user, then submit the user input, parse output, show it back to the user, and retrieve GoogleMap image corresponding to the address sent by service.

The application needs to use regular expressions to parse html, and needs to manage state between requests ( cookie handling needs to be implemented)

The application is very basic, the only requirements that it needs to be bug free and shall work both on 3rd and 5rd phones with button navigation as well as touch screen navigation.

Only Symbian C++, expressly no QT, WRT or Pyton.

Must be acceptable on the Ovi Store
The functional specification, icons ant the prototype with Flowella is available for serious bidders.

We estimate from 8h up to 16h the time needed for experienced Symian programmer to completely develop and test the application.

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Need To Duplicate Website

I need a website very similar to

The only functionalities I need from the website is the live cams, videos, pictures for now. I may need to add more which will lead to a bigger project for someone reliable.

This is the 3rd time Im posting this because everyone so far has been very unprofessional with timelines and just not able to do the work. Im very honest about what I need so i expect you to be honest on what you can provide.

I am no longer paying deposits till I see some work because I been shafted 2 times and I will not make it a 3rd. As you can see in my payment history, which is perfect! I pay for the work I need and I will continue to pay reliable people far more money once I know I can count on you.

So to make this simple, I need a website fully functional very similar to but with a better look. I dont need all the ads everywhere. Just something clean and professional.

Ir you can do this, you will have tons more work from me but MUST BE RELIABLE.
Thank you

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Third Party Order Form

I have a website selling a product.
The actual product and its ordering is managed through a 3rd party who provide me an order form.
In my website there is a link to an ordering page with my sites template and an I-Frame that displays the 3rd party order form.
When my client fills in the order form and clicks send it then goes to the 3rd part payment page where clients enter their credit card details to finalize the order.
The account is then established and I receive an email confirming as such.

Additionally I use Sales Partners to refer clients to my site. Their details are entered into MY website (not the 3rd party managing product ordering form) as a Sales Partner account with the business name being a searchable field.
I use Drupal to construct my website.

I have 3 requests of the 3rd part order form –

1. Allow a Sales Partner field in the 3rd party order form (when viewed in through my site) that clients can enter the Sales Partner name that is checked against the searchable field set in my site.

2. Allow the Sales Partner Field to be pre-populated if linked through from an Advertisement as a predefined script inserted in Sales Partners website.

The link from a Sales Partner site will go to the front page of my site and which the client may look through the site before getting to the order form (or not event order).

3. When the client clicks the 3rd party order form send button and the order is processed, an additional email with the clients details and Sales Partner identity is sent to me. In this I can reconcile at the end of the month which clients have come through which Sales Partners.
Additional Info

It would be great if a new form could be created from within the Drupal account registration form and hooked into the 3rd party form… one form 2 activations.

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3rd Party Business – Williamson Logistics LLC!

You must have the following: An Ebay account in good standings, Pay Pal Account, Dedication and great customer service skills. I have lots of items I need posted. You would watch the items and I would give you all the information needed. The way you would get paid is the following:

Item for $500.00

Item costed: 300.00
Shipping: 40.00
Pay Pal Fees: $20
Ebay Fees: $50.00
Total: $410.00

Item Sold Cost $500.00 – Total of Cost $410.00

This leaves $90.00
You would get 20% of what would be left.
This is just an example of what would come………
I pay for your ebay fees and and paypal fees.
You do not have to touch any freight nor would you have to track it……. I would give you daily updates on where the shipment would be at and you would copy and paste to the customer. This is a 3rd party position. (You would be the 3rd party but I would not leave any or you just hanging out there. I am a business woman who is very devoted to her business and the employees!

I only need two (2) people for this postion!

Good Bidding

PS – Do not be afraid in askig any questions – this is why I am here!

PSS – You only make what you can sell – But ALL my items are new so we should not have any problems! And no matter what you bid – You will get you your cut (20%) on what you sell!

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200 GMAT Questions In Verbal Ability

We are a GMAT test prep institute based out of Bangalore ( and are looking at copy-right free material that we can use/white-label for our services.

I am looking at professional test question writers who have a strong knowledge of the type of questions tested on the GMAT. A demonstrated competence in the same such as previous work would be highly desirable. A high GMAT test score would further help in ascertaining your competence for this job.

If there are any questions, please PM me. Make sure you send me samples of work if you have any.

1. Need to create about 200 questions each in verbal and math.

2. For Verbal I need about 60 questions each in Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension (about 15 passages) and Critical Reasoning. I am looking at a difficulty level in the range of RAW Score 40+

3. For Math I am looking at 200 questions evenly spread across Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Roughly 1/3rd of the questions should be in Data Sufficiency, 1/3rd as word problems and 1/3rd which are formula based.

4. The correct answer along with reasoning should be provided. It should include the reason for why the other answer options were eliminated/incorrect.

5. For each question an additional marker should be provided indicating the difficulty level on a scale of 1-4 where 1 is easy and 4 is tough.

6. There should be an indicator for the concept that is tested such as RC- Marine Science passage – Inferential question or SC-Modifiers and Idiom etc. The assumption is multiple concepts should be tested in sentence correction question.

7. In reading comprehension credit should be given to the source of the passage. However at the fulfillment of the contract, the copyright transfers from writer to us,

8. Initial set of questions should be submitted at around the 10% mark so there is a spread of question across each of the areas. There would be a round of review – over phone/skype – to ensure that the content creator and we are on the same page.

9. Final submission should be in MS-word format and proof-read to ensure no errors or inconsistencies exist. Again the same review would be necessitated.

10. If any kind of plagiarism is found – the violation of which nullifies the contract and voids any payment. We would provide specific internet source OR book references to the questions in such cases.

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Customized WordPress SaaS CMS Publishing Product

Main skills required: SaaS Development, WordPress, PHP, Software Architecture (i.e. data back-up, data security), Ecommerce, Social Media API (Facebook), Adobe (InDesign and InCopy), Ipad App Design, Iphone App Design, WordPress Template Design, SEO, Testing (inc. ongoing Bug-Fixing), Website Design (commercial). EXCELLENT INTUITIVE & LITERAL UNDERSTANDING OF (British) ENGLISH.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a SaaS from the ground-up, from detailed (non-technical) plans, briefs and a very close working relationship with the company CEO. Where necessary, the company (UK/US-based) will bring in 3rd party designers, developers and support staff to work with the winning bidder and employ them as part of the full-time company infrastructure.

The job includes the following commitments:

a. i) Agile Development of a WordPress-based SaaS publishing CMS (from framework, to implementation, to UI design, to testing and sign-off)
a. ii) Corporate website (ecommerce) to sell product

b) Facebook Application development
c) Unique WordPress plug-in development (and other modular builds that will not be released to the community)
d) Maintenance and technical support (ongoing) for the product (potentially indefinite contract)
e) Plug-in testing, fixing and integration (from 3rd party developers)

Commitment a) includes the following WordPress customizations and additional development:

1. Bespoke work-flow modules, multiple-site administration, content sharing, social media integration (Facebook), widgets (including bespoke algorithms), WYSIWYG editor module
2. Paywall widget/plug-in
3. Multiple user dashboards
4. Conversion of XML to other delivery interfaces (e.g. Ipad/Iphone apps, mobile)
5. Integration of XML exporting with Adobe CS5
6. UI/UX design and implementation
7. Integration with 3rd party API (e.g. Zemanta, OpenX, Google, Facebook, etc.)
8. Framework which ensures further 3rd party and in-house additional modular evolution of the product
9. SEO
10. Security (recovery database/concurrent back-up database) and SPAM-defence (this MUST be an impenetrable piece of software to hackers!)
11. Scalability (up to millions of monthly page impressions and hundreds of thousands of users)
12. SaaS Administration (control over multiple clients)
13. Web, Ipad, Iphone templates (design – with guidance – and build)
14. Adapting existing HTML/CSS designs to a WordPress template
15. There may also be the opportunity to develop an ecommerce exchange (a live brokerage site), which will plug-in to the CMS network.

This is a complex job with plenty of scope for a full team to work on full-time and the opportunity to earn prolonged contracts for maintenance and further development. We are looking for a long term software partner and have been evaluating pitches since June 2010, with a decision to be made by October 2010.

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Create 3rd Column In Joomla Template

I need a 3rd column created in a joomla template that i bought that only came with 2 columns.

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PHP, Joomla Core And 3rd Party Newsletter

Im looking for someone who knows php as well as the Joomla! core system.

I need to integrate a 3rd party newsletter with Joomlas user registration process.

Currently visitors are asked to register for the website (joomla core component) to gain access to particular files. And then to sign up for my clients newsletter, they are asked to input their name and email address again into a custom module with embedded form code from a company called Unfortunately there is no plugin available.

So i need the 2 processes simplified into one. Ive seen how if I use a newsletter plugin from joomlas extension library, it gives the options to click a check box as you register for the site to also sign up for the newsletter. I need that option!

The code for the newsletter is a simple form.

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Direct Response Copywriter Needed To Review/amend Sales Copy


I am working on a project.

I am writing copy promoting a product…and as a part of it I am telling the story of the creator of the product…so I am trying to do it 3rd person.

However, I am having problems with 1st and 3rd person.

What I want is to tell a story like in a magazine, no-one should be talking.

I want to use a few quotes from the product creator

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3rd Project For Karbonnseo ONLY

This project for Karbonnseo ONLY.

Top 5 on for the following keywords:

sexy lingerie
black dress
womens dresses

sexy halloween costume
sexy halloween costumes
women halloween costumes
leg avenue costume
leg avenue costumes
nurse costume

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Update Calendar On 3rd Party Site Automatically W/ Macro?

Looking for a solution that would allow us to update reservation calendars on 3rd party sites (, when they are updated on our site. The 3rd party sites are used for marketing and accounts with them are password protected.

Our site is Drupal based, using the Hotel Booking module calendar which in turn uses the Drupal Date API. Any sort of solution could be triggered every time an Ubercart order is completed, since this is when the calendar is updated.

Really have no idea which sort of programming knowledge I should be looking for, and what sort of budget.

Please bid with a simple outline of your approach, so that I know you read this project description.

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