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IPad/Android EMagazine

Create an e-magazine that enables our readers to view our publication on iPad and Android devices.

Features we require are:
– Home splash screen with the ability to browse the covers of multiple editions
– Ability to add future and past publications
– Ability to zoom on each page
– Page flip effect when browsing publication
– Use of hyperlinks throughout the publication
– View single page in portrait mode, View double page spread in landscape mode
– embeded video

The following link shows a good example of what we are wanting to achieve:

The publication is created in InDesign and is approx. 360 pages.
A complete pdf file will be supplied to work from.

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Virtual Assistant With Ability To Copy-Paste And Photo Edit

I seek a person with a high attention to detail and after reading over the requirements a desire to want to work directly with me. While new with freelancer I have worked with another well known website for years and have been in business for over 25 years. I am looking for someone who will help me become more efficient as my primary goal.

This is a full time permanent position. If you have the skills required and would like to have steady stable work we should find out if this will be a good fit.

I need multi-task virtual assistant, with a lot of copy-pasting, basic image editing, simple content layout
You must be able to work with Remote Desktop, have high speed internet, computer and be able to be focused with the task at hand while on the clock.

Software that will be needed includes but is not limited to:
The gimp ( free) photo editing or other that will be just as efficient at cropping screenprints from the web (The ability to effectively and efficiently crop a screen print will be require before starting as this is one of the biggest components of this job)
Spreadsheet program excel
Internet explorer or firefox (with a very high degree of ability)
An HTML WYSIWYG editor to layout content
Remote desktop
Google documents
FTP program (your choice)

You will be given a list of items and criteria to source information about.
Usually you will go to up to four websites to gather information and pictures about the items.
You will need to be able to take screenprints and edit the prints to create images of pictures / information
You will be uploading images that you create into a server via FTP
You will be entering information found from the websites into a spreadsheet to analyze
You will enter information found from the websites and lay it out as instructed into an HTML editing program so that it will be ready to be posted to the net for public viewing.

I need someone that can write FLUENT American English, with proper grammar and spelling. This is a requirement due to technical terms used. The ability to find RELATED items and understanding the content is required. Being able to speak English is a plus but I expect we will mostly communicate via chat.

While not required the ability to supervise and manage others will be a big plus for someone that would like to take a management roll and eventually be in charge of others.

In my hope to get the highest quality candidate I am willing to have a starting time as late as 5PM Chicago time (regardless of daylight savings time this is the latest that will work for me)
Hours of work needed after trial period and training (about 20-30 days) is a starting time of 2 to 5 pm and an ending time of 10pm to 2 am Chicago time Sun-Thur (you may pick the starting time of either 4 or 5pm). Weekends should be available to work IF YOU WANT but are not required. A minimum of 30 hours will be needed. If you need one or two days off a month that is fine but I really need someone that will typically be available five days a week.

NOTE: Please bid any amount you want for the first 80 hours of work which will include the training period. I would expect that the training will take about a week or less to start out with and then ongoing training to get you up to full speed.

The pay after the first 80 hours is $2 per hour. We will review the progress after five months to decide on a pay increase to take effect at the start of six months and then will move to $2.10 to $2.25 per hour depending on the quality of work. We will repeat the process of review every six months.

I look forward to working with you and hope this will be a mutually satisfying experience. Please include a resume or your qualifications and the word kaizen with your information to show that you have read this and your attention to detail.

Included is a representative of the work that will be expected

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Penny Auction Bidding Site

We are looking for expert designers and coders to help us build and develop a Penny Auction project by using PHP/MySQL (running on Apache 2 with Nginx as reverse proxy web server).
We require for all bidders to show us examples of their past developed Penny Auction sites/projects and proven experiences or pa in order for us to do a full evaluation prior to taking any of their bids into serious consideration.

Our Requirements includes (but not limited to):
· Design all graphics/artworks (with the exception of the logo)

· A Complete landing page along with Legal +FAQ+Disclaimers

· All Codes must be well written and commented (easy maintenance and upgrades + highly secured.)

· The site must be optimized in order to handle any high volume of traffic and visitors.

· We need a strong backend administrative control panel for the site.

· APC and file caching support. Ability to switch between them, or even turn caching off.

· Independent language module with the ability to add, modify and remove languages. (It would be a plus to have the ability to automatically switch between languages based on the visitors geo-location.)

· In addition to the normal registration process, we also need to have a Facebook Connect or OpenID without the needs of RPX for any users

· Salt password + MD5 encryption.

· User friendly and they must be able to login and maintain their accounts without any bugs or problems

· User accounts should contain profile information, credit summaries, bid summaries, purchase histories, alerts, email subscription management, payment preference, and ranking etc.

· Offers of bids that can be bought in packages.

· User levels with incentives. (we would like to hear more ideas from past experience/projects)

· We will need a daily email subscription for users and control/created by administrators for any news, coupons, updates and promotions. (We will need a layout for daily emails for users and easy usage for administrators to edit any information)

· Bidding in the Penny Auction-style format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount. Administrator can set rules for the amount increased.

· We also need to have a system created for administrators to automatically outbid the users/ control the winning results (a system that can be control by the admin panel in order to beat the users in winning an auction, this is A MUST)

· Adjustable default end time. Automatic increment of end time in case of new bids.

· Rookie auctions, nailbiter auctions, penny auctions, free auctions, fixed price auctions, peak/off-peak auctions.

· Ability to give users free bids for (for registering, winning their first auction, referring a friend and for buying bid packages for the first time).

· Payment gateway integration with, PayPal, and 2CO.

· Referral by email, MSN account, OpenID, Facebook etc.

· Inventory management with categories, in backend.

· Assign administrator levels.

· Ability to refund bids.

· We also prefer developers to have a SEOs and internet marketing experience to help us develop and create backlinks/ other online marketing concepts/ideas/techniques for our site.

· Need a affiliate systems for any affiliate or webmaster to sign up (webmaster page + layout) with us and get commission back (ask for additional details)

· The work must be original and creative, clones of Swoopo etc will not be accepted.

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Magento Development

Looking for a Magento expert who has immediate availability for this project.

Details will be provided to selected providers. Overview:

1. Ability to offer products with start/end date/time (e.g. for 24 hours only, or for 7 days, etc.)

2. Ability to offer products shipped and sold by others (multi-vendor, see:

3. Integration with affiliate program (I will provide program and it is built to integrate with Magento).

4. Clean layout/navigation like

5. Ability to display blog posts where they have the Shop Together bar (

The project would require excellent knowledge of customizing Magento. Longer term opportunity available. Please respond with examples of what you have already developed, specifically anything which required extensive modifications. No fee paid upfront. Work needs to be completed within 7 days.

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I want to create an inspired site of
I need it to has the categories function of on the left side.
I need a tracking feature as well to know how many people are clicking through my site into the daily deal sites.
I need a google analytics inside it.
I need the ability to easily add more cities and sites in the future, all based on XML.
I need the website language is Hebrew, therefore RTL.
I need the system to has an email management built in (to collect new subscirebers, give them the ability to unsubscirbe and send them schedueled daily mail with all the deals listed).
I need the system to have affiliate management system Plus the ability to set a specifice- GIVEN link from the groupon alike sites for the XML.
I need to be able to set deals list priority manually plus automatically.
I need the system to be able set the deals order by some parameters:
– Popularity
– Area
– Time left
– Time passed from the begining
– price

Keep in mind that I am looking for a very good price because I am on a very tight budget.

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Upcoming Fixture Display For Joomla

I am looking for a small project of an automatically updating next fixture generator for my sports teams website (remember every game will involve Rangers). Once this fixture has expired the site will automatically update to the next upcoming fixture in the calendar.

The script should display something similar to the attached in a module on my site.

On the backend it should include.

Ability to add a full seasons worth of fixtures in one go, and add/edit them at any time.

Ability to add a club to the database, for quick adding of fixtures in future. (should include stadium, city, badge)

Ability to add broadcasters and competitions to display. (for example the radio broadcaster, TV broadcaster) and link their logo to their website.

Ability to add games that take part in a third party ground (for example a cup final played at a neutral venue).

Ability to select if Rangers are playing home and away (so the badges appear with home side to left always, every match will involve Rangers)

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Freelance Writer(s) Needed For Regular Blog Posting

I am in need of freelance writers to contribute 300-500 word blog posts to multiple blogs. This project will last for the next 4 weeks minimum and has the potential to become a long-term assignment.

Project Requirements:
– Must be familiar with Drupal or WordPress as you will be assigned an author profile and will upload directly to each blog.
– Ability to contribute to each blog at least 3 times a week. For the first week, you will be assigned one blog. If the work is acceptable, then you have the opportunity to take on additional work.
– You will have some latitude in the selection of topics but they must be topical, well researched, and closely related to the theme of the site. Topics include: gardening, disaster preparedness, environmental/sustainability issues, headache symptoms and treatment, medicare and senior health issues.
– Non-US is fine, but you must have a firm grasp of English and have excellent spelling and grammer skills.
– Your work must be able to pass copyscape.
– The rate of pay will initially begin at $0.01 per word but will increase if you demonstrate exceptional ability. I will also pay extra for posts that include stock photos (must be properly licensed, not lifted from other sites) and any other graphics or media that is integrated into your work.

Please submit at least 3 writing samples or links to any previous work if you would like to be considered. Thank you for bidding and I look forward to working with you!

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Invoicing And CRM Solution

I am looking for a semi-automated CRM and invoicing solution for a destination wedding venue.

Providers are free to create a solution from scratch or customize an existing solution in accordance with the requirements detailed below.

It is essential that the solution is easy and pleasant to use and without bloated or useless features.

The solution must be web-based with the capacity to be used offline or sync with offline calendars/programs.

It must be compatible on a Motorola Xoom tablet.

The system must have:

1. A calendar and the ability to link appointments made with specific clients / invoices

2. The ability to separate contacts into prospective clients, clients, vendors, staff and "other"

3. The ability to capture prospective clients through a form embed on our website and notify us once a prospective client has completed the form.

4. The ability to automatically generate quotations on the basis of a client entering the number of persons who will attend the wedding and the date (we already have a spreadsheet/formula)

5. The ability for us – at the back-end – to manually generate quotations once we enter the necessary options (number of ppl, type of bar etc)

6. The ability to email a quotation to a prospective client along with a brochure and cover email. The cover email must be personalized with the clients name and wedding details.

7. The ability to convert a quotation into an invoice, and prospective client to a client

8. The ability for payment to be recorded in installments. [Please note: we do not require credit card processing or invoices to be actually paid through the system simply recorded]

9. The ability to send out payment reminders and thank you. These payment reminders should also automatically appear in the Calendar too.

10. The ability for clients to log into a client area to view their invoice

11.The ability to backup offline

12. The ability to auto create documents such as a contract by mail merging fields from the clients information (such as their name etc)

As a guide – we currently use studiocloud which does all of the above, though does not have the capability to be used on the go.

Please feel free to message me if you have additional questions.

Thank you.

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Simple App For Iphone/Ipod/Ipad – For Our

we need a simple app to match the look and feel of our website

We want the app to have a quick splash page, show our logo, currently playing song or show(can be pulled from servers)

We also want the ability to change that images and links to stations our selves when needed, and would like the ability to have 1 advertisement spot on top of app also controlled by us. We also want to have a feature to give user ability to share the app in the form of a link to a page we will create on to showcase this app.

To summarize this project request is to develop a custom iphone app to stream our shoutcast AAC+ radio streams for 2 channels. We want a splash page with our logo, then have users land on a page with the hip-hop station playing. We only want stop and play buttons. We want the stream to automatically start when app is launched. We want to have a selection from each channel to switch to the other channel. (we in-vision a simple drop down) The default station page would be the Hip-Hop Channel, with a choice to switch to the electro channel) and we also want a feature to share the app and point them back to a page hosted on our site.

Budgets are tight for us with all of the bandwidth cost so i figured I would put this project out and see what can be done.

Also not a deal breaker in anyway but we would prefer someone who understand the Hip-Hop/DJ/Music culture and someone who appreciates what we are up to…. Thanks to everyone for reading this request! Peace Scan.

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3 Projects Required Web Design, Streaming, Graphics

Let me list the 3 projects, I am looking for 2 Psychic websites to be built.

1- A hey House type setup with the ability to sell products from a publishing vault
2- A cross between tony stockwell, Lisa williams, john edwards to sell psychic phone based readings, and to organize private readings. Both sites must be easily editable in CS3 when it comes to adding content etc.

I have live updateing panels and will have live video broadcasing feeds with VoD.

The other large project I have on the go at the moment, I am looking for someone to develope a decent broadcasting platform for webTV along the lines of flumotion webtv 360, giving me VoD options and the ability to stream live from various sources. Some of this streaming will be done while on the road.

I would prefer to use HD codecs where possible, and base the players on a flash type scenario.

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Fixing And Rewriting Website

Website was created using CMS Bitrix that is known in Russia only and has very limited functions. Goal is to rewrite website in different CMS that will have ability to deliver photo and video material to and from the clients.
What should be done:
Design one additional static page similar to current welcome page. New dinamic pages related to video upload, download, viewing.
Programming – Fixing all current functions :
Ability for clients to upload photo and video files.
Ability for Administrator to upload photo and video files to specific cliet.
Payment processing with credit card, paypal, google check out, …
New stuff:
Calculation of delivery cost with all major US carriers(USPS, UPS, Fedex) and include in order
Accepting and calculations of discounts and promotionals.
Ability for client to watch and download movie uploaded by administrator, in all major formats
Fixining bunch of minor error on website
I will provide detail information by your request
P.S. If you are Bitrix programmer and you can do it under Bitrix environment please let me know.

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Website Similar To Groupon / LivingSocial

Looking for professional web developers for a Groupon/LS-like website. No copyright violating.

Should have splash page that identifies city based on IP address.
Should look more like Livingsocial than Groupon

User level requirements

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Groupon/LS-like Website

Looking for professional web developers for a Groupon/LS-like website. No copyright violating

User level requirements

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Can You Dedicate Min 10 Hrs Per WK Up To 20 OnceWe Sync

NOT A SINGLE PROJECT. Need Ongoing Executive Assistant! Please Quote your Hourly. There will also be production bonuses.

Looking for a "Right Hand Man/Woman" to work with me, as a long term partnership, with BIG UPSIDES to US Both! A good fit for this project, someone who will compliment my skill-set, while my skill-set enhances YOUR skill (and rewards), and are to have a mastery in at least a few of the prerequisite abilities (listed below), and the ability to manage (according to my standards) the work flow of other "part time or contracted" professionals that will fill in the gaps in any of the leftover flaws or menial (meaning: below OUR skill level to the point where its more efficient or profitable for US BOTH to assign it out)< Then WE are a well matched team. I need the following requirements, in somewhat of an order of importance:

1- Speak and Write English Proficiently

2-Can perform Intelligent Research, compiling accurate info regarding both on and off line business.

3-The ability to follow direction gathering information from certain forums and to then write an original, compelling, and accurate article or blog post, that will pass "Copy Scape" and my scrutiny.

4-The ability to take my vision and direction from sometimes fragmented pieces via "EverNote" or "One Note". The ability to transcribe dictation, while taking some liberties to "sprucing" up with filling fluff that compliments the meat, forming an organized whole.

5-ORGANIZED! this should actually be number one. I need my S!@#T organized, looking good, and ready to sequentially implement.

The Following Are PLUSES:

+Experience with QuickBooks and Accounting Standards (US GAAP) and Pro Forma Statements.

+Writing Business Plans

+Wordpress Experience

+Legal Experience with USA Business law Contracts, such as: "Terms and Agreements", "Affiliate and/or salesperson commission agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements, etc.

+++Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads, and secondary online advertising models and methods

Need to be Able to Connect and Communicate via skype voice and occasional video

About Me:
I manufacturer a few "in demand" Niche PHYSICAL products.
These products are distributed in several ways including:
-Wholesale to specialty stores
-Internet, including different scopes of operation for the following: Landing Pages, PPC, Affiliates, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy.
Our Product and Price is THE BEST and the competition week.

Come Grow with me as we expand around the World!

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Web Application Developer

Seeking an experienced Python/Django Web Applications Developer to modify, upgrade, and support a custom management information system. The system has been prototyped and now must be implemented, fully developed, and maintained. You will be responsible for all stages of the project including continuing development, coding, testing, deployment, and release management.

Required skills:

* Proficiency in ARCH and Debian Linux coding and administration
* Fluent in Python, JQuery, SQL, HTML, Javascript
* The ability to work with all aspects of the Django framework including database schema design, querying best practices, and Django.Forms
* Keen eye for clean User Interface implementation (Web 2.0 style)
* Strong knowledge of website design best practices
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills
* Solid oral and written US English comprehension and communication skills
* Ability to provide accurate time estimates and meet reasonable deadlines
* US citizenship required

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Zook Like Dating Site With FB Connect

I am looking for someone to build me an online dating site similar to But a lighter version.

1. Users will have the option to register for account either using facebook connect / filling the form
2. Upload upto 10 photos
3. Ability to search, by gender, age, distance, race,interests etc.
4. Two way match based on common interests and social circle etc. ( I will provide more details via private message)
5. Photos can be set to be public and private
6. Ability to block users who are annoying
7. Ability to set filters so only members meeting certain set criteria can contact you
8. Any users from anywhere in the world should be able to join
9. Service is FREE for women. Men pay $9.99/month. If paid full year its $60/yr
10. Send virtual gifts (will use credits)
11. Invite friends via email or facebook
12. Daily status/ mood update

Webbased Admin

1. Ability to approve profiles/ photos
2. Edit user profiles
3. Block user by email, ip, facebook ids
4. Database backup in CSV/TXT format
5. Ability to backup database

I am working with a small budget till I get funding. Prefer to work with developers who likes to work on on going basis.
max budget $500


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Flash Tshirt Designer Tool

This project has these major components and everything must be integrated into Magentos system:

1) Ability to display and select a gallery of artwork in vector file format into a flash based or similar technology to design and enhance the artwork.

2) Ability to save the design and export in production ready vector file format.

3) Ability for customer to save, organize, maintain view of their activities or orders, placing orders/reorder, and communicate to administrator via a messaging system.

4) Ability for administrator to review, approve, or deny customer artwork and revise when necessary, maintain customer accounts, make adjustments to order, communicate with the customer via web interface, and manage the customization process freely.

5) Everything (+User accounts) integrates with Magento Enterprise.

Please review more from the requirements Word docs from this link

I am hoping to have this customization design integrate into the template/layout of the new website.

Similar tool sample:

Here is the tool from magento: Solution/extension/3658/online_t-shirt_design_tool

Sample from DesignBuy:

Is it possible to make it drag/drag without flash per below?

Ill give you later magento site with design you need to integrate this flash application i need into working with the site.

So you need to know about magento as well or bit of expereince as well in it.

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Swimsuit Customization – Magento – Re

This project has these major components and everything must be integrated into Magentos system:

1) Ability to display and select a gallery of artwork in vector file format into a flash based or similar technology to design and enhance the artwork.

2) Ability to save the design and export in production ready vector file format.

3) Ability for customer to save, organize, maintain view of their activities or orders, placing orders/reorder, and communicate to administrator via a messaging system.

4) Ability for administrator to review, approve, or deny customer artwork and revise when necessary, maintain customer accounts, make adjustments to order, communicate with the customer via web interface, and manage the customization process freely.

5) Everything (+User accounts) integrates with Magento Enterprise.

Please review more from the requirements Word docs from this link

I am hoping to have this customization design integrate into the template/layout of the new website.

Similar tool sample:

Here is the tool from magento: Solution/extension/3658/online_t-shirt_design_tool

Sample from DesignBuy:

Is it possible to make it drag/drag without flash per below?

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Google Maps | Design & Build | Similar Site Provided

New web design and build with Google Maps as the main focus.

User functions will include: The ability to search map graphically to find Poster inputted pinpoints and data. The ability to search entire map with a search function based on Posters data. The ability to print map and data with or without directions.

Poster functions will include: The ability to quickly create a basic account with bot poster protection. The ability to enter pre-filled and custom form options to be placed as a pinpoint on the map. The ability to use a simple payment solution such as PayPal. The Poster will also have the same abilities as the User.

There will be an admin control panel with all basic functions needed for operations.

Facebook page integration required.

Similar website feel and function is – – but will carry a different niche.

The poster feature is requested but not required. There will not be Adsense. Twitter will not be used. Banner display advertising will need to be incorporated.

Breakout position would lead to offer of partial revenue stream in lieu of greater one time payment.

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Daily Deal Website Like Groupon, Livingsocial Etc.

I am looking for a web developer to build a Groupon-like website with all the functionality of Groupon. I would like to be able to use a demo of the website so that we may check the functionality prior to purchasing.

Users receive an email; visit the site to buy the deal, the deal becomes valid once a certain number of deals are bought. Once the deal is valid, users

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Products Website Design

Hello and Welcome all

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Volunteer Opportunity Website

What I need or require:
A web-platform for volunteers to connect with people who need volunteers in Lahore, Pakistan.

The site must include ability for organizations to list volunteer opportunities. We would like it to also include the ability for volunteers to respond and communicate with organization, a forum to communicate with each other and run polls, see examples of other projects, and sign up to keep informed by email.

See for an example of something similar to what we are looking for.

Timeframe for delivery: Ideally this will be done before June, with an prototypes and earlier versions by May if possible. This can be negotiated.

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Alen Media Inc Websites

We will be launching a series of 4 marketing websites.

1. – this website will be based on a similar concept as but updated to more modern approach. I cannot go into too much detail as the details are somewhat confidential. The website will be a somewhat simple website with a similar pixel grid as, however slightly different and more modern. Go to both websites for some details. Must have the ability to sell blocks of pixels to sponsors. Will need some good SEO and Social media experience to built traffic.

2. Business portal – We want to build a business portal website where clients can do all of the following under 1 roof
a. open and register a business (through an affiliated website –
b. Sign up pre-paid legal services product (through an affiliated site) us offering the service as a pre-paid legal associate We will have to have the ability for clients to either sign up for the service straight through our website or have them submit an inquiry where we will mail them the membership enrollment application form.
c. Sign up for merchant processing – a friend owns a merchant processing company which we want to offer to our clients. We will need to have the ability for clients to sign up for a merchant processing account on our website and possibly purchase related equipment (not 100% certain about purchasing related equipment as this will involve a shopping cart and we are mainly concentrating on marketing and not actual sales of tangible goods).
d. Sign up (or Generate a lead) for a business insurance affiliate (ex: Geico, Allstate, State farm). We will either select 1 single affiliate to have our clients request a quote from or we may simply (most likely) just have them submit an inquiry thus generating a lead that we will resell to insurance broker agencies.
e. Offer web design & SEO services for clients that we will send to our selected web developer team to administer from a-z for the client through our project management software GEMINI from countersoft. We can discuss compensation either giving us quotes where we mark up the cost to the client or work out a 50/50 split with our selected development team.

We will need some good SEO to build traffic for the business portal.

3. We will need an information site where we will be selling a Debt Settlement do it yourself kit for a fixed price. The website will need to have log in information for clients that purchase the kit where they can follow chapter giving them the know how of what to do, how to do, etc.
a. We will also need to have the ability to upsell the pre-paid legal product and affiliate links to FDCPA attorneys.
b. We will need to have the ability to sell the product kit via email (or email the purchased product to clients) also and not necessarily through the website.

4. – Website will need to be redone – information site only. Add some functionallity

03/20/2011 at 21:28 EDT:

May want to partner with a development team and discuss a split profit from income all websites will generate in return work the web work and SEO to promote the sites (Excluding ezwype site). Ask for more details on partnering with us and getting a % instead.

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Course Management

HI we are looking for a developer who can provide the following costing:

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Nutritionist Customer DB

Access – based DB. Based on Nutrition Planner template found in Microsoft templates.

Main idea: Ability to add new patients with all their details (like going to the doctor for the first time). View patients and when they visit log various measurements. Display graphs for various measurements over visit dates. For each patient log the payments received as well as the membership type, alert for overdue payments. Add new foods and recipes. Recipes made from foods in the food table or by user. Recipes have total for calories, fats, etc. Creating a weekly diet.

Calendar week and ability to add: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack. Ability to add extra meals. For each meal ability to add a recipe or food. Automatic calculation of calories/exchange list. Printout of diet/ability to export to word for further editing and saved under the patients name.

Main screen: PATIENT MENU: Add new patient, View/Edit patients. FOOD MENU: New food, New recipe, View/edit foods/recipes. PAYMENTS: Various Reports, total payments for a given period of time, overdue payments, etc.

New food same as the one in Nutrition Planner.

Add new patient: Name, Age, Sex, Height, Medical information etc…

Ability when a patient comes for a visit to select the patient and add new measurements: Weight, Waist, Hip and other mesurements, BMI calculated automatically, date the current date.

Graph as in nutrition planner for each patient.

Tabs for each patient, Details, Weight Log, Graphs for each: Weight, Hip, Waist etc, PAYMENTS

Payments: keeps log of all payments from customers; ability to print a simple invoice. Membership type (monthly etc)

More details if price is good

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Evergreen Fine Fresh Foods Website

Need a complete design of a website for take away fresh prepared foods, need logo, must give the customer the ability to place orders, must have the ability to udate Daily menu. Must include pictures, discriptions of Menu items, and pricing.

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Need SEO Expert

We are the Job portal site that is looking for an individual or a company to provide SEO link building to our web site.

We need SEO experts with excellent results & client achievements.

Requirements :

Only professional SEO experts, who are able to get traffic in google rankings.

Ability to set a timeframe for the results & be able to achieve the results in set timefreame.
Ability to provide Excel reports for daily tasks.
Good communication & available through online messenger.
Payment only through Paypal

This is the requirement for long term project and I wish to continue selected service provider in near future.

Interested experts send your sample work and the results achieved on past projects.

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Magento Expert For Ecommerce Project (pre-sales-step)

We are looking for a Magento expert (skilled programmer, the design will be done
by ourself) to implement the following features (more detailed specs will be written
if we get the deal).
We are in a pre-sales step and will need some input about the Magento environment.

Based upon Magento,the website will be multilingual and will sell B2C electronic equipment.

Key features and functionalities of the site to achieve:

– Website in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic.
The provider should provide translations of the site via a partner specialized in translation.
– Catalogue including about 4,000 products.
– Search by keyword, category,
– ECart, order and payment online
– Presentation of products, images, specifications.
– Templates management for page editing and others (Prices, Spec, etc.).
– Ability to protect pages by login and password
– Display news
– View promotions

– Online Help
– Online poll
– Customer Suggestions
– Search engine on each pages
– Link to send an email to a friend.
– Ability to print pages and products descriptions
– Display the ecart on every page and edit it.
– Ability to save the basket for a few days.
– Displays product images and product specs
– Possibility of subscription to a privilege account.
– Create customer account with delivery location and person recovering the product.
– Matrix showing the shipping costs and delivery transport for each product and destination.
– Definition of the delivery address and the person to recover the product

Back office:

– View the status of orders and purchases (validated or not).
– Consultation of unfilled orders.
– Space management clients.
– Manage multiple e-billing or shipping addresses.
– Storing information when creating an account.
– Information on the average amount of purchases by customers.
– Access from anywhere with a connected PC

Back office customers:

– Follow the customer clicks (duration, number of clics, lost, origin, etc.).
– Management of suggestions and variations
– Retrieve a list of customers via multi-criteria choice
– Statistics on search term customers
– Customer data linked to each order
– Ability to allocate a discount to each customer, by product (in amount and in %)
– analytics tool

Back office Suppliers:

– Receive Offers and Discounts.
– Alerts for management of stocks, missing products or too low or too high stock level
– Warnings for the suppliers and for the buyers too (products availability)
– Link to products supplier (to define)
– Import of products data sheets
– Management of purchasing
– Statistics
– Ability to make a product invisible or unavailable
– Suppliers data and user manual
– Create products in advance with an availability at a specific date

Back office for deliveries

– Calculating shipping costs.
– Order tracking in real time
– Tracking of the order and package tracking
– Data delivery locations
– Alert for product management missing or too low or too high stocks level
– Inventory Management
– Warnings for the suppliers and buyers concerning product availability
– Link product supplier
– Multi criteria search
– Statistics

Back office for finance:

– Management of taxes (VAT, etc.).
– Currency Management
– Payment to Banks (needs to be precised)

Advertising, affilitated programs, Google adwords …

– referrers
– various Statistics

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Online DVD Rental Site

I need a dvd rental site based on netflix model. Including the ability to track DVD inventory and rental history for each of discs. Manage inventory in site catalog with thumbnail pictures that can be vewied larger.

An email system that sends personalized, integrated emails informing the subscriber of status of their orders.

Customizable rental plans

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Ongoing Email Marketing Campaign

We are looking for a reliable email marketer to undertake our on going sales campaign. A long term partner is required, looking at about 60,000 emails per day.

Our Requirements:

– Server must be whitelisted and have very good inbox rate
– Completion report must be provided
– Ability to personalise the recipients name
– Ability for recipients to unsubscribe

We Will:

– Provide the email list
– Provide the template

Thanks for looking. Please PM any questions.

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