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Establish SQL Connection To Local And Service Based Database

Im having trouble establishing SQL connection in visual studio. Need someone to help me out remotely.

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Access Database

Project involves building a prototype Sales Compensation database in Access. Database will consist of 5-6 tables including User Data, Results (Detailed Transactions), Quotas Per Month, Calculations, Payouts. Will need to be able to upload transactions that will allow for calculation of attainment level and subsequent payout. End User Table will need to be able to uploaded and edited (new people added). Attainment level and payout will need to be calculated based on performance (uploaded transactions). Some reporting and form development also needed.

Need working prototype in 5 days. Will require back and forth with business owner over the course of the week.

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IPhone Game With Online Database Access

I am looking for a programmer that can assist in certain aspects of a Game. It will require online database access that can be accessed via mobile device (mostly Apple), or by Internet. I have minimal programming experience, and am looking for conceptual support as well as programming assistance. Willing to adapt pricing depending on scope and scale that the bidder is willing to particiapte in.

Thanks for looking!

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Move Small Dnn Website

Due to corrupt tables. I want young to move a live website, to a new dnn installation. Online access to files and database. to see the live website.

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I need an EXPERT in mySQL to MANUALLY optimize a database of 7.5 MB. Running on Dedicated Server PHP, Linux.

This is an URGENT project and needs to be resolved in 1 hour MAXIMUM. You must be ready to begin NOW.

The DB is the one used by a web traffic hit stats site, I think there are useless things in the DB which slows down the server and DB.

You will have to check and find shortcuts for the DB commands or I dont know however you call them because I am not an DB expert. I know that last time we had the same problem, a DB expert used to fix it.

This project is based on the DB work only, need someone, good in communication through live chat and able to fix this fast (1 hour max).

If you fail, the project and payment will be cancelled.

Payment will be done by GAF escrow.


– Beginners who will click on optimize DB on CPANEL, dont bid!! I have just been scammed by a so called system admin so I wont accept another failure.


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