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Data Migration For Experience Developers

We have Read-Only, remote SQL access (server,db name, user, passwrd) to a MS SQL 2005 database and we need to:

Create a custom tool that can do the following on demand (one or two-clicks solution)

1. Read the data (obviously)
2. First time copy the data to a local host (or another remote host – Apache shared host / cPanel access only)
3. Update the new data or the changes to existing records
4. Find the relations between the tables / views
5. Select by criteria some records (Filter) (example: all the persons named "John" and Born after "1/1/1990")
6. Use the results in a ecommerce (osCommerce) as products for sale
7. …anything else that is needed to have:
– on-demand
– up-to-date
– filtered records
– available in the ecommerce as products
– Classified according to the DDC system (see below)

You will create the products database structure in a default osCommerce installation based on the categories in the resulted database.
This structure is based on the DDC System:

This structure has to REPLACE the default osCommerce "categories" structure and it IS INCLUDED in the database (as a field in the "products" table)

We have to result with a fully working and "browser visible" oscommerce shop and products.
(NO templates or other things to deal with – just the database)

You can decide the technology to use (example: php, C++, …)
If you have another strategic (instead of the "1,2,3,…,7" steps I propose) to have the same result we can discuss it.

The destination server is Apache, shared host, and we have cPanel access only! (not sql remote access)

If you need any additional info before or after you place your bid please ask me,
Thank you.

Note I am look for providers with minimum of 3 or more reviews and complete this project shortly.

Happy bidding….

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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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Customise Drupal Module – TAC Lite

The winning bidder must be very familiar with the interface of TAC Lite, one of Drupals contributed module for access control based on taxonomy. This module allows per-user access control which can be configured through its own settings tab in the users profile. Users of my site need to access different nodes tagged with different terms. Currently, I have to select the taxonomy terms from the multi-select menu. The problem is, my site has a vocabulary with more than 85000 terms means loading the page results in frequent timeouts.

What I want to be done is to modify the interface from using the default multi-select menu to an auto-complete, comma-separated text field to select the terms, similar to the text field that can be found in the node editing form.

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MYSQL Database Creation Needed

Database Situation

We are looking for someone that will work with us to build
a database to make it easier for our company to manage various nuances of our business. We are in the
telecommunications management business supporting hundreds of locations worldwide. We need a
mysql database that will allow us and our clients to access account, contract, and vendor information
through a web access portal on our web site. There are dynamics associated with telecommunications
that require slightly more robust database functionality. The goal of the database is to keep track
of the many facets of an organizations communication services and equipment. Since no two businesses
are exactly alike we need the flexibility to build a companys information based on what they have and
not a cookie cutter profile.

Please see attached document for more project details. Please email questions and your project bid. We are looking for a flat project fee, not to be paid hourly.

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Billing System Using VB And Access


I want a simple billing system using MS access and Visual Basic. It will be very simple.Just a few tables and a few forms and reports. I will explain more on PM.

PS: All coding should be in VB (embedded procedure) not embedded macro.

I will see the whole coding and the whole system and then only make payment. You can see my reviews, I do pay if i take it.

Budget – $20

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Website Upgrade

I`m looking for a freelance web programmer with following knowledge:
– Dreamweaver
– Flash
– Jscript
– MS Access database

Please send me following on PM:
– Your price rate per hour
– Reference sites
– How did you work as programmer
– How good is your knowledge of (1 expert, 2 professional, 3 medium, 4 some knowledge, 5 beginner)
asp =
flash =
Dreamweaver =
MS Access=

Please apply only if you a freelance and not a company.

Thank you.

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2000 Real US & Canadian Facebook Fans Wanted Without Admin

We want 2,000 Real U.S. & Canadian Facebook fans. We will NOT give admin access – please do not bid if you need admin access to do this.

We want REAL fans, no fake accounts. Only from the United States or Canada and a mix of male and female. No SPAM posts to page, they will be deleted and banned.

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Resolving Permissions Issues In Active Directory

Looking for an Active Directory expert to resolve a permissions issue we are having in our small business. We are based in London W1 and ideally would like to resolve this week (commencing 4 April). We would like this resolved in person rather than remotely.

I have a Windows 2008 Foundation R2 server with 7 clients. The server is a 6mth old Dell Poweredge 110 and the clients are all 6mth old Dell Vostro V13 and 1510s running WIndows 7 Professional. The clients are all joined to the domain and AD is running & controls access to the shared network drive. Most of my users can access, open and save files no problem – but a few users have significant problems. When they try to save any files they are no longer visible by the user or other users of the network drive. When I access them using the server and go to view permissions, I see the file is "Unable to display current owner". If I reset the owner to Administrators then all users are able to see and edit the file again – but when they save the same file after editing the problem reappears.

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Easy Copy/Paste Data Entry From Website To Access Database

We are looking for help to compile our database from many webpages to a single database. We are looking for somebody who can work quickly and enter the data efficiently, with an eye for detail.

If you are our person, you will need to:

1. Visit a website (usually the contact us page), and fill in a database entry based on the information available on that website.

The information needed includes:

Company Name
Street Address
Postal Address
Cell Phone (if Available)
twitter? (if Available)
facebook? (if Available)

1. We will provide you with our list of directory sites, as well as the database (access) that you will need to fill in.
2. We are not sure exactly how many listings there are, but we suspect about 400-500, excluding duplicate listings.
3. Once you are completed, you will need to send us the database and we will verify a small sample to confirm it is real contacts, before final payment.
4. We will retain ANY and ALL Copyright on the database, and you will not be able to sell it elsewhere

We will be awarding this to bidders to $30. PLUS will offer an additional $10 if the project is completed on time.

Happy Bidding.

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C# Data Access Code

I need an application that reads a SQL database and produces in C# the data access layer code as well as stored procedures to perform CRUD operations.

All Foreign Keys, Indices, and Primary keys need to be read and treated appropriately.

please see this file for further details BEFORE BIDDING:

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Wp Download Plugin Or Free Software Application For WP

Have Wp site that I want to integrate some sort of Download Manager
Want for people who sign up to be be able to download free material, material that I can control, files or programs etc. One week they can access certain files, another week different files etc
This will be free to people who sign up

Then if they subscribe, they have access to a Memebrs Area, again which I can manage

So basically looking for a Download Manager of some kind for wordpress
Need it to store email address, type of member (free/subscriber) and access to what files to download

I will of course pay you if I do use your recommendation

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POS System – Pawnshop

POS System – Pawn Shop

This project will be continually growing. I am a programmer but my abilities are not professional enough to start a project like this from scratch – im more of a hack whom finds a way to get things done. I will offer recommendations for database tables and organization but will expect them to be reviewed and enhanced by you then sent back to me for approval. The software will be tested in my store but built in a way that it can be easily deployed to other businesses. The entire POS system should be accessible from the web browser. There will have to be an optional frontend or some type of browser plugin to access the local printers for paperwork printing and access to local webcam to take snapshots of customers and merchandise. Eventually ID scanners, thumb scanners and other forms of technology will be implemented. Security is VERY important as everything from customers drivers IDs, social security numbers and credit card numbers will be stored in the database. As with most POS systems employees will have logins with varying degrees of access, options for shared cash drawers and individual cash drawers, etc… Reports are also very important as they are with most POS systems. There also needs to be automated reports run daily – schematics for these reports will be supplied. There will also be a customer online payment system for payments on layaways and pawns. Because this will eventually be used in shops around the country the level of customization and settings will be very robust. Pawnshop laws around the country vary dramatically from how much you can charge on a loan, extra fees allowed, length of loan, required papework, digital police reports and so on. The goal for this project is to get the software working in one store but leaving open as much as possible to be built upon later. Before launch a conversion from my current system/database to the new system will have to be automated. I use one of the most widely used pawn software around so this conversion tool will be a key component when implementing in other pawnshops. I am very familiar with the database in use so this should not be overly difficult but it is worth mentioning.

You are bidding on phase 1:
Pawnshop POS System (Master drawer/emp drawers/sales/layaway/pawns/pawn payments/extensive reporting)
Web based (we will discuss how webcam/printers will interact)
Online payments

I would like this to be programmed mainly in PHP but am open if there are good reasons to go another way.

I stress this project will not end when phase 1 is over – please only bid if you plan on sticking with this for the long run.

I have been in the pawn business for over 20 years – I have programmed many extensions on top of the POS system I am currently using (such as online payments, PBX system payments, mobile access, detailed reports, security camera integration, etc..) but have reached a point where I believe a new system from scratch would better serve myself and our industry.

Please provide previous work you have done. Projects dealing with high security a plus.

If you have any questions for me dont hesitate to ask.

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Data Entry Project

This is a Manual Data entry project to enter data into an MS Access Database.

The Access DB and pdf files will be provided. There are about 65 fields in db row. There are 367 pdf files. Each is file is about 2 pages (small)

Delivery date is Apr 7th. This is a hard deadline.
– We also need to review the entered database in stages so that we can monitor how the project is going.

– Accuracy of data entered into the database is extremely important.
– We do not have any time for testing. So, the delivered database should be 100% tested by you.

Payment: 100% of payment will be released only after complete delivery with satisfactory quality.

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Make A Similar Website (Joomla Theme)

I need someone familiar with Joomla to make a website similar to on a new domain that I have. It was made with Joomla using a theme made by You must install this theme on the website (Joomla already installed) and integrate the main major features that they have, such as the support system. Basically, it should be very similar but I can fill it with my own content.

Your bid includes everything including obtaining the theme if it costs money (I am not partial as to how you get the required theme). You will have full FTP access and access to MySQL.

This should be easy for someone experienced with Joomla, happy bidding! I pay very quickly after job completion.

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Online Voting For Contest – Must Have Access To US IPs

I need someone who can vote in an online contest. The voting is done online on a basic web page.

It seems like you can vote as many times as you want a day, but there is a three letter CAPTCHA that must be entered with each vote.

The freelancer must be able to:

Generate 1000s of votes each week.
Have access to at least 12 US IPs to spread the votes over those.
Be able to submit votes every single day in April.

If you are interested be sure to write: "unique ip" in your bid.

Past experience is preferred. If available, describe past contest voting.

I am only going to pay $30. If you cant do thousands a votes week, please tell me in your bid how many votes you can do, and I will still consider it. US IPs are a must.

Win or lose, payment will be made at end of April.

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Security Camera User Site

A list of clients need only selected access to view their purchased security camera streams.

-Simple user profile.
-Mysql db to store the data.
-Users will have selected access to the various (10) cameras to start, depending what they purchased.
-Admin page to manage these users.
-Simple design, option to show 1 or multiple streams after login.
-Each stream have expiration (the user purchases a couple months at time, will remove access to the cam when expires).
-Admin page to add more cameras IP/broadcast url.

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Dynamic Real Estate Website

High Level Overview
The Project consists of 3 section: 1)a dynamic web site(Flash and video work) 2) a CRM that is integrated with the website 3) email Marketing campaign that is also integrated with the website.
Website will include:
– A robust Video training and sales clips that will cater to real estate agents and clients (Buyer/Sellers). The website will educated and sell to the end-user on Real Estate Process and provide them access to dynamic data that Company wishes to share through content and/or Video. Said data includes access to a real-time listing of available and Marketing content.
-Custom lead forms
-lead capture forms integrated with CRM and Email Campaigns

CRM will include:
-Contact Manager
-Contact Groups
-Import and Export contact data
-Pipeline management
-Document Management
-Task Management

Email Marketing will include:
-Automated Drip email Campaigns
-Track and report Email Activity
-View who opened and clicked through the emails
-Compare results from all the email campaigns

Project Users

Senior Admin
The core operator and controller of website. Has master control over content
and all other users of the site.

Junior Admin
Secondary operator with rights assigned by Senior Admin.

Guest User
A general end-user with access to all open areas of the website

Registered User
In addition to access to all open areas, the Registered User will have access to
restricted areas of site, register for events, can make use of the IPHONE
application and more.
Project Components
Web site Outline
The web site will cater to all 4 user groups. It will custom designed and
developed in PHP with a My SQL database. The website will be driven by a
secure, web based a dm ins trait ion panel through which the Admin users of
the site can manage it.

Said website will empower the users in the following way:

Senior Admin related functions
1. Manage the websites navigation structure, including add and remove
2. Manage the websites users: both Junior Admins and Registered Users.
3. Manage the sites open and registered area content.
4. Upload real estate listings*. The website will also pull real estate Lists from third
party sites and add them to the real estate List automatically.
5. Manage and create events that end-users can RSVP too.
Junior Admin related functions
6. Upload all videos for training and sales
Can do any of the 4 points described above that the Senior Admin provides
access too.

Guest related functions
Can view the open area content and request access to restricted area

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Tracking System

Tracking system needed –

I have a website (about 6 pages) that is essentially a sales marketing system. People pay for access to it and they use it to market a business. I need a tracking system set up so that they get a link – the system tracks the visitor through the system – and then if the visitor signs up i need the form details to be sent to the person whos link they visited through.

Thats the basic requirement

It would also be useful (depending on cost) if there was some way to be able to access stats as well and have the system automatically issue them with their affiliate/tracking link after they have paid by paypal.

At the moment I have to do everything manually and I want it to run on total autopilot if possible.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not I can shoot a video and better explain what I need.


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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Website CMS With CSS Template And Client Access Area

Im a freelance photo retoucher looking to build on online presence using a CMS eCommerce/Shopping Cart website that supports CSS templates for easy display of content.

Other than the main features of a CMS website, including a gallery for artwork and/or photos that can be ordered as prints, I need a Client Access Area where clients can upload their own images to be retouched and/or printed. I also have a very specific pricing structure for retouching and printing as well as offering discounts to specific companies and organisations.

The layout should be clean, easy to navigate and professional. Artwork will be provided for CSS template design as needed.

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Poster Design

Hello all,

Client is a charity and they are looking for poster design:


Dimensions and Format is A0 – 1189 x 841 mm or 46.8 x 33.1 in

If you design poster with full bleed please include 2 mm bleed.


Digital Depot is non for profit charity organisation that aims to reduce poverty through practical IT solutions.Information technology has become a driving force for change in the modern world. Unfortunately this technology is not evenly spread and even in developed countries there are still many who cannot afford access to computers. We at digital growth are committed to bridging this gap by providing this individuals with cheaper access to information technology so that they too can reap the benefits.

We offer low cost and affordable, refurbished, internet ready computer systems with the Windows XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2007 Basic suite pre-installed as we are Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

Designers role is to create advertising and informational poster (posters will be distributed throughout libraries) for refurbished, affordable computers.

You will deliver poster in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator format – but it needs to be editable from our side!

To be considered for this job you will need to submit in PM low resolution, watermarked draft of your design idea.

Winning designer will receive logos to be included on the poster.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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Website Design & Asterisk Configuration.

Seeking Asterisk Guru to Create frontend website to Asterisk
allowing secure access to indiviudal account, provide access to sendfax
and configure asterisk to send and receive sms text messages.

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Android Remote Desktop Access.

Design an application that can access a remote desktop computer via wi-fi or 3G.

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Need 5000 Twitter Followers – No Login, No App Access

We are looking for 5000 Twitter Followers for a business twitter page.

I will not provide login/password, I will also not provide API access so no applications will be granted access to my account.

Timeframe: 6 weeks to get 5000 followers

Project requirements:
* All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE Twitter pages, zero fake accounts or risky accounts. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO FARMVILLE, NO SPAMMERS, No PORN OR ADULT, ETC,NO BLACK HAT TACTICS OR
ANY OTHER ILLEGAL ways of getting followers!
* Followers are to be located within Singapore
* All Followers must have active Twitter accounts, with minimum of 10 tweets.
* At least half the followers must have something other than the default image.
* NO followers are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted and no Retweet / Automatic follow accounts

Payments Terms:
You will be fully paid after 7 days when all the Twitter fans are delivered.
Please note that payment might be delayed/reduced accordingly if fans do not remain active during this period of 7 days.
Let us know if you can deliver fans faster than the given time duration and also how you do that in regards to Twitters restrictions.

When bidding please keep a notion of the following;

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Need 10 000 fans from UK …

– no admin access will be provided (dont bid if you need admin access you wont get the project)…
– tell me how many days it will take… preferably less than 20.

– tell me if you can do real fans …
– tell me if you can do fake fans …

bid now

let me know your price

need this asap !

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Facebook Chat App

A Facebook application with permissions to access offline posting to friends/ accessing chat/ as well as invite/share options as well as messaging friends if possible. Open for ideas msg me for more info

Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.
When the app has been installed it will Spam all in chat,

if possable to be able to access them again and spam again all who are on facebook chat

need this app in 24 hours so if you can do it please pm me if your going to take 3-4 days sorry no.

look forward to your bids

facebook chat api expert needed for this i think

PS (if you can do this today please pm me asap)

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WordPress Customization

Basically the web sites function will be a chef directory. an example of a site is:
although I would like our site to look more professional and unique then the one above !

We would like our site to look new, unique, classy, clean cut, smart and easy to use .. I have the wordpres template that I would like to use so all I would need is it to be customized so that It is unique and has unique graphics. The template is:

If you have a better template that you would like to use or think you can do a better job creating it from scratch then Im happy to discuss that as well. But I basically need a chef directory with 2 access points.

The software customization I will need to have done is:

The site will need to have two access points: One access point for the customer and one access point for the chef so that they can update their profile !

From a chef

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MS Access And VBA For Small Project


I need a billing system made through MS Access and VBA. This has to be as simple as possible with a few tables, forms, reports and queries. This has to be completed within 3 days max. Not a huge software. Just a small one. I might need some documentation. But if i need I will obviously pay in some extra cash. The max budget for the software is $30. Si dibt bid more than that and also new comers are welcome as they deserve a start.

PS: I need the complete source code.


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Analyze Voter Registration/voter History Records

Use Microsoft Access and VBA to extract useful information from voter registration and voter history databases for a non-partisan political campaign (local school board, about 20,000 voters in database).

I wish to pay per hour, I will provide the data (CSV format on CD-ROM) and explain the info I desired extracted from it (we are trying to identify likely voters, with subsets by age and political leaning). The freelancer will give an estimate and do the work.

With your bid, please provide any relevant experience.

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SQL Back End/ACCESS Front End Needs Work

1.A way to deselect all customers or show select as a number not yes or no.
2.I cant create a new product without an error coming up.
3.When I try to delete a song product is comes up with an error.
4.Unsent and Unprinted should be in date ordered order. Starting with the oldest.
5.Make the OMS startup and operation faster and operate faster over the network. One eg.Typing a school name can now take a while to start (before it was fine).
6.Get backup working, script fails because mapped drive letter keeps disappearing.
7.When stock taking, a note warning if there are any unsent invoice with that component in it.
8.All emails appear in customer search
9.Cant change printer after printed (locked).
10.When adding a new song title to a component, it should automatically put that component code in the CompCode column.
11.A warning when someone trys to change a delivery from the past."Are you sure you want to change this delivery record from a previous day? Y/N "
12.A form that allows me to move any products in a single parent directory to a new SeqNumber. Basically so I can see all the products in that parent directory and move any one of them with ease.
13.Invoice imput (when another person is starting a new invoice) your invoice can jump to another when you add a product.

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