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Actionscript 3.0 Advanced Experience

Need advanced actionscript 3.0 expert for 15 hours of work. I need to see good feedback and lots of portfolio experience specifically relating to auctionscript 3.0. Repeat work possible.

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Actionscript/Flash CS4 – Asteroids Type Game

create a game, asteroids type.
there are already made screenshots.
graphics will be given to you, sound you have to choose.
please add your bid here and will contact you asap!

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Flash Or ActionScript

Looking for someone who are expert in Flash/AS3/Flex for writing a scripts for image manipulation. Please message me along with your work related to using Flash/AS3/Flex for image manipulation. Thanks

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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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Flash Banner Needs 4 Links Add To Hit State(Actionscript 2)

I have a flash banner that needs four hyper-links added, to image hit states, in actionscipt 2. Should be an easy project for an actionscipt 2 specialist.

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Actionscript/HTLM5 Game Programmer

We are producing a game for a Museum in New Zealand.
It will be very similar in size to to this:

Developed for Port cities of London and the London Museum.
The game will involve a small portion of animation and would essentially be a point and click game.

We are going to develop the game in stages, in total there will be 8 levels but we are focusing on the one for the time being.

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Actionscript 3.0 Game Programmer / Developer (Flash)

Were looking, ideally, for a Actionscript game designer/developer for our growing company to meet our manpower needs. Our company always tests run our game ideas and mechanics first before publishing on other platforms. We have many game idea and we will like to test run them as simple prototypes with just core mechanics. As such you will be developing simple games like Asteroids/Pong/Pac-Man.

The game

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Build Simple Flash Cs4 Website

A simple 5 page FLASH cs4 website using ActionScript 3.0 with animation.

we will provide the logo and all the text needed.

what we need is the slightly different design from this very simple website:

we need it to be sent to us as a (flash document) for editing purposes.

needs to be done in 1 weak.

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Actionscript Calculator

Require Actionscript Calculator w/unit conversion e.g. Kg to Lbs etc.
Storyboard required.

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Photo Creator Website

I need a skill programmer who can create a simple website/ tool to do the follow.

A website
1) Admin panel with dashboard.
2) Create client view with flash actionscript and xml based.
3) Submission to websites

This is only 1 of the project. Will hired programmer in a long term basis.

user can view pictures of each item, and then choose which profile to view.

User can create image like photoshop and other element tools.

we have our own designer who we would like our programmer to work with. The programming must be in Flash, and will require Actionscript 3.

Skills Required :
Flash, ActionScript, Asp.Net.

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Flash Developer / Animator Needed

Looking for a flash developer to build a static flash website.

The website will be provided as layered PSDs and FLV video clips.

Can be built in Actionscript 2 or 3.

As well as actionscript skills, applicants must have a very good sense of design and animation.

The site will need to be tested thoroughly and must be 100% bug free and ready for launch before project will be considered complete.

Here is a link to a website with very similar design, functionality and animation for your reference:

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Actionscript Programming

I am setting up a website,and my needs are fairly straightforward. I require the programmer to work with my designer.

Our basic premise is that we are a travel suggestor, specifically addressing the Greek islands. So a user will arrive looking for information about the Greek Islands, and will have the option of browsing, or using our suggestion engine. For each island, we would like a "profile page", that displays a host of information including restaurants, hotels, and pictures. We will profile 25-30 islands in total. At this stage we will not need any user interactivity for this, all content will be administration-fed.

For the browse section, we are looking for something along the lines of this:

So that the user can view pictures of each island, and then choose which profile to view.

For the recommendation engine, it will be fairly simple, where the user will simply input the activities they are looking for, as well as their budget. From this we would like to be able to recommend the island(s) best suited to their needs. This is the concept we will be looking to follow for this:

Finally, we also will be looking to integrate a blog, for SEO purposes.

As mentioned before, we have our own designer who we would like our programmer to work with. The programming must be in Flash, and will require Actionscript 3.

Skills Required:
Flash, ActionScript, Communication, Creativity,

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Flash-configrator Issue


i have a ready to use flash-configurator.
Everything works fine. Only thing is that it need to push one extra input option into the summary.
Who can help?

Very easy job for someone who lives with actionscript. I modified it as far as i have experience.
But can`t get it working.

03/09/2011 at 7:10 EST:

I`m in need of a reliable and enthousiastic person. Long term realation would be nice.
I have more things to do.

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FLASH AS2 Website Template – Photo Gallery Fix + Pages Add

Current Project Status:

Flash AS 2.0 website 90% completed for client using an existing template.

What is needed?

As our Actionscript 2.0 skills are limited, we need someone to add an additional 10 pages linked to the

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Playbook Game – Jail Break! Adobe AIR, Actionscript 3

I am looking for a developer who is well aware of Actionscript 3 and Adobe AIR to create me a Flash game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You should be willing to work with me as I will most likely design the graphics involved. I would love to get this game finished by the 31st, but it is fine if it is after that.

The game I would like to design is based off of a game from The game is called Jail Break.

I would like you to create a game like that but has better graphics (web 2.0) like. The 2d design is fine, althought I would like to make it look prettier.

I would also like you to send me all of the course codes – the .fla, .swf, .as, .xml, etc…etc….

I would need you to create it so it would be easy for me to design my own levels without needing to do much coding. I would need a onscreen directional pad (much like you see with iPad/Android tablets). More information can be provided if need be.

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Flash Animations

We are looking for few people to create some very simple Flash animations, just animating text and few clicks. Basic Flash knowledge is required and click handling in ActionScript. You get the template and exercises on paper, all you have to do is to transfer those into Flash. Will explain in detail after bidding, approximately 15 minutes for one animation, pay depends on how many you wish to do.

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Flash Designer & Actionscript Expert For Our Next Slide Show

Need a flash expert level actionscript programmer to build our next slide show.

You must posses designer skills also.

Looking for long-term relation ship.

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Simple ActionScript Tool Needed


I need a very simple flash tool to encrypt a text according to some rule I will provide later. The tool would have a very simple input way for user to input a text then display the encrypt string of this input.

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Flash Actionscript Expert

Flash Actionscript Expert for designing a flash webpage with Youtube video gallery. Video gallery code can be provided if required.

Need This done urgently, Please do not bid if you cannot complete this in a day or two,
budget upto $90, no escrow, payment only after completion.
More details in pmb.


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Javascript & Flash Actionscript Expert

Need a flash expert to add small feature to the existing flash program.

Need to add a "add to cart" button to the flash and that button should pass values to external javascript to add that product to cart.

quick and easy one to finish.

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Fash Facebook "likebox" In AS3

I need to implement a, so called, "like box", in a the news section of a Flash website written in ActionScript 3. The news articled are being picked up from an XML file, but that can change if necessary It should display how many people clicked on "like" and a button to share it on Facebook.

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Flash Banner Designer

We are looking for an experienced flash banner designer
we need a creative Flash Designer/Developer (actionscript) with experience working on banner ads

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Flash ActionScript HTTP Cookie Loader Different Domains

Proof of concept is required in .fla flash movie
flash must do this:
user with web browser goes to url
flash actionscript on flash object loads that sets http cookie to that web browser and when user with web browser goes to, cookies already exist because of cookietracker.php

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XML Text In Flash File

I have a Flash Actionscript 2.0 file that has to be converted to text, and updatable by XML.

You will need to convert the existing images into editable text, and then add the layer of XML functionality. The user needs to be able to update two items in the XML: Font Size, and Replace the text to say something else.

This updated file has to be delivered to me on Feb 20th at 6:00pm est.

I will send all, a PSD file and current flash fla file once you win the bid for the project. The file needs to stay as a AS2 file.

Thank you.

Questions for Freelancers:
1. What will be your process in making this update to this file?
2. What will your xml markup look like? Will it be easy to update?

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Action Script Video Games

This app is a Actionscript Video Games similar to ( BMS Lite ) at app stores but with actionscript on it ( we will discuss together how to make it most exciting with a lot of actions ) The app is to work on iPad,iPod & iPhone . In-App purchase is to be included in this app as well as iAd. At least have developed at least 3 and above apps and above experience. Show me 2 best iPhone apps done by you.100% escrow before project starts. Full payment will be released to you within 48 hours once the app is approval at apples app store. This project also included Compiling,Testing ,creating an icon, Three screenshots and submitting of the app. If you win this project , you will have the highest chance to work on my future projects . Serious programmers with Good Actionscript skills on Video games only will consider ! Of course ,with Good integrity , Good communication and Good Customer care service !

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Flash Game Development

I am looking for a Flash actionscript 2 developer who can assist me with coding a game based on a game that already exists. The game is a 2D side scroller that I wish to create for a new client.

I want to model the game based on this:

My game of course will have a completely different look – I just want the functionality aspects of the link above coded for me. The project is due in 6 or so weeks. I will be designing all the graphics. The successful bidder on this project will be responsible for the development of the actionscript only.

As I mentioned, I already have some code for what I want. But I cannot get it working exactly how I want it. So the sucessful bidder can look at this code and potentially use some of it, or start from scratch if it suits.

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Need Flash Actionscript Programmers For Dictionary CD-ROM

We need flash actionscript programmers/coders to develop a dictionary (virtual dictionary) cd-rom which consists about 1500 words.

We will provide clipart of 1500 words & voice files & hierarchy of themes-words & 3 flash games & other graphics.
You will write codes in actionscript and make exe file ready for production on CD-ROM.

Bid if you have a previous experience in said field.
Bid if you are agree to provide NDA agreement.

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Design and build a highly efficient ***real-time multi-player*** fight engine in flash with actionscript.


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Actionscript 3/FMS/ Live Video Broadcasting GURU NEEDED!!

We need an expert Actionscript 3 and FMS expert with experience in cdns like Limelight to create defensive server side coding to our publisher.

We have a site like and and we are having issues with some publishers. The issues are that some publishers video will timeout because of there internet and our code does not recognize this happened and can not re-connect or recover. So the viewer just sees a black screen. We need to ensure the server side code can detect this and seamlessly reconnect the publishers automatically and if it cant connect, will not display this braodcaster as online and available. we will need serverside coding to get a constant pulse of the live video connection, lets say every 5-10 seconds to ensure there is streaming still happening. If the stream timesout (usually publishers internet connection has a hickup-timeout, the program will not know and not auto-connect the publisher/stream)

In addition, we need to auto detect if the individual publisher has at least 256 KBS upstream using a solution like: (or any custom code) that will seamlessly display the UPSTREAM connection of the publisher within the player of the publisher. If the publisher does not have a minimum 256, they will not be able to broadcast. So this check needs to also be in place to create a better user experience.

We are only accepting developers that have done this before and can demonstratit. Must be an expert in Live video chat, FMS, CDNs, AS3 server side coding. No newbies please!

There would be additional tasks as well but this is just a start point. Thank you

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Elf Your Self Like Website Application

We need a (1) one page website flash application very similar to elfyourself but much simpler. Below are the exact specs and details of what we need. We are very short on time and delayed so we need someone who can work fast and communicate efficiently. This would hopefully be the first of many projects together.

1)Elfyourself like website application
2)User will upload their face to a video on site
3)The user should be able to choose a picture from their computer or take a picture if they have a camera.
4)Once photo is selected the photo will be imposed on the video and a video scene will play.
5) Once the video is complete they will have the option to either email the video to friends or share it via facebook.

we would like to see some samples of similar style flex or actionscript work to make sure you are qualified.

It must can handle millions of people at same time!!! so use eg. j2ee and Implementate the Spring framework at the server side to take care of all the connections, which will interact with the database.

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Need Help Editing A Flash Website

I need help editing a flash file for one of my websites. Every time I edit the master Flash file and go to export it as a swf file, a compiler error shows up saying I forgot to include the actionscript file. I am able to make all of the necessary changes to the flash file itself but need help with how the actionscript file fits into everything. I am using Adobe Flash CS4. I have the actionscript file that the flash file is looking for when I export to .swf I just dont know how everything fits together. I would like someone to help me with the simple changes I want to make as well as educate me on how to make the changes in the future.

I have all of the FTP login information I will provide to the winning bid.

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RED5 Video/Audio Recording Software

Hi Im looking for an expert in Red5 and Actionscript, to build a serverside software that saves video or/and sound user can choose from webcam/microphone and save it to the server and make a small entry in a mysql db (name, mail)

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