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Trade Copier From MT4 To Order2Go


I need a trade copier software that copies trades placed on MetaTrader 4 to FXCM (and white-labels), with both of them running on the same computer. The software should read the log files generated by MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 4logs) and place equivalent orders through Order2Go API under certain conditions.

The software should also inquire HTTP response on a pre-defined address every day to re-activate. Ten Failures to re-activate in succession should disable the functionality of the software with an error message. Server response will be either "OK" or "NG".

Please provide the source code as we will need to translate the interface language. Writing such messages separately will be greatly appreciated. Further details on this project will be attached to IMs.

Previous experience in MetaTrader 4 AND Order2Go ( is required. Please describe your previous related projects in your IM.

Thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to your bids.

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Activate Magento Shipping Cart Rules For Google Checkout

Magento and google checkout are already integrated, and the shipping methods in magento apply for google checkout too, the thing is that if I apply a shopping cart rule for example saying that if the subtotal price of a product is greater than USD 20 then the shipping is "free shipping" and if it s less than USD20 the shiiping is "flat rate" google checkout doesnt apply it.

It is working for paypal but for google checkout doesnt:

for example if both shipping methods: flat rate and free shipping are activate in GOOGLE API, when redirects to google checkout to make the payment it has the option to selected either one of both without applying the rule…

The easistet way to solve this issue is to use googles shipping set up instead of magentos and apply the rules directly from google checout settings, but is not taking it either…

I need to solve this issue either way…

Thanks in advance…

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Recompile Php On Centos To Activate PDO


I need to recompile the PHP on my Centos server in order to have PDO and PDO-sqlite enabled.
I can give the SSH root access for the time needed.

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Exit Pop-up

Im looking for a custom exit pop-up that would recognize and activate our current ad that we have on [Removed by Admin]

As of now, if you click on any tab on [Removed by Admin] you would see a ad pop-up. I want a exit pop-up that once a visitor try and leave [Removed by Admin] an exit pop-up pops up and ask "are you sure you want to leave". If they click yes or no our ad pops up as well.

Exit pop-up must be friendly to safari, chrome & firefox
Exit pop-up must be pop up blocker friendly
Exit pop up must also activate if viewers click back buton

Please let me know if you can make this.

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Activate PINSs In A2Billing Via BarCode (API)

Hello Potenital Freelancers!

We are currently using A2Billing as our billing software of choice. We are looking to create an API that will allow us to activate the pin numbers generated from A2B on the back of our calling cards, by running a uniquie barcode under a scanner. Think about the prepaid cellphone minutes cards, the pin is printed onto the card, but until the cashier swipes the barcode on the card, the card wont activate.

This is what we are looking for. The budget is pretty low, but we are willing to pay in full if we can find someone who is able to do this job in under 7 days.

Thank you. please send skills and projects that you have worked on that included work with A2Billing, not just simply an A2Billing installation. Again I reiterate.. Knowledge of A2Billing is a MUST!! If you have not worked with A2Billing, please do not bother to suscribe to this posting. Thank you and looking forward to working wiht you soon!

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Activate OSC MAX E-Comerce Site

– Active OSC MAX that we have already downloaded to our server
– Activate admin

– Connect the e-commerce module to our Domain name

– connect via API paypal & our credit card processor to except payments

– add our company Logo to top right of the front page of the website

– ip specific currency masking. If your in UK you see Pounds, if viewing from France pay in Euro etc.

– make sure language modules are installed for French, German, Italian, Spanish Languages

Experience required:

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Need Someone To Activate Contact Form Now

5$ to activate those 3 contact forms

Need this right now first to bid first to do it thanks.

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RF Small Circuit Design And Prototype

Small electronic design and prototype for a RF circuit, wireless with one receptor and differenciated transmissors. The circuit will work at very small distance of 12 feet or less. Basically the receptor must activate on closeness of transmissor and keep activaction until the trasmissor get out of range (12 or less feet). Then the receptor will active an audible alarm that may only desactivated pushing a bottom. The receptor must be able to activate with dedicated transmissor codified to activate only with the specific trasmissor. The RF frequency must be available for public and open use in USA and comply FHCC requeriments for wireless dispositives in USA RF spectrum. The receptor automatically must be activacted on the presence of a trasmissor and once the trasmiter is out of range, this must active an alarm that is only resetted or off after pushing a bottom. There are several RF IC components from Texas Instruments and other brands that may be used in the project. The final product must be capable to be ensambled in very small space for circuit and battery. The project must comply with the specifications of range and others above.

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– 2900 For Nanolab Activate An HTTPS On 2 Servers

Activate an HTTPS on 2 servers

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Activate My 2 Win Server’s 2008 R2 Ent.

Hey guys I need a 100% sure way to activate my windows server 2008 r2 enterprise. I just spent a lot of money on it and my girlfriend through out the papers my genuine product info was in arrrrggggggggg!!!!

I need to be able to get updates for sure

Thanks for reading,

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Activate My Win Server 2008 R2 Ent.

Hey guys I need a 100% sure way to activate my intel based windows server 2008 r2 enterprise. I just spent a lot of money on it and my girlfriend through out the papers my genuine product info was in arrrrggggggggg!!!!

Thanks for reading,

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Email/Order Notification Using X10 Active Home SDK

Create order notification using x10 CM15a device to activate a light when order is placed
though shopping cart. Can integrate/activate when email is received, or directly through some server action indicating order has been placed. We expect to use Virtuemart.
In summary we will need to trigger an action through a CM15a when an email is received or directly when an order is placed.

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Instal/activate Cpanel On Unmanaged Server

I did hire an empty dedicated self managed Linux server with just Apache installed.

I need a professional person to install all other softwares that are found on a shared host with CPanel.

there are 3 options to activate:

Root and Reseller Admin Panel
Domain Owner Panel
Reseller Domain Panel

we just need Domain Owner Panel setup for our domain( after that we can carry on as we used to by our previous shared hosting provider.( we understand in order to do that Root and Reseller Admin Panel needs to be setup first, I already done that, you need to check and correct the settings)

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Programmer For Webhosting Service Integrated With WordPress

Im looking for a programmer to do this project..

I want to do a webhosting service to my client and it includes domain name service. And at the same time the client will get an easy to do website using WordPress Miu.

The client have to activate a code in order to activate their webhosting service.

The workflow is like this.

The client buy a package –> they receive a code –> register for domain –> activate their webshosting –> client create their website using WordPress Miu using existing template (10 free template)

If possible have Paypal plugin.

Currently I have a dedicated server using hostgator, enom (to register a domain)

The programmer have to integrate everything into a package.



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Activate Buttons – For Pollux Technosoft

This project is to install ActionScript code to activate 4 Button Images.

Buttons are

[ Get Pricing ] – 1 instance; appears on main page; link to frame 5

[ Order Now ] – 1 instance; appears on main page; link to frame 4

[ Schedule Now ] – 6 instances in frames 4 and 6-10; all link to same url (to be provided).

[ Set Appointment ] – 6 instances in frames 5 and 11-15; all link to same url (to be provided).

[ Get Price ] – 1 instance in frame 5; link to url (same as Schedule Now above]

NOTE: URL link buttons may be subtracted from project. Please bid on all work currently listed.

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Activate Flash Form In 2 Hr Max.

I have a flash form that needs to be sent to an email address. There are 5 fields only First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Comment.

Budget is 10$.

Will provide the link/fla at PMB. I need it done in 2 hr max.

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Flash Button To Activate Smooth Scroll

I need an html page that behaves like this:

Except instead of a "Chapter 1" text link on top of page, I need a flash button.

AS2 only. No php files. Mootools 1.2 preferred if you choose to use a javascript library for the scrolling action.

Browser Y position can be a constant: such as 1020 pixels from top.

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WordPress Plugin "wordtube" Is Breaking My Theme

Hi, I really want to use this plugin called wordtube. It lets me play flash videos in pages and posts and lets me customize the look of the player so that it fits perfectly with the design of my site. The problem is when I activate the plugin it causes the descriptions on video items on the front page to dissapear. Can anyone help?

This is the site:

The image slider has a movie title and description, but when I activate the plugin "wordtube" it makes the descriptions dissappear.

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*FILIPINO ONLY* Simple Job-Setup WordPress Settings.

I will provide you with video training.

Simply log into wordpress accounts i give you.

activate wordpress theme, Turn on plugins, activate the plugins, configure the settings, i will provide you with all instructions.

simple like that, must be done manually.

Every 30 sites = $5

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WebCam Software

We need to develop web cam software with the following features:
1. Self-installer.
2. Create an on screen warning that the computers webcam is activated and is recording movement and produce on the user

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WebCam Software

We need to develop web cam software with the following features:
1. Self-installer.
2. Create an on screen warning that the computers webcam is activated and is recording movement and produce on the user

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Swoopo Website

I need a install a swoopo script and also i need to setup an option in each is a only for one product but bid if receive a n qty bids , activate a second product option in same bid , also an n2 qty bids activate product 3 , and when finish winner has a choice if like product 1 ,2 or 3

when bids activate a second or thirt product , keeps going in same format price and time , only shows second option product

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Webcam Software

I am not a programmer so I will keep the skills selection open.
I want a small, elegant piece of software (pc XP and vista) that will:
1. Self install.
2. Create an on screen warning that the computers webcam is activated and is recording movement and produce on the user

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activate drupal web template to site

I have a new domain registered with anhosting along with a template I purchased. You will upload the template so site is active with template. It is a drupal template. This should be a relatively quick and easy assignment for someone who has worked with these templates and anhosting. Once up I may need someone to make changes and would give priority to person who accomplishes this task.

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" AdMaster " software license required..


I need the "purchase order number" of AdMaster software.
If you have AdMaster software for CL postings then you can provide me the license.

AdMaster software allows 2 copies for 2 PCs under one "purchase order number" to activate the software.

If you already using one copy at one PC then another copy would be fine for me.

I wish to pay between $50 -$100 for a good valid order number to activate AdMaster software.
Best offer wins

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shop ph bf gf


This is the task:

1. Upload the newest version ( english and german ONLY !) of the free shop software to our server ( and publish it) with our head ( metatags are ready)
2. connect existing databank

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