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Banner Ad Set

Banner ad set

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Need 10-25 Leads A Day For

Need 10 to 25 leads a day for a CPA offer.

You must be experienced at this and I will offer you 5% of profit the first week and once you prove yourself I will offer 20%.

I have a website

I will post a dating banner ad on the website and you must get 10-15 leads a day 100% real or untraceable

The offer will be to a dating website.

They must completely sign up for free!

I will pay you weekly

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Special Song Wanted Especially For An Ad, Charity Humanitarian

Hi Im looking for and need a special song to be written especially for an ad (Public Announcement), that will be used for charity, giving back to the unfortunates, poor, helpless those in needs awareness humanitarian work.

I am looking for song writers , musicians to work on the ad together. Music will play very important role in this ad. I am planning this for a festival as well.

Winning bid must agree that this is a "Work for Hire" type of service required, and that the party in which provides the recording, will receive no future royalties, rights, or copyrights associated with this recording, and that we own the rights, music masters work we pay for. I would prefer to receive a .Wav file, 24 bit, 44k or higher, Thanks.

See this Ad for example to have an idea how much music plays role in this kind of commercials, it is more not a commercial but Public Announcement.

Genre: Various
Vocals/Instrumental: Song with Vocals
Explicit Lyrics: No
Duration: All
Other Info: See this Ad for example to have an idea how much music plays role in this kind of commercials, it is more not a commercial but Public Announcement.

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Book Banner Ad

1) Overview
The crime book is launched in UK in October and we have been tasked with creating a Youtube campaign of 3 moving video sequences. The client is looking for something that is quite edgy, enigmatic and dark. The aim of the campaign is to promote the book launch to the core crime readership in UK. The sequences will also be shown on a series of websites.

2) Core Content
Wherever possible we would like to link the visual effects to key features in the book. These include a gunshot, fire/flames, phone ringing,

3) Sequence 1

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Banner Ad Expert


Looking for someone who can work today to create a web banner for us.

You need to conform to MSN / Yahoo standards / size.

Please send over banner examples you have done.

Quality will be like

We will need 1 static jpg first, and then flash expandable later on.


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Banner Ad Design Adwords Formats

I have just created a new insurance comparison site and need creative banner ads to display all four areas if the site.

Please visit to get an idea of the services we offer.

Whats most important is that the banner ads must be created in the following Adwords format:

728*90 468*60

he file sizes must be no more than 50k

I know the site is no fantastic in design but I would like to continue the color scheme of green and orange.

It would be great to see some designs from previous projects.

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New 234X60 Banner Ad

New 234X60 Banner ad – use flash to alternate two sets of text:

Need quick turnaround – 24 hours

60 PDUs Online $349
Approved Provider


Online Exam Prep $249
Get Certified
Pass Exam Or Your Money Back

Use a blue backgound, circle/oval (like a button to click)

Similar ads can be seen at:

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Banner Ad

I need someone to create me a set of banner ads with the following guidelines:

Banner Sizes:


– banners should contain: Woman + Button + Arrows + A Free Offer

– not much animation, possibly button color changes or some text changes.

– cannot be bigger than 50k max

Please bid for the entire set of these 5 banner sizes.

Please send me a link to previous banners youve created.


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Flash Designer For Banner Ad

You will be given a storyboard in a pdf-file along with the necessary files (photos, logos, fonts etc.). Your job is to prepare the graphics and animate the Flash banner ad according to the description in the storyboard. The design/storyboard will be in wide format, but the final banner has to be made in both wide and square format (930 x 180 px and 300 x 250 px), so we need someone with a "graphic eye" and experience in Flash banner ads. Please see example of complexity here or

Technical specs
Must be delivered as .Fla file (Flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0) and as web ready .swf and placed in a .html file. Maximum lenght 15 seconds, looping 3 times and freezing on the last frame, maximum file size 45 KB.

Copyright and ownership
When the project is finished we need the Flash file itself and any associated files. Copyright is ours.

URGENT! Wednesday April 28th. You will be briefed tuesday at the latest and have 24 hours to complete the job.

We will need an invoice in USD directly from you.

Please send us
1. Your price for the project
2. An example of a Flash banner ad you animated.

Tanhk you in advance!

PS! This might be a recurrent thing, as we have more of this types of job.

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